Fordham University Senior Melissa Wright Finds Racial Epithet Scrawled on Her Door

Corinne Lestch, NY Daily News, March 5, 2012

Melissa Wright came home to her Fordham University dorm last month to find the N-word scrawled across her door in black permanent marker.

“It was just disbelief,” said Wright, a senior at the Rose Hill, Bronx, campus, who is black. “The longer I saw it, it was really hurtful.”

The slur was sanded over, but the door was not repainted until nine days later, Wright said, an example of the university’s weak response to bias incidents.

“The university thinks this is an isolated incident, when in reality, students of color feel isolated every day,” said Wright.

In fact, on Friday, the N-word was again found on campus, this time scratched into a patch covering a hole in the wall of a men’s bathroom.

In an email to the campus 10 days after the earlier incident, the university administration stressed it has zero tolerance for bias.

“Many within our community have expressed understandable concern over this incident,” wrote Jeffrey Gray, senior vice president for student affairs. “Staff, faculty, students and student leaders have expressed similar sentiments, which I will reinforce here: there is no place in our community for behavior of this nature.”

But African-American students—who make up about 5% of the Jesuit school’s population—say not enough is being done. More than 200 students plan to hold a rally on campus this week demanding changes to the university’s bias policy.


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  • Hirschibold

    Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words apparently require anti-hate crime legislation.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    I’m curious. Did Ms. Wright work at Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House?

  • Yeah, we have been down this road before only to find out it was hoaxed perpetrated by blacks themselves or leftwing kooks with a political agenda

    • Oil Can Harry

      I just viewed a photo of the graffiti in question and I must admit Ms. Wright has really nice handwriting!

  • NotYourTypicalBlack

    I’ll be watching out for when they find the minority who did this.

    • GB101

      When they do discover this we will hear words like “teachable moment” and “institutional racism.”

  • I bet Melissa Wright was the only one who saw this racial slur etched on her dorm door, too. 

    Here’s your first and probably only suspect — Melissa Wright.

  • Melissa either: A) Is flunking OUT. B)Behind on her tuition. C) Saw some buck she liked with a white/non-black girl. She wants to become IMPORTANT! She wants lots of attention and wants  it NOW,thank you!

    • Just checked her facebook pictures. I can say no more!!!!

    • No to B!  I can just about guarantee you she was on a “scholarship”.  Standing in the registration line at my Jesuit University, all of the blacks had the coveted “pink” slip- free tuition, lab fees, and books.  Jesuits range from ultra progressive to marxist and there are just thousands of years of penance that whites need to pay.

  • Yawn…

  • Blacks are really going to have to get more creative if they want to demonize White America. These racial pranks are getting tired.

    • Tell me about it!

      It’s become dreadfully boring to hear of any “disparity”, “racism”, “intolerance”, blah, blah and blah! about non-whites!  OLD, it is.

  • n_arov

    This wouldn’t be another one of those cases of self-victimization, would it?

  • Either one of two things could have happened, someone who does not like Ms. Wright wrote that slur on her door or she could have done that herself to draw attention to herself and other Black students at the school.

  • Another hoax crime by another black person frustrated that she couldn’t find enough actual racism against her to justify her warped, racist, world view nor justify her failings as a student and a human being.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Melissa Wright thinks “students of color feel isolated everyday” at Fordham University. Really? I find this rather hard to believe. In truth, Black students at most (if not all) American Universities are treated with the utmost respect, kid gloves and deference. Everyone walks around on egg-shells so as not to offend them. Whites, especially, will go out of their way to befriend Black students in an effort to show them that they are not racist like all those ‘other Whites’. Liberal Whites will fawn over Blacks and act servilely toward them every chance they get, and Blacks know it. So, the idea that Black students at Fordham or any University are walking around campus some lowly manner, meek or feeling isolated by their ‘racist’ surroundings is bunch of rubbish! In truth, Blacks have grandiose opinions of themselves and their abilities, they have a deep sense of entitlement, and they know far too many Whites are enamored by them.

    • If the black students are not comfortable at schools like Fordham, they can attend HBCU’s such as Morehouse, Spelman, and Howard University.

    • Worse, they dare cry “slavery” in these here times when not a one ’ems ever been one and worse even still, about People who never owned any.

  • I’ll bet a Hundred Bucks right now, the Negro faked it.  I’ll even give Odds here and say BOTH “crimes” were faked.

    It’s not the Fake Hate Crimes that bother me, it’s the “white” People who actually fall for this crap that bothers me.  All a non-white needs to do is fake and/or utter a word and “white” people come running.  It’s sick.

    • MrGJG

       Stephanie,  I’d keep quiet about the 100 bucks. You’ll ruin everything.

      • Oh My Goodness!  I can’t begin to tell you how badly I needed a Good Laugh so,


        • MrGJG

           It appears your the only one who got it.

    • The_Bobster

      Expect a bunch of self-flagellating libtards to be walking and carrying candles soon.

      Even when the hoax is exposed, they won’t get mad at the hoaxer, as it was the “seriousness of the charge” that mattered.

      • Those idiots would hold a candlelight vigil wouldn’t they?

        And yes, Thank-You for mentioning, they NEVER turn on the liar do they?  Never.  Why is that?  When White People lie, they are literally destroyed but when a non-white does it, it’s never the “problem”.

        Ya know what amazes me most?  In this Day and Age, this Country of Non-White and Female Privilege, they still, still squawk about “racism” and racism doesn’t even exist!  The only answer I can come up with is, they do it to keep the focus off the fact it doesn’t exist and thus, no need for all the Non-White and Female Privilege.

        They simply can’t compete and were “Equality” allowed to reign like it’s supposed to, they’d be shown for the True Inepts they really are and they can’t have that…

  • Also, why aren’t people asking why, why in thee world, are blacks attending a Jesuit College in the first place?  And furthermore, what is the purpose of Black Colleges if we aren’t gonna use them?

    Should the matter of placement availability be the problem with Black Colleges, build more.  Renovate old abandoned warehouses in ghetto neighborhoods.

    • This is a Jesuit school. Having this in mind, I’d recommend Ms. Wright to read magnum opus of the order’s founder, Ignatius Loyola: “Spiritual Exercises”. There, she will find much about:

      * self-mortification
      * humility
      * self-abasement
      * absolute obedience 
      * turning the other cheek
      * identification with Christ on the Way of the Cross
      * acceptance and intensification of personal suffering
      * universal forgiveness

      And find a personal director to guide her in an effort to drive out Satan of Black pride, racial exhibitionism & parasitic behavior.

      • Bardon, Bardon, Bardon,

        Sir, she is BLACK!  She is NEVER gonna do, excuse me, chances are better than great that she can’t do any of those things.

        I know it’s not popular to say but, I actually feel sorry for most Blacks.  They simply aren’t able and them, being surrounded by Able People, now they know it too and are acting out.  This “racism” is just another act of frustration.

        They’ve been told over and over again, “You’re Equal” but all the results have shown everything but.  Blacks are not severely mentally retarded.  They see the difference between us and them and they know only, how to REact.

        When Blacks knew they weren’t Equal, they didn’t act out and this is why I write what I do.

  • Christopher_Nelson

    Maybe she did, maybe she didn’t. It’s like the story of the boy who cried wolf. So many of these cases have been proven to be hoaxes. So, flip a coin.

    I am not sure what she wants the school to do about it.  Have door monitors, perhaps? Special futuristic anti- graffiti doors? A camera facing each door 24 hours a day? A door bodyguard?

    How is changing a “bias” policy going to stop people from writing on doors?

  • MrGJG

    ” I’ll bet a Hundred Bucks right now, the Negro faked it.”

    I’d keep quiet about those 100 Bucks if you know what I mean. You’ll ruin everything.

  • Anon12

     Every single White Christian church/pastors in this country is just like this one!

    There has to be a REASON. I truly believe they have been so infiltrated in the last 100 or so years by our enemy to turn their intense hatred of the White race into a “biblically accepted solution”. What better way than to make White Christians feel “guilt” for all the nonwhites of the world?  Turn the other cheek, pray for your enemies, etc. etc.  They have turned the Bible upside down for their own purposes.

  • Firefightermedic90

    I wrote a few comments in their comment section, but they were predictably deleted.  I made sure they were not racist at all, but they focused on the hypocrisy of their phony “outrage” at a black woman’s hurt feelings but nothing on the rampant black on white violence.  My comment lasted about a minute on the board.  My guess is that many have written opposing views, they just get deleted

  • Dirk_Pitt

    “The slur was sanded over, but the door was not repainted until nine days later”

    Is she allergic to paint, or work?

    If i was so annoyed about something like that I would have painted over it myself.

    Certain types of people really need others to take care of them for everything.

  • MikeofAges

    Notice that Ms. Wright complains that black students feel “isolated” on a daily basis. The key word is “feel”. What is the rest of the student body supposed to do about it? I doubt that very many white students are scrawling epithets on anyone’s door. In fact, no more than one, and very possibly none. So many blacks adopt a social and cultural ideology which makes it difficult for anyone to get along with them. Some use their muscular builds and large stature, if they possess those attributes, or just an aggressive stance to intimidate anyone who question them and their pretensions of superiority in relation to other people. No wonder they end up ignored and feel isolated. Even members of their own group who want to conform to the mainstream of society may experience intimidation.

    The issue with blacks, quite often, is that they think they can walk into any situation and expect accommodations to be made without any great regard for the nature and character of where they are. Elsewhere in this forum I discussed the situation of blacks in the city of Milwaukee. How can a bunch of people come into a community of German, Slavic and Scandinavian middle mangers and skilled workers, fail to adapt and expect equal outcomes. Some probably have adapted and do well there. Others have gone for generations and failed completely, but won’t leave or change their tune on whit. No one in that situation should be considered entitled to more than a minimum wage job and the common social provisions everyone is entitled to. And maybe then only if they are willing to move somewhere else.

  • Djinn42

    Everytime this happens it turns out that a black did it trying to get a rise out of authorities, I would be surprised if this one turns out any different.