Sarasota Murder: Shawn Tyson Found Guilty of Murdering British Tourists

Rosa Prince, Telegraph (London), March 29, 2012

The families of two British tourists gunned down on a crime-ridden Florida estate after taking a wrong turn described their teenage murderer as “evil” last night.

University friends James Cooper, 25, and James Kouzaris, 25, had been enjoying a care-free vacation in the popular holiday resort of Sarasota when a drunken mistake brought them into the path of 16-year-old Shawn Tyson.

James Cooper and James Kouzaris

Spotting them stumbling through the notorious estate known as The Courts, Tyson attempted to rob the pair, then shot them each through the heart when they claimed to have no money.

A jury at Sarasota County Court took just over two hours to find him guilty of first degree murder following an eight-day trial.

The devastated families issued a statement, saying; “Ours is a life sentence, with no chance of parole from a broken heart, and a shattered soul”.

Tyson, who turned 17 on the first day of his trial, and now faces life in prison without parole, was caught after boasting to friends about the murders.

Shawn Tyson

When the men had told him they had no cash on them, he told them: “If you ain’t got no money—I got something for you ass,” before firing.

Mr Kouzaris was killed first, and Tyson later told a female friend that Mr Cooper was “crying for his life” before he too was shot.

The teenager stared straight ahead of him as moving tributes two the bright, successful, happy friends were played on videos provided by the Cooper and Kouzaris families.

On a video impact statement, Mr Kouzaris’s father James said it was ironic that his son had travelled the world and visited many dangerous countries but had been “murdered in cold blood” in the holiday destination of Florida.

“James was the perfect, son and brother. These last few months had been unbearable,” he added.

His wife Hazel said: “I can’t feel sorry for the murderer but I do have some sympathy for his mother. Like me she will not have any grandchildren from her son.”

In a statement, Mr Cooper’s parents said: “Anyone who has lost a child will know there are no words which can express the despair, disbelief and desolation. We will miss him every minute of every day in a home that now feels empty.”

Tyson, who is in fact already a father, slumped down in his seat as a video featuring images of Mr Cooper growing up was then played to the court.

Two close friends of the victims, who had attended court throughout the trial, were also permitted to address the court.

One, Joe Hallett choked back tears as he addressed Tyson, saying: “I want to look you in the eye and speak to you directly and to try and make you understand the pain and suffering you have brought to so many people.

“Every morning I want you to think about my friends until your very last breath. I hope they haunt your thoughts forever. I hope you and your family suffer every single second of every single day.”

Tyson was offered the chance to say something but declined. While he was led away in handcuffs, his mother shouted: “I love you Shawn.”

Successful young men with loving families, Mr Cooper, a tennis coach from Hampton Lucy, Warwicks, met Mr Kouzaris, a town planner from Northampton, while they were studying at Sheffield University.

They were enjoying a happy holiday in Sarasota last April and had been for a meal with Mr Cooper’s parents Stanley and Sandy in an area popular with British tourists when they decided to continue their evening at two late-night bars.

Police believe the friends may have been hoping to visit an all-night restaurant when they wandered, drunk, into The Courts, a dimly-lit, dangerous estate known for drug dealing and violence.

Shawn Tyson, a high-school drop out who had the word “Savage” tattooed across the chest, had been released from prison in error the day before, after spraying a car carrying a group of teenage girls with gunfire.

Officials had decided that he was too dangerous to release, but the message was not passed to the prosecutor involved in his case, and he was freed after a three-minute hearing.

During the trial, witnesses told how Tyson had boasted that he had spotted the clearly drunk friends weaving their way through the estate, before confronting them.

The murder victims were found shirtless and with their trousers pulled down—hallmarks, police testified, of a street robbery and done to stop them running away. Tyson’s DNA was later found on the front of Mr Cooper’s jeans.

In fact, the men each had about £40 in their pockets, along with mobile phones and a digital camera.

Speaking outside the court, Tyson’s father Tyronne said that the trial was not fair, and that he would appeal against the sentence.

He went on: “To the families of Cooper and Kouzaris, our deepest sympathies go out to them. Nothing we say will ever bring their kids back to them.

“Three families’ lives have been destroyed. Two will never see their children again and one family’s child just lost his freedom for the rest of his life.”

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  • Tim

    “crying for his life”… One thing I read that totally changed my mind from “cooperating” with a mugger to defending my life by any means neccessary was this.  “Pleading for your life with a rapist or serial killer  is the EXACT thing that excites him enough to finish you off:…

    • IstvanIN

      You are always better off running or fighting back.  You may still end up dead but begging does no good. 

      • Impertinent

        IN Florida now…..people will remember these animals and not think twice about standing their ground against the black savages that roam our streets. 

        I’ll leave the bleeding heart, liberal loons that want to save these creatures….become the victims.

    • It comes down to a choice of being dead next to your dead wife while your killer is unharmed or being dead next to your dead killer. There are some that make the wrong choice.

  • “Every morning I want you to think about my friends until your very last
    breath. I hope they haunt your thoughts forever. I hope you and your
    family suffer every single second of every single day.

    In other words, “I want you to spend the rest of your life to think about what you did.”

    That’s a piece of linguistic linguine that has recently started to bother me.  First off, what’s there to think about?  Any violent criminal who is honest with himself can cite the reason why he did what he did in five seconds, and almost always would it be one of the Seven Deadly Sins.  Second, do you honestly think Mr. Tyson will spend the next 50, 60 or 70 years thinking about what he did all that time?  No, by halfway through his first decade, he will have hooked up with the black Muslims/Panthers, who will have convinced him that the evil white racist system framed him, that they were conspiring to take away his rap or sports career.  All the while, his mother will maintain that he fell in with the wrong crowd.

  • “Two close friends of the victims, who had attended court throughout the trial, were also permitted to address the court.
    “One, Joe Hallett choked back tears as he addressed Tyson, saying: ‘I want to look you in the eye and speak to you directly and to try and make you understand the pain and suffering you have brought to so many people.'”

    Ha!  Don’t bother.  This “teenager” doesn’t have the IQ to feel anything other than his own animal instincts.  You might as well be talking to that wooden table in front of you.

    • IstvanIN

      Thank you.  “They” are not fully human.  They have no shame, remorse or guilt.  A dog will show more remorse when caught doing something bad.

    • tickyul

      That is exactly what I was thinking. Do not waste your breath trying to give that Urban American Yute an idea of what suffering he caused……..he does not care and does not have the IQ  to realize what he did was horrific. Homey gots(sp) the IQ of a fricken mop wringer

  • I W

    Is Obama going to admit that this too looks like ‘his son’?

  • IstvanIN

    Crimes like this prove that “they” do not belong among us.  They are unevolved, lower primates that have no sense of shame, or remorse, or guilt.  They are souless creatures.  Pet dogs show more remorse when caught doing something bad.

  • Remember the  european tourists killed before for  counting money in front of a black. But the message of “dont count money in front of black people” couldnt be tolerated. They died because they didnt think blacks where crooks.

  • Zimmerman is looking more like a HERO each and every day!

  • 1proactive2

    There are 2 changes I’d like to see made in our legal system.   One is to have those people up for trial for a violent crime be made to wear the same clothes they wore the night of the crime.  Remember that the left has communicated nation-wide that what one is wearing doesn’t mean their a criminal so it won’t matter to those adult-children.

    The other change I’d like to see is to mandate that all minors who are convicted of violent crimes must serve adult sentences, and their fathers would also have to serve the same amount of time only in a different prison.  This “savage”, as this monster so calls  himself, is the result of superior black “parenting” so in the spirit of holding one responsible for the actions of their progeny’s actions, daddy would have to serve a life sentence along with junior.  It would at least prevent this father from siring any more thugs.  It won’t, for a decade or so, among ghetto blacks “gettin’ they freak on” (having sex)beforehand because they can’t think that far ahead.  Word would eventually spread, however.  

    I can’t imagine the pain and immense grief the parents of these victims are suffering right now.  I’m increasingly convinced that as a group, blacks bring incredible suffering to the world, no matter the country in which they live.  Something must be done, people.  May God give the victim’s parents peace.

  • 1proactive2

    The “edit” function doesn’t work so I have to correct my grammar in this new post.  I meant to write in my first post, “what one is wearing doesn’t man they’re a criminal”…….

    Pardon, please.   

  • Impertinent

    I wonder how many of us ( or the survivors of these two men ) would  like to be left alone with this animal for 5 minutes? Awww….2 minutes then.

    Either that or get to pick the bubba who’ll keep his butt in a sling for the rest of his punk life as his prison b**ch?

  • ha ha ha ha ha ha.  Joe, you are a genius.  Big “Like”.  I get more reality in 5 min. on this board that I get in watching eight hours of talk shows, talking heads, reality shows and blather on TV.

  • Not only are Brits anti-race realists, but also folks from the upper Midwest like Minnesota Wisconsin and Iowa.  One time, I was co-chaperone of a spring break “in service” project in my Southern, urbanized city.  The students were all from upper Midwest Catholic colleges.  We helped the black people and other poor people in our city with food, shelter and clothing.  I was doing this as a race realist, but as a believer in Christian charity.   

    But, we were regularly upbraided by the students for our harsh, prejudicial treatment of black people.  One time I asked them about American Indians.  I was genuinely curious about them.  I asked them if it was edifying to be living amidst Indian reservations and peoples with a proud culture, tradition and values.  They said, “Are you crazy??  All Indians are lying shiftless drunkards criminals etc. etc.”   Lol.  I guess it depends on what you are close to.

  • Hirschibold

    I took a course in probability in College for Math and Behavioral Sciences, and I could have saved these guys’ lives just by doing a bit of math on their behalf before they went out that night.  Miami at night + African-American with surname “Tyson” (or Johnson or Jackson) + housing complex renowned for drug dealing = a probability of the event of death somewhere in the neighborhood of P(E)=1.0. In other words, certain death.

  • ViktorNN

     Wait a minute. I thought one of the main proofs of the phenomenon of “white privilege” is that whites are free to move about in public at will, wherever they want and without consequences, while blacks and other non-whites are made to feel unwelcome and unsafe in many places?

    “White privilege” is a myth, and it’s only getting mythier.

    •  “White Privilege” means whitey gets the privilege of picking up the tab for feral blacks and browns.

  • The Brits have so sold out their country,pride and honor to third worlders I no longer have any sympathy for them. When ;you get a back bone and are ready to fight, I will pass it on to the Americans and then I will care and help.

  • gemjunior

    I wish I could say that these violent, cold-blooded, murdering black bastards were the exception and not the rule.  Too bad I can’t say that.  I believe that they are the rule, and the peaceful black man is the exception.  Every day, over and over I come across reinforcement of this.  And when it is not that extreme, I am shown every single day that 9 of 10 blacks, men or women, view their successes in life as theirs and their failures in life the fault of someone else.  I can honestly say when I look closely at my feelings on the matter, I do view whites as intellectually advantaged over blacks and I wish for segregation as a rule, and will always try to live in a white town. 
    I believe that we must become far more aggressive toward blacks and we must become far more open about our disgust with them.  I will never pander to them or attempt to express any type of commonality.  I will always fight them even if I will end up hung up to dry like zimmerman. 

  • tickyul

    Liberals think this is just payback…..highly deserved payback.

    This is a country in decline, more and more areas will resemble places like Detroit, Newark, East Saint Louis….etc, etc.

    I’m NOT joking or trying to be bombastic…………PREPARE for Mad Max America. 

  • No

    Anon12, you have a lot to learn about what happens to people under great stress.  Have you ever been in combat?   Ever faced a gun or knife?  Ever been in a fight?

    This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read on AMREN . . . which usually attracts a slightly more mature set of posters.

    Forget the keyboard bravado.  Instead, train, train, train.  Build up your body – strength, stamina, flexibility.  Learn a martial art and focus on street fighting . . . krav maga (although jewish) is actually pretty good . . . but there are others.  If your state allows you to carry a concealed weapon – take the class, apply for the license and do so. 

    Train, train, train.  Go to the range weekly, at a minimum.  Test yourself in different scenarios and then train some more. 

    Turn yourself into a weapon.  That’s the ONLY way to defend yourself and your family against animals like this murdering black savage.

  • Kurt Plummer

    And Mr. Tyson’s child/ren will grow up in an environment where all the blacks secretly congratulate them on being the son or daughter of a man who killed two more crackers on the way to ‘final victory’, as extinction.

    I personally agree that there should be no life sentences.  You change, personally, every five to seven years.  As your psyche e-or-devolves.  More importantly, I have no reason to believe that anyone should be paid 40,000 dollars a year to sit in a prison cell, learning to be a better criminal from his fellow convicts.  Not when you can stick him or her in an apartment for 10-12,000 dollars with a 2,500 dollar GPS ankle bracelet, a 500 dollar television.  And 500 dollars a month in foodstamps.  And still come out ahead of the game.

    We must not get mad at these people.  Nor support their victims rage at the expense of our own best interests. 

    Furthermore, I believe that, from the Amren articles’ prior description of the two men’s relationship with each other, their lack of serious girlfriends or marriage and the kinds of bars they patronized, they were most likely on the down low and may well have been looking for trouble when they ‘blundered’ into a Projects area.

    Whites don’t need gays to negatively effect our population statistics by refusing to breed true, however ‘smart, funny and loving’ they are.  And we don’t need out of control drunkards to make us appear stupid as easy marks.

    That said, the death penalty should never have been made unconstitutional -just- as the true nature of black and hispanic crime rate differentials are becoming so undeniably well known, through the Internet.  I’m sure it was done for exactly this reason, to further burden our society with the kinds of life long monetary and social burdens that simply _killing_ these murderous fools ‘best solution to the problem’ represents.

    To ‘be fair’, I would continue with the three strikes rule, doubling the sentences on the second felony so that a three year crime became a six year one and so on.  But on the third, you have proven you have no intention of ever simply leaving society alone in your rage of hatred for what others have.  And deserve no mercy for your choice to assassinate others to bring them down to your level.

    The families are fools for not intervening to make their son’s see sense.  If they secretly knew what the nature of the ‘friendship’ was, they have my pity.  For their’s was a life doomed to the ending of their geneline, regardless.

    Don’t let sympathy drive you to stop thinking.  We cannot afford such altruism as weakness.

    • The_Bobster

      That said, the death penalty should never have been made unconstitutional

      Whose Constitution are you reading?

  • The_Bobster

    I’m sure he had a fondness for Skittles and iced tea.

  • Does anyone know for sure if that is true? Good Lord, I hope not.

    • Impertinent

      If not true…then take solace in the fact that he will soon learn as he will be on the catchers end in prison.

      However…if it is true…then he will know very shortly what it feels like to be utterly dominated and humiliated…this might even be better than the gas chamber. He’ll hopefully suffer…24/7 and 365.

  • Kingoldby

     Joe,  these men did not deliberately walk into a black area, they made a wrong turning while having an innocent night out in town.

    I fail to see why you feel the need to sneer and insult the decent, innocent White men who were murdered by a black, while visiting your country.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    I agree completely Kingoldby. I have noticed a few sneering comments on this board about both the victim and those who read impact statements. Disgraceful.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    I agree Kingoldby. I have noticed a few sneering comments on this board about both the victim and those who read impact statements in court. How sad.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    “Die on your feet….Don’t be a snivelling coward….Be a MAN….”

    Easy for you to say when you haven’t got a gun pointing at your ****ING HEAD!.

    Good gracious, some of the comments on this board are just terrible!.

  • “But they were looking for drugs.”

    That’s a common excuse blacks and their apologists trot out almost every time they murder a white.

    Even if they were, I was not aware that one gets the death penalty for buying illegal drugs.

  •  I always look at “Life without parole” as a victory for the perp.  There is nothing to celebrate in any life sentence if you are the victim’s family.  Your loved one is worm food while the perp gets 3 hots and a cot for life.

  • >>. Now, it’s possible the IHOP story is bull and they were on the prowl for drugs.

    Yes, we must not have blinders on here.  We can never discount the possibility that the presence of a white in a ghetto, outside of being on official business, can be explained by the depressed, deracinated white who seeks a little dangerous action of some kind.

  • Wayne Lo

    Maybe blacks will express remorse for killing a handful of whites when whites express remorse for this:

    and this:

    and this:

    European imperialism at a conservative estimate murdered upwards of 50 million non-whites last century.

    Non-whites have a lot of catching up to do.


    •  That’s our point exactly.  If whites are being killed for political comeuppance the only reasonable thing to do is to have political separatism.  Do you expect modern whites to sit idly by while the estimable Wayne Lo has foreordained our systematic murder?

      • Wayne Lo

        No I don’t. But I think that it is you people who turn it into a race thing, and if you turn it into a race thing, then you will get what you want.

        It is well known that blacks, for a variety of reasons, have a high crime rate. But it is not whites who are the only victims.

        It is you people who go on about blacks as a race  waging war on whites, and if you want to analyze it by race, then blacks as a race have historically been victims of whites for centuries.

        Now if you go back to the level of the individual, as shoudl rightly be done, and instead condemn just the action of this kid, then that is completely justified.

        But bringing it to a racial level…and you don’t have a leg to stand on.

    • SLCain

      “Maybe blacks will express remorse for killing a handful of whites when whites express this:”

      Yeah, those Force Publique soldiers were pretty vicious.  Can you imagine what such a man would look like?  This is what he looks like:

      The Force Publique were composed of native black soldiers under white belgian officers.  Perhaps it was because the FP was mainly black that it became so enthusiastic about and so good at mutilating people.  Nobody seems to be as good at killing blacks as other blacks.

      Stuff it, Wayne.  We ain’t buying your propaganda.

      By the way, are you chinese?  Lo is a chinese name.  It’s not like the chinese have been the most gentle and pacifist of peoples.   Why, you fellows fought the bloodiest civil war in history:

      Once again  –  stuff it.

      • Wayne Lo

        No you stuff it.

        Whites fight the bloodiest civil wars —white civil wars of WWI and WWII which killed far more than the Taiping rebellion.

        Furthermore all races have race traitors.

        The fact that some blacks kill blacks on behalf of whites does not change a thing.

        Analogously, that some Frenchman killed other Frenchman on behalf of Germans or some Russians killed other Russians on behalf of Germans does not change the fact  that WWII in Europe was about German aggression.

        And non-whites have never done to whites what whites have done to one another.

        No non-white race has tried to racially exterminate a whole group of whites. But white people have certainly tried to racially exterminate a whole group of other whites.

        Whites have killed one another far more than blacks have ever killed whites.

        So why don’t whites hate one another for killing one another, rather than higlight a relatively few number who die at the hands of blacks?

        • SLCain

          You were caught in a lie – implying that all those mutilations were caused solely by evil white men.  They were caused by white men, but not without a lot of black help.  And, of course, black people have no problem slaughtering each other en masse without any encouragement from whites: Rwanda, the Congo, Uganda, the Central African Republic, Haiti……………

          And WWI and WWII were not civil wars.  Are you stupid to understand that?  I suppose so.  The Tai-Ping rebellion still holds the record for the bloodiest civil war.  Truly, a great accomplishment for your enlightened people.    But then there was also the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution.  So don’t worry – in the senseless slaughter category, you’re still “in the game”.

          We don’t need asian supremicist d**kheads like you to tell was how we should interpret the evidence of our own eyes.  Tend to your own people, nitwit, and we’ll tend to ours.

          • Wayne Lo

            The Tai-Ping rebellion still holds the record for the bloodiest civil war.

            Sorry. You are hung up on semantics.

            The bloodiest civil war would consider the kills as a percentage of the base population, and the period over which the killings occurred.

            China’s population was around 400 million during the time of the Taiping rebellion. Total killed 20 million. Over a period of 14 years.

            The US population was about 30 million in 1860. The US civil war killed about 750 000, over a period of just 4 years.

            The kill rate of the Taiping rebellion was therefore around 3.6 deaths per thousand per year.

            The kill rate of the US civil war was around 6.3 deaths per thousand per year.

            The Russian Civil war killed about 9 million over 5 years.  Russia’s population at the time was around 180 million. In terms of both percentage of the baseline population more or less the same as the Taiping rebellion, but  in terms of the rate of killing, far higher.

            During WWII about 10% of the populations of Poland, and Yugoslavia died. That is equivalent to say 40 million in a country of CHina’s size during the Taipign rebellion – but over 1/3rd the time span.

            Claiming that Chinese are more barbaric than whites simply because of large civil war deaths, without taking the population size into account, is as idiotic as saying that whites in the US are more murderous than blacks because they commit more murders in total, than blacks.

          • Wayne Lo

            But then there was also the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution.

            Again. This is pathetic.

            The average mortality rate during the Great Leap Forward was about 2.4% per year.

            This mortality rate was in fact far better than the 3.8% before the revolution.

            And 2.4% was typical of most other developing countries of the time. And it is far better than the 3.5% of British India, only 10 years before the Great Leap Forward,

            The reason why some say Mao ‘murdered’ 40 million or whatever, is that 2.5% is higher than the very low mortality rates obtained immediately before the GLF. Which were achieved by the communists. 

            The Cultural Revolution was in fact not bloody at all. There was some scattered violence directed mainly against party members, which in fact did not affect the vast majority of China’s people.

            But the Cultural Revolution period was the time when China experienced its greatest gain in life expectancy in recorded history. For every year of the cultural revolution, China’s life expectancy improved by the same – one year.

            In fact the period of Maoist rule in China coincided with the greatest and most rapid improvement in human well-being, perhaps in all of human history.

          • SLCain

             To reiterate.  F**k off, d**khead.  We don’t need you to lecture us.

          • Wayne Lo

            Tend to your own people, nitwit, and we’ll tend to ours.

        • ViktorNN

          Your argument boils down to “whites have fought and killed each other a lot so they should really be upset at each other first before they get upset about non-whites killing them.”

          Hey, you know what? You’re not white. Stop telling white people what they should do and what they should care about.

          Furthermore, whites can care about non-whites killing them at the same time as abhorring white on white violence. It’s not an either-or issue.

          Last, your arguments are so weak and trivial, I have to conclude that either you’re not up to debating here and you should probably stay on the sidelines until you learn more, or, you are intentionally trying to derail the discussions here with energy-sapping time-wasting drivel.

          Either way, we see you and what you’re up to. Stop shaming yourself.

          • Wayne Lo

            I was using exactly the same argument that SLCain was using to show how absurd it was. Whites continually justify imperialism by saying, that non-whites kill one another as well.

            I was throwing the argument back in your faces by saying that the people who have killed the most whites in the history of the world are—other whites. So if you ask non-whites to shut up about imperialism because non-whites have killed non-whites in the past, then one could similarly ask whites to shut up about the so-called ‘race war’ of so called crime committed by blacks against whites.

            Get it?

          • SLCain

             I do not want imperialism, nor have I tried to justify it, nor has any other white who has posted  here on this topic wanted or attempted to justify imperialism.  We just don’t want black people to prey on us.  It was you who introduced the Belgian Congo as a cheap rhetorical tactic.

            And we don’t need chinese, with their long and distinguished history of barbarism and cruelty, to lecture us.

            Go to hell.

    • Impertinent

      “Non-whites have a lot of catching up to do…”

      Really? And I suppose that Sanford is the latest Waterloo? I say….you name the time and the place….make a challenge….it’ll be fun.

  • Wayne Lo

    The father of James Kouzaris was offended by Obama’s comments about
    Trayvon Martin while making no reference to the case of his son and his
    friend James Cooper given the timing of the trial in Florida.

    President Obama does not have the time to comment every time a crime is committed in the US.  There are a lot of black victims of crime as well. Who does Mr Kouzaris think he is? His son’s life is no more valuable than that of any other crime victime in the US.

    The reason why the Trayvon case warranted a comment was because it appears there was an injustice involved with the killer not arrested. Not because Tryvon was killed.

    But in this case, it was an ordinary crime, the perpetrator has been caught, and given the maximum sentence. The system did its job. No political leader anywhere in the world gets involved over an ordinary crime, shocking though it is.

    Therefore no comment is warranted from the president.

    • Impertinent

      Enjoy your ride back over to the Huff, Mother Jones or the KOS,OK?


    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       There is no such thing as an ordinary murder.

      • Wayne Lo

        What an ignorant comment.

        Murders are certainly something out of the ordinary.

        But there are such things as ordinary murders –that is murders which do not stand out particularly against other murders.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           I am sure those murdered “ordinarily” felt the event was nothing extraordinary.

          I am making the emotional appeal, not the coroner’s.

          That you must make a personal attack when this is being pointed out says more about your own insecurity than it does my level of enlightenment.

  • Wayne Lo

    My question was what were the two ‘victims’ doing in the area, with their trousers down. They could well have been trying something on with the little black kid, and the kid responded as any red-blooded male would do.

    • I think the facts, if they have been reported accurately and completely, allow for more than one hypothesis.  Certainly, with the amount of societal perversion out there, and the Id having been completely unleashed according to societal fashion, … you always have to be open to the idea that there is a sexual component to a crime where victims have supposedly “wandered” to the wrong side of the tracks.  (But, whatever it was, the British tourists didn’t deserve to get offed and the perp should fry, in a truly just society).

      For the record, the most confusing single facts are that they had their pants down around their ankles and that ample cash and credit cards were found on the bodies.  If you are going to kill them, you wouldnt be worried about them chasing after you.  Was it humiliation?  Why didnt Tyson find the money that they had on them?  Why didnt the men offer the money when it became clear that Tyson was going to kill them?

    • ViktorNN

      This last comment just proves you’re trolling and frankly I don’t understand why AmRen mods allow it.

      You’re intentionally smearing the memory of these murder victims in the most disgusting way. The only possible purpose you have for such behavior is to try to anger and hurt people who care about the victims. What a rotten, black heart you have.

      You’re a “low” person indeed.

  • Wayne Lo

    Oh come on. Get real. US soldiers have nothing on bravery compared to Japanese, Russians, and Chinese.

    They are well known to be chickenshit, and rely on massive overkill and technology.

    During the Korean war, Chinese troops were disgusted by the way US troops would annihilate an entire village just to get to one apparent sniper.

  •  Morally, why?  Unless you’re morally opposed to the death penalty, then there is no good moral reason.

    Legally, why?  Because around a decade ago, a majority of nine people in black robes in all their genius said that people under 18 can’t possibly have the brain capacity to know that murder is wrong.

    Even though there’s supposed to be no such thing as IQ, and certainly no such thing as racial differences in IQ, and those same judges apply strict scrutiny instead of intermediate scrutiny or rational basis tests to laws that have racial classifications.

  • robinbishop34

    Agreed, but I don’t know that Americans are responsible for the dismantling of the British Empire. Perhaps Churchill should bear some responsibility for that?

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Well said.
    Is it really beyond the imagination of some people that these two British tourists were completely innocent and genuinely lost?.

  • Zorro

    Then the Death Penalty should have sounded like an Orchestra to you.

  • Zorro

    It’s incredible how these Governments set their Citizens up for Criminal assault and murder.

    It is the Criminal which should be running from outraged Citizens.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Not since the Falklands conflict, in fact; and that was minor compared to WWII. I think today’s conflict is going to be racial/multicultural – and the Lion is slowly, but surely, awakening from it’s torpor. You will notice that the lion in the icon/avatar is lying down, looking straight ahead, dispassionately observing the situation in front. Then comes the kill…..

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Yeah, believe me, I can’t work it out either.

  • Wayne Lo

     Well…exactly, that could mean the two white british victims were trying to hold him down, and they got some of Tyson’s DNA on them during the struggle.

    I’d say 70-30 that Tyson was actually defending himself.

  • Kurt Plummer:   Jesus Adolf, that’s a bit harsh. A significant proportion of the population are homosexual. By all accounts these men weren’t, but even if they were, even if they were looking for cannabis, there is no way they did anything to deserve to be slaughtered and slaughtered by a stinking piece of sub-human garbage. Perhaps they were naive and ill-informed, hardly surprising considering the multiculturalist propaganda and misinformation they were immersed in for their entire short lives. Had they survived this encounter they may very well have woken up and become race realists, as so many others have.

  • Look what Liberalism gets you.