Why White Men Are More Attracted to Women with Asian Faces: Humans Are Hardwired to Fancy Other Races

Rob Waugh, Daily Mail (London), February 11, 2012

Are human beings ‘hardwired’ to find different the faces of different races attractive?

Scientists have discovered that white people tend to choose other races when asked to rate which faces they find most attractive.

The scientists discovered that white men prefer the facial features of Asian women while white women go for the faces of black men

Men and women aged between 18 and 30 were shown 600 faces of the opposite sex and asked to grade them for attractiveness.

The women tended to go for black male faces, followed by white and then Asian.

Men plumped for Asian women, followed by white, then black.

The Department of Psychology at Cardiff University, which carried out the study, says the results of their research are reflected in society.

Government figures show around one-and-a-half times more black men marrying white women than the other way around in the UK.

More white men have also been found to marry East Asian women—compared to Asian men marrying white women.

Dr Michael Lewis, who led the research project, said: ‘It will come as no surprise to many that facial attractiveness makes up part of the decision of who we marry.

‘And it’s no coincidence that groups perceived as more attractive—black males and Asian females—feature more often in mixed-race marriages.

‘In the past more measurable features such as wealth, status and fertility have been considered more important in how we choose out partners.

‘Our study matches the same patterns observed in the Government’s data on marriage.’

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  • Anonymous

    RamZPaul did a video about this on YouTube.  You should check him out and subscribe to him:


    I must admit I consider the attractiveness of women white > Asian, but Asian-looking whites are very attractive.

  • Anonymous

    Steve Sailer has explained this.  Asians have the highest concentration of natural body fat and blacks the least (emphasize NATURAL).  Since women have more body fat than men, this makes Asians the most feminine-looking race and blacks the most masculine looking.

    So that’s the direction interracial relationships go:
    Black-> White -> Asian 
    Male -> Female

    • crystal evans

      That is why most Asians do not need face lifts as we grow older since we do not have wrinkles.

      • Anon

        That is wierd. I sure have seen asian faces with lots of wrinkles.

      • Jenster

        Haha I’ve seen some poorly aged Asians and Whites. Blacks don’t age as bad as you all.

    • Excuse me?

      Since when did asian women become the most “feminine-looking”?  White Women are the Most Beautiful of them of all and that is why EVERY Race tries to date to them.

      • Damn right they are. From Greece to Iceland, Russia to Spain and in all of Europa’s colonies around the world, the white female reigns supreme.

        Asian women look simian. 

        • tenatesgigantus

          so why do Latinas dominate the Miss Universe pageant? or are they whites with a tan?

      • Idiocy

        Asian women being most feminine is a universal FACT, in which the order of masculinity goes from Black > White > East Asian. This explains why Asian men are also the most feminine out of the 3.

      • Jenster

        No society has taught you that. Everyone is brainwashed into thinking whites are the superior race.

    • Thank You

      The fat is found to be in their waistlines.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not convinced that the Human brain is hardwired to cause an individual to be attracted to memebers of another race. 600 people is a relatively small sample. I would also be interested to know how attractive were the participants in that 600. I have seen average-looking to below-average-looking males with oriental wives that they have picked up from Thailand or somewhere – these Thai-wives seem to think that coming to a place like the current UK is an improvement on their previous condition. Perhaps it is.

    I also feel that just because inter-racial marriages are going on, and there would have been an increase in recent decades due to massive immigration, this still doesn’t mean that there is any hardwiring (and therefore perhaps genetics?) going on. Inter-racial couplings are massively promoted by the media and Hollywood, so this is just perhaps a measure of their success.

    As for white women and black males, it is probably due to a perception of increased masculinity and testosterone. That still doesn’t make it acceptable. It would also perhaps explain why not as many white men are attracted to apparent testosterone-packed black females.

    However, news of white males coupling with orientals will no doubt make John Engelman happy.

  • Please, don’t. I’ve been reading & writing on this piece of junk science on Topix, amid tons of stupid discussions. I’ll just add my last stupid post & go to sleep- it may have no direct relevance, but, who cares.

    Point 1.

    I’ve seen on this thread, but also on many others, a few
    Afro-centrist nuts & their versions of history- examples of
    Afrocentric idiocies. Since no rational post re the
    issue has been written, I’ll just put a few lines, no mammoth lecture.

    1. human civilization exists for ca. 10.000 yrs, in proper sense ca.5500 yrs.
    A few great civilizations have risen & fell during those times, at least two (Chinese and Indian), transformed, still exist- but it was the European West that created global civilization & global values & fully unified the world. Your “white man” has created global

    2. this European civilization is a blend of at least three ingredients: Graeco-Roman heritage, Christianity & Enlightenment with rational & scientific discourse coming to the fore front.

    3. it was “white man” (actually, European peoples) who gave the world the way it defines itself:

    * phonetic alphabet (borrowed from Phoenicians, but adapted to Roman script)
    * mathematics & other sciences (Indians gave us zero and Chinese
    invented matrix calculus and a few other things, but as a unified human
    venture, science is completely Western)
    * democracy & idea of a free individual
    * the global high culture, form epic to the novel (non-European epics of
    worth are Mahabharata, Ramayana and Shahnameh, no actual novel outside
    European culture except Lady Murasaki strange and unique achievement)
    * polyphonic music no other culture can compete with
    * visual arts no other culture can compete with
    * all ideologies, from feminism, communism, fascism, eugenics, universal human rights,..
    * all inventions that changed the face of earth (cannons, steam machine & Industrial revolution, the locomotive, vaccination, strict hygiene, universities (in the Middle Ages), hospitals, antibiotics,
    electric power,computer, mechanical clock, planes, cars, TV, laser, A-bomb, wash machine, satellites,..)

    All other cultures & races contributed immensely less than the “white” European &
    American civilization. I think any rational person cannot dispute this.

    Point 2.

    Why this thread at all ? Various “white” peoples (Greeks, Romans, Iranians,
    Americans, French, Italians, Germans, Russians, English, Spanish,..):

    * invented the most of endurable culture (math, sciences, philosophy, arts,..). Chinese and Indians cannot compare, and Africans are not anywhere near.

    * engaged in most warfare in the world (hands down, Genghis Khan, but you’re an exception from the rule that goes from Alexander and Caesar to the WW1 and WW2 )

    * integrated the globe by conquering, one way or another, Americas, Asia and Africa

    * still- with adjunct members from East Asia (China, Japan) rule the world.

    Can one imagine an army of blacks fighting in Verdun ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Verdun  ) or Stalingrad ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Stalingrad )? No, I  cannot,too.

    Point 3.

    Blacks are constantly beaten in all martial arts & fighting sports:
    Ultimate Fight, K, Boxing, Kick-boxing, Kyokushinkai, Thai boxing… name
    it. They enjoyed temporary period of glory due to combination of Eastern Bloc boxers absence & relegation of boxing to a thug subculture Whites during 1960s to 1980s despised & evaded. Since this ceased- Blacks are beaten, by Whites from Russia, Germany, USA, Netherlands,
    Brazil,….literally used for floor wiping.

    Point 4.




    In comparison to the Whites, ALL races are:



    • Anonymous

      Actually the Jews deserve a large share of the credit for the A-Bomb. We would have got it eventually, but it would have taken a lot longer.

      And I’m not entirely convinced about the “intellectually” part. For all our inventions, we can’t beat NE Asians or Ashkenazi Jews on intelligence tests on average.

      But you make a good case overall.

      White people do have our weaknesses though, that we need to be aware of:
      * A desire to put everyone else before our own survival
      * Our technological ability is so high that we have the power to destroy the entire world if we’re not careful (I suspect we’ve already done this with Global Warming, fortunately we avoided doing this with the A-Bomb).
      * Our ability to wage war has often caused terrible suffering (mostly, but not exclusively, to ourselves).

      • OK, let’s address a “Joo issue”.

        1. Jews are- most of them- White.

        2. it is true that Jews were overrepresented during A- bomb design etc. in the US, but not so in the USSR (although Ginzburg was crucial partner to Russian Andrei Sakharov).

        3. counting last 150 yrs, Jews are clearly overrepresented in many scientific & creative fields. But, having this in mind, the majority of greatest & most important breakthroughts in all fields was a work of Gentiles- Americans, British, Germans, Russians, French, Italians, …

        4. IQ is not such a big deal. Great American physicist Richard Feynman- of Jewish extraction- has had IQ 125. Above average, but nothing spectacular, and completely incommensurable to his achievements.

        More on Feynman:


        Feynman’s Sunday school days apparently left him with a rather distorted picture of Judaism, and
        even after spending several days in the company of a group of rabbinical school students – described quite
        favorably in “You Must Be Joking, Mr. Feynman” – the achievements of 3,500 years of Judaism were lost
        on him. When I left Caltech for a week in October 1964 for the dedication of the Tel Aviv University
        campus, Feynman, Gell-Mann and I had dinner together and the subject of Israel and the Jews came up.
        “Why preserve this fossil?” Feynman asked me at the table, referring to the Jewish people. “Wouldn’t it be
        better to speed up assimilation?” As I tried to list the many contributions Jews had made to humanity,
        including achievements in modern science, he cut me off. “Jews in science? Compare that with the
        Hungarians! Look what an impact they’ve had!” To which Gell-Mann responded: “Don’t you know that all
        those Hungarians were Jews?” And apparently, he didn’t.

        At that point, the two of them began to discuss their Jewish roots. Although they had been
        working together for ten years, it turns out that this was a topic they had never broached before. Feynman
        even joked about the unusual way Gell-Mann spelled his name. “Where does the hyphenated Gell-Mann
        family come from?” Feynman asked him, hinting it was a cover-up to conceal his Jewish origins.

        • Bardon, I am an Askhenazi Jew. Jews are NOT white. We are a distinct ethno-racial identity. Jews are Caucasoids – yes, but whites? No.

      • Katherine McChesney

        global warming is a hoax.

  • Anonymous

    I guess the ‘hard’wiring was left out of me. I seldom find Asian: Japanese, Chinese, etc, attractive; they look alien to me and blacks often look.. brutal. 

    White women need their brains re-hauled if this is true. The ugliest and most repulsive people on the planet are black men, and their facial features are the worst of that. White women have become bizarre. It’s more like their brains were RE-wired than hardwired.

  • Anonymous

    So who do black men, black women, asian men, asian women, etc. “fancy?” The article doesn’t say. Is it  that people fancy different races, or that certain traits found more commonly in certain races are fancied by everyone?

    At any rate, this study doesn’t seem to square with the obvious fact that the vast majority of people choose to pair with members of their own race. 100 years worth of leftist social re-engineering policies throughout the Western world hasn’t made much of a dent in this fact.

    Speaking for myself, as a white man, white women are in a class of their own. Women of other races aren’t in the running, there’s simply no comparison. 

    I don’t feel the slightest bit bad about it either – it’s hardwired, so to speak.

  • Honestly, I find all non-whites unattractive, some races are absolutely repulsive to me. 

    Whites with ethnic background close to mine I find most attractive.  This seems very natural. 

    Whites, especially northern europeans such as scandinavians, celtic and anglo saxon are most appealing. 

    This is only healthy.

  • Anonymous

    If you are going to censor the slightest honest opinion of Asian women by removing my comment, then I can’t take your website that seriously. It lessens my respect for the site a little bit more.

    One suggestion may be to change the name of your site to Asian-American Renaissance. You’re pretty damn close to it now.

    • Anonymous

      I’ll leave you to it.

    • I guess John Engleman is in charge!

  • Of course I salute your wise words!! I agree,the black male is the ugliest of all;I cannot say more,I fear!

  • There were a few comments on the original article,one in particular I noticed:One “amy” of australia has found a non-white BF. She loves his skin and curry. Amy cannot–CANNOT,mind  you–go back to white men. Ever. So there.

    • Anonymous

      That’s OK. I know a place she could move to that’s absolutely full of curry, and skin like that. And if she cannot — CANNOT, mind you–go back to Australia, Ever, that’s fine by me.

  • A study done of white Britons in Britain at a British university?  Of course both white men and white women were going to say that some non-white race of the opposite sex was the most attractive, for in the UK, it is practically a hate crime for whites to prefer whites publicly in any fashion.

    Speaking as a white man, even if Asian women were more physically attractive, there are more important things than pure physical beauty.  I can only truly relate to a white woman.

  • Anonymous

    I agree Lisa. As a White woman I can honestly say I have never found a black man attractive….  not even the Hollywood types that black women seem to swoon over. I have also heard black women openly state that they don’t find White men attractive, and that’s A – ok, and natural as well. Of course I get called a racist for saying it, but that’s beside the point. Like another poster said about White women…. to me there is no comparison to White men. They are simply the most attractive males on the planet, hands down.

  • crystal evans

    I wonder if there were other factors involved with the selections.  For example, white men see Asian women as sexy submissive vixens who know how to take care of their men. Which is why they see them as attractive. In the same way, white women see Black men who think that they have large penises and know how to please them sexually.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Years ago, a white guy I knew told a group of us about the sex tricks Asian women use to to get White men. It was downright pornographic. White guys who go for them are nerds who can’t get White women.

  • Anonymous

    Diversity, multiculturalism and political correctness has so overcome England that somebody might even believe this drivel. Why, in another 20 years or so, these socialist scientists will be raving about the beauty of the muslim women who can only be seen through the eye slits of their black slavery garb. Eventually, socialism will grind down to the native population becoming slaves to Islam with the political elite who allowed it all to happen spread all over the world looking for safe havens from the Islamic masters.

  • Anonymous

    I call baloney.  As a white woman I do NOT find black males attractive.

    • Anonymous

      The fact is that more than a  few White women do

      • Anonymous

        Yes, but the majority of those women are desperate, and would have found white males more attractive if they were available to them.

  • Anonymous

    It’s absolutely impossible that humans are hardwired specifically to fancy other races, because there’s no possible way that could have evolved. Races evolved completely seperately. Also anyone who acted on this genetic impulse and passed on the genes for it, would have passed them on to mixed race people, not the single-race people they studied.

    It could only happen as a side-effect of something else humans are hardwired for, such as men wanting women who are more feminine and less masculine, and women wanting men who are more masculine and less feminine. And in the case of third-world people, the hard-wired desire to marry more successful people.

    But I don’t think that’s the main thing happening here (although it accounts for the different choices of different genders).

    Firstly, the 15% of white (married) people in inter-racial marriages didn’t get that way by choice. These were the unpopular white people who weren’t attractive enough to get someone of their own race, and out of desperation settled for third-world imports.

    The study itself is obviously flawed though, since in the real world we don’t see attractive white women turning away white men in favour of black men, which is what we would expect if this study were true.

    People aren’t selected at random for studies like this. As a scientist, I’d like to see studies choose people at random, but ethics committees don’t allow it. Instead what happens is the university staff put up posters saying something like “volunteers wanted for study on race and partner selection”. Since the researchers in this field are at leftist sociology focused campuses with lots of gullible leftist sociology students, that’s where they put up posters, and these are the heavily PC indoctrinated students that volunteer.

    Then the choice of photos isn’t likely to be randomly chosen representatives of those races. They don’t say “well, X% of black people are in prison, so X% of the black photos should be prisoner mug-shots.”. And I suspect the black photos are actually partly mixed-race.

    And of course the study is only on FACES, but the headline suggests that means they will be attracted to those races overall. If they studied other body parts, such as breasts, I don’t think the Asians would be able to compete. And black men’s obese bodies are unlikely to be the most attractive.

  • Anonymous

    Women tend to be much more selective about the race of their mate than men. In fact, is was and is not uncommon for men (including bigots) to routinely have sex with women outside their race.  

  • Anonymous

    Actually survival instincts evolved by natural selection. Those that don’t survive die out and don’t pass on their genes, while those that survive best pass on their genes the best. Leading to a gradual process of increasing survival instincts every generation. But aside from that, you are correct.

  • This “study” is a piece of junk science & propaganda, as I wrote on AA Topix. But, the thread is a hilarious & frequently very funny- as it is revealing about attitudes of various groups within Black (sub)culture.

    Essentially, as a Polynesian guy has humorously observed, the debate was about who’s better looking, Black men or women. Some Black gays voted for White males; most Black females thrashed Black men as ugly & stupid and drooled over White men; most Black men slammed Black women as fat,ugly & loud-mouthed; both BM and BW described the other part as White man’s slaves & lapdogs; Blacks exulted in their supposed physical masculinity & sexual prowess- just to be immediately put down, devastatingly, by Black women; …

    It seems that in Black community a few important ways of looking into life are:

    * physical appearance is almost everything. Blacks incessantly speak about skin color, hair etc.
    * they tacitly acknowledge that Whites are better in everything, and try a “last ditch” defense that
    they- Blacks- are better in “looks”
    * they are brutal towards physically unattractive people, especially Blacks.
    * Blacks obsess about miscegenation. They would- if they only could- erase themselves as a race.
    Forget about Black pride, Black love (interesting concept), Black this and that…
    This is just a smokescreen,  a therapeutic front.
    * Black women are … sad creatures. As all normal women – they would like to marry & have a regular life (I’m talking about articulate females, not junkie-thug types) with children & everything. But they cannot, since Black men are unreliable, and other races don’t find them particularly attractive.
    * Black homosexuals/gays are among most intelligent & reasonable posters
    * many Blacks believe in strange things: the strangest is, IMO, that White women dating Blacks is just a part of diabolic White man’s plan to destroy Black family structure.
    They sincerely believe in this.

    On the other hand, one Black man expressed an unusual perspicacity when he said that White men considered White females dating Blacks not to much as race traitors who need to be hanged, drawn & quartered, but more like mindless sheep who’d just written  themselves off their race contingent due to immaturity & inadequacy.

    • Blacks obsess about miscegenation. They would- if they only could- erase themselves as a race.


      many Blacks believe in strange things: the strangest is, IMO, that White
      women dating Blacks is just a part of diabolic White man’s plan to
      destroy Black family structure.

      Spot the contradiction?

      As someone much wiser than myself once told me, the more insane, ludicrous and baseless is an idea, the more likely it is that it will be accepted as common currency in the black community.  It’s a linear relationship.

      • The AA Topix is, literally, exposure of “Black mind”, better than years of psychoanalysis of  10 million people put together. If I were to sum up this mindset, it would be: mental & emotional immaturity, absence of critical thinking, obsession with sex & dating and race consciousness that determines everything.

        Sex & race are their two absolutely dominant themes, and they remain so in 100% Black environment.

  • Sure, but you have to admit it was a side- show. Dravidian ? I think that Chandrasekhar (Black holes, astrophysics, hydrodynamics,..) was a Tamil (though I’m not sure).

  • Anonymous

    Gosh I guess my hard-wiring’s gone amok. 

    In addition to this being junk science, do they mention how many oriental women get their eyes ‘fixed’ by cosmetic surgery? 

  • Anonymous

    Regarding women in this study.

    A few years ago, some research was done to see if women preferred strong, masculine men or kinder, and caring men.

    They had women look at a picture of a man on a computer screen. She would then use a sliding adjustment to morph the picture of the  man to look more masculine or more feminine.

    What they discovered was that when women were menstruating, they liked men who looked kind and caring. When they were ovulating, they like men who looked strong and masculine.

    The moral of the story. Keep your ovulating daughters away from testosterone fueled black men.

    • It depends on how you define “masculinity”. It seems that “masculine”, in popular culture, is “ape-like” or, at least, “rough”. “Masculine” men are- let’s use popular images- Arno Schwarzenegger or Stallone. Or John Wayne in older times. Perhaps Clint Eastwood, but this has more to do with his roles & public image.

      Errol Flynn, a prototypical old Hollywood movie “hero” wouldn’t be considered physically “masculine” because of his good looks. Gary Cooper and Clark Gable were true “macho” types, but I don’t know how would they fare now.

      Blacks, on the other hand- Sidney Poitier, Harry Belafonte… were relatively good looking Blacks, but I don’t see them as very “masculine”.

      Seems that image of “masculinity” has moved closer to the our ancestors primates template- no good looks, sheer physical, grunting appearance & something gorillaesque in neck- head area.
      It’s devolution, I’d say.

      • It’s funny because it’s true. We are to believe that a loud, obnoxious, grunting negro is attractive to women. Maybe the mentally ill.

  • Anonymous

    In his essay “RACE, EVOLUTION, AND BEHAVIOR: A Life History Perspective,” Professor J. Philippe Rushton of the University of Western Ontario, who has spoken at American Renaissance conferences, says that black men tend to have more testosterone than white men, and that Oriental women tend to have less testosterone than white women.                               
    That could explain why many white women think black men are more attractive, and why many white men think Oriental women are more attractive.         

  • Anonymous

    All these left-wing studies through the decades already have the results they want in mind before they commence their ‘research.’ Then they make sure their ‘findings’ match their pre-conceived ‘results.’

    I have never, don’t now, and would never trust a ‘study’ from any soft science from any college/university, any more than I believe I could fly to Mars by jumping really high.

  • white dude

    This ‘study is totally nonsense. As a heathly white guy I ONLY find White women attractive and worth my time.

  • “Scientists?”  How silly.    Then why are Asians getting plastic surgery to get rounder looking eyes?

    • I’m sure that’s about as rare as white’s who act like blacks. There are always some who are mentally ill. As far as who’s more attractive, it depends on the person looking at the pictures. I’m sure the study is bullshit. Did they use pure African men or those who were mixed? Did they chose unattractive white men?

  • crystal evans

    White men tend to find Asian women attractive because they a lot of them tend to be petite and they like petite women.

  • crystal evans

    I am just telling it like it is. If you look at ads for Asian mail order brides this is the type of advertisement that is used. That Asian women are more family oriented than western women, which is crock and that all they want to do is to stay home and have babies and take care of their husbands.  A lot of white men fall for this and marry these women and in five or six years, they have changed from the sweet submissive wife to a career woman. Go figure.

  • Anon

    Bet Nicole Simpson didn’t think so when he was stabbing her to death.  He was NEVER attractive in the first place.

  • If this is the case, then the following article: http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn3936-fake-liedetector-reveals-womens-sex-lies.html is, although purporting to be a realistic one, just another fairy tale.

    If so, the number of college educated female’s sex partners- any race (I mean partners)-  has to be multiplied by a factor 10-15.

  • Ed

    Good point……  I have heard that the English consider Pakistanis as Asian……..  I would think they’re more mid-eastern…..  but Pakistan and India are bordering both………which bring up Indians, from India, what race are they?

  • Ed

    Not true, I have spent years in those 3 countries and it is easy to tell the difference between them…….  as easy as telling a Norwegian from an Italian.  or a Spaniard from a Russian.

  • “with short legs and a squatty body”…. LOL! 

    The Asian girls I’ve dated have looked more like these gals than the ones you’re describing.

    • Thank You

      They had a ton of plastic surgery and bleached their skin. That includes leg surgery, to make their legs look longer and thinner.

      • mig

        lol u dumbass

  • This ain’t true.

    White People wouldn’t exist were it not for White People preferring White People.

    This “study” is nothing more than a ploy to make White People believe it’s unnatural to be with a fellow White.

  • I believe what you are saying is true. Many white women are behaving like sluts, getting drunk and sleeping around. Decent white guys don’t want that, so they’re turning to more conservative Asian women. I’m not saying all white women are like that, but a large number are acting like sluts and bitches – not exactly marriage material

  • In the end, the joke is on them as they are cheated on, beaten, and left with demon-spawns to care for.

  • Sorry, but testosterone level is a controversial issue. A few months ago I’ve given links to articles -scientific- published in 2010 or 2011 (not sure), which claim, unequivocally, that Whites, Blacks and Hispanics have more or less the same testosterone levels. I can’ find this article-or articles- but it seems that the flaw in earlier researches was that data hadn’t been adjusted to age and weight.

  • bluffcreek1967

    When a White woman dates or marries a Black man, she lowers herself. When a Black man dates or marries a White woman, he elevates himself (or so he thinks). From what I have observed, it seems that White women who pursue Black men usually have loose morals, they’re fat or down-right obese, have low self-esteem or just physically unattractive. I know there are exceptions to this, but this has been my experience.

  • bluffcreek1967

    There is an element of truth in this. White guys often do go after Asian women because they conduct themselves in ways that are a little more classy and feminine than many White women do. Asian women tend to not act as crass and dress more conservative than many White women as well. Generally, the Asian gals are a little more soft spoken and less aggressive and loud than than the White gals. Of course there are exceptions to this, and I am not saying this is the mark of all White women (or even of all Asian women). But if the White women are reared in liberal homes and educated in liberal schools, the less they will conduct themselves in a decent, feminine and classy manner. On the other hand, I have found that White women who are reared in a conservative or Christian home with strong moral values, and who attend schools where such values are reinforced, the less they will behave like the loud and obnoxious liberal White gals. Although not all males find the same things attractive in a woman, many of us still find women who are polite, gracious in speech, classy or refined, and feminine to be incredibly appealing. In my opinion, this is how White women who belong to a superior race should carry themselves. 

    • mig

      whites arent superior u dipshit

  • bluffcreek1967

    Just a quick note here. In my last comment, I was replying to crystal evans and partially agreeing with her – and NOT necessarily agreeing with the study mentioned in the article.

  • Dear Korean Fella,

    I agree first and second,

    you bring up good points, those being, “fat” (big-boned) and “less attractive” (I don’t blame you for being soft on your own People with that less insulting way of putting “ugly”).

    Those points you mention should be a part of Research.  They’ll never do it though ’cause Honesty is no longer a part of the Formula but you know this already.

  • Anonymouse

    Actually, this article is all incorrect. People are most attracted to their own race, with few exceptions. And the marriage demographics in the US certainly reflect that. Less than 9% of White men marry non-White women and more than half of that 9% is with Hispanic women (including White Hispanic women). WM/AW marriages made up less than 17% of that 9% and the Asian women included native Americans and Pacific Islanders. 

    That’s a super small number of White men marrying Asian women. They strongly prefer their own women. 

  • Dee

    I don’t find pale, thin lip, pointy nose and chin person attractive either. I guess this means I find most white people ugly.

  • Dee

    Although I agree that white people tend to be better looking but they age the worst, especially the men. After 35, wow, look out. I am an Asian woman and will not look at or even think about sleeping with a white man over the age of 35. My husband is Arab and he was hot when I first met him and still is. No, white men/women are not the most beautiful in the world, they tend to be “ok” looking for the majority but if one were to put each race next to each other (the best looking of each race), white would be way down on the list. I do not find pale skin, thin lips/chin male or female attractive, especially after these people turn 35 years of age. By the way, most white people enhance their beauty because they are rich (one way or another such as teeth straightening/whitening, hair coloring, etc).

  • Dee

    It has nothing to do with finding Asian women less attractive later on, it’s the cultural differences …

  • Thank You

    East Asians don’t look any more like Whites, than Blacks do. You’ve been fooled by all that cosmetic surgery and skin bleaching, that covers up their brown Mongoloid appearance.

  • Thank You

    Over the course the study, Hahm unmasked some myths common about
    Asian Americans. She said, “There’s a perception that Asian Americans in
    particular aren’t practicing sexually risky behaviors. But we found
    that Asian American young women are at risk of high STDs. For instance,
    Asian American women had a higher prevalence of STDs than White women
    in both 1995 (10.4% vs. 7.7) and 2001 (13.5% vs. 8.3%). The incidence
    of STDs (not diagnosed with STDs in 1995, but developed STIs in 2001)
    among Asian American women was also higher than that of White women.”

    Moreover, the power dynamic between genders became immediately
    clear. Asian American women were four times more likely to have a STD
    than their male counterparts. “This was shocking,” said Hahm, “It was so
    much higher than the males.”

    Accounting for the gender disparity, Hahm suggested that again,
    culture may be playing a critical role. “Condom use is hard in a culture
    where women are raised to be accommodating and polite.” She stated,
    “Asian and Pacific Islander women also have broader interracial dating
    patterns than Asian American men. This might explain why these women are
    exposed to higher rates of STDs.”

    Particularly troublesome to Hahm is the impending population boom of
    Asian Americans. “Forty years from now, Asian Americans are projected to
    be 11 percent of the national population. That could be a huge number
    of STD cases, in addition to related infections such as HIV/AIDS. It’s a
    potential disaster for public health. We need to understand the problem
    and create an intervention that works for these communities.”


  • Thank You

    In 2007 a study done by Columbia University on racial preferences in dating reveal this notion further:

    “We found no evidence of the stereotype of a white male preference
    for East Asian women. However, we also found that East Asian women did
    not discriminate against white men (only against black and Hispanic
    men). As a result, the white man-Asian woman pairing was the most common
    form of interracial dating—but because of the women’s neutrality, not
    the men’s pronounced preference. Men don’t seem to discriminate based on
    race when it comes to dating. A woman’s race had no effect on the men’s

    The general racism exercised by Asian cultures is not what I am
    concentrating on and it would be a good topic for another article. But
    as far as the topic on this posting is concerned, most Chinese women who
    chase white men do so because they are purely ignorant and racist. They
    are fascinated by what is called “white” and they want to be one. They
    want their children to look “white”. When you talk to a lot of second
    generation young Chinese women you will notice the extreme and
    exaggerated copying of typical young North American “white” women
    behavior and conversation styles; “Oh my god, like you know whatever”
    type of gibberish.

    Chinese women tend not to talk about their racist feelings and
    pretend that it’s white men who are attracted to them because of their
    petit figures, “exotic looks”, “small and mysterious eyes” and ageless
    features. But there are essentially three main reasons why we see more
    and more of White man/Asian woman combo: 1- the Asian woman chases white
    men relentlessly. 2- Then they worship their hunted white men like a
    king. 3- Some “white” men have no better alternative.


  • Thank You

    Political Cosmetics: KOREAN Skin Bleaching

    by Luigina Webb

    of Korean moisturisers appear to contain some kind of whitening agent.
    Without even noticing (much) my skin color has CHANGED (slightly)

    Clearly, the skin pigment has changed SOMEHOW due to
    skin bleaching chemicals in the face-wash or moisturisers that are being
    sold in Korea. I almost look TRANSPARENT. AND YES, I do in fact check
    the labels on products I buy (mostly).

    There are
    really not that many varying shades if you want to buy cosmetics in
    Korea, and most brands only stock two colors (if that); WHITE, and
    WHITER (not kidding).

    I can’t really be sure if changing your skin color is absolutely a NEGATIVE practice in Korea, but we should acknowledge that it is happening, and that it has some kind of underlying political message (although, KOREANS DO NOT THINK THAT COSMETICS ARE A POLITICAL ISSUE…It’s only me).


  • Thank You

    A Whiter Shade Of Pale?

    by Tony Wadsworth at BBC Leicester

    In Japan all skin creams contain a lightening agent.


    why do you want to be white? 2007/9/10 14:35

    Are there any beauty products in Japan that actually DON’T make you pasty and pale!! I
    already look like a ghost after living here for 3 years! I want to be able to buy a quality moisturiser without smearing bleach-like chemicals all over my face..
    by Why?


    Re: 2 weeks in Japan. Advice Please 2011/10/3 19:36

    i cant use many products in japan for lotion since they use alot of bleaching or things similar in their formula.
    by ZimziGirl88


  • Thank You

    South Korea Has World’s Highest Rate Of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

    by Asian Plastic Surgery Guide

    1. South Korea
    2. Brazil
    3. Taiwan
    4. United States
    5. Japan
    6. Thailand
    7. China
    8. India


  • Thank You

    Asian Eyes

    by Christina Valhouli at Salon

    For Soo-Young
    Chin, an assistant professor of anthropology at the University of
    Southern California, having the eyelid surgery done at birth, as some
    parents choose to do to their children, is no different than
    circumcision or a clitorectomy. “When I was studying in Korea, I saw a
    lot of women with double lids. I asked one woman why, and she said it
    was because her whole generation was born that way. Obviously her mother
    had had it done to her at birth, and never told her. Well, she’ll
    figure it out when she has kids of her own.”

    In Japan and Taiwan,
    stores sell tubes of eyelid glue and pre-cut tape that women use to
    create a fold. Other girls, says Caroline, “hold their eyelids back with
    toothpicks to ‘train’ them into place.” But for those who balk at
    sticking toothpicks and forks in their eyes (visions of “A Clockwork
    Orange”) there is a third option — plastic surgery — where a permanent
    crease is stitched into place and excess fat is sucked out of the eye


  • Thank You

    South Korean Teens Buy Dreams Of Beauty In Plastic Alley

    by Anna Gizowska at The New Zealand Herald

    want it all,” says Dr. Ing Gon Kim, owner of the Apkujung Feel
    Aesthetic Clinic and one of Seoul’s best-qualified plastic surgeons.

    are born with small eyes, wide and flat faces, and flat, low noses,”
    says Kim. “What they would like are larger eyes, narrower and more
    oval-shaped faces, and higher and narrower noses.”

    As in the rest
    of Asia, South Korea’s primary cosmetic obsession is with the eyes.
    Having bigger eyes is every girl’s dream and it can now be realised
    through a simple operation in which a small incision is made above the
    eye to create an artificial double lid.

    Such is the preoccupation
    with beauty in Seoul that girls are even having their calf muscles
    reduced by 40 per cent to gain slimmer legs.

    Some Koreans even
    want their faces lengthened and their cheeks made more angular. Some go
    as far as having their jawbone reshaped to attain a slimmer face.


    • Katherine McChesney

      They want to look like White women.

  • Thank You

    Peer Pressure Plastics: Surgery For Kids

    by Chisu Ko at Time Magazine

    kids drop into the plastic surgeon’s office after school, and when they
    get home their folks can barely recognize them.

    As in the rest
    of Asia, South Korea’s primary cosmetic obsession is with the eyes.
    Having bigger eyes is every girl’s dream, and it can now be realized
    through a simple $800 operation, in which a small incision or suture is
    made above the eye to create an artificial double lid. Teenagers as
    young as 14 are doing it, and eye jobs have become a favorite high
    school graduation gift from proud parents.

    “Teenagers are plastic
    surgery experts,” marvels Dr. Lee Min Ku, a Seoul surgeon whose
    patients are mostly in their teens or 20s.

    Park [Sang Mi], now
    20, doesn’t have plans to return to the clinic immediately, but wants
    liposuction performed on her thighs some day. Meanwhile, she’s
    considering her friends’ advice to trash her old photographs.

    make their kids get plastic surgery,” says Dr. Shim Hyung Bo, a plastic
    surgeon practicing in Seoul, “just like they make them study. They
    realize looks are important for success.” Which means that in today’s
    Korea, getting your eyes done can be easier than getting the keys to
    dad’s car.


  • Thank You

    Complications from injectable materials used for breast augmentation

    Walter Peters, PhD MD FRCSC1 and Victor Fornasier, MD FRCPC2

    Near the end of World War II, prostitutes in Japan used industrial-grade liquid silicone extensively. United States servicemen preferred women with larger breasts than those of Asian women. Barrels of industrial-grade silicone began to mysteriously disappear from Japanese
    docks, destined for injection into the breasts of these enterprising ladies, to cater to their potential clients.


  • Thank You

    Kim Jong Il Requires Waitresses To Get Facelifts Before Sending Them Abroad To Earn Money For The State

    by Robert Johnson at Business Insider

    A source with a long history of visits to Pyongyang explained to The Daily NK yesterday, “When I was in Pyongyang last year, I heard from someone related to the North that since the start of the 2000s all waitresses had double eyelid surgery on Kim Jong Il’s instructions,” and added, “It seems that Kim Jong Il places great importance on the appearance of workers in restaurants earning foreign currency.”

    Sources say the girls are mostly young university students born in Pyongyang who receive the surgery for about $17 and are closely watched while abroad.

    According to Slate, around 100 North-Korea-owned restaurants worldwide serve delicacies like barbecued cuttlefish, dog meat soup, a mountainous selection of kim chi and uniquely Pyongyang products like bear and ginseng wine for enhanced virility. The prices are steep and all listed in U.S. dollars.


  • Thank You

    Cosmetic Surgeon Claims 95% Of Korean Stars Had Gone Under The Knife

    SHANDONG, CHINA: A renowned Korean cosmetic surgeon claimed on Tuesday that 95 per cent of the celebrities in Korea had gone under the knife, reported Chinese media.

    “In the Korean entertainment industry, cosmetic surgery is a pre-requisite to entering showbiz. Just at the hospital I work at, a few hundred celebrities have had work done,” said Shin Yong Ho, who was invited to Jinan city in Shandong, China, as a guest by a local cosmetic surgery hospital.

    Shin himself heads a hospital which claims it had performed cosmetic procedures for a third of Korea’s A-list celebrities.




  • Thank You
  • Thank You

    High Hopes

    by Hannah Beech at Time Magazine

    “They told me that Chinese
    diplomats have to be tall,” says Xiaowei, “because foreigners are tall
    and we don’t want to look too short next to them.”

    Still determined, Xiaowei visited a Shanghai surgeon who promised the seemingly impossible: to add 7 cm to her height.

    Dr. Xia Hetong, a surgeon at Beijing’s No. 402 Hospital, is a pioneer of
    limb-extension surgery for patients disfigured by birth defects or
    injury. Since he started offering cosmetic leg-lengthening a few years
    ago, he has performed more than 600 operations. His patients have grown
    by an average of 9 cm. More than 70% of the women are college educated.

  • Thank You

    Ugly Images Of Asian Rivals Become Best Sellers In Japan

    by Norimitsu Onishi at The New York Times

    As those sentiments took root, the Japanese began acquiring Caucasian features in popular drawing. The biggest change occurred during the Russo-Japanese War of 1904 to 1905, when drawings of the war showed Japanese standing taller than Russians, with straight noses and other features that made them look more European than their European enemies.

    “The Japanese had to look more handsome than the enemy,” said Mr. Nagayama.


    • bang2tang

      so what? It’s already known South Korean have obsession to have more western face…

  • Sean


    Do you have any evidence to substantiate your claim?

    Blacks have more estrogen, which explains their mood swings and unique “sociability”.

  • bang2tang

    really? I thought asian girl prefer white man than asian

    • Magician

      Most Asian women that date outside her race look like this

      And on YouTube, when typing in “I love white guys” and look at the results, there is not any Asian woman


      replace [dot] with an actual dot

  • TC

    What a croc of propoganda!

  • Patriot

    Many hypothesize racist people are of low intelligence and/or mentally ill. The evidence speaks for itself.

  • mig

    but most importantly at all is that im asian and im the most attractive human being ever

  • mig

    stfu idiot

  • Katherine McChesney

    Orientals is the improper term for them. They should be referred to as East Asians.

  • … interesting. though i have never found a black man attractive. and this coming from a japanese woman

  • Taina

    So ignorant.

  • Tai

    There are some angry sounding white people here. It’s ok to state an opinion but why bash other races in the process? I love ethnicity and exotic features. There are beautiful Asian, Hispanic and Black women just the same as white women. America has always glorified white women since their arrival here and looked down upon any other race of women, especially black women. So I can see why it still exists to this day. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. To each his own but let’s not put down the beauty of other races.

  • Jenster

    Not all black women have flat wide noses…honey I’ve seen Asians with wider noses than Blacks. Brillo pad kinked up hair…sorry everybody doesn’t have to look white to be beautiful! I’ve seen some very ugly whites that look like monkeys.

  • Jenster

    You people are disgusting. If you find any Asian attractive, I don’t see how you wouldn’t find any other race attractive. Every race has ugly and beautiful in it. You all mirror insecurity.

  • Jenster

    You people truly need help. Also the idiot that wrote this article needs help. Beauty has nothing to do with race. There is no such thing as the most beautiful race! Sorry to crush your dreams. Every race and good and bad, attractive and unattractive. Most of you white people can see past that, as your forefathers taught you that you were superior. I don’t hate you but I think your views are the main reason that racism exists.

  • Jenster

    I’ve seen beautiful black classy women that age well, don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery. They dont have to pile on makeup like other races of women. Not all black women are ugly! There are ugly people in other races as well. White included…get off your high horses.

  • Jenster

    Too bad you won’t find it here. Not with all these Neo-Nazi freaks hiding behind their computers.


    Damm so black women are just plain ugly

  • Lu Yun

    I am an asian, I think this article is not fair but your post is not fair either. Love is something that between individuals, two hearts and their personalities, you can never know what kind of the person is if you never know her/him. You surely can say that you don’t like black people or you think whites don’t like asians, that’s alright and I don’t care but how can you evaluate someone just by their races or appearances? If you conclude that all white-asian loves are like some”mail order” bride cases, then I have to say what you show me are shallowness and racism(sorry to type this but you make me feel like this). I believe that most people will like those who are kind and nice because I do, which I care most when I want to get whatever a friend or boyfriend.

  • Lu Yun

    This article is not fair enough, but it let me see that so many white women start to turn their feelings to hate and even racism, it shouldn’t be like this. Love is not a thing between races or appearances.

  • John Smith

    Lol dailymail as a citation? Dailymail is NOT AN ACTUAL factual site and reports nonsense clickbait articles. That article has 0 citations on it. I know plenty white guys/girls don’t like asians or blacks.