Posted on January 16, 2012

Report Says Many Aren’t Ready for College

Scott Waldman, Times Union, January 11, 2012

New York has an achievement problem, according a new report released by education reform advocates on Wednesday.

There is increasing attention given to the importance of the elementary and middle school years in getting students on the path to college. The report shows a “cavernous achievement gap” between white and minority students starts early and only widens as the students enter high school. The report was released by the New York Campaign for Achievement Now, a new education reform group.

While the NYCAN report largely focuses on secondary education, it shows the emergence of disturbing trends that affect the number of students who enter college. The report found that students are segregated by race and class and that only 4.1 percent of black students successfully completed at least one Advanced Placement class, compared to 24.6 percent for New York high school graduates overall. New York ranks 40 out of 45 states for the Hispanic and white achievement gap, the report found.