Eastpointe School Board Member Warns of ‘White Flight’ from Schools of Choice Decision

The Detroit News, March 13, 2012

A member of the East Detroit school board warns that his district’s participation in a Michigan Schools of Choice program could lead to whites leaving the Macomb County community.

On Monday night, the East Detroit Board of Education voted 5-2 to open the district to neighboring Wayne County schools, including those in Detroit and Harper Woods.

The Macomb Daily and MLive.com report board member Jon Gruenberg said Schools of Choice in other districts had caused a “second wave of white flight.” He predicted that could happen in the East Detroit district, where the number of minority students continues to increase.


[Editor’s Note: For an earlier article on Schools of Choice in Detroit, see here.]

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  • Dr Al

    WHY why are people so stupid?

    It is normal and natural for whites to want to be around whites. What is so damaging is that NON-whites want to be around whites.

    Ever notice that? Those who “hate” us,  since we whites are “racists”, always demand to be around us.  If we whites are blue-eyed devils and are born racists, why do they demand to be around us?

    ANSWER: Because we whites build the only civilization worth living in. So, the non-whites want what we have. They want to live with white people. For those who think my answer is not correct, then tell my why they want to live with “white folk’?  If there is not something superior to the white world, why do so many Arabs, Africans, Mexicans, Haitians, etc risk their lives to get to the white lands? 

    Well, we intelligent whites realize that when they enter our civilization they destroy it. When an area is no longer white, it no longer has the attributes of the white culture.  Sadly, the only way whites can maintain a white civilization is through force. Force of keeping them away.

    You don’t see whites demanding and rioting for the “right” to live and work in Mexican areas, or African areas, now do you? They use violence and force to enable themselves to invade our lands but we are not allowed to us any force to keep them away.

    Thus, those of us who think know the outcome of this. Someday, when the last of the thinking whites area pushed against the wall, we will have to fight our way to survival, if the world is even worth living on at that point.

    Imagine a world 95% “minority”  (huh?) and 5% white  majority.  I think I would rather not.

    • Whitey also provides a nice bogeyman for black failures,  if there weren’t any whites around blacks would have to accept blame for their failures and Lord knows we can’t have that.

      • RonBlack66

        They don’t in Detroit.

  • holyflower

    A window on desegration, Detroit Public Schools chapter: Eighty-four percent white in 1954, 3.7 percent white today (2004).

    • Detroit_WASP

      I was there when the federal govt. began the forced busing.  Ruined my neighborhood.  All the white kids started going to private schools and then eventually moved to the burbs.  My beautiful old neighborhood is now an African combat zone.  

  • These administrators use White kids as society’s punching bag, but bemoan the thought of their fleeing diversity. I suspect the real reason they are alarmed at the White exodus is that without Whites and their test scores(as well as tax dollars for that district), it will be a free fall to the bottom.

  •  Oh God, enough with this unfounded pessimism. Out of 4 world players, 3 are White- Russia, USA, EU & one non- White (China). The rest are spectators.

    In the US Blacks are always at the 13% & will remain so. They themselves know some things better than some people here: http://www.blackcommentator.com/138/138_whiteness.html

    • Detroit_WASP

      Blacks were just 10% of the population 30 years ago. 

  • The people gentrifying are those with no kids, gays or the most brainwashed of liberals, as the schools dont matter for them. Blacks resent gentrification as it raises the value of the neighborhood increasing taxes. I saw a show on this and the look on the gays face when he was told increasing the value of the neighborhood was a bad thing was funny, but I was hoping they would get a dose of reality in the form of a chimpout.
    Blacks are 7 times more likely to get frostbite than whites and blacks cant eat enough vit D to have a healthy level if you go far north enough.

  • Undersea cities since blacks cant swim.

  • Impossible!  Whites LOVE Non-Whites!  Why else would we give them so much Non-White Privilege?

    Non-Whites fight tooth and nail against any and all forms of True Equality because were Equality allowed to Reign, every single last one of ’em would be last and they all know it.  They’re not quite as dumb as we like to think.

  • White Flight can’t work anymore. It can’t work with 50 million “hispanics” and 50 million blacks and more and more arabs and asians by the day. Right now, any White kid born from 2010 onwards is a minority within his age cohort. White workers will be a minority of the workforce by 2020 if not sooner.

    What White Flight? The entire country is getting blacked and browned and yellowed. 20 years from now a White 20 year old is going to be a minority in his age cohort and the nation. 20 years! We’ve all been born into a race war and you can’t win a war by retreating 24/7.

  • anarchyst

    The “black wave” has already begun to spread to the “inner ring” suburbs of Detroit.  To their credit, the suburban police departments are still maintaining a semblance of good “law enforcement”  techniques and tactics against the invading hordes.  Eastpoint police have been harassed by blacks over their legal stops of “youths” on bicycles.  These “youths” are usually up to no good and only look to commit criminal acts.  The lawless black “youths” are aware that they are being watched . . .
    This from a former resident of Eastpointe . . . the “tipping point” has not yet been reached, but, it is coming . . .

  • My blood pressure spikes whenever I hear or read “White privilege”. To me, this means we get the “privilege” of paying for the day to day living expenses of feral blacks and browns.