Racial Tensions High in Riverside after Slaying of ROTC Student

Los Angeles Times, March 5, 2012

Relatives of a Riverside high school freshman who was shot and killed near his grandmother’s house pleaded on Monday for the public’s help to solve the seemingly random murder.

Lareanz Simmons, 14, was killed on the evening of Feb. 23 by a young Latino gunman who stepped out of a car, walked up to him and opened fire. The shooting breaks years of relative calm in an area of Riverside that has a history of violent clashes between rival black and Latino gangs.

Racial tensions have escalated sharply since the shooting occurred in Riverside’s eastside neighborhood, where police have responded to an apparent uptick in shootings and confiscated an increasing number of firearms being stockpiled by parolees and crime suspects, authorities said.

Investigators said Simmons, who was African American, was a good student and had no gang ties. The freshman was a member of the Junior ROTC program at Riverside’s Poly High School, and had dreams of joining the military or becoming a police officer, said his grandmother Bernice Hobdy.


{snip} Solving the murder is a priority not only because Simmons’ family deserves justice, Diaz said, but also to calm the rising tensions in the neighborhood.

“We don’t know why Lareanz was killed,” Diaz said. “As long as we don’t know, and the community doesn’t know, there are a lot of community tensions out there … We are seeing what appears to be an increasing number of suspects carrying weapons and stockpiling weapons and ammunitions in their homes.”

Woodie Rucker-Hughes, head of the local NAACP chapter, said violence and gang activity in Riverside’s eastside neighborhood had been on the decline in the past few years, with black and Latino community leaders working together to address any lingering racial animosities.

“It had reached a point where there was a calm, which we enjoyed. But we were always cognizant that there would be some out there—I call them knuckleheads—who wanted to keep a schism between black and brown,” Rucker-Hughes said. “It’s tense now. There are more shootings in the neighborhood. Something is brewing.”


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  • Mahound

    It’s the white man’s fault that these races are fighting each other. Whites should stop wasting money on useless projects such as fine architecture, going to the moon and curing cancer and istead spend the money on blacks and mestizos and maybe then the killing, raping and stealing will stop.

  • Yet a white kid gets burned alive on his front porch and the only thing whites stockpile is excuses for why it had nothing to do with race.

  • Hirschibold

    You sometimes hear Pat Buchanan (and even some Amreners)  talking about how Blacks are our allies in the war against illegal immigration, that they have been here for hundreds of years and are as “American as apple pie.” Buchanan actually said that on a recent radio appearance.

    The problem is that this is a lie. Any white man who has spent a considerable amount of time around both blacks and Hispanics knows that temperamentally Hispanics and whites are closer than blacks and whites. In terms of decibel (re: possessing indoor voices) and in other basic ways.

    I understand the destructive dimensions of our demographic time-bomb, but I cannot, even at a rhetorical level, align myself with blacks over Hispanics on any issue. The enemy of my enemy is sometimes also my enemy. And though I wish violence on no one, I have to be frank and say that I have no dog in this hunt.

    • I have to agree with you.

      We really don’t have any natural allies.

      Blacks look out and act for themselves. Blacks will whine about illegals and sound somewhat Patriotic one year, but the next year they’ll be rioting and slaughtering whites. 

      The truth is that Blacks aren’t looking out for America, they look out for themselves. Any temporary alliance with Blacks will  be at best a hindrance.  

      I love Pat Buchanan, but he is WRONG about Blacks.

      An alliance with Blacks is just a PC front to prove we’re not being “racist.” We’re basically playing within their PC guidelines and expecting to win. 

      Let me give everyone here who thinks siding with Blacks will be a way to beat the politically correctness game a clue, it was never meant for you to win. 

      The entire point of the game IS for Whites to LOSE.       

      • Just as MANY want a so-called “alliance” with the Asians. As Willie Sutton said,when asked why he robbed banks,”Thats where the money is.” The money is on being a put-upon minority,or a dear sweet Pill-denied woman. Being anti-white is the growing business! BTW:”Alliance” with N–I eman blacks. Ha ha ha !!Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!!!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think I’ve heard Pat say that.  He did say in the old days whites and blacks had the same holidays and what not, but I don’t recall him saying they were our allies on this matter.  In fact, whites have been trying to kiss up to blacks for years now while blacks have been sucking us financially dry and beating us and killing us just because of our skin color.  In fact, the blacks are trying to get other groups to ‘unite’ with them against whites, yet the other groups don’t like blacks.  I’m glad to see these same militant blacks and black race hustlers get their commupence.

  • Relatives of a Riverside high school freshman who was shot and killed
    near his grandmother’s house pleaded on Monday for the public’s help to
    solve the seemingly random murder.  Lareanz Simmons, 14, was killed on the evening of Feb. 23 by a young
    Latino gunman who stepped out of a car, walked up to him and opened

    It might be, but I have a hard time believing this was truly random.  A gang banger just doesn’t get out of a car, walk up to someone, then kill him, unless he has a specific axe to grind with that person.  What might be possible is that the “young Latino” wanted to join a gang which has the blood of a black person as an admission fee.

    • Latino? Theyre Indians. WILD Indians.

    • Sonya610

      Could also be a case of mistaken identity. When the hispanic gang bangers beat the 3 white boys a few months ago it was because they thought one of the whites was with a rival gang.

  • libertarian4339

    “We are seeing what appears to be an increasing number of suspects carrying weapons and stockpiling weapons and ammunitions in their homes.”

    This is probably because racial tensions between blacks and Hispanics has evolved into what L.A. County Sheriff, Lee Baca, calls an ongoing race war.  He wrote an article in the LA Times citing as disingenuous the claim that the violence was mostly between street gangs.  He said the people involved in most all the violence couldn’t…in the loosest sense…be described as “street gangs.”

    Probably  the ongoing conflict  began in schools where blacks…as they always do….decided they didn’t like…or were jealous of….Hispanics and began bullying and picking on them as they now do with the Asians and have always done to whites.

    They probably had a rude awakening when they found that those little tan worker ants formed defenses like real worker ants and attacked the blacks right back in force.   From there the battles have raged in the schools, the jails,  the prisons, and the neighborhoods non-stop.

    As some are forecasting, eventually the blacks will be eliminated entirely from Southern Calif. as Hispanic numbers continue to grow.  Certainly if civil war breaks out the blacks will be annihilated completely.

    It is the black/Tan leadership that want them all under the same umbrella to give themselves strength in numbers in challenging whitey’s power base, and to create the impression of one unified force.

    The only problem with that is the the leadership on both sides have no real control over their minions, and these rank and file have absolutely nothing in common, but, more importantly, they hate each other.

    And there’s another problem for rainbow utopia bunch and the black/tan leadership.  This intense fighting between these two groups has been reported throughout the country wherever they live, work or go to school together, and it’s been getting worse every year now for quite a while.

    But that’s not all.  There’s more to come.   

    Look for more aggressive conflicts between them when we get into our next round of economic downturns.  Fighting for freebies, benefits, jobs, and food has a way of bringing out the worst in people.

    • Beloved Comrade

      Lee Baca is a babbling fool.  

      Hispanics don’t want violent, criminal blacks in their neighborhoods, schools or parks any more than we whites do.  They don’t buy into the  “multicultural melting pot” or any notion of a peaceful black/brown alliances.  

      This is not a race war, it is ethnic cleansing of blacks out of Hispanic neighborhoods.

  • Hispanics and blacks do not like each other. It’s really that simple.

    • Beloved Comrade

      Exactly.  It really IS that simple.

      NO need for long-winded cerebral explanations. 
      This was not a case of mistaken identity or a gang initiation. 

      This shooting was part of the ongoing ethnic cleansing of blacks by Mexicans that has been going on all over Southern California.

      The cops DO have a term for it:  NHI.

      • KenelmDigby

        I guess that NHI stands for ‘No Human Involved’?

        • Beloved Comrade


    • Oil Can Harry

      What? But the mainstream media said that diversity is a blessing and only whites can be prejudiced!

      Are you calling Tim Un-Wise and the $PLC liars? As if!  

  • Non-Whites are “knuckleheads” but White People are “racist”.

    This is why I demand they be held to explain and with Logic and Reason, why “racism” and “racist” is not applied to all “equally”  I mean, they do want “Equality” yes?

  • KenelmDigby

    Of course, southern California is the bell-wether state, racially speaking, for the USA.The dempgraphic trends pertinent to southern Caifornia presently will be the reality for the whole of the USA tomorrow.
     What we are seeing is a plain dystopian hell in which the two groups at society’s bottom, namely hispanics and blacks fight out a dog-eat-dog battle for very limited resources (resources that elitist Angelenos would scoff at), and being hispanics and blacks they fight it out be using the most vicious, murderous ways possible.
     Where will it all end? – Hard to predict, but there remains the possibility that the combatants might realise the folly of their actions, unite, and go after the ‘big, fat pampered’ Whites hiding in their gated communities in the hills, but on balance such cerebration is probably beyond both groups.
     At any rate things will turn nastier and more violent as the Darwinian struggle continues.

    The biggest irony is that the left is responsible for this animal-like fight to the death over chump change.

    • I agree except for the “where will it all end” part.

      You know damn good and well where and when it will end.  I hate to be a Butt here BUT, Our Beloved Fella’s will continue to turn a Blind Eye right up to the very moment they are severely without and by this I mean, No Job, No Home, No Food and No Rights to have any of aforementioned, in their very own Country of Birth.

      and then, they’ll dare to turn to us for “help”.

  • MrGJG

    This is the type of thing that the Al Sharptons of the world try to downplay and rationalize.  They want so bad to believe that blacks and browns are a common alliance against whitey.
    They’ll just continue to ignore the pink elephant in the room, which is, NOBODY wants to be around blacks.

  • Thank you for making my day.

    Hispanics are doing what we can’t (the PC world is against us full-force) or what we won’t (we just don’t have enough aggressiveness in us as a whole). Say what you will about Hispanics….or Asians for that matter, but they’re not targeting us as blacks always have and always will. Will one group target another on occasion? Of course. Who doesn’t. Even we do. However, looking at the overall picture, blacks are the only group to constantly target every group; well, so long as they have the numbers of course.

    Ten minutes from me was an all black neighborhood…shootings every week, etc. It’s now just about all Mexican and no shootings…I mean none. Now there’s a bunch of Mexican stores. Yes, businesses…something blacks have no concept of…or desire for. Here on the East, whenever a black area turns brown, the crime rate drops. Would I prefer it White? Of course. But it’s not  and I’ll take a Hispanic takeover of a neighborhood over a black one every time IF I had to choose. I’d rather here Mexican music than rap (yeah, some Mexican kids listen to rap and so do our kids unfortunately) and would rather hear Spanish spoken than ghetto ebonics. I rather see a row of Mexican stores than a row of liquor stores….ready to be robbed by blacks. I’d rather see some pretty Mexican girls walking along the sidewalks than big fat, ugly loud black girls with du-rags on their big, fat ugly heads. I rather hear the name Maria being called than Shanequa or Laquasha. I think you get the idea.

    I hope we never forget the DECADES worth of crap we have endured with blacks. Dislike Hispanics and Asians if you want, but I hope no one ever forgets the DECADES of black crap we’ve put up with and continue to put up with. No one hates us more and does more harm to us than blacks  (well, except for liberals of course).
    Blacks are the “bullies” of the world and to see a group give it to them back is priceless.

    •  Although things are not so simple as the following text would like to present, there is some- at least re Blacks and others- truth in it: http://www.blackcommentator.com/138/138_whiteness.html

      A Review of Who is White?:
      Latinos, Asians, and the New Black/Nonblack Divide by George
      Yancey (Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2003).
      Contrary to the popular image of blacks as
      racially restrictive, Yancey discovers that black respondents
      are the most open to
      all other races.  Yet despite being the most receptive to other
      groups, blacks in general are rejected by all nonblack groups – whites,
      Latino/as and Asian Americans.  While some assume that whites
      will be closed off to anyone not white, Yancey’s research show
      that white respondents are more accepting of Latino/as and Asian
      Americans than they are of blacks.  In turn, Latino/a and Asian
      American respondents are fairly receptive to one another as well
      as whites.  Overall, Yancey’s findings reveal that whites, Latino/as
      and Asian Americans do not tend to reject one another as possible
      neighbors or their kids’ spouses, but all three groups show a
      general resistance to blacks in these social roles. 
      In other words, black respondents
      were the only group to demonstrate a “distinct” worldview – due,
      according to Yancey, from experiencing an intense amount of social
      alienation.  Conversely, Latino/a and Asian American respondents
      did not significantly distinguish their opinions from those held
      by white respondents.  This finding suggests that despite their
      current status as non-whites, Latino/as and Asian Americans are
      more apt to hold a white world view than a black one. 

      • Bardon,

        Very interesting piece. I think it has plenty of truth to it. I know my opinions of Hispanics and Asians are different than most of us here, but can we not say with certainty that black culture is completely in it’s own disgusting little world?

        There is certainly a lot more Hispanics and Asians that are closer to our morals than blacks. Genetically, there’s also a lot more White Hispanics than black Hispanics. We know the large majority of Hispanics here are Mexicans, who also have the lowest amount of African ancestry of all Hispanics (Central & South America, etc.) As for Asians, same deal. Anyway, as this country becomes more Hispanic and Asian, it will stay closer to a White country than becoming a black one, morally-speaking.

        The average (remember, I’m saying average) Hispanic or Asian family wants a better life, wants their kids to do well in school, etc. The average black family (does that even exist?) wants to live in misery and crime.

        • I’ve been saying this all the time, but AmRen “pure-breeds” are adamant in anti-Hispanic rhetoric. My take is:

          a) separate White Hispanics & assimilate them into the mainstream culture, rather than rejecting them & forcing them to stick together with Mestizos. Even Mestizos can be useful, as a buffer zone towards Blacks.

          b) small amount of Asian or American Indian heritage won’t hurt. Keanu Reeves and Chuck Norris are, in my book, Whites.

          c) since miscegenation is unavoidable- in small amounts- why not assimilate progeny of White/Asian/Hispanic mixing ? Anyway, W-H is the most common IR marriage: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2011/01/29/us/20110130mixedrace.html?ref=us

          Of course, it doesn’t alter anything about immigration & Mexican drug dealers, but a more nuanced approach wouldn’t hurt.

          Even as ethno-centric people like Chinese, when permanently in the US, adopt names like Vincent, Brian or Shirley. Not Laquisha or Ching-Ping-Pong.

          • Yes Brandon, I agree. The “pure-breeds” are very anti-Hispanic and Asian, but I still enjoy it here and respect their opinions.

            My real experiences show me that Hispanics, as a whole, are much more like us (genetically too, so I also mean that literally) and really have no problem with us. I DO understand and dislike the immigration and gang problem. However, most Hispanics mean us no harm. Look at the flash mobs, riots, and knockout games: All black on White (or even Asian).
            It’s blacks and White liberals that hate us to death and want to harm us in the worst way.

            I’ve seen/experienced too many black neighborhoods and schools turn Hispanic and it is always a HUGE improvement. Every single time, no comparison.

            Once again, I recommend the book The Presumed Alliance by Nicolas Vaca. There is no black-brown coalition; it’s a White liberals wet dream and nothing more.

            Anyway, an enemy of a black is a friend of mine. It’s scary to them that people think otherwise. Concerning blacks, have we forgotten what has taken place for so many decades and what continues to take place??

            Again, I will disagree yet respect those who think otherwise.

          • Three problems:

            1) I have seen in my time little to make brown hispanics more endearing than blacks. After the rape of a close friend, I now have no sympathy. “Mexico or hell!”

            2) Asians are generally decent, but cannot be trusted with any sensitive business info that may be desired by Asian governments. You do know, of course, that most of them have “American” and “Chinese” names?

            3) I cannot trust people of mixed ancestry, period. Even if such ancestry is only imaginary, it is a major blemish. Assimilate them if you will, but I won’t be.

        •  Argentines, Uruguayans, and Spaniards all have lower rates of black admixture. Chileans I think too. Mexicans actually have a significant amount.

  • jeffaral

    Robert: Why did your parents send you to an all-black hellhole of a school?  Appalling!

  • curri

    I also grew up on the South Side of Chicago and over time and watched the Mexicans become more Africanized and anti-white over time.  I now live in Costa Rica where i’m starting the same Hollywood/DC trend infect the young mestizo population via the popular culture and the alignment of the CR government along American Imperial multicult lines. 

  • I think this is the result of a 20 year feud which goes even deeper than a gang thing. By coincidence, the 20 year mark you point out also reflects the same year of the 1992 LA Riots. Blacks essentially shot themselves in the foot by beating non blacks and looting their businesses; this includes Mexicans and Koreans.

    Whether it’s a riot or a march, blacks only end up making more enemies.
    Same thing happened here in NY around that time period. In 1991 blacks marched into Bensonhurst, Brooklyn because Yusef Hawkins was killed by Italians. Sharpton was stabbed at the march too :O) Anyway, we Italians hated blacks already; the march only made it more so.
    In the same year, 1991, and also in Brooklyn, blacks rioted because a Jewish person driving accidentally hit a black kid. The blacks then killed a Jew in return.
    In 1990, blacks boycotted Koreans stores in Brooklyn (again!) and some violence was involved.

    Anyone seeing a pattern here. Btw, notice how they did not riot or get violent in the Italian neighborhood (even with Sharpton getting stabbed)? They’re dumb but not that dumb. They know when to stay cowardly.

    Blacks will always make enemies. It’s what they do best. You name the race or ethnicity and you can bet blacks have caused them trouble. If this world is around hundreds of years from now, no matter the demographics changes, the one thing you can count on is blacks will still be despised as a whole and for just causes.

  •  You named 3 incidents in a nation of 310 million plus. I do not doubt for a minute that there are incidents where Mexicans may very well target whites. I am not saying that it never happens, nor that it can’t happen. However to portray this outburst of Latino/black unity against European Americans is silly. I just don’t see it happening on a large scale.  Ever.


  • MikeofAges

    All of you people who do not understand why there is no alliance between black and whites on the issue of illegal immigration need to become aware of some of the seminal influences on black American culture. The tone for the contemporary (post-190o) age was set by the communist organization the NAACP. The charter of the NAACP describes the purpose of the organization as that of “ending white supremacy”. Nothing there about the progress of the descendants of chattel slaves or the more reasonable goal of creating a semblance of parity in the economic and social conditions of mainstreamed whites and blacks.

    When you think about it, you could end white supremacy by ending “whitey” altogether. And if that means the end of “blackie” too, when that’s just a necessary step along the way to the ideal society. It’s how the dialectic moves.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble


    Hispanics cleared the blacks out of  “historic” black areas of LA like Watts and Compton using tactics that would have had the DOJ and FBI all over our White a****.  The blacks were pushed out to the IE (Inland Empire), which includes Riverside, and high desert areas like Lancaster and Palmdale — all were once nice White areas!!Many IE blacks are “refugees” from urban areas of LA, driven out by Hispanics and that’s why Riverside’s black population is growing.The Hispanics want violent blacks out of their neighborhoods, parks and schools, completely away from their children and families and do not want them settling anywhere near them.I believe Hispanics are ethnically cleansing blacks out of Riverside the same way they did  in Watts and Compton.Watts and Compton were both once almost completely black (as in the Watts Riots of 1965).Watts is now 65% Hispanic, Jordan High School, 75% HispanicCompton, 65% Hispanic, Compton High, 66% Hispanic.Blacks and Hispanics hate each other.  Period.Bon

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    I worked in Watts/Compton area for years and was there during the latter part of the black to Hispanic transition, which was not smooth. My family owns property in Lancaster and Palmdale so I well aware of the demographic transitions that have occurred in those areas and how it happened.

    I saw the intimidation of Hispanic students by blacks that went on inside and outside the schools. When blacks were dominant, they robbed, threatened and beat up Hispanic kids — constantly. Blacks yelled “go back to mexico!” regularly at Hispanics inside classrooms, on school grounds and outside on the streets and called them every vile racist name you can imagine. I heard it every minute of every day that I worked there. There were fights almost every day as well, before and after school, during nutrition and lunch and inside of classrooms. All were race-based. Hispanics would call their older cousins and uncles when they were threatened and they would show up in force. None of this is ever reported in the media, of course unless the police are called in as they were in Carson, CA yesterday to break up a vicious black/Hispanic fight that school personnel could not handle.

    When Hispanics reached majority status, as they have in Watts and Compton and other historic black areas that were over 90% black at one time, the tables were turned finally and Hispanics started to fight back, using violence and intimidation as was done to them.

    The kids at my current school, which is in a heavily Hispanic area tell me Hispanics drive blacks out of the projects the minute they try to move in. So far, the Hispanics have managed to keep them out of the Section 8 housing in Hispanic areas but this is changing I understand.

    A local teacher told me recently when her black husband came to pick her up in this area, as he was stopped at a stop sign, young Hispanic males ran out and broke out the back lights of his car, dented the hood and tried to smash the front and back windshield while yelling racial slus at him and told hime to not ever come back into the area.

    These types of things are not reported to the public or investigated by the media or police. I can’t prove these things happen, but I hear about them all the time (as a White, I am considered “neutral” so I hear both sides).

    This is the reality of Southern California — there IS no melting pot here, only ethnic enclaves of varying groups who want to keep the area exclusively ethnic. Except Whites — any remaining neighborhoods are specifically targeted for Section 8 housing.


    • Bon,

      I think you’re right on the mark. On my end (East Coast), black are also being driven out of their own “hood” by the Hispanics. I’m in contact with many Hispanics (as friends, ex-coworkers, etc) and trust me, they really do everything they can to drive them out and keep them away from their family. Unlike blacks, Hispanics actually care about their family, so it makes sense.
      Interesting news bit on Carson, CA. Thanks for that link. I’m loving it…finally a group standing up to these animals. Oh, and no Whites to blame either!!  :O)

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Yes. I agree with your premise.

    Watts and Compton were never economically viable parts of LA, the only businesses there were check cashing (No ID Necessary!!), fish frying establishments and….well, that’s it — with miles and miles of Section 8 housing, as far as the eye can see, similar to what one sees in NYC. There’s so much of it, it’s shocking.

    I think the Section 8 blacks were overwhelmed by massive numbers of Hispanics that moved into the area and were moved into government housing in a relatively short period of time.

    While blacks and their hack politicians like Maxine Waters were busy looking under every rock for the non-existent Great White Bigot, Hispanics moved in en masse and began a reign of terror against blacks.

    Local schools became entirely Hispanic-centric focused on “English Language Acquisition,” — the blacks were left behind. The fish fry places were replaced with Spanish-only markets — blacks left behind. Spanish churches replaced black churches –blacks had nowhere to go.

    Blacks are violent and the Hispanics know it, they don’t want to live around urban blacks anymore than we Whites do.


  • Robert, your post has lots of experienced truth to it. To side with blacks over Mexicans is pure insanity. Your story reminds me of my high school situation, but different. Mine flooded with Italians. Blacks never messed with us….NEVER. They’d pick on the nerdy”whiter” kid with the coke-bottle glasses. Once we started leaving and going more to private schools, I hear things changed. The “other” White kids started getting daily beat downs.
    Anyway, it’s the HUMAN world vs blacks and nothing will ever convince me otherwise.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    I don’t like the way the Mexicans leer at my 16 year old blond daughter. We get plenty of “death stares” up here in Sonoma County and so does my daughter from the young latinas. Just the other day some bleached blond (it turned orange) latina gave her the stink eye, because of her beautiful blond hair. They are jealous of Americans and want what we have. The invasion continues.