Posted on February 9, 2012

Child Left Alone in Car Points Gun at Memphis Police

Jamel Major, WMC TV, February 6, 2012

Police say a two-year-old pointed a gun at them while they were checking on a report that the child and its siblings were left alone in a car while their mother got her nails done.

It was a bizarre twist of events that left other customers wondering why a mother would leave her kids alone in such a dangerous environment.

“It’s a crying shame,” said Nicole Eubanks, after she heard about the arrest of 23-year-old Erica Rooks. “It doesn’t make any sense.”

Rooks is charged with marijuana possession, unlawful possession of a weapon and three counts of leaving a child unattended in a vehicle.

Police say Rooks left a four-year-old, a two-year-old and a nine-month-old alone in her car, where she kept a loaded gun, while she was getting a manicure at Beautiful Nails Salon.

“I don’t care if I’ve got 22 kids,” Eubanks said. “If I feel like going to get my nails did. I’m going to line them all up and we fixing to sit in that… nail shop. It’s ridiculous!”


When officers arrived, they found the children in a black Chevy Impala with the car still running. {snip}


During the incident, police also saw one of the children pointing what looked like a silver handgun at them. An officer took the gun and saw it was real and loaded with three rounds.



Erica Rooks