Indigenous Jail Rate ‘Shameful’

Dan Oakes, The Age, March 6, 2012

Aboriginal youths are 25 times more likely to be imprisoned than their non-indigenous counterparts, a figure Aboriginal legal activists have called “shameful”.

They are also much more likely to be the subject of child abuse notifications and protection orders.

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures also show that adult prisoners are 18 times more likely to be indigenous than non-indigenous, more than double the figure 20 years ago.

“I think it’s shameful that in a 20-year period those figures have actually increased,” Shane Duffy, chairman of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service Forum said.

Mr Duffy said that while governments often had the best of intentions, they were ignorant of what was needed to fix the massive disparity between the indigenous and non-indigenous prison population.

“They still fail to see the need for rehabilitation and diversionary centres for our people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. They still fail to adequately fund alternative dispute resolution processes,” he said.

In 2010, there were 17 non-indigenous youths in detention per 100,000. In contrast, 429 Aboriginal youths per 100,000 were detained, more than there were 16 years ago, when figures were first collected.

For adults, about 2300 Aborigines per 100,000 of the indigenous population are in jail—more than double the figure in 1992—as opposed to 130 per 100,000 of the non-indigenous population.

Aborigines in prison for murder or sexual assault are more than twice as likely as their non-indigenous counterparts to have been in prison before.

Mr Duffy said many Aboriginal prisoners had mental illnesses, and that localised services were needed to help sufferers before they ended up in prison. “The vast majority, I would suggest, of our people are incarcerated because of mental health issues. Local communities understand historical context and these services need to be local,” he said.

“Our people are being on remand for periods of up to 12 or 18 months, waiting for psychiatric assessment, and when they come back to be sentenced, they would never have been sentenced to imprisonment in the first place.”

The figures for child maltreatment also revealed the immense gap between Aborigines and the rest of the Australians population.

In 2010-11, more than a quarter of the substantiated notifications nationwide were for Aboriginal children, even though they make up only 3 per cent of the population. The figure was seven times that for non-indigenous children.

Indigenous children are also 10 times more likely to be the subject of care and protection orders, a figure that has jumped from 30 to 51 per 1000 children in the past four years, while the rate for non-Aboriginal children has remained static at about five per 1000.

The figures also show that Victoria spent less per head on its police force than any other state or territory in 2010—$427, compared to $1560 in the Northern Territory. The national average was $493.

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  • Didnt a jewish anthropologist do a study of them and child sex practices?

  • anonymous_amren

    “Australian Bureau of Statistics figures also show that 18 times more likely, more than
    double the figure 20 years ago.”

    By “non-indigenous” they mean not “indigenous” to Australia. Don’t think they’re comparing Aborigines to white people here. Most of the “non-indigenous” criminals in Australia are New Zealand’s indigenous Maoris, Pacific Islanders, Africans, Muslims, South East Asians, etc.

    Australian crime statistics always compare Aborigines to all other criminals (who are mostly foreigners) while pretending they are white. And the crime statistics for immigrant groups always compare the criminals from that group born overseas to all Australian-born criminals (who are mostly
    Aborigines or children of third-worlders).

    So whenever you see things like “18 times more likely” you need to multiply that by a factor of 2 or 3 at a minimum to compare them to white people.

    I haven’t found crime statistics that compare other ethnic groups in Australia to white Australians. If those figures were published it would be truly shocking to most Australians.

    Of course, those figures are for imprisonment, not for crimes committed. Australia bends over backwards not to arrest Aborigines, even for the most heinous crimes. Maybe 90% of Aboriginal crime goes unpunished.

    All in all, I’d say Aborigines are 100-200 times more criminal than white people.

    All forms of child abuse have always been a traditional part of Aboriginal culture. It has nothing to do with white people. Aborigines killed babies at birth if they were unwanted. They promised them in marriage to old men when they were small children, for sexual abuse. They exiled their children for months without anyone being allowed to talk to them. Children were banned from talking to certain relatives, and only allowed to talk to other people in very limited ways. Children were mutilated in rituals. etc.

    The mental health problems (those that aren’t directly genetic) are often self-inflicted by petrol-sniffing, glue-sniffing, paint-sniffing, alcohol poisoning, etc.

    It’s hard to tell what Aborigines would be like if you fixed the environmental problems, because the environmental problems are an inevitable consequences of their genes.

    The Northern Territory has a small population, which is mostly Aboriginal, with many of them still in traditional tribal societies. It is also very large, and the population is very spread out. So it’s policing costs way more, even though the policing is nowhere near adequate.

    The best way to solve Aboriginal crime would be to go through Aboriginal “towns” and check every person one at a time, searching for the few innocent people, and throwing everyone else in jail for the rest of their lives.

    • gemjunior

      I also read in two different places that an old traditional custom (prior to European contact) of the Australian aborigines was to feed the second child at birth to the first in order to strengthen the firstborn.  That there was a paucity of second-born children in their tribes because of this.  Also, the mothers routinely masurbated their children especially the boys, and the mothers passed their children round.  I had a hard time with this and then read it somewhere else, of course this is not material that will ever be publicized as it might give credence to the older generations seeing them as “savages,” a term which must never be used in relation to native populations.  White liberals are a scourge to us.  We have to weed them out.

  • And these statistics are in spite of the fact that you have to be a really really really bad apple and do a lot in order to get sentenced to prison time in Australia.  Because of its heritage as a penal colony, the Australian justice system tends to be somewhat lenient toward criminal suspects and convicts, at least in comparison to the American justice system.  It’s kinda sorta the reason why American black jurisdictions are lenient toward black crime, but it’s not a perfect comparison.

    Through several once upon a time Australian chatroom buddies, from the things they have told me about themselves, their relatives, their friends, and the Australian criminal justice system in general, it is my personal educated guesstimate that, doing an apples to apples and oranges to oranges ceteris paribus comparison, it is two to three times more likely for an American to go to prison than it is for an Australian.

  • libertarian4339

    “Aboriginal youths are 25 times more likely to be imprisoned than their non-indigenous counterparts, a figure Aboriginal legal activists have called “shameful”.

    Yes, it is shameful, like the black incarceration figures here.  And in both cases something needs to be done to curtail the extremely high crime rate in both these groups.

    Whining about getting locked up for committing crimes isn’t going to curtail the out 0f control crime.

    One solution is to keep them locked up for good.  In fact that’s probably the ONLY real solution.

  • GM (Australia)

    First I will say that this IS all very sad and tragic, BUT:

    Prison  is usually a last option for most judges here, a jail sentence usually follows several warnings and cautions for repeated offences except for  serious crimes, and some of these crimes are sickening such as the sexual assault and murder of elderly women in there own homes.

    I have lived and worked in Aboriginal areas and some of my family and friends were involved in Aboriginal Mission work so I have seen Aboriginal issues at close hand. Some Aboriginal people can be delightful and have a special beauty all of their own, BUT:

    I reserve my wrath for the do-gooders, the sort of people who make Amren so necessary. First, they said that the mission system was paternalistic, yes, but it kept a lot of young people out of trouble and tried to teach them basic living skills for the 20th century. Then the do-gooders said  that Aboriginals should have the right to have alcohol (all in the name of equality), this continues to be a complete disaster and responsible for so much indigenous imprisonment. The do-gooders demanded equal pay for Aboriginal workers, they got it but it resulted in the few jobs that Blacks could do, mainly in the agricultural sector going to more competent people or being replaced by mechanisation. Simply more reason for Aboriginals to turn to  crime often out of the sheer boredom of having nothing to do.

    Aboriginals were then  given full access to Australia’s generous welfare system and this combined with alcohol has simply aggravated their crime problem to disastrous levels. The do-gooders have also told the Aboriginals that the white man stole their land and this is the reason for all their (Aboriginal) problems. I am certain this fuels hatred towards whites resulting in even more crime. They have the mentality of “if you want it, steal it” especially off a white person.

    The Australian Government continues to spend billions of taxpayer dollars to help the Aboriginal race including preserving their culture but they still hate us. They seem to enjoy white man’s welfare, they can use an ATM and many seem to have i-phones but still want to live in sub-third world conditions with no concept of law and order or personal responsibility.

    Many say that Aboriginals lived in harmony with nature before the white man came. No it was a harsh life of malnutrition, disease, low life expectancy, high infant mortality, forced child marriage and fierce inter-tribal fighting.

    Aboriginals need to stop blaming the white man for all their problems and the do-gooders need to stop trying to say that we are all the same except for the colour of our skin.

    • gemjunior

      They shouldn’t have the right to alcohol, as it has disastrous effects on them.  It’s like giving them gasoline and matches, similar to American Indians.  They did not evolve with it and have no natural immunity to it, or ability to metabolize it normally so why give it to them?  Ridiculous.   It’s “fire water” to them. 

      I used to love the Australian rock band Midnight Oil, until I found out their big bald doofus of a singer was a raging liberal who used to love to reinforce that white men came and destroyed paradise.  Now he’s in the government as an education bureaucrat or something, his name is Peter Garrett.  Now I hate Midnight Oil and try not to listen to them (it’s not easy because they’re great) but I hate DWLs, minority kissers, people who deliberately denature and mock their own kind.  Gross.  Imagine how they’d feel to find some family records detailing the murder by aborigines of their great grandmother, rape, scalping, skinning alive, burning slowly over a spit (I know it’s an American Indian thing but I’m illustrating a point) and then how would he feel about his beloved aborigines?  Probably the same, since liberalism is a mental disease.  He’d blame his great grandmother the brave strong hardworking frontier woman.  How can you understand this type of thought process?

  • LadyDownunder

    They want local mental health services?? To be located in how many tiny communities all across the continent?? How about a fully equipped hospital for each Aboriginal? This is crazy.

  • There are already a lot of Aboriginal reservations in Australia.