Houston Region Is Now the Most Diverse in the U.S.

Jeannie Kever, Chron, March 5, 2012

The Houston metropolitan area is now the most ethnically diverse large metropolitan area in the country, with two suburbs—Pearland and Missouri City—leading the region in diversity.

The findings come from a new report from Rice University based on an analysis of census data from 1990, 2000 and 2010.

Report co-author Michael Emerson, a sociologist and co-director of the Kinder Institute for Urban Research at Rice, attributed the growth in diversity to a 1965 shift in immigration laws, which changed the way visas were granted.

Before that change, immigration was dominated by people from Europe. Once the United States began granting equal numbers of visas to every country, immigrants from Latin America, Asia and Africa became dominant.


The report produced by the Kinder Institute and the Hobby Center for the Study of Texas also found:

The city of Houston remained more segregated than other areas of the metropolitan area.

Segregation among African-Americans and Latinos has declined the most rapidly.

According to the analysis, the percentage of metropolitan area residents who are Anglo dropped to 40 percent by 2010, down from almost 58 percent in 1990.


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  • Ethnic swamping. The only good news- the trend of Blacks’ percentage. Also- why so many Asians ?

    • The_Bobster

      These are the Vietnamese shrimp poachers who came over in hoardes after their country fell. We mistakenly let them in and allowed thousands of them to move to Houston, leading to open warfare with the native fishermen when they overfished the waters. 

      • They landed some on the NW Fl Gulf coast as well.  So many organizations were falling all over themselves to give them money to start a business it was really sickening.  Then there were church groups pushing for more to come here, to “reunite” the families.  I remember special collections being asked for in my Catholic church.  In the meantime, even after being told the rules, they were shrimping with undersized nets, that is the size of the holes in the nets were too small, thus fishing out the small shrimp as well as large shrimp and causing a collapse of the shrimp breeding stocks.  But we need to look the other way due to our white guilt, Vietnam War and all.  I feel so sorry for Houston.

  • The_Bobster

    So now “diverse” means overrun by ugly brown squat monsters both legal and illegal?

  • At least there are not many whites to suffer there.

  • How can a majority hispanic and asian be considered “diverse!” More evidence that
    multiculturalism and diversity simply means the eradication of White Americans.

    • Rocky Mountain

      I don’t know what the numbers are but there are large numbers of Pakistanis and Indians in the area as well but certainly not on the order of Hispanics and AAs.  Preferable in most ways but infiltrating in ways not completely compatible with American interests.

  • When Katrina wound her way towards NO, here in North Florida we began to see a lot of vehicles from La and Ms, all packed with their families, pets and supplies.  All were white.  I talked with a few, in parking lots at a Walmart, in parking lots at restaurants.  All were pulling out in advance of the storm and either visiting with relatives or friends.  One couple I met when they pulled into a parking lot of a restaurant and I invited them to sit with my family.  They accepted but would not let me pay for their meal, they wanted to pay for ours!  We talked about what would happen to the coast, as at this time the storm was not near landfall.  They were from NO and owned a small antique shop in the Quarter.  And they had a home in the Garden section.   He said they had this planned out- all of the best items in the shop would be taken with them or if furniture, moved up stairs.  The husband told me, after we got “comfortable” with each other, that the levees would not hold if NO got a good head on hit.  Everyone knew that the democratic machine had for years mishandled the levees and that the Army Corps of Engineers had no choice but to politically side with the mayor and the rest of them.  He talked about the money that instead of going to pumping station rehab work had somehow been diverted to buying a marina.  All of this wasn’t what they were concerned about, you guessed it, they were afraid of the conditions in the city reaching chaos after the storm.  They told me that the mayor and police were so corrupt that they were as afraid of them and what they would do as those in the 9th Ward (blacks).  Still, it came down to the fact that the black population could not be controlled and it would be impossible to live in the city with people of such low moral value.

    Now jump to the aftermath of Katrina.  BTW, no better summary of that disaster can be found then here at  http://www.amren.com/ar/2005/10/index.html  Those same uncontrollable people that the antique shop owner spoke about had nowhere to go, thousands of them.  Rick Perry and Texas said bring them here we’ll take care of em.  Thank God at the same time our state (Fl) didn’t offer a refugee dump but instead stripped our state, local and private disaster and police services to be used in Ms and Al., where they were absolutely needed, appreciated and were safe with the very people they came to help.  Poor Houston, apparently of all the places to land, the black refugees, who had discharged themselves so well during the crisis, got nice and cozy with all of the stipends and welfare thrown their way.  So now Houston has the stamp of diversity, they got the worst of the worst, the worst people from the city that was known as the worst violent crime haven.  If I was a Texan, I think I might want to ride Perry out of the state on a rail.

    • Sonya610

      Touching story about the horrors of Katrina. While thousands of dogs were barking and starving to death on the rooftops they were busy saving violent ghetto scum, I believe 44% were felons, they shipped them all over the US. That situation really really bothered me, I ended up adopting an elderly Doberman pulled from a rooftop in New Orleans months later. The dog had been so severely starved she never regained full muscle control but she had a couple of good years with me.

      Having said that Houston was always a sketchy city. Even back in the eighties…when I visited Houston for the first time I was utterly shocked by the shacks on the city outskirts. Once in the city one could be in a rich suburb and drive 2 blocks and be in the ghetto. Not a favorite city of mine, but the French Quarter of New Orleans is one of the most special places in the US.

      • My mom adopted a terrier mix from NO.  She had been on a list to help with unclaimed pets from NO.  I really felt worse for the animals of NO than the monsters that raped and pillaged that city.  I am in the CG Aux and while I didn’t go to NO, I know some helio crews that were heartsick about all of those animals left stranded to die and don’t think some of them thought what you commented on, they were saving the wrong animals.

  • Oil Can Harry

    Houston, we have a problem…

  • bluffcreek1967

    Ever notice that whenever ‘diversity’ overtakes a city, things always improve? Indeed, people tend to live more in peace with each other. Harmony permeates the city, and crime also goes down. Cities with large populations of Blacks and Mexicans are obvious examples of this very thing. It’s all so wonderful! . . . . isn’t it?

    • Rocky Mountain

      A great article in City Magazine which I would recommend to AmRen readers on California demographics.  The observation was made that throughout the ’50s and early ’60s, LA was the whitest big city in the US.

  • John Maddox

    I was born and raised in Houston. I moved away when I went to college. Came back again for a year or so for some graduate work then stayed away for about ten years. That was back in 1996 . I went back there two years ago for my dad’s funeral. I hardly recognized the place.

    It has always amazed me how the people that promote and celebrate the displacement of whites can overlook the crime that goes along with the diversity wonderland. Crime in Houston used to be concentrated in areas like the fourth ward. But now it has spread like a cancer throughout the city.
    My mom has been robbed twice in her own front yard in northwest Houston.

    The Six Flags corp shut down Houston’s only amusement park a few years ago because the gangstas had taken it over.


  • JackKrak

    Random city – 60% white, 20% black, 20% Hispanic – not diverse
    Same random city – 60% Hispanic, 20% White, 20% Black – diverse

    Please explain.

    • John Maddox

       Diversity is the deliberate displacement of whites. Blacks need to worry too. Hispanics are beginning to replace them. I think life in these big multi cultural complexes is going to get very interesting soon when the gangs from rival ethnic groups start fighting turf wars. But then they’ll always find a way to blame the violence on whites the NRA, and Rush Limbaugh.

      • Yes, this is the one thing I always look at which makes me smirk just a little bit. This push for diversity was meant to be anti-White and pro-black, but the Hispanics are the x-factor that the liberals and blacks did not factor in some decades ago. Now, all you see in high schools are black vs Hispanic wars, further proving us Whites are not the racist devils after all.

  • Whenever I see articles about diversity and think about demographics, I keep trying to think about how the black percentages around the country are expected to be at a standstill for decades to come. It’s the only thing that makes me smile. Well, that how Hispanics are giving them a taste of their own medicine in now previously black majority schools and neighborhoods. Now if only we could round up all of the pro-diversity liberals and place them in these same schools and neighborhoods…..

    • Kurt Plummer


      It’s the only thing that makes me smile.

      It shouldn’t.  Because it doesn’t take in the terrain isolate effects.  You -cannot- shut out poor, dumb, blacks without getting a massive A/A confrontation.  Yet Hispanics displace them from their own turf.  Into ours.  Because the blacks know that the hispanics will kill them.  And -everyone- knows that whites have no rights.
      This is the reality of cultural islanding that is called ‘Bowling Alone’.  Like a little trickle of infiltration that unleashes the flood tide, sooner or later you end up having microcultural enclaves surrounded by dominant ethnic-X mixes.
      And the assumption is that the ethnic-Xs will disrupt each other and the whites will enjoy living in their microcosmic isolates.
      But what inevitably happens is that the ethnic-Xs begin to rise up the levy of ‘white privilege’ (not to have to associate with people we don’t like) until they reach inundation stage.
      And long before this, the whites will stop participating in society as a whole (taxes, government, civic service) because they see that they are not being rewarded for doing so by maintenance of what they have.
      Point Blank: Ethnies run from each other as much as towards us and the flooding becomes ever more aggressive in a cascade or ‘domino’ fashion.  This has precedent going back to Rome and the overrun of the Black Sea peoples by Asiatic Steppe Cultures which drove them into the Germanic territories which drove the Goths into the Roman ones.
      It is not a good thing. 

      • KP, I do see your point and there is truth to this domino effect. That being said, I guess I see us as doomed regardless, so still enjoy blacks getting a taste of their own medicine. It’s the only positive I can find in these unstoppable changes to our once beautiful world. Things will continue to get worse no matter what and worst of all, it’s irreversible.  As I always say and will to my grave, thank the liberals, our worst enemy of all.

  • Lots of of those Hurricane Katrina winners as others have pointed out. Look at the crime rate from 2005, 2006 to today. Wonder what happened?

  • The_Bobster

    When you ask them that question, all they can do is give you a definition of the word. Sometimes they mention restaurants, as if Americans can’t be trained to cook ethnic food.

  • I lived in Houston for 2 years and this comes as no suprise to me.  Coincedentally (or maybe not) it was also one of the worst, if not THE worst, cities I have ever been to in the US (well maybe ethnically diverse Newark is the worst, but that’s partly because of the lousey weather). If you love violent crime, horrendous traffic, pollution, summers that will make you cry, and a generally filthy environment this is the place for you. Also there is no shortage of massage parlors, no doubt staffed by the diverse and illegal citizenry.  The slivers of wealthy, gated areas surrounded by slum give it sort of a Mexico City feel. It’s even worse than metro Detroit, and I lived there for almost 30 years.

  • eonsmadcat

     George Bush sold us out just as Obamarx would like to– and he will if he gets reelected.

    Heres some suggested reading:

    Minutemen by Gilchrist and Corsi

    Importing Revolution: Open Borders and the Radical Agenda  by
    William R. Hawkins

    The Open Borders Lobby and the Nation’s Security After 9/11 also by Hawkins

    The cultural Marxists are going to take us out one way or another. Frankly the pandering that our so called leaders in Washington do with Mexico is down right treasonous.

  • schmenz

    I believe that, like other cultures, the Asians have their own lowlifes, similar to the lowlife culture we are experiencing here in our ghettos.  The higher class Asians want nothing to do with them.  At least that is my understanding.

    • Yes the professionals sneer at them as FOBs – fresh off the boats.  They’re like roving bands of gypsies or niggers

  • How can you grant “equal access” yet have MORE non-white aliens than European Immigrants?  It seems to me that were it “equal”, it would be one White to every non-white.

    On the other hand, this is the Poster Child for proving that non-whites are not, Lo and Behold, the “minority” after all…

  • bluffcreek1967

    Absolutely true! When Whites become deeply influenced by liberalism or Marxism, they begin the slow process of racial suicide. It makes Whites ‘soft’ and overly idealistic. Public education in our State schools and universities also helps Whites to ignore their racial interests. Whites are apt to commit racial suicide when their lives are divorced from the realities of Black and Third-World communities. Because they don’t have to live near or with them (in most instances), it’s easy for Whites to see Blacks and Mexicans as ‘victims.’ Before long, Whites will foolishly crusade on behalf of the very people that will push them out of their own communities. What many Whites fail to understand is that Blacks, Mexicans and other Third-World people would NEVER think of doing the same for them! They don’t even think in such terms, and I don’t know of any other racial group that actively seeks to destroy and undermine its own existence.   

  • The_Bobster

    I grew up in one of those cities and watched it change before my very eyes. If you didn’t speak Espanol, you couldn’t get a job, which made it hard to work your way out of that slum.