Brawl at Carson High Was Not Racially Motivated, L.A. Unified Says

Los Angeles Times, March 7, 2012

Investigators have found no evidence that a student brawl at Carson High School was racially motivated, officials said Wednesday night.

Initial reports after the mid-morning fights Wednesday stated that the incidents involved Latino and African American students and were racially motivated.

As a result of three fights, seven students were arrested or suspended and four others were injured and taken to a hospital, the Los Angeles Unified School District said in a statement. Four students were treated by the school nurse and released.

“Descriptions of these fights as racially motivated have not been substantiated,” said Steven Zipperman, chief of the school district’s Police Department. “This campus has no current racial issues.”


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  • Nothing to see here; move along.

  • Heinrich24

    If that statement doesn’t read like textbook DENIAL I don’t know quite what would!

  • Yeah, well, this “non-racial” fight between students that just happened to be of two different races isn’t over yet.  The blacks will start whining to friends, homies and relatives, and the Hispanics will do the same.  The next time a black mows down a Hispanic, or vice versa, on the corner of Martin Luther King Blvd and Cesar Chavez Ave in Carson, California, it will probably be a direct result of what happened in school.

  • The_Bobster
  • libertarian4339

    “Investigators have found no evidence that a student brawl at Carson High School was racially motivated, officials said Wednesday night.”
    It was racially motivated just as hundreds of other similar black/Hispanic incidents were racially motivated, not just in that particular school, but all throughout California, especially southern Calif.  And there are other racial incidents that have occurred throughout the US wherever blacks and Hispanics live, work, and school together, including the jails and prisons.
    Blacks fight with every other race, because every race in this country outperforms blacks and it makes them resentful, hateful and rabidly jealous.

  • Xanthippe2

    Of course it is not racial: violence is only racially motivated when Whites are involved — and then never when they are the victims.  Thus racial violence is a very rare thing.

  • Blacks have long ago sniffed that this was not going to be an idyll. From AA Topix:

    How Do You View White Latinos and Hispanics in general?

    I’m talking about the kind that are white, unmixed, like Ricky Martin
    from PR, Andy Garcia and Perez Hilton from Cuba, etc. Are they racist
    because they didn’t mix despite most of the population being non-white?
    The city of Miami didn’t receive the international black symbol. A black
    symbol that inspires respect for the black race all around the world:
    Nelson Mandela. The white cubans control Miami and they refused to
    receive him despite the black protest. What do you think on white, the
    unmixed latino kind?

    Latinos are some VERY RACIST people and I RARELY even have much of
    ANYTHING to do with them, actually I am not sure who’s more
    racist….whites or latinos…and you kno latinos THINK they’re white

    In my heart, they are NOT related to the AA race of
    people in ANY way or form and I don’t care how much black blood they
    have in their veins, they are NOT my kin and NEVER will be!!! If there’s
    ANY race of people that I HATE next to white folk, it would be
    LATINO/HISPANIC…and I HATE those RACIST wetbacks with a PASSION!
    I know that there are many people in my race (hispanics) that can be
    horrible racists. I do not want anything to do with them either, but
    please be assured that not all of us are or think that way. I appologize
    the AH hispanics that are racists and mean. I have a black son in law
    that is a wonderful man, and we love love him, he accepts us and we
    accept him.
    SOME Latinos may be of African decent, but MOST of THEM
    damn sure won’t claim it..I’ll tell you what…if you REALLY want to
    KNOW hispanic people really well…try WORKING with them and you’ll find
    out REAL QUICK that they are NOT friends with BLACKS! Those people are
    ALMOST as bad as WHITE people! As I have said, they are some of the most
    RACIST people besides white people that I’ve EVER encountered! They
    HATE blacks with a passion and if you’ve ever worked with and around
    those people you’d SEE how they are, trust me…I work with them and
    with white folks, and I can’t tell whose more racist! You know like I’ve
    said, Hispanic people THINK they’re white, and in their minds they are
    NOT related to the blacks in ANY way or form…and like I’ve said
    before…in MY MIND, body and soul, I don’t give a rats ASS about THOSE
    people and couldn’t care LESS about them in ANY way for form, they DAMN
    sure don’t care about us…..all you have to do is WORK with those
    people to see how they think and act around black people, talk about
    some SEPERATISTS! They’ll gang up on blacks and try to OUT DO them in
    the work place, they’ll STILL your shyt and then USE it right in front
    of your face! They’ll STILL everything they can get their hands on and
    SWEAR it’s not YOURS! They’ll even try an still your personality and USE
    your personality ethics in front of your face because they don’t have
    personalities OUTSIDE the ghettos! All you have to do is WATCH them very
    closely because they’ll put on AN ACT in front of the supervisors, and
    as soon as the supervisors leave, they’ll show their TRUE
    colors…..which would be PURE RACIST ASSHOLES!
    They’ll TURN on you like you wouldn’t believe and for NO good logical reason…just because your black for the most part!!!
    Blacks and Hispanics DO NOT get along and NEVER WILL get along.

  • I think the reason why the school district has its own PD instead of relying on the city of Carson PD is for the district to have the easy ability to cover things up. If a Carson SD cop shows up to a race riot at the high school, the principal can tape his mouth. If a Carson City cop shows up, it’s much harder to cover up the racial truths.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      The LAUSD has its own police force because it NEEDS to have police on campus. 

      I heard from an inside source that many are washouts from the LAPD.  Teachers call them rent-a-cops because they are mostly LAME.  

      We also have probation officers stationed on campus because so many of our students have ankle bracelets, one step out of camp or one infraction or a few months away from adult prison.

      School police are armed, BTW.  


  • Herman, you about summed it up. I think the biggest thing of all, is your fist point: Hispanics cannot be scared off by the “racism” charge. 
    That’s not to say blacks won’t call them racist because they do, and often. It’s the White libs and media that will hesitate to do so.
    Again, though, blacks are VERY quick to call Hispanics racists.
     I remember a few different occasions at different work places which reminds me of this.
    At my one previous job, this Puerto Rican guy said there was a lot of tension between them and blacks because the blacks were accusing the managers of being Puerto Rican (instead of black) due to racism.
    At another place I worked at, same deal (and he happened to be Puerto Rican too).
    Then there are the countless other Hispanics I’ve worked with, were friends with, etc. who made similar claims (some were Mexican, some were Cuban, etc.)

    Anyway, expect this Hispanic vs black trend to continue across the country, as it has been. It will intensify and I will enjoy it.

  • White women, unfortunately, have decided long ago that dating blacks is “really cool”. This is something they chose.
    Funny, black women stick pretty firmly to black men, knowing their man will most likely end up dead early, in jail, or non-productive.
    White men, in contrast, have much more to offer in general. Yet, look what many White women have chosen. For those who have not chosen to date a black, chances are they are a liberal anyway.
    To top it all off, they tend to be materialistic.
    The point is, our women have turned their backs on us long ago in many aspects. Basically every White ex-girlfriend I had was a liberal and/or materialistic.
    That’s why I chose to date other races/ethnicities, but never blacks of course.
    I remember one ex telling me she dated a black guy for a short time and of course she couldn’t understand what was wrong with  that. Well, that was the end of that relationship, and quick.

    • You are spot on when you allude to a significant portion of white females (particularly under 25) that view dating blacks as being oh so cool and hot. I often read comments on Amren by white nationalist that try to degrade black women. I don’t know how many times I have  read comments like: “white women are so much more beautiful than ugly African women, that is why Black men come after white women”.  Well, if stated just a little bit differently it could also read: “White woman go to all black nightclubs to chase black men because white men are ugly and unmanly”.  Think about that for a minute.  It takes two to tango. 

      I am in the same boat as you Shut your mouth. LOL!!! I dated Indians, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and many other ethnicities. Of course Africans are the one group that I could not stomach to share a bed with.  In the end, I married a white Arab of Lebanese heritage.

      I have had white females come straight out and say “I don’t date white boys”. I have had this happen to me on more than one occassion. Now understand that I have never had much trouble finding females who were interested in me. I am good looking, very masculine, and am successful by most peoples definition.  I don’t say that to brag or boast. Only to illustrate that if   those white females  said that to me, then they probably  meant it. That they did in fact ” not date white boys”.

      Of course this is a tiny minority of white woman. No doubt about that. However that leaves a lasting impression on a young white man. Especially when it happens more than once. 

      I think we are approaching a low point for the white man. Some things to think about: We have been legally and in a very literal sense been turned into second class citizens in the United States of America. Affirmative action comes to mind.  Under affirmative action, it is viewed as completely legitimate to promote and advance those who not white males at the expense of white males. Even in circumstances in which the white male may be more qualified. That is very powerful stuff when you sit down and analyze it. In fact that is TRUE institutional racism. Not the make-believe fantasy racism of the SPLC and other such communist organizations. On a sidenote, I have heard very very few white females ever rail against this open mistreatment of their men. In fact I often heard them hail it as progress. (A few anonymous female posters on Amren do not alter this experience)

      Hate crimes Legislation is another open form of legalized discrimination against white males. Basically, hate crime legislation legalized the notion that some people’s lives are worth less than others. Namely, the lives of straight white men are legitimately worth less than those of everyone else.  Again, I have never heard white females denounce this.

      How long will these injustices last? Not forever, that is for sure. I do think that life will get worse before it gets better for us. However society,  and by extension civilization itself can only handle so much African dysfunction before the levies crumble and truth is restored.  The capacity for the African to produce and maintain a functioning advanced civilization is simply not there. No matter what the excuses, Black Africans lack many of the attributes it takes to build or maintain great nations. (Great nations by European standards) It is not in their nature. as a result, the more and more africanized the United States and western Europe become. The less they will be able to produce anything of quality.

      Eras come and go. Right now, the worse thing one can be in many circles is a straight white man. Our own children are taught that we are evil, that we are slavers, that we are cowards, that we are insignificant. While at the same time, our own children are taught to worship everything that is African. To worship enemies of our people like the fraud Luther King and Nelson Mandela.

      That is real power, when a group can DEMAND that a peoples children must bow and worship the men that sought to disempower  their own people…………!!!!!! Hell, I even heard lilly white conservatives make references to Martin Luther King being a conservative. LOL!!!! I almost spit my drink up in laughter the first time I heard that one. The man was a radical leftist that mentioned the redistribution of the nations wealth on more than one occassion. Not to mention that his staff was uniformly Marxist Radicals.

      Back to the white female thing. I think a large part has to do with the modern western white woman being spoiled through and through.  You see, the white woman gets to enjoy the best of the best in regards to the things that white men build and create. Such as plumbing, electricity, roads, and all other aspects of  infrastructure (not to mention things such as the safety and stability that white male created society has) that is absent from the  Black Africans world. Wherever they may dwell. 

      While at the sametime she has the freedom to pursue any male she desires. It is basically the best of both world’s from a females perspective. 1) Enjoy the safety, stability, infrastructure, legal code, institutions,  and technological development of the whiteman, and 2) Be able to chase after exotic males from any and all other ethnicities. If white woman had to live in a area that was thoroughly dominated by blackness, interracial unions involving them and Africans would be far fewer. However going to dance clubs where you can meet black supermen, only to raise the kid in a 90% white suburb while living with your parents nullifies much of the downside of jumping ship.

      In most of the non-white world, if a woman took the side of the “other” in political or religious affairs she would simply be told to shut up. Or worse. That would be the end of it.  In the west however, females have political parity with men (and legal and cultural superiority). As a result, the white female has largely voted to the detriment of the white man. Now a few posters here may say “no no, I am a white woman and I don’t vote that way”. Well, congratulations to you my dear, you are the minority.  The statistics say otherwise. And the younger the white female, the more anti-white male she is. Again, the proof is in the Stats. Just look up the Obama votes by age and sex. Nuff said!!

      In closing, I will say this. I believe that European people, and European culture will survive. I see plenty of  white children that have Chinese mothers and Indian mothers and  Middle Eastern mothers. I take my daughters to tennis Practice twice a week and have a blast. I would say close to half the kids in her class have Asian mothers (mostly Chinese) and white Australian fathers.  I enjoy their company in a way that i rarely enjoy the company of northern European females. Their kids are white to me. They are my countrymen, and I would go to war if necessary to defend them. They are well behaved, respectful, sociable, intelligent, and genuinely friendly. I treat the   non-European mothers of these children  as if they were one of our own.   After all, they have given birth to the seed of our own people.  I am not a white nationalist per se. Therfor I do not have any major hangups about a person being half Middle Eastern, or Asian, or Mexican, etc. If the father is a white European, then they are white as well. However  with  Black Africans it is much different. I believe if someone is even 1/8 black African, then they are for all practical purposes (while not literally) 100% African.

    • Yes, Robert I agree with you as well. I have also dated Indians, Hispanics, etc. Indian women are beautiful, btw. Anyway, I’m married to a Hispanic. More than any other two groups, Whites and Hispanics marry. I think there is no mystery why; I see them both as White, at least to a point. Yes, Dominicans fall into the black Hispanic category, so I do not include them. As for Puerto Ricans, same deal although many would pass for White in a heartbeat, so it depends. Anyway, as long as they’re not black, I don’t care. I wanted a “White” woman, but just wasn’t meant to be. My Hispanic girl treats me like gold (and makes more than I do btw lol). Also, just know I’m not “pro Hispanic” because of my wife. It’s all the previous experiences I had, way before I even met her. For example, many years ago an ex-coworker who was Mexican moved back and invited me to his family’s house in Mexico for vacation. I took him up on the offer and his friends and family there were so damn nice. The people there in general never gave me funny or hateful looks. It’s run down of course but never had a problem. I even went back there about 4 or 5 more times(Mexico City btw). Anyway, I’ve always had nothing but nice experiences with Hispanics. Same thing goes for Asians. I only see two enemies: Blacks and liberals.

  • Did anyone think they would?

  • Trust me June, if you had ever been to Carson, you would not have to ask that question. Yes… it’s that bad!

  • Oh we “understand” GIRL. Believe me we understand……

  • With regard to ShutYourMouth’ & Robert Griffith’s comments at end of the page-again, I don’t want to write a long post, but don’t know how to avoid it. Also, it’s a bit OT (White women), but IMO worth the effort.

    1. first, WW are not such “race traitors”. Remember that WW date & marriage mostly White, in higher percentage than White males. So, it’s not entirely fair to judge them so harshly.

    2. that said, it must be admitted that roughly from the counterculture times, 1960s-1970s, “sexual revolution” has multiply increased White female promiscuity (at least 10-50 times in big cities), and feminism had virtually dispossessed White men (divorce, custody). In sum, White man’s authority has been eroded, especially in media & in everyday practice- in all strata of society. It’s simple to just casually review numerous books on history, psychology, literature, politics,… and one can find incessant blabber on White male patriarchy, deconstructing the male domination, change in school curricula that would very dearly expel DWEMs, from Plato, Shakespeare to Conrad and Tolstoy and install fourth-rate Black, women or Chicano scribblers.

    3. media blather has enormous impact on females, all races. Celebrities- read clowns & entertainers- are put on a pedestal. Singers, actors, sportspeople, comedians, … actually are elevated to the status of gods. Blacks are more than fairly represented in these areas, especially in “music” and sports. It’s essential- and I am NOT talking pop-psychology nonsense & wouldn’t waste my time on wilder evolutionary psychology’s concepts – to understand that in female psyche the MAN is the dominant hero and master. Her master. And it boils down to what Milton had said 400 yrs ago, describing Adam & Eve’s expulsion from Eden: “He for God only, she for God in him.”I won’t address other issues (sexuality, fictions about masculinity & sexuality- especially racial, corrosive influence of feminism and media, the image of career women & very problematic issue of “maternal instinct” (is it instinct at all ?), women’s socio-political cluelessness, . …). It would take too long a time and space.But, wherever you turn, from the Norway to the US, the conclusion is unanimous:* when male is not the master & unquestioned authority, society crumbles* when females are financially truly independent- or in many fields dominant- & do not respect their men- they just ruin their lives & end up with wasted lives.Soft patriarchy is the only way a modern society can function. The only other option is road to slutdom, miscegenation and, ultimately- perdition.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The LAUSD has its own police force with substations on the larger campuses — both high school AND middle school.  They are not a part of the LAPD, which covers the city of Carson.

    We teachers are supposed to call the school police first if there is a problem, are told we’ll get in trouble if we don’t —  but I know teachers and other school personnel who have called directly to the LAPD for emergencies because of slow response time by the school police.

    Many calls to school police go completely unanswered — I’ve always sworn that I will call the LAPD FIRST and directly in an emergency, not the rent-a-cops that pass for security on school campuses.  The district can go ahead and write me up for an infraction, I’m not going to risk my life and limb waiting for the school police to maybe show up hours later.


  • vladdy1

    One of the ways this (whites not standing up) shows is that these days, people  can say things about women that would have gotten them a punch in the jaw a few decades ago.

    The things said about Palin and Bachman have been unbelievably vile. But we can’t say it’s just whites not standing up, ‘cos the whole thing started with  the ghetto prison culture spreading “b****,” “h*,” and “p*** ” into the general language.

    Then you’ve got to blame the leftist women who say “don’t take care of us.” Well, it kinda makes the rest of us women fair game for being called every vile name in the book — so, thanks.   

  •  JJ, I agree with ya. For me, any group fighting against black is a fight for the “White” side.  How so? As I see it, any group who is anti-black is, in fact, anti-black! That’s what we are and should be. I think we’ve let our focus drift at times and we buy into the media who tries to create an anti-White atmosphere. They do this BEST when they lump Latinos together with blacks in some discrimination story. Remember, anytime a group is fighting against blacks, it’s because they were most likely treated as us Whites have been by blacks. There IS a common cause which some seem to miss.
    With all due respect to some who post, I sometimes wonder if we shift our anger towards Hispanics, Asians, etc. just because we feel shamed we have backed down so badly to blacks; so we just want to try our hand at another group to feel better about ourselves.
    Sorry but there are a lot of high schools out there which are majority White and Hispanic and rarely, if at all, is there a race riot between the two. Race riots ALWAYS involve blacks. Guess what? So do flash mobs!
    Just remember there are far more (by a land slide) White Hispanics than black Hispanics; same goes for Asians. So, despite every liberal’s wet dream, we will ALWAYS be a majority White country.

  • So-we disagree. Of course, I’m not for 19th century legislation in restricting women’s rights. But- ALL human societies are patriarchal. Men set the rules & women obey -more or less. That’s a biopsychological fact.

    I don’t intend to write an essay, so:

    1. emasculation of males in a group drives females of the group to males of another racial group. It’s a biological imperative.

    2. women-any race- are more driven by biology, hormones & safety re guardians & protectors than by conscience and strong ideological stances. Or- women do not much care about preservation of a ethno-racial culture via their offspring. As a rule, there are enormously more biracial (actually, Black) children born to White women than biracial (or mostly Black) born to Black women. The number of biracials born to Black women would have been much greater had White men shown more interest in them. In sum- women (all races) are not averse to miscegenation- on the contrary. White women can be blamed more than Black ones because Blacks- males- are physically, mentally & emotionally utterly “other” & unpalatable. And yet, not insignificant number of White females cohabitate with Blacks without gut feeling which should be- eewwww.. despicable.

    3. I don’t buy “love story”- if a White women can truly fall in love with a Black, she could do the similar with a donkey, python or ape.

    4. it’s, as numerous psychological investigations have shown- the following:

    a) White women are – in non-negligible numbers- fascinated with so called Black masculinity. This “masculinity” is a myth. Physicallly (sexually)- Blacks are, on average, the same “size” as Whites:
    Re complete “masculinity” image- Blacks are vulgar swagging impostors. And many White women don’t see through this facade & fall for the weakness falsely presented as power.

    Simply, White men have undeservedly been casted as nerds, whimps, cowards, weaklings, … while Blacks are- utterly falsely- identified with power, satisfying physicality & masculinity. Were it not so- White women, 99 % would in every situation treat Black males with either contempt or cold, polite indifference.