The Flaw in This Racial Hoax: She Spelled One Name Right—Her Own

Minding the Campus, Mark Bauerlein, Feb. 7, 2012

Another racial hoax on campus surfaced this week, this one at University of Wisconsin-Parkside.  WTMJ reported on Feb 2nd that a noose had been found in a residence hall on the previous afternoon, then threatening notes had been sent to the person who reported the initial incident the next morning, along with other African American students.

The university moved swiftly, with investigations and meetings involving UW-Parkside police, campus public safety officers, the “office of diversity and inclusion,” and the dean of students.  The university claimed that “the individual who reported the first incident is cared for,” and administrators held meetings with 30 students “to hear their concerns.”


Then came this story two days later.  A student confessed that she made up the threatening letters, although she says she had nothing to do with the original rubber-band noose.  She carried out the hoax, she claimed, because the original threat, the noose, wasn’t taken seriously enough.  (It isn’t fully clear that the string of rubber-bands did, in fact, signify a noose.)  She has been removed from campus and is facing charges of disorderly conduct and obstructing an officer.  She sent one threatening note to herself, and one reason she was suspected by the police was that her name was the only name spelled correctly on the “hit list.”

UW-Parkside Interim dean of Students says that “the school is re-evaluating how it handles racist incidents in the future.”  One wonders what this means.  {snip}

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  • Anonymous

    Wow, they caught her so quickly that not even Al Sharpton had time to waddle down from his chair at MSNBC and try to destroy the lives of several innocent white people. Such a shame.

  • The incident was big news in Wisconsin, with the usual TV reports of the Dean and others concerned about racism on campus.  Then the culprit is caught.  Had it been a white, what would the penalty be?  But because the perp is Black, there will surely be a lesser punishment.
    What ever happened to equality before the law?

  • She sent one threatening note to herself, and one reason she was suspected by the police was that her name was the only name spelled correctly on the “hit list.”

    This is an obvious fabrication.

    I want proof she got her name right.

  • Anonymous

    We certainly know enough Black lives have been destroyed by White racism.

    • Anonymous

      Not recently. 

  • Anonymous

    Oh my, what a laughable, pathetic country this once fine nation has become.

    Just need to start over… racial spoils, no baby-momma-bennies, no anchor babies, stop ALL 3rd-6th world immigration.

  • Anonymous

    If white racism did not exist, blacks would need to invent it in order to explain their inferior average performances and high crime rates. White racism persists because it is reinforced generation after generation by those performance problems and crime rates. 
    Stereotypes are over generalizations, but they are over generalizations of what is usually true. Even those who hate Jews do not claim that Jews are stupid.
    Most blacks and most white liberals are aware that the anti black stereotype has a lot of truth to it. That is why they suppress a candid, public discussion of black social pathology, while hypocritically calling for “a dialogue on race.” 
    America needs a dialogue on race. The opinions expressed on American Renaissance need to be expressed during such a dialogue without political, economic, and social sanctions. 

    • Anonymous

      No, they’re generalizations, not over-generalizations. In fact, they are probably under-generalizations, given that people generalize between both their real observations and the anti-racist propaganda they receive, to form the stereotypes that they hold.

  • Jessie

    “…the one mane spelled correctly…” We should give her credit for THAT much,at least! I guess she learned somthing in Head Start after all. I wonder  if she was trying to radicalize some black males to get their attention,romantically.

  • Anonymous

    It’s getting to the point that I roll my eyes when I read one of the “racist campus incidents”.  When I read one of these, the first thing that goes through my mind is that it’s a hoax.  Why don’t minorities point to the number of hoaxes as evidence of how far our society has come in the past 50 years.  It’s a non-topic except for the minorities.  Why is it that they have to continually make up these stories?

    • Anonymous

      LOL.  They caught the person because her name was the only one spelled correctly.  Reminds me of the story of the girl that claimed she was beaten up by evil “right wing lunatics” back in 2008 who carved the letter “B” on her forehead (“B” for Barack apparently).  Only problem, she spelled the letter backwards on her forehead – exactly how someone would write it on the own forehead – rather then how someone would carve it if doing it on someone else!  The stupidity is breathtaking!

      • The first racial hoax news I can remember was ca. 1994, either Cleveland or Columbus.  A black man was caught spray painting Nazi/Klan graffiti in “dah communitee.”  The obvious hint that it was a hoax before they caught the hoaxmonger was that the swastika was drawn incorrectly, he spelled that German political party “nasie,” he wrote the three “K” letters backwards, he drew the image of a hangman’s noose, then spray painted an arrow noting that his artwork was a “roap,” and to top it all off?  He misspelled the N-word N-I-G-R.

        Stereotypes exist for a reason.  People often justify them.

      • Anonymous

        I had forgotten about that one.
         I am a bit worried though as I always put rubber bands on doorknobs as it is easy to find them. Can I be accused of harboring an unassembled noose?  If that idiot young man in Louisiana named Munson got prison for a extension cord “noose” on his truck and those stupid fellows got prison for a raccoon up a flagpole, shouldn’t this fool woman get some time also? But she got what, nothing?

      •  Something similar happened in east Texas just before 9/11. A black woman claimed she had been gang-raped by whites, who also carved “KKK” on her chest with a knife. Police became suspicious when they noticed the K’s were backward. Sure enough, she had carved them herself while standing in front of a mirror.

        Even after the woman fessed up to the hoax, the local Nazis Appearing As Colored People (NAACP) chapter insisted her original tale was true and demanded investigations from everyone short of the UN Security Council.

        When reading online news articles about blacks, I often have to check the top of the Web page to make sure I didn’t accidentally log on to The Onion.

        • Anonymous

          That’s a good one too.  Good thing the KKK wasn’t called the MMM or she never would have been caught.  I like your NAACP definition. 

          Also, I haven’t heard of TANSTAAFL since 9th grade World Communities.  Mr. Silverman used that acronym all the time.  Definitely NO free lunches!!!

          •  I can’t take full credit for the NAACP rename. Years ago black conservative commentator Walter Williams called them “the Klan with a Tan.” I just took that and ran with it.

  • Anonymous

    The same thing happened at Ft. Benning (GA) in 1994 when I was stationed there. Someone had posted anti black literature all over the Post (Army Base). The literature threatened to kill blacks. Blacks went around threatening and beating whites.  The FBI was called out to investigate and find out who made and posted the threats. They found out it was a group of (black) yoots. After it was exposed that the culprits were black, the blacks started back peddling and said it was just to bring attention to racism, and what could happen. Nothing happened to the blacks who beat whites.

    On another Army post, around the same time, a black man going through Special Forces training reported being threatened by Neo-Nazis, and that someone had painted a Swastika on his bedroom door.  A week later they found out that he painted the Swastika himself, and that he made everything up because he could not make it through Special Forces training and was getting booted out.

    • SStephens

      Thats quite the colorful handle you have there buddy!  Its a tad askew of THIS site though.  From what I can gather, most of us whites here are educated.

      • Anonymous

        He’s not talking about us.  And he’s absolutely right.

        Don’t put too much stock in “education.”  This country is full of “educated” blacks.  Education does not make intelligence.  That’s an innate quality.

        •  I heard a better term. They are “credentialed”.  Educated folks have an education.  The “credentialed” have paper.

  • Anonymous

    ” My desired effect will be more mad Whites who get fed up and decide to fight back. ”

    It won’t happen the way you think. The white boobs will get fed up alright, but they will go after other whites. They will claim that blacks were forced to do these things because not enough is being done against racism. The solution to failed diversity is more diversity, the solution to failed affirmative action is more affirmative action, the solution to fictitious racism against blacks is more real racism against whites.

    Whites R Dumb

  • This black “student intended innocent Whites to be charged and vilified for her racial hoax, no doubt, as the result of her own abhorrence for Whites. As such, shouldn’t the student that perpetraited this hoax be charged with a hate crime?

  • I’m sure that “she beez a good keeid, she din’ do nuffin!” will be heard from her mammy shortly.

    • Anonymous

      Unamusement Park has a good series of posts on these laws of crime according to black people. The one on “there’s more to the story” was very funny.

  • Anonymous

    This is about the same as a black professor at Columbia who was accused of (and found guilty) of plagiarism and accused everyone of racism in the charges and  hung a noose on her door to prove the racism.    She was a professor of psychology and education and specialized in the study of how race and racial prejudice affects clinical and educational dynamics.  She was afforded ample due process before being found guilty of plariarism as the investigation went on for 18 months.

  • Anonymous

    These were the names of black people, as spelled by single black mothers on their birth certificates. Spelling them “correctly”, in the sense of the same way, isn’t as easy as you might think.
    But I share your opinion of her mind. Which gives you an idea of the level of thinking of the people who fall for these hoaxes.

  • Anon

    Yes, I remember that vividly.  We never hear about any retractions from our media, that is for sure. That is why most Whites “think” it is OUR race that does all these deeds. But then again, we know who and what our media is and what their agenda is.

  • La Santa Hermandad

    On a Florida news station this morning there was video from Atlanta showing a gang of 4-5 Tambulas (for those of you who are old enough to remember Ramar of the Jungle TV series starring John Hall) beating and stomping another guy who appeared to be Black. It was reported that the guy was gay. The “youths” are going to be charged with a hate crime by Federal authorities.

    If the victim had been White and straight there would have been no Fed. involvement.
    I hope they throw the proverbial book at these bastards but it’s the discriminatory policy of the DOIJ.

  • Something similar happened in Dallas about 15 years ago on the eve of a state legislature vote on a hate crimes bill. Somebody vandalized a black church in the South Dallas ghetto where no whites would ever venture.  Blacks were outraged and the media screeched that it was proof that the state needed to pass the hate crimes bill.  After the vote, the police finally released eyewitness testimony that people had seen several black men vandalizing the church. Of course the media didn’t seem to think that was newsworthy. Nor did they ever question the allegation that some white guys dared to venture into a mini-Mogadishu ghetto and vandalize a black church 

  • Anonymous

     they cannot spell affirmative action but know how to line up to fill the quota for these spots. dumb down dumb down…are the diplomas earned at these universities worth anything?

  • We need to start calling these hoaxes what they are: blood libel.

  • I call it–and all Critical Race Theory–what it is: conspiratorial slander.

  •  Fresno state, and the black candidate was fishing for sympathy with a race hoax? How dumb can one get? The dominant populations of the Fresno area are Mexicans and folks of Armenian descent.  Neither one are exactly fans of blacks.