Don’t Let Them in ‘Our Halls’ Maxine Waters Calls GOP Demons

YouTube, February 15, 2012

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  • Please accept my apologies for my city foisting this woman on the rest of the country.

  • This ranting communist stooge has no problem with corruption and capitalism as long as it benefits her, her family, her political cronies an the Democrat Party. Scary thought that she is, First, a member of this government, Second that she would be anywhere near a committee that deals with financial issues.

  • Anonymous

    How long until she goes the way of Rep. Sheila Jackson, who was implicated for bullying and tormenting her staff members?

  • Anonymous

    Ann Coulter is really one to talk. All of her books are ghostwritten. 

    • See also:  Soetero, B.

    • Really, what about obama’s books .

    • Dan

      I don’t believe that for one minute. Love her or hate her Coulter is a very bright woman.

  • Impertinent

    Replace the “C” in democrats with and “N”  and what do you get….? Smug illiterate, ignorant, brain dead, demented POS’s like Waters. A crook, a scoundrel, a lying thief…that”ll allowed to get away with robbing the treasury…cause shes….ahhhh….black? Remember Rangel and Sharpton. Immunity automatically granted through skin color.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see a detailed breakdown of the demographics of Congressional districts that send disgusting creatures like Maxine Waters to Washington. How many on welfare & food stamps? How many graduated high school? How many with criminal records? What’s the average at which they had their first baby? Of those who work, what percent works for the government? What are the crime stats for that district versus median?

    I’m absolutely positive that almost all blacks and most Democrats generally come from the most awful places in the country – all of them made that way by self inflicted misery caused by an idiot constituency.

    • The black population in California is only 6%.    The blacks were slyly ethnically cleansed from LA  thanks to  immigration.   White liberal elites  wall themselves off.

  • That hateful sow is a flat-out treasonous.  The fall of America is found right in her lap.  I’m sure she is loved by Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, Al Sharpton (note: never say reverend) and other filth who should have been stripped of their citizenship.

  • Just like the ANC has done in South Africa. I have no doubt Ms.Waters greatly admires what the ANC has done to Whites in SA. One day, she will be able to openly says as much, if she hasn’t already done so.

  • Ottawa400

    Actually, Maxine Waters’ district is now majority Latino, they just cannot vote her out because many are not legal U.S. Citizens. Give it 5-10 years when the first U.S.-born Latinos start voting and she will be sent out on a rail!

  • Bjven52

    And my state has the guy who thinks we’re “heartless” if we don’t want the Dream Act for illegal aliens.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Maxine Waters?  Kerosene Maxine?  Is she still around?

    Didn’t she say Nixon was impeached on Glen Beck’s show the other day?

    Call out a black pol on a personal attack and lack of decorum?  Maxine is entitled to say or do whatever she wants due to the legacy of slavery.  Calling her out on corruption is racist.

    Here’s an example of her politics:

    The Shell exec said paying $5 at the pump will look like a very low price in the years to come if we are prohibited from finding new reserves, new opportunities to increase supplies.

    Waters responded, in part, And guess what this liberal would be all about. This liberal will be about socializing … uh, um. …

    The congresswoman paused to collect her thoughts.

    Would be about, basically, taking over, and the government running all of your companies. …

    The oil executives responded, according to Fox News, by saying they’ve seen this before, in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela.

    Bottom Line:  She’s black and hates Whites.


    Image: Maxine, I’ve seen better looking faces on an Iodine Bottle

    • anonymous_amren

      I have no objection to governments running oil companies, as long as it’s a competent and accountable white government.

      But we can’t keep using fossil fuels. There is a very limited supply, and it is quickly and permanently destroying our planet’s climate.

      We need to get back to our drawing boards and come up with some technology that doesn’t destroy the world. It’s not like we couldn’t do it if we tried.

  • anonymous_amren

    I honestly can’t tell if Hank Johnson is speaking literally or metaphorically in that video. Does anyone know?

    Either way, he comes across as totally incompetent and an embarassment.

    I feel so sorry for the competent white military man who has to be interrogated by someone like him though. And I’m not exactly fond of the military.

  • MekongDelta69

    Some of the female members of the CBC are:

    Corrine Brown, Barbara Lee, Sheila
    Jackson Lee, Cynthia McKinney (now gone), Eleanor Holmes Norton, Maxine Waters, Diane Watson, Frederica
    Wilson, Eddie
    Bernice Johnson, Carolyn CheeksKilpatrick, Karen Bass, Yvette
    Clarke, Donna Christian-Christensen, Donna Edwards and Marcia
    Fudge.What they all have in common is they are loud, brash, arrogant, have a sense of self-entitlement beyond belief, dislike white people, dislike of America, and dress as if they’re in a black church with their garish hats, loud clothes and the obligatory giant scarves.I could list all the unbelievable things they’ve said and believe (all sourced), but this post would fill the entire page and all of us have more important things to do.P.S. I could also list the male members of the CBC (all radical), but the most prominent one was none other than NoBama.

  • Christopher_Nelson

    Pretty close to “white devils”.