FAU Student Caught on Camera Attacking Staff, Students

CBS 12 (Boca Raton), March 20, 2012

A Florida Atlantic University student from Coral Springs was caught on video threatening to kill her professor and several classmates.

{snip} The outburst was so violent, the student had to be removed from class by two FAU employees.

The incident occurred in the middle of an evolution class at FAU in Boca Raton. An outburst students say starts while Professor Steven Kajiura is reviewing for a midterm.

“They were talking about natural selection. They were talking about peacocks and how females choose their mates by their most feathers and the woman started asking about how that killed all black people,” said one FAU student.


“You better shut up before I kill you,” the student yelled to her professor on the video.

“It just seemed like it came out of nowhere.”


Seconds later, the girl walks past a row of students screaming and yelling, then smacks a male student in the head.

Shortly after, two FAU employees walk into class to try to restrain the student, but as seen in the video, she goes after them as well.

The student was identified as 24-year-old Jonatha Baraey Carr, of Coral Springs. She was taken to a local hospital and “Baker Acted” for a mental hold.

According to an FAU police report, Carr had to be Tased three times for failing to comply with police orders. Police also report she fought staff at South County Mental Health where she was taken.

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  • This anti-white hateful outburst (expect no outrage from the “Trayvon the Skittles Man” crowd in that state) was in a class that dealt with evolution and natural selection at the time.  All I can say is that natural selection isn’t working as quickly as it should.

    • RememberVienna

      Original video is here http://youtu.be/6gvkK83yVhA

      • Bon says we need cameras in all classrooms.  Something like this is probably the order of the day rather than a rarity in many K-12 classrooms.

        Every time I turn around, I read a story about a white boy who was suspended for drawing a picture of a gun.  This one threatened to kill all white people; I wonder if she has been expelled from FAU yet.

        I have already downloaded that video and saved it. I expect the Googitburo to scrub it soon.

        Also remember that if DC gets its way and forces all its students to apply to college, that will only mean more “students” like this.

        • RememberVienna

          Luckily, this video has gone viral. The whole country needs to know, and should know, that this is what integration has brought us. This kind of sinister behavior will be the norm and will pervade public life in the not so distant future. Moreover, people like Noam Chomsky and a lot of leftists enthusiastically await the demise of Europeans. They joyfully fuel the anti-White zeitgeist. With a hostile elite overhead, colluding with  their third world minions below, the days of the West are growing ever darker.
          On the upside,  I seen that it made the front page of reddit last night, and from viewing the comments on there, I noticed a lot of race realist sentiments shining through on a fairly leftish website.  
          I think more people are awake than many realize, which is great. The problem is is that places like this need a wider audience. In the event of that happening, change will come quicker.

          • I watched it a second time.  The first time I watched it, I was focused on the psychotic lunatic herself.  But I watched it a second time to look at everything and everyone else.  What bothers me is the blaze and insouciant attitude that the white students had while she was on her rampage.  The lunatic got right into the face of one white woman toward the end, yet she just did nothing, devil may care.  Though in that case, that was probably the wise thing to do.  I would have walked out once she started, because people like that who get on a roll are unpredictable.  I would be worried about her stabbing me with some knife-like instrument she might have had.  She did keep on spewing her anti-white hatred, after all.

            The other black students were worse than that, acting like they almost enjoyed listening to her go off.  Funny, the only other blacks in that classroom were all women, I don’t remember seeing one black man.

            In this day and age of school shootings, nobody should have been so dismissive of her ravings.

            Also notice she proudly gave the okay to put her rant on YouTube.  The conspiracy theorist in me would think that this was all a play act on her part for her 15 minutes of fame.  But her rampage didn’t seem rehearsed or contrived at all, it seemed to real not to be for real.

          • RememberVienna

            Presumably, many blacks in the classroom were turned on by the rage that was emanating from this probable affirmative action beneficiary. Much like how Michael Vick and many other blacks enjoy tormenting dogs by turning them into little gladiators in their private backyard coliseums . Blood-lust, it’s as simple as that. I remember an article on Vdare that Mr.Taylor wrote about how blacks not only vary in intelligence (which is widely understood), but also in other psychological traits. For example, they are apparently or perhaps obviously, more psychotic than whites. This video is a testament to that. Blacks act out their violent tendencies on whites all the time (see Color of Crime), but that’s in secret, when no one is looking, you see. A few will do so publicly, like this extremely uncultured, ghetto dwelling, cretin; while many blacks, and others, would probably allow their fantasies to come to fruition and act on their violent inclinations only when we slip into minority status.

    • anonymous_amren

      Nature selects whoever has the most children and grandchildren, nothing more. Jonatha Baraey Carr may already have children, but if she doesn’t then she probably will later.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        The government selects who has the most children and grandchildren by rewarding slovenly behavior such as parenting without the ability to feed, clothe or educate one’s children.  

        We Whites who are hardworking and productive must limit the size of our families due to an onerous tax burden to pay for the government parasites.


  • Detroit_WASP

    Reminds me of my days back in Detroit Public Schools.  

    Maybe she just doesn’t like peacocks?

    Al Sharpton needs to look into this case as well.

    Seriously, she probably just forgot to take her medication but… this illustrates how black folks think EVERYTHING is a racial issue.   Any discussion about evolution makes them uncomfortable.  I’m sure she thought the discussion was RACIST and not taking her meds sent her into a tail-spin. 

    • crazy_j

       You’d be uncomfortable about it, too, if your ancestors had missed the boat entirely.

  • It is my firm belief that all black people are one slight–real or perceived–from behaving like this violent beast.

    • Banker

       If you could dial her tantrum back by about half, I’ve seen 7 or 8 of these violent black female rage displays.  Two were in the work place, one of which involved throwing a water bottle across a meeting room [and that woman wasn’t even disciplined afterward, since her white boss said she was “just like that”!!]

  • The Video from the original article is Proof of White Genocide.  Unless I’m mistaken, I didn’t see a White Person in sight outside of the Police Chief and I’m sure he’ll be gone just as soon as they can figure out a way to get rid of him.
    Do White People really want to live under non-white rule?  These people see nothing wrong with it just being all them but have fits the size of real life heart attacks whenever and wherever Whites are in charge and even when they’re just the Majority in a Neighborhood.

    Last, we’ve been reduced to “tourists” and “taxpayers” and still, most people still can’t see it.

  • ageofknowledge

    Time for a long trip to NU for a bachelor’s degree.

  • redfeathers

    Did she attack a white student?  If yes, will Pam Bondi consider this a hate crime?  Actually, I like Pam Bondi and she is in a no-win situation with the Zimmerman/Martin case. 

  • “They were talking about peacocks and how females choose their mates by
    their most feathers and the woman started asking about how that killed
    all black people,” said one FAU student.”

    Not to be obtuse here but can someone fill me in on how female peacocks choosing their mates by the most feathers is somehow an evolutionary force that killed all black people???  I consider myself pretty well versed in evolutionary theory and I have never heard this one before……

    • StivD

      Physical beauty is detrimental to most blacks…?

      •  Hehehhhh… perhaps THIS was a subconscious trigger.

    • I was confused, too. Never mind that the second contention is a lie, the two statements have no logical connection whatsoever.

  • frmore

    How can evolution kill black people when it has ignored them?

    • Evolution has not ignored them. They just evolved in the opposite direction as whites/east asians. Sickle cell is a triumph of evolution that gives resistance to malaria, it was great to have until whites came in and found plants chimpanzees ate when sick the natives didnt use that cured malaira(google chimp self medicate). Now sickle cell just gives them 2 weeks a year of sick leave along with respitory and cardiovascular problems. They evolved to outbreed tropical diseases, and lions eating the slow gave them and advantage in short distance runs.
      A higher IQ wouldnt have helped in sub sahara africa until at least bronze age tech, whites and east asians gained from having a higher IQ every generation to put food away for winter.

  • This behavior should not shock anyone. This is what you get when you combine volatility, poor impulse control with outright hate for White Americans. This woman is not crazy, she’s black.

  • StivD

    I think this may be a case where she misunderstood most of what was being said and exploded. She was in over her head in this class but didn’t want to admit it; she finally blew a gasket from frustration. There is nothing wrong with admitting you don’t understand and seeking courses more suited to you.  Blacks rarely do that in anything, then they seethe. 

  • …..

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    More proof that The Bell Curve is true and accurate!!  If someone had shot her dead, Darwin would have been proved right.

    Since this animal was Baker Acted, she’ll apologize and be re-instated to FAU, any charges of assault thrown out on grounds of insanity.

    Assault, violence and racial hate caught on video — ignored!! 

    But, George “White Man” Zimmerman is already guilty of murder according to the media.

    “At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilised races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace throughout the world the savage races.”

    Charles Darwin, The Descent of Man


  • tickyul

    I have been in classes with Urban Americans…….wow, not a pretty scene…….acting crazy most of the time.

  • Cliff Yablonski

    The new face of American academia, thanks to Affirmative Action. She is clearly too stupid to have been sitting in a college classroom to begin with.

  • Just an aside- White students were good looking & at least pleasant to look at; this Laquisha (Jonatha, whatever…) is just plain ugly.
    Boy, boy… Blacks are truly a physically ugly race. Won’t even bother with morals, IQ,…

    • It depends what you think about zaftig figures.  I generally like white women with the kind of “padding” this girl has.  You can keep your skinny Czech models. I didnt get a good look at her face… but, generally, yeah I find I am never attracted to black women.  Logically, I am most attracted to the features of my own race.  That inner drive/logic is what keeps a race a “race”.

      • I have to disagree, slightly. White women are the most beautiful creatures to grace the earth, period. Heck, men of all races drool after them.

        Even plain looking White women have a sort of humanity and dignity I haven’t found in other races’ females.
        Skinny…give me skinny, but not too skinny. Always skinny over some Rubens- like female tractor.

        And their men..I’m not in a position to judge, but, as I said earlier- they all have, even when harmonic, somewhat schematic & stylized faces which cannot compete with good White examples. Which Black male face has a potential of expressiveness, wisdom or  depth compared to, say, Hegel or Leonardo in old ages ?
        Not one.


      • StivD

        I like pleasantly plump women myself.

  • haroldcrews

    Violence, particularly random violence, creates an environment of fear and this provides a sense of empowerment for the violent prone and those identified with the violent prone.  Unfortunately for too many it is the only means of self empowerment that they possess.  Reverse discrimination, affirmative action, set asides or quotas actually cause a lessening of empowerment since it creates dependency.  To compensate the recipient must embrace a sense of entitlement arising from victimization.  Blacks once they consider themselves as victims will strike out at whites in the self delusion of being the victim of whites.  Appeasement through white guilt and reverse discrimination breeds increasing levels of violence.  Violence as a primary means of self empowerment is self destructive of course and has inherent severe limitations.  Those limitations are reaching the point of becoming undeniable to most whites at least internally or among confidants.  The question now is how long will it continue to be publicly deniable?  And what can be done to shorten the period of public denial?

  • Oh … a fine young “scholar”, I see.

  • Kind of scary that they have a way of committing you in Florida that has become a “verb”.  What was it?  “She was ‘Becker-Acted'”??  Theyll be doing that to us some day for “crazy racist spoutings”.

  • CofCC comes through:


    Miss Carr is an organizer for Trayvon the Skittles Man.  The media’s attempt to start a black riot are getting close to successful.

    • joewest666

       This is not being covered in the MSM at all.

      The narrative is being managed full speed.

  • haroldcrews

    The great majority of blacks certainly flourished more under stern paternalism found in the days of Jim Crow than under today’s indulgent maternalism.  There were certainly much lower levels of social pathologies (such as crime and illegitimacy) compared to today.   The interests of the majority of blacks (and most whites) have been sacrificed for the benefit of the black elite.

  • D. K.

    So, you think that Professor Steven KAJIURA acted like a “typical white [man] . . . in the face of black rage?” Isn’t that rather odd…?!?

  • Banker

     She needed psych help, but the form of her rage (racism and conspiracy theories) was build out of that underlying black rage so many of them have.  Its no accident that evolution made her go off rather than math class. 

  • Anon

     Thank you!  I believe that witnessing events like that does wake people up.  Your actions made have instilled some white pride and helped create some race realists that day. 

  • The Ram “Neuse” 1864

    This “female” made me Google “is it legal to hit a woman if she attacks you?”

  • MissBonnie123

    This video only shows that this Black woman is racist and always has been. Then, when a subject comes up and seems to remind her of race issues, she then maniacally expresses her racism. I wonder if she has expressed this racism before? Probably, but only with her Black friends.

    The media is so pathologically anti-white that they won’t spread this over the mainstream media like they would if this had been a White man or woman spewing hatred towards Blacks.

    I wish that conservative talk show hosts would condemn this woman.

  • Thanks to individuals like her, black people will never be liked by anybody, except for liberals of course. 

  • StivD

    Stop removing my comments Engleman.

  • MissBonnie123

    I forgot to mention that I noticed that a lot of the Black people were laughing while this woman was on her anti-white tirade. It shows me that they actually agree with her.

    This should be labeled a hate crime.

  •  –and that is reason enough to avoid them altogether.  So many of them are emotional time bombs with secret fuses. 

  • when i was in graduate school at the university of sydney, a white student in the library suddenly started screaming at everyone in the library. she was yelling ‘you’re all a bunch of $#$ing c**ts!’ security came and hauled her off. it was the craziest thing i’ve ever seen. no one wants to approach someone like that or get in their way.

  • tickyul

    Great story….glad you made it.

    I have lived around Urban Americans all of my life……….that is why I do not trust them…….I do not hate……just do not want to be around them.

  • Just curious, are there any other Amren fans like me that don’t believe that the theory of evolution has met its burden of proof?

    Given the destruction wrought by this “theory” (a theory that could well be completely wrong), I could understand the young woman’s rage.  We should all be enraged.  

    Granted, as elitist below points out, it would be ideal if she would have channeled that rage into something coherent.  

    All in all, not the worst story one would read on a  typical day on Amren.com.  No one was maimed. Raped. Killed.  Just a little yelling and shoving. 

    • StivD

      I think other theories should be seriously considered.

  • RememberVienna

    Yes, but those who do may find sanctuary on sites like these, and that may embolden them to come out.