911 Is a Joke

Mara Gay, The Daily, February 5, 2012

The people of Detroit are taking no prisoners.

Justifiable homicide in the city shot up 79 percent in 2011 from the previous year, as citizens in the long-suffering city armed themselves and took matters into their own hands. The local rate of self-defense killings now stands 2,200 percent above the national average. Residents, unable to rely on a dwindling police force to keep them safe, are fighting back against the criminal scourge on their own. And they’re offering no apologies.

“We got to have a little Old West up here in Detroit. That’s what it’s gonna take,” Detroit resident Julia Brown told The Daily.

The last time Brown, 73, called the Detroit police, they didn’t show up until the next day. So she applied for a permit to carry a handgun and says she’s prepared to use it against the young thugs who have taken over her neighborhood, burglarizing entire blocks, opening fire at will and terrorizing the elderly with impunity.

“I don’t intend to be one of their victims,” said Brown, who has lived in Detroit since the late 1950s. “I’m planning on taking one out.”

How it got this bad in Detroit has become a point of national discussion. Violent crime settled into the city’s bones decades ago, but recently, as the numbers of police officers have plummeted and police response times have remained distressingly high, citizens have taken to dealing with things themselves.

In this city of about 700,000 people, the number of cops has steadily fallen, from about 5,000 a decade ago to fewer than 3,000 today. Detroit homicides—the second-highest per capita in the country last year, according to the FBI—rose by 10 percent in 2011 to 344 people.


The number of justifiable homicides, in which residents use deadly force in self-defense, jumped from 19 in 2010 to 34 last year—a 79 percent rise—according to newly released city data.

Signs that vigilantism was taking hold in the city came earlier, around Memorial Day 2009, when former federal agent Alvin Davis decided he’d had enough of the break-ins at his mother’s home on the east side. She called the police again and again, but the brazen robberies continued. Davis, then a 32-year-old Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer, snapped.

Prosecutors said he spent days chasing and harassing the teenagers who were allegedly robbing his mother, even shoving his federally issued firearm into one of their mouths. No one was killed, but by the time he was done, Davis had racked up charges of unlawful imprisonment and assault. In August 2010, he was convicted and sentenced to four years in prison.


One high-ranking official in the county legal system, speaking to The Daily, said the rise in justifiable homicides mirrors a local court system that’s increasingly lenient of the practice.

“It’s a lot more acceptable now to get your own retribution,” the official said. “And the justice system in the city is a lot more understanding if people do that. It’s becoming a part of the culture.”

Detroiters are arming themselves with shotguns and handguns and buying guard dogs. Anything to take care of their own. And privately, residents say neighborhood watch groups in Detroit are widely armed.

“It’s like the militiamen who stepped up way back when. That’s where the neighborhood folks are,” said James “Jackrabbit” Jackson, a 63-year-old retired Detroit cop who has patrolled the Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood for years.


The city’s wealthier enclaves have hired private security firms. Intimidating men in armored trucks patrol streets lined with gracious old homes in a scene more likely seen in Mexico City than the United States.

That kind of paid protection can run residents anywhere from $10 to $200 per month, and companies say business is good.

“We’re booming,” said Dale Brown, the owner of Threat Management Group, which along with Recon Security patrols neighborhoods like Palmer Woods in black Hummers.

“We’re paramilitary, but we’re positive. I’m not a vigilante. I’m an agent of change.”


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  • In this city of about 700,000 people, the number of cops has steadily
    fallen, from about 5,000 a decade ago to fewer than 3,000 today.

    St. Louis has 319,000 people.  Three thousand cops for a city of 700k people extrapolates to 1,367 cops for St. Louis.  I think the SLPD is smaller than that.

    •  I love those handguns with the LASER beam sight.  You shine the LASER light on the target, pull the trigger and a hole appears.  You almost want to invite criminals in.

      • Anonymous

        That does sound nice! I have looked at those models which are of course pricey….just found a site which sells add on laser site grips.

        Being able to upgrade my favorite carry piece for only $240 seems pretty reasonable!  Does the laser really only work in low light conditions?


  • Anonymous

    Basically, White Studies is nothing more than a systematic program to take the ‘white man’ down a notch or two; to let him and everyone else know, ‘he ain’t all that’.

    White people aren’t special or unique. It’s their unfounded belief that they’re better than everyone else that’s the problem.  They have to be taught that they aren’t special or unique; that their ‘privilege’ is an artificial construct to ‘oppress’ non-whites. If whites can be made to see they aren’t any better than anyone else, they’ll be forced to give up their self-created, artificial privilege and realize they’re not special or better than anyone.

    “White studies, like critical race studies more generally, actually offers a far more nuanced notion of power and how it operates than “whites are bad.”

    White Studies is nothing like other critical race studies. Other ‘critical’ race studies were designed to uplift non-whites. White Studies is designed to ‘deconstruct whiteness’, expose ‘privilege’, and tear down, denounce, humiliate, and crush the sprite of white people in the guise of academic inquiry. 

     The Nazis did the same thing with the Jews.

  • Anonymous

    I just went to amazon.com and was able to download The French Revolution in San Domingo for free plus another of stoddards books on islam for free. If you can afford it it is better to buy through amren as they can use the money, but if you are broke and want to educate yourself there are a lot of free books on amazon to download. if you don’t have a kindle, here is a video that shows you how to download a free kindle reading app for your computer.

    you may have to turn up your speakers to hear it well though.


  • Anonymous

    The Huffington Post is releasing Labor Department stats stating Hispanics are doing GREAT under the current administration?

    Hmmm….could there be a hidden agenda here?

    • What could be the hidden agenda? Get another percentage point of Hispanic vote? No, there is no need to hide the agenda. They brag about it right into our White faces. What are we gonna do about it? Talk tough, pull our puds and vote for a Mormon investment banked called “Mitt.”
      Woo. Hugo and Maria are shaking like leaves.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, the Mormon Banker comes across as weak. Tis true.

  • Anonymous

    This is a good time to see a reprint of Stoddard’s book, as it is mentioned in “The Great Gatsby” and a film adaptation starring Leo Dicaprio is slated to hit theaters soon. Fitzgerald’s book will naturally be used by marketers as a pre-existing tie-in, and people will pick up the book and in turn google Stoddard. Hopefully the boolean fates steer some traffic your way.

  • The cost of this program? 7.3 billion dollars per year. This is just one of hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands. All of varying cost, but add it all up and it drains the coffers and hamstrings this country.

    Not only has Head Start not helped, but a Black child is 3 times as likely to be born out of wedlock in 2012 as in 1960 and best case scenario, no more likely to graduate a high school. In fact, Black boys are less likely, only 47 percent graduate high school even when given a 6 year time span.

  • Anonymous

    I was in the D today working.  I was carrying a .38 S&W loaded with hollow points.   I sometimes have to go into some BAD places and that is just standard operating procedure for me now when I leave.  Cell phone, wallet, keys, gun.

  • How is this a POSSIBLE crime? Blacks suckerpunched somebody while screaming that he was a “faggot.” Come on. That is so cut and dry. Could you imagine them using qualifiers if a White had done this to a homsexual? Would it be a POSSIBLE hate crime? Absolutely not. These hate crime laws were suggested by anti-White Communists, Bolsheviks and Jews like the Frankfurt School of thought (oftentimes one in the same.) Invent the word racism and use the word “hate”, use it to create class hatred and foment violence and competition, sow confusion as to what “racism” and hate are and then make laws and apply them unequally. This is all designed for the downfall of the White world.

  • Anonymous

    After submitting lots of local articles finally one got posted!  Thank you Amren!

  • Every time, capitalize the word White. It is a proper noun. Don’t use the words and tactics of the enemy. Also, ditch the phrase “white male.” It is doubly demeaning as it doesn’t treat Whiteness as valid but demeans by not giving it a capital letter but it also uses the word “male.” Always say White and man. Sorry to sound like a scold, but this is the first step. It’d be Lesson Number 1 if I was ever allowed to teach a Whiteness Studies course, I can tell you that.

  • Why would a black better represent the city when it is blacks who are the criminals?

    Pure race over merit and common sense. This is it, blood is thicker than water. There is no reasoning with blacks. They would have the fox watch henhouses, provided that the fox was black.

  • Retribution …

    what a wonderful word. 

    Detroit residents are lucky they are allowed to buy handguns.  In many states like NJ, only ex-cons and criminals can carry guns.  If you do have a gun in your NJ  home, it must be unloaded and locked up.  The ammo must be locked and stored in a different part of the house.  We also keep our flash lights in one part of the house and our batteries in another just to be consistent.

  • Oil Can Harry

    Many members of the establishment are open to the scientific evidence showing genetic links to crime, intelligence, violence, etc.

    That is, until they learn the evidence also shows genetic racial differences. At that point, they  react not unlike a teased child who covers its ears and screams “I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!” over and over.   

  • Oil Can Harry

    “How it got this bad in Detroit has become a point of national discussion.”

    Gee, what a mystery! Call Sherlock Holmes…

  • Anonymous

    Let’s not forget the 2 billion dollar failure of the Kansas City school system:

    Money And School Performance:Lessons from the Kansas City Desegregation Experiment



    Been there, seen it, heard it before back in the 1950s

  • Anonymous

    An excellet resource for keeping track of racial attacks can be found at New Nation News:


  • Anonymous

    You stole my list !

    Also included are more money per student, lead abatement in schools and homes, after school enrichment programs, mentoring programs, special ed programs, getting more black kids in suburban schools, incorporating successful school districts with failing school districts.

    Can anyone else add to the list of tried and failed initiatives?

    • Someone in St. Louis seriously proposed that all “urban” students get a Kindergarten-through-college one-on-one private tutor/proctor.

  • Anonymous

    This must be what that public enemy song was talking about.

    “So get up, get, get get down 911 is a joke in yo town. Get up, get, get, get down. Late 911 wears the late crown”

  • Anonymous

    Robocop left with all of the other whites.

  • Anonymous

    Amen!  The same could be said for the USA and many other countries.. How much more of this will Whites take before we, as a group, get up off our knees and start fighting back? How much worse will it have to get before a great number of Whites open their eyes to the reality of what is happening to us world wide? Seriously, what in the world is it going to take…?

  • Oil Can Harry

    Haiti is a good example of losing by winning.

    The blacks wiped out all the whites and most of the mulattos. They ‘won’ the race war, thereby ensuring nonstop poverty and misery going strong into its third century. 

  • Anonymous

    Everyone knows that that is not a hate crime. Blacks CAN’T commit hate crimes. Now if they were white , then it WOULD certainly be a hate crime.   A very big hate crime indeed. The victim was both black and  a homosexual.  And both of those are highly protected classes.

    But that video up there, that  just  be messin’ around.  Nom Sayin’ ?

  • Anonymous

    The second I hear anything about “white privilege” or “insitutional racism”, I zone out. Those terms make me puke. Especially when it is a white person saying it. Some Judas goat to bring the whites to their slaughter with this anti white b.s. I am sick of whites having to apologize for being white. Especially when all other races get a pass.

    Any white who wolud put up with any such course, or any teacher like this, then they deserve what they get. If you want to be ashamed of being white, and wish to be in constant slavery to multiculturalism and diversity, then go right ahead. I opt out.

  • Anonymous

    I’m quite sure the “protesters” are too dim to realize that they are openly acknowledging the obvious link between blacks and crime when they say that a black would “better serve their district”. I’m equally sure that no mainstream journalist or commentator will point this out to them.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly. We have “White Studies” already, it’s called Literature, Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, etc.

  • Anonymous

    I look forward to seeing Lefties squirm as they explain why this is not a hate crime. When the dynamic changes from black-white to black-gay, the fight is on to see whose minority trump card comes out on top.

  • Anonymous

    Three justifiable homicides a month???? And those are just the ones that we know about – the cases in which the incident is investigated, the shooter identified, charges investigated by the prosecutor and a decision made to justify it.

  • Anonymous

    Funny, I didn’t hear Brian Williams or Katy Couric mention this when they were wetting themselves with excitement about the fantastic news that the economy is restoring jobs. I guess they’re saving it for a one hour special on the Never Never Land Channel.

  • .

     Actually, they’re pretty much the same. Black and latino studies exist for the purpose of telling students how good blacks and latinos are and how bad whites are. And white studies exist for the purpose of telling students how good blacks and latinos are and how bad whites are.

  • Anonymous

    Each white woman was sure that white women, as a group, are beautiful, but obviously felt the need to protect herself from an ensuing accusation of racism from a black man by assuring me that they didn’t consider themselves MORE beautiful than any other women.

    Possibly the responses could be taken at face value though it is always quite possible they were protecting themselves from something else such as unwanted sexual advances from a  black male.

    By answering the question in a vague way and not providing the answer that you were pushing for they may have been giving off a signal that says “I am not cooperating with your attempts at manipulation and I am not interested in playing your game”.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    This is because we live in a climate where considering WHITE (race as opposed to ethnicity) women collectively, and declaring them beautiful is automatically perceived by certain people as a statement that white women are more beautiful than all others, even if that’s clearly not being implied. 

    This is because we live in a climate where considering WHITE (as opposed to ethnicity) women collectively and declaring them beautiful is automatically perceived by certain people as Hate Speech.

    You see, THIS is the climate of terror we Whites are forced to endure, never knowing when Big Brother is listening, where anything we say, no matter how innocuous, could be perceived as “creating a hostile atmosphere” or “White Supremacist hegemony” and cost us our job.   Ask Don Imus, Michael Richards or Larry Summers about the consequences of straying from the government-imposed definition of what is or is not acceptable speech. 

    The First Amendment does not apply to Whites as it does to every other racial or ethnic group.

    For us Whites we live in the Twilight Zone episode “It’s a Good Life” where a little kid (played by Billy Mumy) had omnipotent power over everyone’s life.

    For us, the government plays the Billy Mumy roll by keeping its boot on our White necks.

    Orwell was right, of course; he was just off a by a few years.


  • ELN

    White Australian lads are also targeted for attack, and in this case, from another breed of imported (probably “refugees”) NON-white invaders from AFRICA just showing their “gratitude” to Australia.


  • Anonymous

    These aren’t openly White racialists taking control of their neighborhoods, taking the law in to their own hands. It’s elderly, more decent Black folks doing it against Black criminals. I’m sure most everyone reading this on Amren.com supports the decent Black folks against the Black punks, thugs. But, it’s still not us.

    Here in Chicago the press, the criminal justice system doesn’t get upset if retired Black cops kill Black home invaders, but that’s not the same thing as one of our people offing a Black thug/criminal.

    • Anonymous

      It’s elderly, more decent Black folks doing it against Black criminals.

      I wouldn’t make any broad judgment calls on that.  Many of these “grannies” were raising and defending the actions of the black generation that caused the highest crime rates ever in the 1970’s.

      Keep in mind if a young thug manages to live long enough he WILL become a “fragile 75 year old man” that will be a likely target for the predators, that doesn’t make him a saint it just makes him a likely victim.

  • Anonymous

    They’ll surround the house of the one white guy left in Detroit and tell him to come out with his hands up and throw his white privilege on the ground.

  • Xerxes

    In the Robocop movies all of the criminals were White.

  • Anonymous

    Think again. A lot of the jobs they’re taking pay decent wages….or used to.

    • Seventeen clams an hour in Southern California, even Inland SoCal, isn’t that much.

      • True…but it’s twice that of minumum wage in this state!

  • A “possible’hate crime? Why is it only a “possible hate crime”when blacks are the aggressors?

  • Anonymous

    Turns out Georgia doesn’t have a hate crime law which is probably why the Feds are on top of this. 

    FYI for those that haven’t seen it, they released the Ocala Bus Beating video. Sheesh it is sad to see the white kids climbing over seats to get away from pack of ferral attacking blacks. Sorry this is a CNN version with a commercial, the new Google Privacy Policy forced me to ditch my youtube account and can’t link too some youtube videos anymore.


  • Anonymous

    AmRem is censoring mantra comments from an article that quotes the mantra?

    That’s just silly

    If you censor discussion on White geNOcide, you will be called on your support of White geNOcide.

    It makes no difference if you call yourself pro-white or conservative, if you are censoring discussion of the ongoing geNOcide of our race, you are the same as all the anti-whites you claim to oppose. And you will be held accountable as well as them.

    We have done something you cowardly respectable conservatives have never achieved in fifty years. We got our enemy to use our terminology.

    You censor the mantra because you are impotent weaklings groveling at the feet of those who wish to kill your families.

    • The moderator feels “our people are too smart for ‘mantras'”.

      Gee,  our people fell totally into the trap of enemy mantras like “racist”.

      Anti-Whites hurl the “racist” word, and “our smart people” fall for it every time, and cower off into a corner and start hating themselves.

      The real question is:  When will our people GET SMART enough to actually USE a mantra to cut through the anti-White narrative and put anti-Whites where they belong, on the defensive?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve not read anything regarding mass immigration effects on tourism – but what I can tell you is that in areas where there has been a large influx of immigrants (especially Jamaicans, Somalis and other Africans) there has been a large increase in crime. There was even gang violence between the Poles and Russians when the Polish President et al was killed in a plane crash a few years ago.  Save you air fare till it’s safe to visit.

  • Anonymous

    Its troubling to hear that mantra thinking should be censored in any way.  Mantra thinking and variations on the  white genocide theme are beautiful.  The mantra is also a very effective way to oppose anti-whites in their stupid arguments in support of white genocide.

     Maybe those who want to censor mantra themes don’t really believe a genocide of white people is actually occurring.  Maybe they just don’t want to get involved in the fight to preserve the white race.  Or maybe they just want to pose  as intellectuals and thinkers rather than get involved in the hard work of getting the hands dirty in struggling for master over the anti-whites.

     Maybe there is a bit of professional jealousy involved since those who would censor did not come up with the mantra idea as an invention of their own. 

    Really if we all were united with a common message, the system would have collapsed already.

  • Anonymous

    It is a good idea to have weapons in your home in any city in America. Even if police can respond to a 9-11 call within 10 minutes,  one could be very dead within that timespan.  As for me, I would just as soon see the perp held until the police arrive and if the peop will not hold still-well it is his choice.

  • Anonymous

    They’re there all day long parked in one place. Watching every move that drivers make instead of doing a real patrol of the neighborhood.

  • Not to you Anon.  I’m just stealing your “reply” option.

    TO:  john,

    SAT scores mean nothing.  A HUGE part of Intelligence is Ethics and Morals and this is something you people do not have.  Also, memorizing and actually comprehending what you’re memorizing are two entirely different things.

    asians are VERY MUCH favored when it comes to placement be it College, Jobs and yes, even SBA and Government Business Loans.

    The SBA has Money set aside for ONLY asians.

    Why, if asians are so much smarter than White People, why then, do they need their very own stuff paid for by White People and at the expense of White People?

    If asians are so much smarter than White People, why, why John, why do the likes of China and ALL other non-white Countries need so much Aide from WHITE Countries?

    If asians care to SHOW how smart they are then show it.  Clean up and fix your own Countries WITHOUT the help and Aide of White Countries.  When you do that, I’ll jump on the Dumb White People Band Wagon but until then, I stand by every single word I’ve ever written about you people.

  • I’m stealing again Anon.

    Dear Moderator,

    Thank You for the information.

  • There are plenty of American citizens who would find no shame in cleaning toilets right now. Moreover, there are plenty of high school and college kids, (American citizens) who would love to work at a fast food restaurant, but cannot, because those jobs have been stolen by 40 year old illegal invading hispanics.

  • Anonymous

    This is the future.  Government will atrophy across the land as the dollar steadily devalues and the productive classes expatriate or decide to just withdraw from the system.  It’s already happening in Detroit with the federal government still in place.  When the power of that entity wanes is when our moment will come.

    The animal classes of all races will wipe themselves out. It’s already happening in De-toilet.  Position yourself to move forward as this process of creative destruction plays itself out.  Nothing will drag Whites off the fence like witnessing this thing, their children witnessing it.  Just as unprofitable business models must collapse, so must our society collapse as it has allowed the parasite classes to multiply at a rate beyond what a natural system could support.  The model is simply unsustainable.

    One thing I must stress is that the yellow-belly “expatriates” be made to feel extremely unwelcome in the land they defiled with their insane policies then fled like rats deserting a sinking ship.  We don’t need these types among us.

  • Anonymous

    I used to think people who slept with pistols under their pillows were cranks. Now it seems like a good idea. 

  • Anonymous

    Peri, I liked that response. While it is a little aggressive for me, it could be very useful. I recall studying the castle doctrine in law school. The one thought I brought away from the class was to drag the purp back across the threshold if he trys to run away after you have  shot him!

  • But I thought it was “halftime” in Detroit!

  • How it got this bad in Detroit has become a point of national discussion.”

    A discussion?  Who’s having this discussion and why?  Just ask anyone who visits Amren how it got this bad and you’ll get an answer.  We’ve known why for ages, no discussion necessary.