SCDOT Moves to Bulldoze Confederate Monument and Bessinger BBQ

Kyle Rogers, Examiner, March 4, 2012

South Carolina Bureaucrats are trying to use traffic congestion as an excuse to bulldoze a Confederate memorial and a Maurice Bessinger BBQ in the city of Orangeburg in Orangeburg County. Both Confederate monuments, as well as the Maurice Bessinger BBQ chain, have been under constant attack by the NAACP in South Carolina for the past twenty years.

It appears to be no coincidence that this is taking place in Orangeburg County. The county is 61% black and a center of black political power in the state. The city of Orangeburg is 75% black.

The Bessinger BBQ and the Confederate monument are located at John C. Calhoun Drive and Russell Street on the outskirts of Orangeburg. The monument is on land originally owned by Bessinger who deeded the land to the Sons of Confederate Veterans. SCDOT Program Manager Kevin Gantt said that over a three-year period, from 2004 to 2007, the intersection saw about 30 rear-end collisions. However, there are probably hundreds or even thousands of worst intersections in the state.

I lived in James Island near the corner or Camp and Folly for almost three years. There are rear-end collisions daily at this intersection. I personally witnessed rear-end collisions on a regular basis. It was an everyday routine occurrence to see traffic partially blocked because a rear-end collision had just occurred. The intersection were the James Island connecter meets Folly Road was almost just as bad.

Given the campaign against Confederate Monuments and Bessinger restaurants, this SCDOT project appears to be a surgical strike. Bessinger was the target of a massive state-wide campaign by the NAACP, the Nation of Islam, and other Black Power groups to pressure grocery stores to stop selling his BBQ sauce. They complained about a tiny Confederate flag on the label. Eventually almost all grocery stores in the state stopped carrying the iconic BBQ sauce. Bessinger’s BBQ chain remains a target of routine vitriol by these groups.

The NAACP has also been waging a twenty year battle to get the Confederate monument removed from the Statehouse grounds. Eleven years ago, there was a “compromise” in which the NAACP was allowed to design a slavery monument on the grounds. However, the NAACP did not cease their campaign. They have an annual big budget parade and rally each January to protest the Confederate Soldier monument. During at least two of these rallies, a statue of George Washington was also covered up by the NAACP.

The media in SC typically downplays the rhetoric by saying the NAACP only wants the flag removed from the monument. However, I have personally witnessed two of these rallies and heard speakers call for the removal of the entire statue.

Efforts to cleans South Carolina of it’s Confederate history have become particularly nasty. In October 2010, Summerville city council member Aaron Brown, who is black, led an all black crowd in protesting a private residence of a lone white female cancer patient living in a black neighborhood. The resident has a Confederate flag among other yard decorations. Racial slurs and threats were hurled at the resident and her supporters during the protest.

Critics say that the intersection only needs to add a stoplight and the destruction of the two properties is unjustifiable.

Right of way acquisition is scheduled to begin in late spring of 2012 and construction in 2013.

The SCDOT is only accepting comments on the project until March 9th. Conveniently, the South Carolina media has not covered this story so there is not very much time left.

Comments on the project may be submitted to: Mr. Kevin Gantt, S.C. Department of Transportation, P.O. Box 191, Columbia, S.C. 29202-0191, by email to [email protected] or by fax to 803-737-1510. Comments should include a name, mailing address and phone number.


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  • The NAACP and Nation of Islam gets bolder every year and whites just cower down and let this kind of thing happen. Its a shame that a small group of people that are not representative of a majority can wield so much power. When the news media quits covering their antics and public officials stop pandering this stuff will stop. Loyal Southerners and SCV members ought to get together and stand vigil at that monument until SCDOT makes other plans. These attacks have got to be stopped otherwise
    no American in this country will have a heritage to claim, or reminders of our proud history. 

  • You only have until Friday to submit a formal complaint!!!

    After several days I finally got Gantt on the phone. The project was recommended by the Orangeburg Board of the Regional Council of Governments. It is mostly black. Some of the members I can confirm have spoken at NAACP events. It was then passed onto the City Council of Orangeburg for approval. The head of the city council, Mayor Pro Temp Jonnie Wright, is a confirmed full fledged NAACP member.

    You can call Gantts’ office at 1-803-737-5808

  • conrad

    This is what happens, & should happen when white people give their countries away. The way to stop it is to take your country back. Begging will not fix this.

  • This is similar to the muslims erecting their mosques on top of conquered church properties, the exact issue of the 9/11 mosque.  We must understand these are primitive peoples and the destruction of our heritage is an important strategy on the way to our genocide. 

  • MikeofAges

     You may be on to something. Some years ago, the city of San Francisco wanted to change the name of one of their streets to honor labor leader Cesar Chavez. Chavez (d. 1993) was a decent fellow and an iconic figure in California history. Nothing wrong with naming a street after him. But what street? They picked Army Street, the southern boundary of the historic Mission District. They could have picked Mission Street, the boulevard which runs from the waterfront to the southern border of the city through some heavily Hispanic neighborhoods. No, had to be Army Street. Maybe the twisted sadists who run Baghdad by the Bay thought they a had a twofer. Guess they got their way on this one.

  • Oil Can Harry

    The NAACP also filed legal briefs on behalf of guilty-as-hell Rubin “Hurricane” Carter while he was incarcerated for slaughtering three whites in a bar.

    They then teamed up with the ACLU to try to stop the SFPD’ from using a stop-and-frisk policy on blacks in an attempt to catch the Zebra Killers.  This very same policy led to the capture of the killers. 

  • JohnEngelman

    The American Communist Party was not founded until September 1919.
    How do you propose to achieve ”
    the elimination of these alphabet orgs. such as the ADL/SPLC/ACLU, etc. and the NAACP?”   

    • White Death

       That’s the sixty-four-thousand-dollar question.

  • better_times

    Our very own Taliban. Book burnings are next & to paraphrase, those who burn books will also burn people. We’ve seen this already.

  • Update:

    It looks like this will get squashed, but we still need people to submit objections. Tomorrow is the last day.

  • LudwigvonDrake

    The state of SC is just over 30% black.  The city of Orangeburg has 2.5 times blacker than the state as a whole.  I’ve been to Orangeburg many times for business purposes and have never eaten at that Bessinger’s, it must be somewhat out of the way.  And I love Bessinger’s BBQ.  Maurice is terrific, and a patriot.  There’s an old saying “You can’t fight city hall”.  Of course, you can always fight it if you want, but I think the message of that saying is that you shouldn’t expect to prevail.  Especially when the city your fighting against happens to be in Africa.    

    “You may drive Nature out with a pitch fork, yet she’ll be constantly running back”
    —  Horace, The Epistles

    “In Africa, a land without love, kindness is a weakness.  Because there is no charity, there is no understanding of mercy, and because there is no altruism, there is no gratitude.”
    —  Anthony Jacob

  • Old Right

    I can’t think of a better example of genocide / ethnic cleansing. They want to send Southern culture down Orwell’s memory hole.

  • Oil Can Harry

    When Giardello beat Carter there was very little controversy; most of the sportswriters present had Giardello winning. Now these were mostly pro-black reporters from the Civil Rights Era like Robert Lipsyte and Jerry Izenberg- but they were liberals with integrity and admitted the white guy won. 

    The myth about Carter being robbed came about because of Norman Jewison’s crock-umentary The Hurricane, a work of fiction masquerading as a biopic. 

  • I said to the AR regular “Jack from Chicago” last night in an e-mail that the reason American politics, even the “mainstream,” come off as kooky as they do is because simple racial truths are off limits.  Because the simple truth is verboten, then people have no choice but to let their minds default to stupid nonsense.

    For example, Herman Cain.  (Insert laugh tracks here).  Remember his half-witted comment about “blacks are brainwashed to vote Democrat?”  The poor schmuck was so oblivious that he had no idea how stupid he sounded saying that and thinking that, and he could not conceive why most blacks were insulted by that little brain flatulence.

    Blacks have voted almost 100% Democrat in almost all elections since 1932.  If that’s all a result of brainwashing, then the American Democrat Party has a brainwashing and propaganda machine that is worse than Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao and Pol Pot combined.

    The simpler and better explanation is that blacks vote Democrat because they want to, and they want to because even when compared to the most liberal and pusillanimous Republican, Democrats can offer more tangible and intangible welfare and government goodies.

    And most blacks were insulted by Cain’s remark because the implication is that most blacks are so stupid that they can fall for this supposed “brainwashing.”  There, though, he kinda had a point.