If GOP Caves on Immigration, ‘No Republican Is Ever Going to Win Another National Election’

Frances Martel, MediaIte, February 11, 2012

Returning to TV the day after both she and her preferred presidential candidate took the stage at CPAC, Ann Coulter stopped by Fox & Friends this morning to discuss the recent Rick Santorum mini-surge and her conviction that Mitt Romney must be the next president. She also fended off the now-usual criticism of Romney as a moderate by pointing out his stances on immigration and why being tough with illegal immigrants was of vital importance: “if we lose on that issue, the entire country will become California and no Republican will ever win an national election.”


Host Alisyn Camerota then asked about Romney’s speech yesterday at CPAC, and wondered whether Romney’s repeated use of the word “conservative” (29 times!) in his speech was a sign that “he doth protest too much.” “The poor guy can’t win!” replied Coulter, adding that he was the most conservative on the issues most important to her, particularly immigration. “Republicans are chomping at the bit to grant illegals amnesty, not because they have some love for Hispanics, but because they have a love of big business,” she told the hosts, adding that the issue was so crucial because “if we lose on that issue, the entire country will become California and no Republican is ever going to win a national election.”

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  • Anonymous

    Coulter [said]  “Republicans are chomping at the bit to grant illegals amnesty, not because they have some love for Hispanics, but because they have a love of big business.”    
    –  Frances Martel, MediaIte, February 11, 2012 


    She’s got that right.

  • She can recognize that, but she loves blacks so much, and she’s so far in the tank for Romney that there either has to be some payola involved, or she’s been promised a high level job in a Romney WH.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah her love affair with Romney is a bit much.  At least of immigration, Romney may be the best of the 4 remaining.  But it is no reason to swoon over him.

    • Anonymous

      I can’t believe he’d do something like that.  That’s a guaranteed approval killer.  There’s not a liberal alive that doesn’t want to see her blood running in the streets and plenty of conservatives only disagree with that as a matter of degree.

  • Anonymous

    One thing I like about Mormons is that unlike other groups of whites, when Mormons reach the post-Industrial phase of development, they keep having kids. Most other categories of whites who spend too much time in the hallowed halls of the Ivy league tend to have few or no children.

    • Anonymous

      It’s too bad the Amish have rejected technology. I believe they reproduce at twice the replacement rate.

      If they can repel the dark hordes, maybe the meek shall inherent the earth after all.

      • I wonder, will it be The Amish, the ones who do Not Depend upon Technology, Machinery or any such Man Made Stuff, who beats us all?

      • Anonymous

         I have thought of them recently, as well.  I wonder if as whites, we really wanted out of this anti-white system, if Amish accepts converts.  I think that technology will fail along with the entire system.  The skills the Amish have preserved are the very ones needed to survive in the future.  The one problem is medicine.  Without cheating there, it will be difficult for the Amish to keep all the resultant pandemics out.  So it’s either join them, or at least form a group that imitates them.  There is also a chance that all white enclaves might succeed in Utah.  The history of the Mormons do show however that there is a kind of tyranny involved in such communities, to wit; the recent polygamy cult of Warren Jeffs.

  • Anonymous

    Oh please! Can any awakened person possibly believe that Mitt Romney actually intends to follow-through and take such a hardline? This GOP tough-talk is always just talk. They are always fire-breathing rightwingers…until they are elected. For God’s sake…who that honestly follows politcs hasn’t caught on to this game yet?

    As for Coulter – well, if you believe her a serious voice for matters pertaining to White traditionalists, then I suppose you have much to learn.  

    • Anonymous

      Well we can know that neither of the other 3 will do anything.  Gingrich is too concerned with hypothetical illegal alien grandfathers who’ve assimilated to address the real issue of unassimilated masses south of the Rio.  Paul, despite having a traditional and sane interpretation of the 14th amendment, dabbles into anti-government conspiracies when asked about building a border fence.  And Santorum, the weakest of the bunch, looks at the hispanic illegal paternally as another good Catholic, just like him–despite the high rate of out-of-wedlock births and murders in the hispanic immigrant community.

      Romney, if left to his own devices, wouldn’t be for anything except low tax rates (which I’m all for) and broad platitudes about “America.”  But with the right pressures put on by the right people and Congress, I think Romney would play ball.  If Romney’s wishy-washy enough to support government-mandated health coverage in Massachusetts, might he be wise enough to support immigration enforcement if pressured by those people who put him into office?  One can hope, at least.

      • Anonymous

        Whatever pressure Romney might get from those “right people” in Congress(who might that be, actually?), he will get five times as much pressure from all the usual suspects on either side of the aisle. He doesn’t strike me as being nearly sturdy enough to weather that type of onslaught!
        I say again, if Romney gets elected, and turns out to be a true hardliner on this “immigration” nightmare, I’ll be glad to state right here that I was as wrong as could be – but I so sincerely doubt that will happen, I can’t say I anticipate having to do it!

      • Anonymous

        An overwhelming majority of American citizens oppose illegal immigration. Even a lot of blacks I’ve spoken with recognize the harm caused due to the importation of cheap unskilled labor. Black ‘leaders’, however, don’t say a word because they are in the race pimping industry and anything that may hurt whites, even if it hurts blacks as well, they support. With a majority conservative congress, Romney may do some actual good. The problem is the treasonous business lobby. It is nice to hear a Republican establishment columnist like Ann Coulter actually criticizing the sacred corporate lobby. I also don’t have a lot of faith that Romney will keep his word but we have to support someone and I don’t really see an alternative.

      • romney play ball – Not with hispanics being a large part of the Voting Bloc.  romney has a Natural Affinity for hispanics and that can’t be ignored.

        • R P

          Don’t be talking about Mitt Romneriez like that Stephanie.

          • I heard romney say “My Father is Mexican”.  Well, My Father is American.  What else do I need to know?

            I want an American who is for Americans.  I don’t want someone who needs to proclaim their non-white side in order to ‘one-up’ the other non-white panderer.

    • Anonymous

      Heinrich24: “They are always fire-breathing rightwingers [on immigration]…until they are elected.”


      A small challenge, Heinrich. Name one — just one — “fire-breathing rightwinger” Republican on immigration who did an about face when elected.

      • Anonymous

        Kris Kobach.

        • Anonymous

          No explanation, Eagle? 

          Kobach wrote Arizona’s SB 1070 and advised countless other governments on immigration legislation, including Lou Barletta’s Hazelton, PA.   As Kansas’ AG he can defend KS legislation.  He can’t vote on it.

          Where’s the 180? 

          In any case, my challenge was to Heinrich.  All I asked for was one example.  He seems to have disappeared.  Wonder why?

          • Kobach is such a presence in Kansas that it’s making Gov. Samnesty Brownback kinda-sorta swing our way.  When he was in the Senate, Brownnose was as open borders as a Republican Senator could be, except he said “no” to white South Africans, “because they would bring racism.”  Now, as Governor, he’s pushing for illegal alien children of illegal alien parents not to get food stamps.

            Why the change?  Before, he was in the Senate, simply voting on budgets.  Now, he’s the Governor of Kansas, where he has to help formulate budgets and enforce them.  That, and I think he fears a primary challenge from Kobach in 2014.

          • Anonymous

            I read your question wrong.  What I meant to say was that Kobach *hasn’t* done an about-face.  You (and Question Diversity) are exactly correct about Kobach being very pro-active in defending the rights of states to enforce immigration laws.

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t specifically say “on immigartion,” you added that.  In general, Republicans are never so conservative as when they aren’t in office, in power, etc. It all TALK. Are you denying this?

        • Anonymous

          Heinrich: “I didnt’ specifically say “on immigration”…”

          The title of the article to which you responded — “If the GOP Caves on Immigration…” — AND the content was “specifically” “on immigration” and Romney’s position.  Then you made your comment about GOP politicians being “fire-breathing rigntwingers until they are elected.”

           There NO — zero examples — of Republicans taking “such a hardline” (your comment on the article’s content, which was about Romney’s position on immigration) and then doing a 180. 

          You got caught exposing your ignorance.


          • Anonymous

            Who died and left you the moderator of this forum? I don’t give a rat’s tail what you think on this matter quite frankly. I didn’t specifically say what you are implying – because that isn’t specifically the point! The point is that mainstream “movement conservatives” have a habit of talking tough and presenting themselves as being hardcore conservative stalwarts (Romney misses NO opportunity to refer to himself thus) when stumping for office, then turning their back on the base (that is to say White Americans), or just generally drifting leftward politically. Even the talking-head Limbaugh types acknowledge this!

            So the point was, why should we believe all this tough talk on immigration coming from Romney – a man with a political record that isn’t exactly in keeping with a hardline stance on “controversial” issues affecting White America – and “immigration” is on the top of that list.

            This is silly – if you think Romney is “your guy” then by all means support him. But don’t expect people who have heard all this bluster scores of times before to but into this like the “great White hope” has arrived.

            Nobody died. This moderator is still alive and well.

          • Anonymous

            Ron Paul  is my guy.   Ignorance can be dangerous.  That’s why I responded.  Nothing personal.

          • Anonymous

            It can indeed. On Ron Paul we can agree!!

      • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Who knows about Mitt?, however the Mormon church is wishy washy on illegal immigration officially, and unofficially the general Mormon opinion appears to be pro illegal–just more potential LDS conscripts.  I don’t trust these people at all.  They appear to be essentially neocons of a different stripe.

    • I also heard some time ago that they were going to team up with muslims because they’re not that far apart in Beliefs.

      Mormons believe in Plural Marriage, No Rights for Women, No Smoking or Drinking Coffee and other such stuff right or no?

      • When Muslims start strapping bombs on their seven-year olds and send the seven-year olds onto buses full of non-Mormons because they won’t literally believe in The Book of Latter Day Saints, then you’ll have a point.

        BTW, Romney’s father (American) was born in Mexico because his parents (Americans) were in Mexico doing missionary work.  If there was any truth to this “birther” stuff about Mitt Romney, it would have bubbled up to the surface when George Romney ran for President in 1967-8.

        • I wasn’t talking about jihad, I was talking about the so-called “moderate” ones.  I meant having things in common like, more rights for men than women kind of stuff.  You know no one acknowledges the violent parts in the koran and when they do, they always say it’s not meant as literal.

          Also, I never said I was right, I said I heard.  According to you, it’s wrong.  Okay.

          romney – I don’t know.  What I really focus on is how a Candidate is willing or not, to count Americans First and so far, I see none.

          No one is willing to talk about Legal Immigration.  Illegal is not the problem (enforce the law) but Legal is.  No one will address it and so for me, that’s all I need to know about them.

          • anarchyst

            There is NO SUCH THING as a “moderate” muslim.  Muslims are commanded to obey ALL edicts issued by their imam. 
            The koran is written in such a way that the later passages take precedence over the  earlier passages.  The word “islam” means “submission”, NOT “peace”. 
             Taquiya (lying to your enemy) and Dhimmitude (allowing infidels to live because their skills are needed while affording infidels NO rights under islamic “sharia” law) are two concepts that hold sway in islamic countries and are coming to a country near you . . .
            To prove my point, where is the public outcry from American muslims about our service people being attacked because someone burned a koran??
            Muslims should be marginalized and treated as the “enemy within” . . .

      • Anonymous

         I think the only rule on your list that hasn’t been overturned is smoking, and I wonder about that one too.  The rule was no caffeine.  But when the Mormon Church bought Coca Cola (they have large financial holdings, especially in food commodities)  it was suddenly okay to drink Coke.  I also think they drink decafe as well.  You’ll find a funny kind of feminism at work within the Mormon family as well.  Most of the kids go to public schools and they get the same propaganda there as everyone.

  • Anonymous

    Nice to read a mainstream conservative arrive at the same logic we all have.  Libertarians and fiscal conservatives (of which I am one) can decry government interventionism in the market, high and complex taxes, and welfare programs.  But reasoned and principled arguments against the expanse of government’s authority only works with people who have the ability to understand fairly complex ideas like “personal sovereignty” and “individual liberties.”  To a working class immigrant or minority, vote D because your benefits will be higher.

    The only way for fiscal conservatism to advance is for fiscal conservatives to win elections.  The only way for fiscal conservatives to win elections is for a majority of voters to be fiscal conservatives.  The only way for fiscal conservatives to be a majority of the electorate is to maintain a demographic make-up where people more likely to be attracted to the idea of fiscal conservatism are the majority.  In other words, the best friend of “color-blind” fiscal conservatives who want their agenda furthered is racially conscious Whites who believe low taxes and unnecessary regulations from government are wonderful ideas.

    • Anonymous

      This is an excellent point that I’ve tried to make to many self-proclaimed libertarians, but alas to little or no avail.  The society they envision cannot possibly work without a homogenous population.  I hang around a number of libertarian websites and if you bring up race in the comments sections you’d think you were at Huffington Post.  You get the exact same visceral reaction. 

      Very little is ever said in these places that is positive about America.  The American people are roundly ridiculed and criticized, as though the people commenting aren’t Americans themselves.  They also refuse to accept the need for “an imaginary line drawn in the dirt,” as they call it (we know it as “the border”), to demarcate where sovereignty begins and ends.  They don’t make the connection between national sovereignty and property rights. 

      But back to your point about fiscal conservatives in the electorate.  The populace was never made up of chiefly fiscal conservatives.  But the electorate was, through the restriction of suffrage.  The expansion of suffrage has always been the death knell of free societies because the lower classes will always vote themselves gifts from the treasury, as the old saying about democracy goes.  Argentina was one of the ten wealthiest countries in the world in 1913.  In 1912 they granted universal male suffrage.  In the very next election the conservatives lost.  It all went to hell after that.

      This society is going down, the only question is with a whimper, a bang, or in flames.  When we rebuild it we need to restrict suffrage.  Not to the moneyed White men; I think votes should be weighted according to your contributions to society, home ownership, business ownership, taxes paid, etc.  That way my vote won’t be cancelled out by the bum sleeping on a park bench under a newspaper. 

      • R P

        I think votes should be weighted according to your contributions to society, home ownership, business ownership, taxes paid, etc.

        Just like living in a condo. Those who do not have a stake should have no vote.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        This is an excellent point that I’ve tried to make to many self-proclaimed libertarians, but alas to little or no avail.  The society they envision cannot possibly work without a homogenous population. Oh, the society they envisioned worked all right!  Multi-culturalism and equality worked “just fine” in the Soviet Union —  because the Kremlin sat on the warring tribes of the Soviet Empire.  When the Kremlin inevitably collapsed in on itself, wars broke out across the former workers paradise.  By the year 2000, after 10 years of  of a new era of “peace and brotherly love”, more than 100 wars had broken out and more than five million people were killed.Governments have been creating empires since the beginning of time, including in America.  All have fallen apart  The American empire is now falling because we’re broke and have been bled dry by Washington DC to prop up America’s empire. There are a lot of angry, rebellious people out there.We have been conquered — by our own federal government.There are no less than a quarter-million federal bureaucrats making and enforcing regulations on us. And each of these regulations is backed by guns, chains, and prisons.There are now 100 million hostile nonwhites in America who are being told by the media and schools that the White race it the reason they are poor, miserable and destitute. Yes, there will be violence (well, there already is) as the American empire breaks apart and people sort themselves out as they did in the old Soviet Union.Everything Everythingbreaks along racial lines. The people you have been commenting on “trying to change their minds” are either fool or planted subversives.Bon

  • Anonymous

    1. Coulter is catching hell for even bringing up the importance of immigration, give her credit for having the same balls as pat Buchanan, you can  see how he is being treated as a pariah  for daring to discuss the demographic time bomb of immigration.

     2, Romney has a lower grade than santorum on immigration from Numbersusa, but santorum wants to carry water for Isreal and invade Iran, do not think Romney does .

     3. wil romney actually make a difference in immigration” He can talk the talk, but will he walk the walk.
    In my humble opinion, everybody that goes to wshington, no matter how much they swear they will reduce immigration  and enforce our immigration laws, somehow, someway, turns into a weasel.

    4. However, coulter and Buchanan and Steve sailer are right, this dance ca’t go on much longer.  If the GOp does not focus on self preservation, immigration will turn them into the Whig party and history will move on leaving them and our once brave country a sad memory.

    • Juggernaut

      Romney certainly DOES want to attack Iran, stating during one of the debates back in Nov:

      If all else fails, if after all of the work we have done (through crippling sanctions and supporting insurgents to encourage regime change) there is nothing else besides take military action, then of course you take military action.

      Is he a Mormon or a Moron?

      • Hello Juggernaut,

        I was just thinking about you the other day.  Where’ve ya been and how have ya been?

    • Romney is less likely to invade and occupy Iran than Santorum or Gingrich.  But I still think he will, because his FoPo and Defense advisers in his campaign, which would largely migrate to the State Department and Pentagon in a Romney WH, are mostly Bush 43 retreads.

      • Zorro

        These are the reasons why I like Ron Paul.

    • Zorro

      All these Candidates, minus one, Ron Paul, are CFR members, and Globalists. Barry and his wife are also CFR members.


    From now on the GOP will just be a regional party after it destroys the TEA and helps insure Obama is re-elected.  The GOP just wants the be involved with helping to spend the money and no longer cares about running the nation.  It is over. 

    • Forget the tea party.

      They fold far to easily and it shows them to be weak and all to willing to repeat the process.  They were accused of racism and now they have black leaders and even immigrant leaders.  I won’t do that.  I won’t any non-white leading me.

      I don’t mean to be a snit but my experience with them was not good.  They actually had the nerve to suggest to people to not use obama’s name on any signs “because a) it’s a red flag and b) because it kinda makes us gag.”  Submission is what I found it to be so I quit.

      Strong White People is who you need to surround yourself with and nothing but.

      • R P

        Forget the tea party.

        Exactly. Herman Cain was when they lost all credibility. Their magic negro ….

        • Not just that, they actually called themselves “all inclusive”.

          If you can’t figure out that being all inclusive is to be nothing at all, you can’t lead me.  You either Stand for something or you don’t.

  • Anonymous

    Because if we restrict legal immigration she’ll have a harder time finding the “swarthy men” she loves to date.

  • romney has a “Mexican” Father.  This is the most important thing.

    Mexicans are an extremely Proud bunch and I’m sure romney has quite the affinity for hispanics.  You can bet your bottom dollar his father instilled that in him.

    • R P

      His name is Mitt Romneriez

      • Are you serious?  It would make sense, that’s for sure.  ROMNE(y).

    • Anonymous

       I saw the news bit on this.  His grandfather moved them their because they were Mormons and Mormons were undergoing persecution in the U.S.  They didn’t marry into Mexican families, at least not his direct family.  What wasn’t mentioned, and I suspect is that they moved there because of the crackdown on polygamy.  Who knows what a genealogical chart would show?

      • Interesting.

        I must still say and, here it comes, AS A Lady, I’m not going to share My Husband and I can’t support people who believe in that kind of sharing.  Call me, Greedy…

  • Now this, this doesn’t surprise me.  There was always something I didn’t like about her but I could never put my finger on it.

    • Anonymous

       She was dating some punjab a while back too.

      • That’s it.  I will never give her a moment of my time ever again.  I haven’t listened to her for years now anyhow but I definitely never will now.

        I can’t handle race-mixing.  I can accept a homosexual more than I can a Race Traitor.

  • How so Very True.

    I don’t blame White People for being afraid because they’re right, who’s gonna pay the bills?  Only White People feel and act Responsibly and so in order to Pay Bills, the Price for that is Silence.  I hate it.  I wish White People weren’t forced into that.

    LIARS – I gotta say, I thought this sounded funny.  It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out who is employed and who is not.  Even the Blacks get this.

    conservative – You’ve probably noticed how their children go to “Private” Schools.  I’ve heard some of them admit it when they were talking about School Issues.

    • Zorro

      Whites need to break free of the “looking for a job” mentality and actually make their own work by forming businessses with other White people.

      Think about all the White people out of various types of jobs, due mostly to NAFTA and offshoring of our Manufacturing base to China, India, and Mexico.

      Now, if these White people were to take some money out of their 401Ks and invest it, with their former Co-workers, that are now also Unemployed, they would form a new Business, with excellent skills from all Owner-Workers, and they can now compete locally, with the same Company that gave them the boot, while going Nationally, through the Internet.

      White people need to purposefully disengage from the rest of Society, as the Amish have, and let the rest of the decadent Society fall apart.

      • RIGHT!!!!

        Now, how do we do it?  We need to form a place to go to submit ideas, submit plans, seek investors and to find and make friends if we want.  We need a Headquarter.  I don’t know why Amren doesn’t do it.

        What do ya say Amren?  Are you up for it?  I’ll help ya.

  • obama will only get another term due to Fraud.  Even some Blacks are discouraged by him.

    If Blacks are reminded time and again how they are without work, they just may not bother to Vote at all.  They won’t Vote for a White Man, we all know this but they won’t for a black man who did ’em no good neither.  Show The Black Folk what a Traitor obama is to them and they’ll turn.

    hispanics are a problem.  They will “vote” anyway in fervent hopes of, for finally, gettin’ that Amnesty most hispanics want and this is why romney must not be the nomination.

    The Silly Whites, we all need to work on.  Gently is what I prefer because I find abrasiveness, like for me for example, to be too strong sometimes.  Shock is good but only to a point.

    As to your Immigration Concern, Livelihood is Directly Connected.  It’s us or them.  Long time non-whites will understand this and will act accordingly with some gentle prodding.  Reminding them of how good they had it before the Invasion will sway them to Vote White or not at all.

  • I Loved Star Trek!

    You want Prophetic?

    “In proportion to their numbers, they will share with us the legislation.  They will infuse into it their spirit, warp and bias its direction, and render it a heterogeneous, incoherent, distracted mass.” – Thomas Jefferson – Notes on The State of Virginia – 1787 – Query Eight.

  • Jupiter7;
    It always amazes me that the whites of Canada and the US can’t just observe what our futures will be by paying attention to the hell that is South Africa.  Even with a majority, whites after all are still targets for a racial war in North America.  Can we even begin to imagine what our worlds will be like when we are the minority?  So on the one hand we have the Republican Party selling out our birthright for business and on the other, the Democrats interested in perpetually winning every election and deconstructing traditional America through multiculturalism.  Well, that takes the problem out of the realm of elections, since either win is an eventual loss for all of us.  Perhaps that is the reason the ultrarich and elites are buying compounds in other countries, on other continents south of the Equator?  They know the fix is in, that being the destruction of America.

  • Like it freaking matters who wins……..I give the USA 2 years MAX before everything comes crashing down and we will be forced to fight and then we can rebuild, no dems, no repubs, just the United States our founding father’s intended under the Articles, NOT the constitution

  • Anonymous

    She’s right.

    “Republicans are chomping at the bit to grant illegals amnesty, not
    because they have some love for Hispanics, but because they have a love
    of big business,”

    The left aren’t complete idiots. They are right about big business not being trustworthy, and about normal workers having completely different class interests to the rich and powerful. Too bad they can’t understand race, or recognise their own position within the system.

  • Anonymous

    Republican Bush has 8 years to stop illegal immigration. I wonder what happened.

  • Anonymous

    James Watson thinks most of the genes that correspond to high IQ will have been found within the next 6-11 years.  I pray that when that happens whites will find a way to undo all the lunatic policies that helped lead to a less white America. 

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Ann Coulter on illegal immigration and what happened to California.  However, in 1994 California Prop. 187 known as Save our State (SOS) was a ballot initiative to establish a state-run citizenship screening system.  The initiative passed overwhelmingly only to overturned by the courts saying basically that it’s  unconstitutional to be mean to illegal aliens.  Southern California is now known as Baja California.  
    Very recently Major Antonio Villaraigosa prevailed on LAPD Chief Beck to basically allow illegals driver without driver licenses.  The California Vehicle Code calls for  the impounding of cars beinging driven by people without licenses but the LAPD will not enforce that law because most drivers without licenses are illegal aliens. 

    You +1’d this publicly. Undo

  • Anonymous

    Romney has the best immigration grade (NumbersUSA) of any Presidential candidate. Plus, he tends to listen to the GOP base on most issues. We just need to be extreme firm on this issue – Romney isn’t anything like George W Bush on this live or die issue. Also, Romney’s father was run out of Mexico as a young person when Leftist Mestizo revolutionaries ran the Mormon’s out of Mexico in the early 20th century. Mormons are not stupid about race.

    The biggest problem in the US presidential campaign are Religious Right (Religious Wrong) voters who are want the world to end, so they can get RAPTURED and Jesus will return, only they won’t be here.

    I wish that they had all gotten RAPTURED in 2011 so we concentrate on addressing racial realities.

  • jeffaral

    Reps have always caved on immigration and Affirmative Action anti-White discrimination.     The first thing the conservative hero Ronald Reagan did upon assuming office was granting legal status to ten million illegals.   

  • Anonymous

    I agree completely, but they only push that stuff because they’re tried-and-true issues that fire up the Religious Right.  The electorate is the problem.  My grandfather is one of these voters and he actually told me the other day we have to keep troops in the Middle East to defend Israel because the Jews are Jesus’ people, so we must do this to please Jesus.

    Also because the “crazy Muslims” want to exterminate all Christians and will use the Islamobomb to achieve it, even though they know it assures their own destruction in a nuclear Holocaust, because they’re fanatics and don’t value their own lives.  So now we have to invade Iran as well.

    How does one respond to that?

  • Anonymous

    “Economically, most whites can’t even think about asserting themselves, because they can’t afford to lose their jobs.”

    This is the best reason to escape the debt slavery that captures so many White Americans and keeps them unable to assert themselves and choose their own direction.

    Another good reason is that the whole system is built on usury and if Whites chose to just step back from it and not participate, the whole thing would crash and burn without a shot fired.  The interest you pay on your debt goes straight from Wall Street to the coffers of politicians, both Republican and Democrat.  Starve them and they’ll start being more receptive to our ideas. 

    Don’t think for a minute that these scum actually have any real principles to which they adhere.  They pay lip service to the religion of multiculturalism and the cult of King because it’s the road to advancement, that’s all.  We need to show them a new road.  These are people who would whore their own mothers if they thought it would get them ahead.  We need to find a way to use them to our advantage.  If they have no loyalty to their own race, they don’t have any to the blacks and browns either.  You can take that to the bank.

    Great name, by the way.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Your assessment is correct.  I’ve been called Chicken Little and Cassandra for stating the same thing.  I am neither.  Pity so few see it.

      Our most dangerous and mortal enemy is our own government.

      Political power  is the ultimate power.  It corrupts the values, morals and judgement of those who wield it.  It is the legal privilege of using brute government force on those who have not harmed anyone and wrecking revenge on one’s enemies.  It is the privilege of using force to get others to bend to your will and to settle old scores.

      Politicians are power junkies, bought, sold and paid for like any other commodity, damn what the people think or want..  As always, follow the money.   The big donors want and expect results for their large donations.

      So, yes.  Figure out how to profit from this.  We have no control over what the #@$% do in Washington DC but we can better our lives from their follies.

      Two things you can count on:

      1.  More war.

      2.  Further debauching of the currency.

      The economy we have now is not sustainable in the long run and it’s only a matter of time before it implodes.

      A rise in the price of gold, silver, oil, real estate and other commodities not tied to the almighty dollar signals a fall in the value of the dollar.  Keep that in mind as QE 3 is released (if it hasn’t been already).   Count on investments in the iron works that manufacture the tools of war such guns, armor and bullets to continue to do well.  

      And, Good Luck.  We’ll need a bit of that too.

      “All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise not from the defects in their constitution or confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation.”

      –John Quincy Adams.


      Image:  The Obama Economic Record.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that we have too much legal immigration.  But the one benefit about legal immigration is that we know who these people are, and can pick the ones that add more value to our economy/society.  As long as we keep it small, I’m fine for a little legal immigration.

    • Anonymous

       The problem is that the damage is done.  Even if we placed a moratorium on ALL immigration so that the present population could assimilate, there are so many now that the result would be that whites would/will be a small minority after 30 years.  So even allowing a small amount only speeds the process up.

      The only solution is going to be separation.  That is not likely to happen without a collapse of the present state and a great deal of suffering.  But I think that is inevitable. 

  • Anonymous
  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Zorro —

    Do you have a link?


  • Anonymous

     Many California governors have had separate meetings with the President of Mexico (two different ones, I believe).  Arnold Schwarzenegger had several for example.  I believe that Jerry Brown had them. I am not sure about Reagan, that was a long time ago.  The hammering away on California and its acting as an independent nation has been going on for a long time, but Texas, and I think all the Southwest states have been somewhat the same in this way.  The U.S. Fed has been lax all along, not just recently.

    Also, something else I know about since my sister used to work for a California Senator, is that during the 80s and 90s, Mexican/Hispanic groups crowded into the Assembly Chamber whenever any bill affecting them came up.  They shouted down the opposition, and interfered with the process until their interests were served.  This was a scandal that hardly ever got mentioned outside of Sacramento. 

    California was betrayed, but 187 wasn’t the only issue but one of many.  Money and corruption was at least as big an influence as leftist politics.

  • Anonymous

     I agree with you.  She seems to carry a mean streak a mile wide and a mile long.  She looks attractive until you study her face and note the not so subtle permanent sneer, and then she opens her mouth.  She is an elitist, period.  One thing that must end among whites is this “white trash” moniker as an old holdover from the antebellum culture of the old South. 

    We ought to love poor whites, even “ignorant” ones, because as the system created them then, many of us are being made poor whites by the present system.  For any here who hold the opinion that Christianity is about being white, there ought to at least be an application of Christian brotherly love for “the least of” whites.   I’m not a Christian, and I care. 

    It won’t be long before ALL whites will be written off as trash.  In many ways, they already are.  White women are viewed as white trash by black men and women, as well as many others.  Why white women date non-white men is beyond me.  They ought to know they are looked on as nothing but a pleasure stooge.  Then I read here that Coulter dates non-white men.  That along with the other evidence tells me that she is a talking head, and nothing more.

  • Anonymous

     As I have it, they believe that THEY are the real American natives.  Maybe a Jack Mormon could comment on this for everyone here.

  • Anonymous

    What makes Coulter – or anyone here – think that Romney is actually going to DO what he says now that he wants to do as President? How many of the candidates do? Seriously??  If it’s a politician, it lies.

    Ann Coulter has some agreeable ideas, but her blustering manner makes us conservatives look like fools. She doesn’t help our cause at all.

  • Marc B.

    We may already are already there. Obama is so close in national polls against all of the republican candidates for the 2012 election despite being the most unpopular president with whites since Jimmy Carter, if not ever.    

    • Anonymous

      CBS News 
      February 14, 2012
      President Obama holds a significant lead over each of his potential Republican opponents in the general election, according to a poll released Tuesday by CBS News and the New York Times. That includes Mitt Romney, who was even with Mr. Obama last month.The new survey shows the president leading Romney by six points, 48 percent to 42 percent, among registered voters. Last month, the two men were tied at 45 percent each.Mr. Obama’s lead over former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, who has surged to a lead in national polls, is eight points: 49 percent to 41 percent. Romney’s drop in support against the president is attributable to a shift among independents. Last month, independents favored the former Massachusetts governor by eight points over Mr. Obama. In the new survey, Mr. Obama holds the edge, leading Romney among independents by nine points. The president holds double-digit leads over the other two GOP candidates in the race, Rep. Ron Paul and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Mr. Obama leads Paul 50 percent to 39 percent – an 11 point margin – and he leads Gingrich 54 percent to 36 percent, a difference of 18 points.http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-57377720-503544/poll-obama-holds-edge-over-gop-hopefuls/  

      • Marc B.

        I see it’s only gotten worse in the last few months. The polls were closer to a 50/50 split individually against the larger group of GOP candidates. Perhaps the multiple GOP debates are turning off independents.

  • Anonymous

    Ann Coulter is right here in a general sense – if the GOP does not resist amnesty for the 20 million or so illegals living in this country, then giving them citizenship will result in big electoral losses down the road, once they and their children start to vote en masse. This is a population that will be massively dependent on government services, and Dems will be all too happy to cater to them. In fact, hispanics are likely to BECOME the Dem Party, or at least a majority of it.

    The problem is that even if Romney or another Republican wins, there’s no guarantee the GOP will stand up against amnesty. Even Romney who seems like one of the better candidates in terms of having an “attrition through enforcement” approach, is likely to only use that position as a starting point in a compromise that will give away the farm.

    As usual, the GOP will need to be directed by some sort of populist upsurge from the bottom in order to get on track on this issue. I hope the outrage is there when it’s needed the most!

  • Anonymous

     Legal immigration from third world countries requires a moratorium as well.  Even if we stop all illegal immigration, the legal immigration along with Mexican fertility rates will overwhelm the country. 

  • Anonymous

    Yes, this is the same group that recruits 350-lb Tongans and imports them into Salt Lake City.

  • Naturally…

    The only way to get out information these days is by hand.  Outside of speaking to people face to face or handing them reading material, they won’ t know about it.

  • What are you telling me?  I should Vote for romney?

    Romney can be more American than me if he wants to be but as long as I see Candidates, including Romney, being soft on Immigration, I lose interest.

    I never hear about putting Americans First and I just don’t have patience for that.

  • If you got rid of non-white immigrants, I think alot of this gay and contraceptive stuff would mostly go away.

    It’s all this Free-For-All and Minority Privilege that gives all this stuff such steam.

    I tend to think alot of the gay stuff you see today is because it is made to be “fun” and “expressing yourself” and other such nonsense that kids just do it in order to be “cool” or “in”.

    contraception – probably wouldn’t be a problem either were “We” not forced to deal with Third World Wages and non-whites flooding every square inch of our Beloved Country.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Thanks. And for the other link as well.


  • Zorro

    That aspect of about what I have heard bothers me too, but I have to couch that with the idea that maybe this guy is as misinformed about St. MLK as most other White Americans are.

    You can always educate someone like this because they don’t seem adverse to facts when presented with the proof of what you say. The Globalists and Liberals will deny it, no matter how much proof that you provide them. 

    The part about Ron Paul that I do like is his genuine honesty about the various subjects, which are not sound bite statements, and even though he is a man of Faith, he does not wear his Religion on his sleeve, to serve his political purposes.

    Remember, we as  Nation have to get back to manageable, Constitutional government, that doesn’t spend its way into oblivion, which burdens us, and future generations, all while tying the people and Businesses down with overburdening regulations from the EPA, Tax Codes from the IRS, Affirmative Action which harms White people seeking to find and keep jobs, while their children seek to enter the Colleges of their choice.

    Think about more and more Suburban and Rural areas that are now being flooded with black and brown Minorities through Section 8 Housing from HUD.

    If HUD was abolished this would not be happening, nor would the Government be involved in every aspect of our children’s education, if the Department of Education was closed for good.

    Only Ron Paul will tackle these problems.

  • Anonymous

    Anne is absolutely correct. Nothing matters one bit, if we lose on the issue of illegal immigration. It does not matter about national defense….

    Immigration and national defense are the same issue.

  • I know somewhere deep in our psyche you are right, it’s just that I am getting old and impatient.

  • Thank You for the Information!

  • I do front doors.  I do speak to my fellow shoppers too and am mostly, met with good response but sometimes, I do wonder if they’re just placating me.

  • I can.

    Gay People can change and haved changed and through all of it, they genuinely felt like they couldn’t help it (being gay) but a Race Traitor chooses to choose Foreign over us.

    Besides, gay people, as long as they’re not trying to change America and/or us, I could care less what they do in the Privacy of their own home.

    I’m against gay marriage if that helps clear it up.  I’m not looking to go string up gay people.

  • In a sence it is best for  an awakening in the west for there not to be an economic recovery for a while to let the right wing technocrat hedge fun manager Mitt try and fail (discrediting the “i know best, mass immigration is the greatest” boys on left and right and opening up a hole for Buchanan style politicians in the GOP). I think the Leninist perspective is the correct one. Managed decline is our enemy. We need collapse of this terrible system that elevates thuggery. The US has failed. We need impolsion. We need crime, and riots that force the white liberals to get scared straight to create communities of our own.