3000 Women in Scotland ‘Are Victims of Mutilation’

Herald Scotland, February 6, 2012

As many as 3000 women in Scotland may have suffered female genital mutilation.

Organisations working with female victims told The Herald there are now more women in Scotland from communities where the practice is widespread, and that it may even be happening in this country.

Traditionally girls were mutilated before moving to the UK, or were taken abroad to undergo the practice.

The revelation comes on the international day marking Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

Alison Davis, manager of a mental health organisation for ethnic minority women in Edinburgh, said: “The brick wall we are gradually managing to dismantle is the belief that there are very few cases in Scotland.

“This is simply not the case. We are looking at 2000 to 3000 women in Scotland who have suffered female genital mutilation.

“The numbers are growing. The daughters of these women are at risk.

“We need to look at this because it is going to have a big impact on the NHS in terms of the mental health, gynaecological and obstetric care these women need. And for the first time we’ve been told that it is actually happening in Scotland.

“I am terrified by the lack of knowledge of this from most mainstream agencies.

“Many wrongly refer to it as circumcision.”

FGM is defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a range of procedures which involve “the partial or complete removal of the external female genitalia or other injury to female genital organs, whether for cultural or any other non-therapeutic reasons”. It is practised in 28 African countries, and some communities in Asia and the Middle East.

Ms Davis added: “What we need to do is ensure we are talking to people and keeping all the doors open.

“The last thing we need is to push this underground.

“It affects many communities from different parts of Africa and the Middle East. In some of the largest refugee communities in Scotland between 80% and 90% of the women may have been mutilated.”

A spokeswoman for the Glasgow-based Dignity Alert and Research Forum (DARF) yesterday called for “an end to this severe violation of human rights”.

She said: “DARF conducted a baseline survey in Glasgow and Edinburgh which indicates that a number of women and girls are victims of FGM in Scotland.

“FGM is a harsh reality for more than 140 million girls and women worldwide. In the UK alone, it is estimated that over 24,000 girls are at risk of FGM.

“Migrant communities also continue the practice in Scotland. Custom and tradition are the main justification given for the practice.”

In the majority of cases FGM is performed with crude instruments, by untrained and elderly circumcisors, and with no anaesthetic.

The spokeswoman for DARF added: “Despite this, there remains little awareness in Scotland, particularly amongst young people, or engagement with communities and families.

“There are many challenges and shortcomings faced by DARF as the opponents of FGM.

“These include the lack of skills and knowledge of FGM among key agencies; linguistic and cultural barriers for women and girls, leading to exclusion and reticence to make use of health services; the lack of coherent guidance or plans on FGM in Scotland and the stigma attached to FGM which results in most women from FGM practising communities not being willing to share their stories with people who do not understand the cultural context behind it.”

A Scottish Government spokeswoman said: “The Scottish Government considers female genital mutilation a violation of women’s rights and a form of physical abuse of girls, under the guise of culture and/or religion. The Female Genital Mutilation (Scotland) Act 2005 made it a criminal offence to carry out this act either in Scotland or abroad.

“We work closely with community groups, organisations and individuals who work to combat this abuse and support victims.”


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  • Anonymous

    Ms Davis added: “What we need to do is ensure we are talking to people and keeping all the doors open.

    No Ms. Davis, what you need to do is ship all of the “endangered females” and their families back to Africa. If you want to be nice about it give them a free package of razor blades for the trip.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I suppose I’m a culturally insulated American, but was it too much for this Yank to ask that the country that gave the world Braveheart and William Wallace might be able to fend off this madness? How hard should it be to rekindle nationalist fervor in the land of kilts, bagpipes, and warpaint?

  • Anonymous

    No, FMG is not a Muslim tradition, it is an African tradition. Widely practiced in Sub-Saharan Africa (along with dry sex) and also in Egypt because that Muslim country has been heavily influenced by Africans.

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic analogy – Idiocracy and Multiculturalism!

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t we all find a way to plan one great big giant date where every normal white person in the world who wants to STOP THE MADNESS all says via internet, radio, and out in the street:   that any and all third worlders should just get the _ _ _ _ out of our ethnic homelands?  Since they all hate us so much it should be well-received…. right?

  • I thought the UK was officially multicultural.

  • Over ten million men in america have suffered genital mutilation. Read the article on giavellireport.com

  • Anonymous

    Considering that Scotland only has 5 million inhabitants and only a small minority of female muslims undergo this ‘operation’ , it gives you some idea of the scale of third world immigration into Scotland.
     Scotland – a rather isolated and thinly populated land on the outer edge of Europe that until recently had very, very few third-worlders is under going rapid and catastrophic change.

  • Peter Lamoureux

    It’s been my observation that when left to their own devices Africans will do whatever is necessary to destroy themselves.  Intervention by (well-meaning) Europeans has caused a population explosion that only exacerbates the issue.  The lesson we need to learn is that like the Yeti the nobel savage or (Black African) is a myth and at the very least extremely elusive.

  • As always, third world immigration creates third world conditions, no more and no less.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not Scottish, but English. Scots and English are both British, so I am at least partly qualified to respond to your comment. 

    All of the opinion polls over recent years indicate that only about a quarter to a third of all Scots favour independence from the UK. What Scots would really like is more, if not complete, fiscal autonomy for Scotland. Afterall, Westminster decides the economy for England, why shouldn’t Scots enjoy the same freedoms. I fully support Scotland in this. It’s also interesting to note that when Scots are presented with the ‘full economic autonomy’ option, support for independence falls to less than a fifth.

    Alex Salmond is the First Minister of Scotland and Leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP). The SNP runs on a platform of Scottish Independence from the UK. The majority of Scots voted SNP, it now appears, as a protest vote against the three main Parties (Conservative, Labour, Liberal-Democrat). Salmond has publically said that he favours MORE immigration into Scotland. So if Salmond get’s his way (though unlikely), there will be EVEN MORE multiculturalism in Scotland. This would be very advantageous to the SNP (which is actually a very left-wing party) as immigrants tend to vote Left – in Europe, as in the US. Salmond’s views on immigration and multiculturalism make me wonder just how patriotic for Scotland he actually is?.

    •  Food for thought!!

      Salmond is an Ashkenazi name.

      • Anonymous

        never knew that!
        just done some research via internet, and it appears that Salmond is derived from Salomon – a jewish name.
        food for thought indeed! thanks. 

  • Anonymous

    At least they said women in Scotland, not Scottish women.

  • Anonymous

    There is a charity in the UK that regularly solicits donations from the British public to fund a clinic and hospital in Ethiopia dedicated to treating Ethiopian women who have suffered this practice in their home country. The charity is also trying to educate Ethiopians to end this custom within their country. 

    Be assured that the “3000 women in Scotland” are not of white caucasian Gaelic decent. They are clearly immigrants from the third world. (Africa – Ethiopia / Somalia?)
    To put an end to this “uncivilised practice” the do-gooders are meddling with nature.
    This is an African form of birth control.

    Remember Bob Geldorf and all his pop artist mates back in the 1980s with Live Aid?
    They raised about £80m to combat the politically induced famine.
    At the time Ethiopia’s population was about 35m. Today it is about 70m. 
    Now check the aid budgets to Ethiopia from the G7 or G8 or G20 nations in the 80s and compare it with what it is today. Now can anyone produce a cost-benefit report on this western benevolence which interferes with and distorts the natural evolution of African nations like Ethiopia.

    It seems to me that their biggest export today is illegal immigrants to Europe.

    Why is the white man so insane?