Latino Organizations Dismiss George Zimmerman, Question His Ethnicity

Caroline May, Daily Caller, March 29, 2012

The death of Trayvon Martin has sent racial shock-waves through the country, and while the focus has largely been on anger from the black community, the fact remains that the alleged shooter, currently in hiding from vigilante threats, is a self-described Hispanic man.

But if George Zimmerman was hoping to find support in the Latino community, he should look elsewhere.

“The Latino community joins the African-American community and other communities in condemning George Zimmerman as what he is—a murderer and a racist,” Roberto Lovato, co-founder of the online Latino advocacy organization, told The Daily Caller.


“Todos somos Trayvon! (We are all Trayvon!),” wrote, urging supporters to sign the petition. The group also has a petition to condemn Geraldo Rivera for blaming Martin’s hoodie for his death. According to Lovato, the petition currently has 18,000 signatures.

La Raza has rallied for Martin with the civil rights community as well.

The organization’s urged so much in a March 22 post at the Huffington Post.

“NCLR joins allies in the civil rights community in calling for a real investigation for this grievous failure of justice,” president and CEO Janet Murguía wrote.


In an interview with The Daily Caller, La Raza spokeswoman Lisa Navarrete reiterated the importance of an investigation.


Lovato added that he is not even sure what Zimmerman’s ethnicity is.

“His background is not clear,” Lovato explained. “Is he Latino? Is he white? Is he both? Who knows? It’s irrelevant. What’s relevant are his actions, his racist comments, and his cold-blooded killing of an innocent young man.”

Zimmerman’s father is a white American, his mother is Peruvian.


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  • haroldcrews

    We’re through the looking glass people.  The world has gone insane.

  • shawnmer

    I was wondering whether Zimmerman’s fling under the bus from the “Latino community” would be quiet or overt.  Apparently it’s very open, deliberate, and they are hollering, “Good riddance!”  Word has apparently gone out to all retailers in the ethnic grievance industry that dissent isn’t an option, we’re all singing from the same sheet of music on this one. 

    Though I would be thrilled to watch them squirm a little more as they would be required to do if the guy had a Hispanic surname. 

    • Well then, why aren’t the the Jewish groups squirming?

      Oh…  everybody is trying to throw him under the bus. His best defenders have been the CofCC!

  • I had a feeling the Razatards would do this.  Keeping black-Hispanic tensions at a minimum to get Obama re-elected is more important to them than anything.

  • La Raza and the usual Hispanic supremacy cohorts are more than willing to sacrifice one of their own if in doing so; they can join hands with other browns in their mutual condemnation of Whites. Blacks are dumb enough to believe their sincerity.

  • NM156

    WRONG! Zimmerman is pure Hispanic. He is adopted. The errors in reporting are astonishing. They don’t care. They have an agenda.

  • No

    Mix indian and white and you get mestizo.  It’s a mongrelization, but there’s so many of them that they’ve taken on a sort of racial identity.

    But poor Zimmerman is a racial Heinz 57. 

    This proves EXACTLY what so many of us have been saying:   Mongrels have no place anywhere. Only racial purity truly matters to humans (and proto-humans).

  • A lot of asians know they are in the same boat as whites when hispanics and blacks are around, and are more honest about the stupider races than most whites.

  • 97 percent of stabbings, shootings and assaults with deadly weapons in NYC involve blacks or hispanics, and in many cases they are doing it to one another. We are all Trayvon, except the “Latino” gangs in California that are waging race war on blacks.

    Blacks are so screwed. See, not only does La Raza take all the lower class work, they fill welfare roles which will decrease welfare leeching payouts and squeeze blacks off the dole eventually when the system totally collapses. Browns have the numbers, too. In just 60 years there are no more browns than blacks in America. Blacks will see net percentage increases and browns are on pace to become nearly a majority in about 20, 30 years and change.

    Blacks and browns compete for EVERYTHING. Except the browns have some White people who are “culturally hispanic,” a numbers advantage and about 5 points extra IQ which is going to make all the difference in the world.

    See, when I look at these “coalitions” I just see browns using blacks as foot soldiers, pawns, useful idiots. 15 years or so down the road, assuming nothing changes, Hispanics will throw the blacks out like so much smelly garbage and try to swindle Whites the same way until they are the power majority in the country.

    • MikeofAges

       MSM columnists put it a little more delicately, but what you say is more widely noted.

  • .

    Mexican shoots black kid in self-defense. Blacks blame whites. And La Raza uses it to push its agenda. You just can’t make this stuff up.

  • I thought that he was adopted by his White father when he married George’s Peruvian mother.

    How can you say he’s White? To the best of my knowledge he is at minimum half-Peruvian.

    Amidst all the race speculation nobody has quite nailed down if his “White” father is partially or entirely Jewish.

     So how exactly did the mystery meat get solved as definitively White? Oh, because it is politically expedient. Got it.

    • The_Bobster

      The MSM “narrative” of the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman tragedy shooting—White Man shoots Black Teenager!—was barely changed by the revelation that the shooter can technically be classified as “Hispanic”. (His mother is Peruvian).

      Zimmerman is also a registered Democrat, for what that’s worth. And Zimmerman is sometimes a Jewish name, as in the case of his father’s namesake “Robert Zimmerman” a.k.a. Bob Dylan, but a post over on Tablet Mag (which describes itself as a “daily online magazine of Jewish news, ideas, and culture.”) reassures the readers that “Zimmerman, Trayvon Martins Killer is not Jewish” [By Marc Tracy, March 21, 2012]. Apparently, George Zimmerman was raised Catholic, even serving as an altar boy.

      The only effect of the revelation of Zimmerman’s ethnicity: the MSM switched to calling him a “white Hispanic”—a term, as Ellison Lodge pointed out last night, that a Google search shows was previously almost unknown.

  • Hirschibold

    How the reader may wonder, will the black-Hispanic coalition ultimately fare? The answer is simple: Race-baiting is a double-edged sword. Any black or Hispanic individual who can use it against a white person, can use it against a black or Hispanic person when it suits their fancy. Any Kung-Fu fans should recall the end of the movie “Dragon on Fire”:

     “At the height of their fame and glory they turned on one-another. Each struggling in vain for ultimate supremacy. The very art which had risen them to such Olympian arts vanished. The technique was lost.”

  • ViktorNN

    “Todos somos Trayvon…”

    Yeah right.

    La Raza is only in on the lynch mob because they want to ride this particular anti-police, anti-authority tide as far as it will take them. As pro-minority as the current system is, they want to take things further – they want it to be a non-white run system, or better yet, an anti-white system, or best of all, a latino-run system.

    Or to put it another way, they’re riding the Trayvon bandwagon because its in their racial interests to do so.

    But god forbid you call them racists.

    (And don’t for one second believe that latinos like blacks.)

  • MekongDelta69

    Todos somos Trayvon!
    Allow me to translate for you please…
    “We are all… in it for the money.”

    Thank you for your time and attention.

  • David Flory

    I live in Texas and have never met a non-college educated hispanic who was into La Raza or saw blacks as closer to them than whites.  The exceptions were middle class hispanics who fell under the sway of “ethnic studies” activists and became useful idiots for white cultural marxists.

    La Raza doesn’t represent hispanics (most of whom don’t vote even if eligible, and seem to take little interest in politics).  It gets its funding from the Ford Foundation and the US Government (in other words–from white leftists).

  • haroldcrews
  • joewest666

    Wait until they are hoisted on their own petard.

  • Greg West

    Bill Maher (Jew) and George Lopez (Hispanic) will neither step up and support Zimmerman.

    They are libs and are prone to hate.

    The only place he can look for support is from conservatives like, Me (wasa**) Allen West and Thomas Sowell (black) etc.

    And that is because Zimmerman (self described Hispanic and registered Democrat voter) deserves justice under the law. Conservatives are fair and want justice done regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation or political affiliation.

    ** White Anglo Saxon Agnostic

  •  I’m a pro-George-White faction, but have to admit- his two photos are unmistakably Mestizo. IMO, not the famous mugshot, but the earlier ones:

  • Kurt Plummer

    Which is where a responsible Net News counterforce to the propaganda outlets of the mainstream would be digging up _every_ possible correlation to racial violence between blacks and browns to show that _NO_ this is not a valid case of an ‘ethnies come together to blame the whitey’ game.
    Because Mestizos have been on the genocide-or-get-gone warpath with blacks for a long, long, time.  And blacks, who lose because they fight as individuals rather than organized groups like the Mestizos do, come running into OUR neighborhoods and enclaves, ruining OUR lives.
    Proving that we don’t owe _either one_ of these groups anything at all.
    The best place to start might be that LA County sheriff who, back in the late 90s, said:  “What we have here is not a failure to communicate but a low level race war…”
    Because only once you fan THEIR flames of interracial hatred, shoving their faces in the hypocrisy of an ignored enemy when an easy victim presents itself, can you make use of the wedge-between effects you inspire.
    Why should we be this arbitrarily cruel?
    Because it’s not arbitrary but a valid military tactic to ‘enemy of your enemy’ turn the multiplicity of your opponents, back upon each other.
    And it’s about time we stopped the dime.

  • Jay1

    He was a Jewish/Latino.  Why does no one out there dare to label him correctly?  Even conservative news outlets are afraid to do this, presumably because Jewish groups would scream anti-Semitism for correctly pointing out a person as a Jew when there is potential wrongdoing involved.

  • Whiteman

    “Zimmerman is pure Hispanic. He is adopted””Is this true?  I’m not disputing you, I truly want to know.  If it is, we should be trumpeting this as hard as possible”.Why must we trumpet anything? Than answer to free speech or hate speech is more free speech. . .? It’s not necessarily up to us to pick any side of this issue, really. I don’t feel guilty about it so I feel no need to ‘defend myself’. We should highlight our own issues when the chance arises. Like crime and violence against whites and anti-white news-slant. It seem unlikely, perhaps even very unlikely, but it could turn out this Zimmerman character isn’t innocent at all and saw a chance to murder someone and took it.

  • Anon12, if only you had the true experiences of being around Hispanics, not just what’s said on this site. You hate everyone not White. It’s that simple.
    You think because an organization like La Raza is supporting the “other” side, that really represents most Hispanics? Most hate blacks. La Raza is a leftist organization and like any leftist organization they are going to take the “victim’s” side. It’s not much different than the ACLU taking the “other” side.
    Oh and yes, those Asians, they’re a horror too. Sure. You just keep separating us from everyone not White and make them all hate us too. You want to know one of the biggest reasons why there is a “Whites are all racists” phenomenon? Because people such as yourself who are so damn extremist. It’s the liberals and those such as yourself that have caused this phenomenon. Thanks a lot.
    As I said before, we dropped with ball with blacks, so try another group, right?

    •  I fail to comprehend why we need to “pick up the ball” vis-a-vis some other racial group.

  • MikeofAges

    In a rational estimation, George Zimmerman is a mestizo Hispanic with a Germanic name. Not unheard of in Latin America. Depending on where he was and who he was living around he could be considered either white or Hispanic,  I imagine. What I think is happening is that leftist groups want to take away his “Hispanic” card because he no longer helps advance their agenda. But things are as they are. His mother is Peruvian.

  • IstvanIN

    He is ethnically Jewish regardless of any nominal, very nominal, religous background.

  • bigbiz2

    First off …lets keep in mind the word “Hispanic’ is a maxist radical invention to unite all Mestizos under one umbrella for political power against whites…Peruvians and Mexicans are night and day..Chileans and Puerto Ricans are night and day..Bottom line LaRaza was formed strickly for Mexicans and is part of the reconquista of the southwest USA movement ..

  • Impertinent

    You get to flip a dual sided coin in those instances…..if you’re a minority you choose the coin where both sides say …aggrieved minority. You get to choose the identity that serves your parasitical instincts best.

    Isn’t “diversity” wonderful? Every mutt who had a mother that jumped from bed to bed and from one ethnic minority after another…and left litters along the way…gets to check off all the little boxes on the census forms…..THAT PAYOFF!

  • InQuestion

    The only people I ever hear saying Hispanics hate blacks are whites.  Why don’t I ever hear this directly from THEM?.

  • Akil Harvey

    Although the media likes to pretend they are totally incapable of doing research anymore, a local gang is known as the “GOONS” and they wear HOODIES in winter, but luckily for us, the media would ratehr misinform us than to tell tell us the truth.
    Better a wanna be cop than a wanna be gang banger any day of the week

  • Akil Harvey

    My cousins are half filipino (and like GZ, they get very pale in winter and can get fairly dark in summer with suffficient sun).
    In february, as this case came out, it was Winter and GZ looked rather pasty pale, but as summer rolled along, he appeared far closer to appearign like his mixed ancestry would indicate.

  • Akil Harvey


  • Akil Harvey

    American Africans complain more than Africans anywhere else in the world and they are the richest Africans in the entire world