Louis Farrakhan Warns of Racial Hatred That Could Lead to Attempts to Kill President Obama

Dan Hinkel, Chicago Tribune, February 27, 2012

In a fiery lecture to thousands of followers of the Nation of Islam on Sunday in Chicago, Minister Louis Farrakhan warned that racial hatred could lead to attempts to assassinate President Barack Obama.

Farrakhan spent much of his oration decrying what he cast as Satan’s influence over racist forces in politics and society before asking a pointed rhetorical question: “Do you think they’re wicked enough to be plotting our brother’s assassination as we speak?”

Farrakhan delivered his speech to an enthusiastic crowd of adherents packed loosely into the United Center for the Nation of Islam’s annual observance of Saviours’ Day, which celebrates the birth of the faith’s founder, W. Fard Muhammad. {snip}


He spoke for more than three hours on a broad array of topics, excoriating U.S. foreign policy, suggesting that the 9/11attacks were a government-planned pretext for war in the Middle East, lamenting recent extreme weather and attacking mothers for serving their children food from McDonald’s. He also returned repeatedly to a topic that has attracted intense controversy in the past: the influence of Jews in politics and media.

Farrakhan drew a distinction between noble Jews and followers of “the synagogue of Satan,” and he pointed to a recent incident in which the publisher of a Jewish magazine suggested Israeli security forces could help preserve Israel by killing Obama. He attacked Israeli policies, while also directing criticism at perceived Jewish influence in the U.S.

“Jewish people were not the origin of Hollywood, but they took it over,” he said, blaming the entertainment industry for degrading the country’s morality.


Near the close of his speech, Farrakhan spent several minutes comparing Obama’s political situation to that of Abraham Lincoln, who was assassinated after winning a second term, and suggested an assassination plot against Obama might involve a “patsy,” a person set up to take the blame for a broader conspiracy.

“I believe they want a Muslim to kill President Obama,” he said.

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  • B

    A negro blaming Jews for degrading our culture! One can only laugh at that delusional, blabbering, superstitious buffoon. Take a walk through a Jewish neighborhood then go for a walk in a black neighborhood and see which one is more degraded. Black culture is the absolute bottom of the barrel.

    • Hirschibold

       As Pat Buchanan pointed out in his recent book, Jewish fertility rates are below white ones. I wonder, once the Jews are gone and there is still misery in the world, who will there be left to blame?

      • Rebecca

        Hasidic replacement rates are far above everyone with the average family having 6 to 10 children. Hasidic jews are the core of Judaism, it’s root if you will, and are all that socially, racially, and politically matter in terms of Jewish survival. The less conservative Jews are useful, brainwashed idiots who will eventually die out with the rest of liberal white society. They help protect the conservative core while taking the flack for being duplicitous for their at once liberal and rabidly nationalist ideals. They are the crucible that society is being molded with, and when they fall away the communist state will be in place with Hasidic Judaism firmly entrenched, and protected, as the last remaining nationalist people. A priest class for the world, if you will, with no culture left that can compete in terms of effective cohesion or intellect.

  • Hirschibold

     Here’s something of which Louis Farrakhan remains willfully blind. Real Muslims, the ones in the Middle East, regard the NOI as a backwards bastardization of Islam. They consider American blacks Muslims with about the same level of credulousness as Israelis regarding Yemenis as Jews. In other words, Captain Bow-Tie and his band convicts-cum-clergymen are a joke, albeit an occasionally dangerous one.

    The Nation of Islam managed to murder their only hope to gain genuine political traction decades ago. As it stands, the NOI exists for the same reason Trinity Church exists in Chicago: to build bigger houses for the leaders.

    Scientologists seem sane next to these people, and that is saying something.

    • Sonya610

      Real Muslims, the ones in the Middle East, regard the NOI as a back wards bastardization of Islam.

      Back wards is putting it nicely, which is how most real Muslims see it.  NOI has their own Islamic Prophet which goes completely against the Quran. Can we say heresy?

      Real Muslim’s consider NOI to be a sad joke that is leading the gullible into hell. They do feel sorry for them though, which is why they  allow them to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca (possibly hoping those ignorant blacks will receive knowledge and God’s grace during the pilgrimage?).

      If anyone else were to announce a prophet AFTER Mohamed they would be heretics but in the case of NOI they are just considered well…incredibly stupid and black.

  • This guy is just simply a moron

  • sbuffalonative

    Mr. Farrakh[CON] has made a living by stoking black paranoia.

    • Anonymous

      Just like Tim Wise, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and countless other enablers.  Unless I’m wrong, these men live in nice white neighborhoods and haven’t invested a dime of their own money to blacks or ‘black causes’

  • bluffcreek1967

    “Farrakhan delivered his speech to an enthusiastic crowd of adherents”: Yes, Blacks are always ready follow some charlatan who will blame all their problems on the Jews and Whites. I’ve run into several NOI bow-tie followers in L.A., and they all had chips on their shoulders. They try to intimidate others by their presence, but they are nothing more than thugs dressed in suits who adhere to an aberrant view of Islam! These fools aren’t even aware that Arab Muslims view the NOI as religious quacks and heretical. Their disdain by most Muslims in the Middle East is compounded because they are Black.  American Blacks who convert to the NOI out of their hatred of the White man and Christianity do not realize how low they are viewed by the Arab world. Remember how they were treated in Libya during its most recent civil war?  

    • Anonymous

      They also hate Asians and Hispanics and Indians (from India) and anyone else they think is better off than them.  Farrakhan isn’t stupid, though.   Old Louie uses his speaking skills to draw people into black supremacy.  His followers promote his stuff while he lives in a nice mansion in a white neighborhood with all those ‘white devils.’    Notice how these anti-white people live around whites, or get their money, etc?  Notice how they don’t live in the hood or move to a third-world country?

  • Heinrich24

    “…blaming the entertainment industry for degrading the country’s morality.”

    Remember that old saying about the broken clock…?

    • stvsmith

      media made black culture hip. millions of young boys from every walks of life want to be like a black man name 50, tupac, dmx, u name it.  he should be thanking the white man for doing so.

  • JohnEngelman

    If President Obama is assassinated groups of whites throughout the country will openly celebrate, and blacks will riot. It will be worse than what followed the assassination of Martin Luther King.  

    • blight14

       The absolute WORST part of the scenario is it will serve to make Oblahblah into a ‘martyr’ of sorts akin to MLK…….let this disaster run its own course, the LAST thing we need is to falsely elevate this bumbling buffoon into some sort of hero…..

  • It is a sad day when we need a Black man to warn us about what those whom David Irving call ‘The Traditional Enemy’ are up to. 

  • Farrakhan may have some experience with setting up a patsy to commit an assassination. 

  • ageofknowledge

    Don’t panic Louis. The flying saucer will be along any day now to rescue you from the spawn of Yakub.

  • anarchyst

    There was an article by a jewish rabbi (about two weeks ago) in an Atlanta newspaper in which the “good” rabbi uequivocally stated that the mossad should “take out” the o’bama if he does not represent israel’s interests properly.
    Most of our “mainstream media” did not pick up the story . . . if the proponent of the o’bama’s demise were (an ordinary) white, they would be charged and incarcerated by now . . .
    Louis Farrakhan was merely stating what was in the article . . .

  • Anonymous

    Robert Mugabe and BHO and Farrakhan are ‘the true caliber of the black man’?  According to who?  Self-hating whites?  Black militants? 

  • Anonymous

    He will tell you they were government plants by ‘the white man.’

    • stvsmith

      another noah’s ark in the making…a new religion maybe?? who will rewrite history and tell the story again?

  • Sorry for being repetitive.  However, I think the racial grind that many politically active white-something else mixed race people carry is that since they’re not purely white, then nobody else should be purely white.

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s because they feel inadequate since they aren’t fully one race or the other or they know it’s fashionable today to be of a mixed race or hate whites.  A hundred years ago these whites who were only part white would have done their hardest to be ‘white’ and light-skinned blacks and light-skinned hispanics would have dropped their Hispanic last names–as did Italians, Poles, Germans, Jews, etc–to fit in.

  • most of the comments on this site sound alot like Farrakhan’s.  Don’t worry about it, eventually after we all [email protected]*ck each other, we’ll all be one color anyways.

  • did you know that hilter was paid by rich jews to kill other jews

    • stvsmith

      lol. it’s a common fact: your own will kill you for big bucks. simple, they are sought after mainly to kill their own.  that’s why only a few are rich, ever wonder why?

  • stvsmith

    wait all of a sudden he’s protecting obama?  he wanted us all to vote for ron paul? he must of lost his fans, i wonder if he now considers ron paul a white devil?