More Depressing News from Duke

KC Johnson, Minding the Campus, February 22, 2012

For insight into the corruption of the modern academy, look no further than Heather MacDonald’s extraordinary article on the recent controversy at Duke. Two Duke professors, Peter Arcidiacono and Ken Spenner, and a graduate student, Esteban Aucejo, produced a paper showing that African-American students at Duke disproportionately migrate from science and engineering majors to less challenging majors in the humanities. {snip}

The campus crusade [against the paper] was led by two of the most extreme faculty members from the lacrosse case, Karla Holloway and Tim Tyson; that such figures could have any credibility left after being so wrong so often in their lacrosse case commentary speaks volumes about the low standards for truth on contemporary campuses. {snip} But the low point in the affair came when several Duke academic administrators published an open letter in the campus newspaper, the Chronicle. After empty language about academic freedom, the letter lamented how the “conclusions of the research paper can be interpreted in ways that reinforce negative stereotypes.” {snip}

The list of signatories included Dean Lee Baker, one of three members of the Group of 88 (the faculty who took out an April 2006 newspaper ad to proclaim something “happened” to false accuser Crystal Mangum) to be promoted to a Duke deanship since the start of the lacrosse case. (A fourth Group of 88 member was elected chair of Duke’s faculty senate.) But the letter’s most surprising signatory was Duke provost Peter Lange.

During the lacrosse case, Lange was the only senior member of Duke president Richard Brodhead’s administration to behave in a consistently honorable manner. He stood up to “potbanger” protesters who rallied outside his house. And he took action to bring to a halt the most egregious instances of faculty misconduct—in-class harassment of the lacrosse players; false claims that whole departments had endorse the Group of 88 ad, when no department had even voted on the matter—although he didn’t punish any of the faculty wrongdoers. {snip} And, it appears, Lange made a similar political calculation when he elected to sign onto the recent Chronicle letter.

Ironically, thanks to filings in the unindicted lacrosse players’ lawsuits against Duke, the controversy over the research paper coincided with the first revelations of the administration’s internal deliberations at the height of the lacrosse case. Perhaps most significant was an April 24, 2006 e-mail exchange between Brodhead, Lange, and a third senior administrator, Larry Moneta, discussing how the administration should frame its public response to events. The e-mails were penned a few days after Brodhead had traveled to the Durham Chamber of Commerce for his first public remarks after the arrests of Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty; even if the students were innocent, the Duke president declared to rousing applause, “whatever they did was bad enough.” What Seligmann and Finnerty had done was to attend a party they played no role in organizing and drink some beer.

In the e-mails, Brodhead implied that the movie Primal Fear represented a possible prism through which to view the lacrosse case. (In the film, Ed Norton plays a sociopath who commits a murder but fools his attorneys about his guilt.) But the e-mails’ most striking aspect came in the limited range of options about the case that administrators were willing to consider. Two weeks before the e-mails, defense attorneys had announced that none of the DNA from Mangum’s rape kit matched any lacrosse player. Given that Mangum had described a 30-minute gang rape in which her attackers didn’t use condoms, the DNA results seemed to suggest that she wasn’t telling the truth.

Yet none of the administrators appear to have considered, if only for the purposes of contingency planning, the possibility that a rape didn’t occur. Brodhead noted that he was not “confident that the players are innocent though certainly a large number of them are of criminal charges.” By this point, even Mike Nifong was conceding that “a large number” of the lacrosse players were innocent of criminal charges.

That Duke’s upper administration seemed unable or unwilling to consider inconvenient evidence (by this point, the university’s overheated response had been based on an unquestioned assumption that a crime occurred, and so the case’s implosion threatened to blow back on Duke) helps explain how the university so badly botched its response to the case. And the administration’s appeasement of the Arcidiacono et al. paper’s critics suggests that this closed-mindedness remains firmly in place at Duke.

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  • History has, in past 200 years, shown that academic environment, both in Europe & in the US, was, predominantly- a Mecca for cowards & opportunists. Back in 1930s, they didn’t stand up for Jews in Goettingen or Vienna; they ridiculed women-scientists in France & Germany in 1890s; they applauded to Gulag devouring of Nikolai Vavilov in 1930s during Stalin’s purges & the Lysenko affair;  they dumped Lawrence Summers from Harvard presidency because of his rather innocent remark on women’sposition in higher echelons of exact sciences.


  • Detroit_WASP

    And the “victim” Crystal Magnum is now facing murder charges.

    I forget how many kids she has currently.  She will likely birth more while in prison.  THANK YOU TAX PAYERS! 

    • The_Bobster

      Too bad. She done grajeeated college ‘n eberythang.

      It seems anyone can get a college degree these days-especially if they go to North Carolina Central University.Standards of integrity there have long been dismal: This is, after all, the school that gave violent felon Solomon Burnette a diploma in 2007. Burnette, you may recall, robbed two Duke students at gunpoint in 1997.After finishing a 13-month prison sentence, he had the audacity not only to enroll in Arabic classes on our campus in April 2007; Burnette also penned a column I and many others interpreted as inciting physical violence against white Dukies in his student newspaper.Unfortunately, however, 2008 marks a new low… even for NCCU.Just this month, the university graduated Crystal Mangum, the drug-addled, mentally unstable prostitute who falsely accused three lacrosse players of raping her two years ago.Mangum is an accomplished liar and criminal, and a credible school shouldn’t have allowed her within 50 miles of its graduation ceremony.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Great avatar, Detroit!

      The WISE Alfred E. Newman uttered some of THE most profound, insightful observations ever. Here are two:

      These days, the only time politicians tell the truth is when they call each other a liar.

      Nowadays, a balanced diet is when every McNugget weighs the same!

      –Alfred E. Newman


  • Natassia

    Seriously, when was the last time a black woman was gang-raped by white men in this country?

    • Heinrich24

      Hard to imagine there was a first time.

  • radical7

    It probably happens more often than not, but the victims are reluctant to file charges. This is commonplace among rape vicitms of all races. It happened routinely in the 1940 and 50s , especially in the south.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      You mean like Crystal Magnum, who LIED about being raped by several White boys?


      In today’s political climate, accusations of White rape mean national news, a book deal, TV appearances, free lawyers and a massive payout (which the LIAR did not receive).

      Nevermind the lives ruined if they are White, because in Holder’s hypocritical NWO, Whites are not protected by Civil Rights Laws and nothing happens to accusers of Whites.

      ‘The list of signatories included Dean Lee Baker, one of three members of the Group of 88  to be promoted to a Duke deanship since the start of the lacrosse case. A fourth Group of 88 member was elected chair of Duke’s faculty senate. 

      Seems falsely accusing Whites of rape is good for one’s career.


    • Alexandra1973

      You’ve got to be kidding.  Why would they pass up an opportunity to play the ghetto lottery?

  • radical7

    To Natassia and all of you who are in denial:

    You may want to check out a book “At the Dark End Of The Street.” It was written in 2010. The author is Danielle McGuire. She is a History Professor. The book has been reviewed on C-Span, the “Wall Street Journal”, The “New York  Times” and several other major publications.

    The book is a riveting account of the large number of Black women who were raped by White men from the 1940 up until the 1970s.   One of these women was interviewed by USA Today in 2010. Her name is Recy Taylor. In 1944, she was a 22 year old Black woman who was leaving a church revival service and was walking back home.  Along the way, she was forced into a car by six young White men who took her to a secluded woods and ganged raped her. Her story was heartbreaking.

    All of these young men were from prominent families. One had a father who was the county executive! Another had a father who was a partner in a law firm. These were upper income White men. Ms.Taylor is now 94 years old. Her story is far from an isolated incident. The fact is that White men raping or coercing Black women into sexual activity has had a long history from the days of slavery to the present.  You can find out more about this book and other book reviews on the book from, barnes and booklist etc… The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.  

    There are several other works that discuss this topic

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      radical7:I did Google (actually I do not use Google, I use DuckDuckGo which, unlike Google, does NOT track IPs, I suggest everyone switch) At the Dark End of the Street.

      It seems Danielle McGuire was paraded around by the White-hating liberal media  — the exact same media that refuse to report the disproportionate black-on-White crime figures from the government’s own DOJ and FBI.  Why is that?   No one paraded Jared Taylor around when The Color of Crime was published even though every figure M. Taylor used was 100% verifiable.

      According to U.S. Government official crime figures,  37,460 White women and girls were raped by Black men in the United States in 2005. That is more than 100 White women raped by Blacks every day.

      Have you ever seen this terrible offense reported anywhere? 

      And, as long as we’re telling inter-racial rape stories, was the following reported anywhere except on AR and a few other pro-White issues sites and locally in Texas?   Why was THIS not national news like the Tawana Brawley or Crystal Magnum hoax cases?

      Unlike your anecdote from the 40s, the following story is from 2011 (from Larry Auster):

      A 16 year old high school cheerleader is gang raped by a football star and three others. The rapists are caught in the act, DNA evidence also proves the rape, and THEY WALK. Rakheem Bolton is offered a plea bargain and is punished with anger management classes. He returns to school. Then the cheerleader who was raped goes back to school, rejoins the squad and when she is told to cheer for her rapist she remains silent. For not cheering for her rapist she is kicked off the squad. The whole case is proof of the degeneracy that settled on America and Europe.

      Image #1:  From a Department of Justice document Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2005, “Victims and Offenders”  

      The document has since been taken down.


    • MrGJG

       radical7, you are a twisted individual. You have to go back 68 YEARS to dig up some “heartbreaking” story of alleged white and black rape.
      I, on the other hand, need only to go back 15 MINUTES to find a case of the reverse.
      That’s right rad, every 15 minutes in this country one of your beloved misunderstood pets is raping a white woman. You, radical7 are a black apologist who is so brainwashed about your white skin color that you can no longer feel empathy for white people. You have more empathy for the black rapist than you do the white victim.
      You are a psychopath when it comes to white suffering.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Don’t leave $harpton out of the equation!!  The Tawana Brawley case catapulted this fat fraud onto the national scene and we’ve had to suffer with him ever since.

    Tawana Brawley and Al Sharpton charged several white men with rape, including prosecutor Steven Pagones  whose name Brawley had picked out of a newspaper article

    Sharpton not only refused to apologize, he dared Pagones to sue him for defamation. Pagones obliged. A jury unanimously found Sharpton liable, and Pagones’ lawyer spent years trying to get Sharpton to pay the judgment. To this day, Sharpton refuses to apologize to Pagones, who said he received death threats.


  • MrGJG

    “Before the Mangum rape the last black female gang rape victim in the US
    was Tawana Brawley who was brutally raped by white men in 1987.”

    LOL!  Classic.