Adoption Process Will Be Made Fairer and Faster, Says David Cameron

Shiv Malik, Guardian (London), March 9, 2012

David Cameron has set out plans to create a “fairer, faster” adoption process—including moves to make it easier for white couples to adopt black children.

The prime minister said there was “no more urgent task” for the government and promised to legislate to force councils to speed up the process.

As well as tackling the “absurd barriers” to mixed-race adoption, he said, the changes will see more youngsters fostered pending approval of full adoption.

Social workers will be legally obliged to turn to the existing national adoption register if they fail to place children locally within three months.

Full details of the shakeup will be published next week by the education secretary, Michael Gove, who last month criticised “misguided” efforts to insist on same-race matches.

Despite guidance issued last year, some local authorities were still putting their belief in finding “a perfect match” ahead of the children’s interests, said Gove, who was himself adopted.

But although the government said it would introduce the changes “as soon as possible”, officials would give no commitment to the changes being made before 2015.

Cameron said: “This government is going to tear down the barriers that stop good, caring potential adoptive parents from giving a home to children who so desperately need one.”

He said it was “shocking” that black children waited on average twice as long as their white counterparts to be adopted.

“We will tackle the absurd barriers to mixed-race adoption which trap many non-white children in care. We will make sure that local authorities who let children down make faster use of the national adoption register.

“And we will remove obstacles to make sure potential adoptive parents can be foster carers too, so that it’s no longer too hard for children to be placed with them while final decisions are made.

“Together, these are vital steps towards a system that is fairer, faster, and puts children and parents first.”

The Adoption and Children Act 2002 says a child’s welfare should always be the “paramount consideration” but requires “due consideration to the child’s religious persuasion, racial origin and cultural and linguistic background”.

Revised statutory guidance was issued last year in a bid to reduce delays faced by some children from ethnic minorities, but ministers believe it has failed to have a big enough impact.

“Now we will go further and will bring forward primary legislation at the next available opportunity. We want to make it clearer that ethnic matching should not automatically be an overriding consideration in the matching process,” a No 10 spokeswoman said.

Secondary legislation is expected to be used to make it easier for children to be placed with foster carers who are also approved adopters—and who can take them in permanently.

While the fostering and adoption processes would remain separate, No 10 said, enabling the sort of crossover employed by some areas should reduce disruption for youngsters.

“There’s no more urgent task for government than this,” Cameron said. “Young lives are being wasted while the process takes its toll—and the victims are some of the most vulnerable young people.”

Martin Narey, the government’s adviser on adoption who previously headed the children’s charity Barnardo’s, said he was “delighted at the urgency” being shown by ministers.

“The announcement today will secure the earlier and more successful adoption of many thousands of children whose lives will be transformed.

“Local authorities will be asked to make concurrent planning more widespread so that children are fostered by their prospective adoptive parents as long as it is in the child’s best interests.”

Speaking on Radio 4’s Today programme he said, “It’s not that care is bad. Children are generally with foster carers who do a wonderful job but if a child is with a foster carers for 18 months and then wrenched away to be given to adoptive parents, that’s a pretty bleak start to its adoption.”

Matt Dunkley, East Sussex director of children’s services, welcomed the rule changes, saying: “There’s definitely a case for this change and a number of local authorities are already carrying out this kind of practice.

“What these changes do is shift the locus of risk of multiple placements away from the child and towards the adopters.

“So the prospective adopters have to take on a lot of risk—maybe the court will direct the child to go back or something won’t go quite right with the final placement order—and they [the adopters] have to be worked with very closely by social workers to accept that risk and manage it appropriately with the child concerned.”

The children’s minister, Tim Loughton, said: “We need to change legislation to make sure that reducing delay is the primary concern of social workers and adoption managers across the country. A year is such a significant proportion of a young child’s life. We can’t afford to waste time.”

The moves were welcomed by the NSPCC but it warned against making speed the prime focus.

Its chief executive, Andrew Flanagan, said: “The prime minister is right to address the impact that delays within the care system can have on children but this work must be driven by their best interests, not timescales.

“The most important outcome for any child is to have a safe, secure and loving home environment, whether that is through fostering, adoption or being reunited with their birth family or other permanent option.”

He also noted that adoption accounted for only a small minority of cases and called for urgent attention to the risk of children being abused after being returned from care to birth families.

“We hope the government’s broader children in care strategy due in the summer will set out how improvements will be made across the care system.”

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  • loyalwhitebriton

    Many British social workers disagree with inter-racial adoption, arguing that such an arrangement may cause a child to have an identity crisis when he/she is older, so it’s probably not a good thing in the long term. Now, leftist, nannying, and generally condescending social workers are not, generally speaking, people I would have much agreement with. But on this, I think that they may have a point. 

  • Impertinent

    Time to re colonize the sub continents.

  • The_Bobster

    Surprise! Charlize Theron is now a mom!

    A rep for the Oscar-winning actress, 36, tells Us Weekly in a Wednesday statement: “Charlize Theron has adopted a child. She is the proud mom of a healthy baby boy named Jackson.”

    According to a source close to the single Young Adult star, little Jackson was born in the United States, and is African-American. Jackson is the first child for Theron.

    “She has always wanted to be a mom,” the source tells Us. “She is glad to be able to do it on her own now and is so happy to be a mom.”

    The never-married South African beauty split with actor Stuart Townsend in January 2010 after nine years together — and the breakup prompted a whole new chapter in her life.

    • Disgusting. But predictable.

      • Impertinent

        Why not…she is African, isn’t she? Puts her back into the old days…ahhhhh….memories.

  • Whats wrong with blacks adopting black children? lol nevermind since 70% of black babies are born to unwed moms blacks dont even want their own children.
    You would be better off adopting a parrot as they can have a better vocabulary.

    • Blacks do adopt Black children. Black foster mothers will adopt their black foster children. However, there are blacks that will only adopt a light skinned black girl. Boys are usually not adopted.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Berkeley CA liberals killed by their adoptive son Moses, who is hispanic.

    This story was shot down the memory hole real quickly here in the SF Bay Area.

  • The question is will white families adopt black children? In the US, this is not the case. The children most in demand are healthy white infants. There could be  a waiting list as long as five years or more since young white women usually choose to parent their babies or abort them. The next best thing are usually infants from the former Soviet Union or baby girls from China or India. Even Blacks are selective. They will choose a light skinned Black girl and darker skin boys are usually last to be adopted.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    I agree with your main point. Such ‘stars’ as Madonna and Katie Price, et al, display their adopted black additions as badges of honour; living, breathing, trophies of their inclusiveness and inherent ‘goodness’.
    However, these people are empty-headed celebs. Most adopter’s come from the working and middle classes; these people tend to have more common sense. It will be interesting to see what economic-demographic does the most inter-racial adopting.
    My guess, it will be the empty-headed, liberal, celebrity/media types.

    • Impertinent

      Well said. They think it gives them a pass to lecture the rest of us. Not that they need that to talk down to us.

    • libertarian4339

      I think you hit the nail squarely on the head with your labelling these adoptions as trophies which are icons of these celebrities’ moral superiority.

      Agelina Jolie, Madonna, et all, are holding these kids up so their plantation owners can see them and are loudly proclaiming, “Look how broadminded and non-prejudiced I am,” to gain their approval.

      My opinion is that it is the result of actors and actresses being bombarded with the same kind of skewed political indoctrination by the Hollywood bunch in charge who advocate the worship of all things black.

      Of course, the plantation owners themselves would never adopt a black kid, but they think it’s really great when the fools do who swallow their propaganda and want to please them.

  • There are hundreds of thousands of white orphans in Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Lithuania, Belarus, Armenia, … and they adopt Africans and Asians.

    We are living in a sick world, that is.

    • The_Bobster

      Fashion accessories only come in black, just like Model T’s.

    • From what I understand, the only way anyone living outside of Romania can adopt a child is if the child is a relative. They have stopped most western adoptions because of situations of abuse and neglect.  Other countries may have similar restrictions as well.

      • Actually, what was happening was that Romania and other Eastern European countries were keeping the healthiest orphans in their own countries and “exporting” the ones with mental issues.  You can test a child pretty early on and also know by the health history of the parents.

        • I think that the orphanages themselves keep the health information about these children away from the parents so that the kids get adopted. What happens is the child from Russia who is sent back alone by his adoptive mother because she cannot handle him.

  • Impertinent

    “Of course they once had all those little black colonies that they were so proud of.”

    Ya know I said something similar earlier…and now my comment has poofed!

    What’s up moderator? My donations didn’t bounce did they? Or doesn’t it buy me a cheeky comment from time to time? Even if it wasn’t “racist”?

  • Impertinent

    OK “Moderator”…lets hear it. What exactly is your problem with my posts? You have my email address. Tell me…..or…I never give one more dollar to Jared again.

  • Impertinent

    And Moderator….I’d prefer to keep giving every time I get a pitch from Jared. You decide.

  • Impertinent

    I commented on your brilliant analysis…regarding the colonies…but the moderator deleted me. And mine was just a reminder that the colonialists where responsible for the conditions that exist in the sub continent …again.

  • libertarian4339

    “The prime minister said there was “no more urgent task” for the government and promised to legislate to force councils to speed up the process.”

    The UK is on the verge of some big time financial calamities and this pitiful excuse for humanity believes nothing is more important than whites adopting blacks.  Amazing.

    Greece will have to bailed out every year or be forced to default completely and leave the EU.  And, of course, the bailouts will have to stop as their situation becomes even worse.   They WILL have to leave the EU.

    Spain and Portugal are very close to the same situation now confronted by Greece,  as is Ireland.   When these nations get to the point of needing bailouts, there will already be riots in the streets protesting austerity measures that will brutally impact  pensions, wages,  and benefits,  and daily sustenance will be in danger of severe cut backs to bare survival levels.  If the EU cracks, all out fighting is expected.

    But according to this Cameron character the most urgent situation to be confronted right away is making it easier for whites to adopt blacks.

    He’s playing his fiddle as Rome burns, and he doesn’t seem to be fully aware of what is happening in the real world.

  • Blaak Obongo

    “David Cameron has set out plans to create a “fairer, faster” adoption
    process—including moves to make it easier for white couples to adopt
    black children.”

    Not that I’m advocating it, of course, but why all the hand-wringing about Whites adopting African young?  Does anyone ever agonise over getting more blacks to adopt White children?

    • British Activism

      The thought of white children in England being adopted/fostered by some of the Blacks in this country is a prospect which fills me with dread! 

      It is bad enough that we are being subjected to this madness and are now having the routes smoothed in order  to take in their fatherless and feckless broods (because blacks clearly cannot be bothered adopting fellow black children who are in need)…… but the idea of a lovely white child being brought up in some black household in London’s “diverse” and “vibrant” areas tends to bring a little bit of sick to my throat.

      Can you imagine how warped their minds will become, and what kind of culture and attitude they are likely to develop, never mind the danger they might be put into? Sure, many black prospective parents might be fine……but many are bound to be a complete nightmare and a disaster for any white child to be placed in.

      *shakes head in despair*  But we all know that it mostly aimed at the gullible and foolish whites to become a ‘rainbow family’ – and like Waynetta Slobb of Harry Enfield they want a ‘braaaaaaaan bay-beeee, just like all the other muvva’s on the estaaaate”.

      Blacks/Ethnics are obviously not “stepping up to the plate” and adopting – just like they are nowhere to be seen when it comes to organ donation or other mutual beneficial schemes.

      Then there is the extra ‘conspiracy’ people suggest is going on, where children are being removed from their families and fostered/adopted on an increasing basis because it makes a hell of a lot of money and creates a lot of jobs for the authorities, courts, social worker programmes, etc.  I do not know much about that, but it wouldn’t really surprise me if it was the case.

  • Natassia

    I don’t really think this is great for black kids, or black people in general…to have your children being adopted by people of another race.


    As a matter of fact, the aging Sandra Bullock made the cover of People by adopting a black child (although, in her case, it was more like buying a pet).

  • Mel

    It sounds like some of these Vietnamese adoptees are a bit coddled and see their birth culture through the nicely clean rose coloured lens of a first world country.

    I doubt it would’ve been fun to have been raised in a third world orphanage in a poverty stricken country where people were on the brink of starvation. If they had stayed in the Vietnam they would’ve lived with the stigma of being orphaned but also risked being dragged into something unsavoury like the horrendous south east Asian sex trade. 

    I did know some girls from high school who were adopted from Asia. One of them held no sentimental ideas about her birth country and was completely Australian and loved her adopted parents immensely. I guess that is how you feel when you are dumped in the gutter as a baby (like trash) in a squalid third world hellhole.

    • The_Bobster

      The real stigma was that they were the mongrel children of American GI’s, shunned by their society.

      Of course, stupid Americans like Mia Farrow begged to have them shipped over here. Hey Mia, how did your Asian adoption work out for you?

      • Not all such children are in bad shape. Take a look at Hines Ward, former wide receiver of the Pittsburgh Steelers who is of Black and Korean descent. Was MVP of Super Bowl in 2006. Now has a foundation in South Korea to help other biracial children like himself.

        • Anon12

           Who cares?  That doesn’t matter a hill of beans  to me that he is a football player or that he has a foundation for biracial kids like himself!  He shouldn’t be here in the first place because of his black daddy and Korean mother. They all belong in Korea or in Africa.

          Most of us here care deeply about our OWN race and it’s survival and the rightful heritage that we OWE our WHITE kids and they are the ones I care about.  Not some Korean/black kids. We have no connection whatsoever with a black or a Korean.

          • His father was African American. How about another adopted kid for you Scott Fujita, he is white and he and his brother were both  adopted by a Japanese American father and a white mother.

        • LOL… I cannot help but notice your reverence for Hines Ward sounds much like the tactic used by the La Raza disciples and open border zealots when propelling their arguments in support of their illegal invasion. They will choose some illegal invader who went on to become a doctor, using this anomaly as their poster child for everything that is right with the illegal invasion. What they fail to mention is that for every doctor, we get a million deadbeats, dependent upon government for their survival.

  • Wyldplaces

    Blacks don’t want to take care of their own so someone has to do it and we Whites have been chosen.  That’s the problem now, Whites are expected to take care of all the incompetent non-Whites all over the world.  Well they’re NOT our problem, let them fend for themselves.  Whites should take of Whites and no one else.

    • From what I have seen, Black children from the US have been adopted by Canadian families.

  • Some stats:


    In 2010, U.S. citizens adopted approximately 2,511 children from Ethiopia.


    In 2010, U.S. citizens adopted approximately 1,079 children from Ukraine.


    In 2010, U.S. citizens adopted approximately 3,401 children from China.
    Children available for adoption are mostly girls, infants to 6 years of


    In 2010, U.S. citizens
    adopted approximately 1,079 children from Russia. Children available
    for adoption include boys and girls, ages 10 months and older, healthy
    and with special needs.


    Romania has stopped all international adoptions except in the case of biological grandparents of the child. In 2008, U.S. citizens adopted approximately 2 children from Romania.


    In 2010, U.S. citizens adopted approximately 241 children from India.


    In 2010, U.S. citizens adopted approximately 133 children from Haiti.


    In 2011, U.S. citizens adopted approximately 75 children from Bulgaria.


    It’s all here:

    • From what I have have read is that there is a 5 year wait in China for a healthy infant. There are shorter waits for older children and special needs children.

      • anmpr1

        I think it used to be easier to adopt girls from China.  But now the Chinese have caught on, and the price is high, and the wait time is, as you say, long.  I know a Chinese couple, and that is what they tell me.

        On the other hand, I understand that Ethiopian blacks are both plentiful and cheap, and some American Christian churches help with the expense/paperwork.  That being the case, what happens when these little Africans grow up?  Do White parents not foresee the cultural dilemma they will have created, when their little Ethiopian Queen, L’ Shanta, realizes that it is not White?  And will it turn out to be an Arab looking Habesha, or a lip-disk wearing Mursi?  God help them and their naive White parents.

        Looking inward, adoptable whites in the US are probably not as plentiful due to AFDC, Section 8, Food Stamps, etc.  Pregnant teen girls can usually keep their kids because of taxpayer subsidy.  Plus, many of these “white” kids may be mulattoes, or have parents using drugs, or parents with severe emotional problems, or of substandard IQ.  Who wants that?

        The next big push will be homosexual adoption.  Not the adoption of homosexuals, but homosexuals being able to adopt.  It is starting out with lesbian couples who often adopt girls, but eventually the practice will be made legal for male homsexuals.  Not sure if they will want little black ones, though, or even what sex they would prefer. 

        It would be better to bring back orphanages.

  • MartelC

    from supporting a ban on wearing crosses, to wars of choice, to pro gay marriage. this is the “Tory” Prime minister…

  • And they would have been vile racists for not adopting Korean children.  I guess you can’t not be racist.

  • saxonsun

    The actress Charlize Theron just adopted a black baby.

  • I have.  Basically, all the libtard celebutards, who are anti-war, who want us to give peace a chance, want us to start a war with Uganda-South Sudan-Congo in order to apprehend a 50-year old leader of an outfit that even in its heyday was nothing more than an enhanced street gang.

  • No. I said hundreds of thousands were available for adoption.

  • Well,  a rough estimate  would be, I’d say- 30-40% Whites, 20-30% Blacks and the rest East Asians (mostly China and Korea), plus a few percent Indians. No Muslims.

    Also, some American foster parents didn’t behave…eh, properly, so Eastern European nations have taken restrictive measures. Of course- children can be problematic, but, hey, if you’re into it, you must expect it. Interestingly enough- Chinese are mostly girls:

    a) one child policy has resulted not only in abortions, but also in abandonment of female babies. A sort of femicide.

    b) Asian females are way more attractive than males, so it’s no big surprise re foster parents.

    • As far as Indians are concerned, preference is given to couples who were born in India or whose parents were born in India. They have a fast track to adoption than white couples in the US.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    “most adopter’s come from the working and middle classes; these people tend to have more common sense”

    As you can see, I am talking about adopter’s generally, not adopter’s of black babies specifically.

  • james briggs

    They should also work on making it easier for Blacks in sub-Saharan Africa and Haiti to adopt White European children. We will only achieve true equality in this world when we have White children living in mud houses and wearing flip-flops made out of discarded two-liter soda bottles.

    Let that be the standard.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    I agree with your assessment of Cameron, and it’s also true that every single Prime Minister since the end of WWII could be classified the same. Our Queen is also complicit, and I say that as a proud loyalist.

    Between the first stirrings of empire, in the 16th cenury under Queen Elizabeth I, and the end of WWII, Britain was a largely homogeneous nation. The colonisation of our country began in earnest with the post WWII Labour government.

    Some interesting facts on

  • Or they abort.

  • They should be thankful. Children who come out of orphanages have a harder life than those who do not.

  • Anon12

    Swedes should never adopt a korean or any other nonwhite kid. They aren’t racist, they are just hopeless if they do.  Have you own biological kids or adopt a White baby .

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Granted. Miscegenation happened in the colonies, unfortunately. Though I understand that the early protestant settlers on the US eastern seaboard from the 17th century onwards had pretty strict rules that prohibited ‘getting jiggy’ with the natives – though not always adhered to. Also, miscegenation within the UK itself is a relatively recent phenomenon. However, from the colonial point of view, you are, of course, correct.

  • Impertinent

    I remember reading not too long ago that blacks were against whites adopting these unwanted kids. Why? Because whites were incapable of connecting to the black “experience” and teaching them the “history” of their black roots. Must be something to do with all those great societies and empires they built so long ago but have disappeared from the face of the earth?

    Just what is the real black “experience” today anyway. I have a fair idea.

  • Impertinent

    Well…it certainly won’t go to waste…would it?

  • loyalwhitebriton

    It’s been taken down, mate.

  • anmpr1

     It is a good article.  The author chastises the Koreans for not adopting their own, and discusses the lack of an internal legal framework for regulating Korean adoption.  It discusses the widespread Korean view against miscegenation, and the problem of Korean women having American babies and then abandoning them (this began in the 50s and may not now be as big a problem, I don’t know). 

    So the article is not about Swedes, but really about Koreans taking care of their own, and not “outsourcing” the parenting of their Korean born children.

    • The_Bobster

      Did she forget that S. Korea used to use baby mills as a major source of income? A  lot of the “orphans” weren’t orphans at all.

      Aging yuppie couples who want something to love should consider getting a dog.

      • anmpr1

         I believe the article says as much.  Not the part about getting a dog, but that too is good advice for Whites needing something to “baby.”  Adoption can simply be a racket, and I’m all for orphanages.

  • Things are more complex & Japan & other technological societies are imperiled, too.

  • I think they would “rise up” better with White parents….two White parents.

  • Herman

    It would be literally impossible for white people to do a worse job raising black children than black parents.

  • Anon12

    Just like the cuckoo bird… that is what these stupid Whites who adopt nonwhites are. Feed and nurture another species while they multiply and the “nurturer” dies off.