Racial Tension Rising in Dallas Against Korean Community

The Chosunilbo, January 31, 2012

Korea’s consul-general in Houston is now in Dallas, Texas, to try and quell rising anti-Korean sentiment there after a dispute between different ethnic groups began spiraling out of control.

This comes as leaders of the African-American community in southern Dallas called for a boycott of Asian-owned businesses as a protest against what they call “racist business-owners.”

Tensions have been mounting since early this month, when a Korean owner of a gas station and an African-American customer got into a verbal altercation, in which racial slurs were reportedly made.

The Korean government has been advising the Korean community there to remain calm and not stoke the fire.

Dallas has the largest Korean-American community in the state of Texas with about 1,000 businesses there owned by Koreans.


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  • Anonymous

    How on earth does this equate “racial slurs”?

    The (black) customer, complaining that the price of gas at the station was much higher than at other stations, demanded he be able to buy gas by smaller amounts than what the owner set as the minimum sales unit.

    The owner refused and told him to go to another station, to which the customer responded by telling the owner to go back to his country. The owner responded by telling the customer to go back to Africa.


    • sarah stein

      He just wanted to buy a cup of gasoline so he could throw it on the owner and light him up. 

    • Damn these whining black losers. The Korean guy gave him a taste of his own medicine and the black crybabies start whining. 

      • Anonymous

        Thank God the Asians don’t bow to the PC BS the way whites do.  The Asians may be the ones that save us.

        • Anonymous

          I also appreciate the way Hispanics stand up to blacks.  We whites became too civilized too soon. 

  • Anonymous

    Wait a minute. Somebody get me Tim Wise on the phone. Apparently “people of color” are not getting along with each other, even though there is no white interloper to blame. I’m confused.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm… Remind me again which college called Jared Taylor’s views on diversity ignorant? 

    • Anonymous

      Those who claim that racial differences do not exist, or that they are not biological, reveal their ignorance. 

      • Marcy Fleming

        Third great point you’ve made on this thread, John, but don’t let your LibDem friends see this !
        Even Ron Paul won’t touch this now ! The Conservative, Libertarian, Objectivist and Anarcho-Capitalism movements are full of cowards.
        No wonder they never repeal anything.

  • The funny thing about this is black neighborhoods wouldn’t have businesses located in them at all if it Koreans, among others, didn’t open them.  Blacks see Koreans as racist interlopers but blacks usually don’t have the motivation or ambition to open a business for the ‘hood.  They give great lip service to the idea though.

    • The fact that the Asians could open and run these stores means that the business opportunity is there.  Why couldn’t all the black geniuses that flew spaceships they built around the pyramids they built before creating us white people in test tubes have gone into that relatively simple and mundane business first?

      • FUUNNYY !  I like your wit,  give youself another THUMBS -UP.

      • You can’t blame the sane, intelligent brothas for creating us in a lab. It was a mad black scientist, remember?

  • Anonymous

    in maryland blacks boycott asians by ordering food to a vacant rowhouse and than killing the asian delivery driver and taking the money and food. of course this is all due to racist white men. and the police assure us all of these events all 12 per year are isolated incidents. and that it is VERY SAFE INDEED to be an asian carry out owner.

  • Anonymous

    Typical black envy and jealousy,  Koreans have managed to be successful in a country blacks complain is hopelessly racist to explain why they aren’t.

  • Anonymous

    wow i have nothing but respect for the asian people. they work 7 days a week long hours they struggle to improve their lot through going to university they practice martial arts that improve mental and physical health they are an inspiration to all people and cultures.  no wonder blacks want to boycott them……………

    • Anonymous

      But nobody really likes the ethnic immigrants who run rip off convenience stores in bad neighborhoods, make money by selling booze, lottery tickets and wildly over priced junk food – the hated “merchants” – in bad times like Weimar Germany, Indonesia in the 60s, Uganda in the early 70s  – these ethnic mercharnts – Jews, Chinese, Asian Muslims were targeted with resentment violence. 

      If you are thinking of getting in to these business – get a local partner of the community you are serving and practice lots of community relations. That’s just reality.

      • Preaching to the choir.  My job through just about all of 2010 was managing a small chain of gas stations-quicky marts for a family concern.  The family sold out to some SBA loan financed Patel scam artists, so my services were no longer needed.  Luckily, all five locations were in heavily white areas, and all but one of the employees I had to supervise were white.

        • Anonymous

          How does the Patel empire get away with this?  They’re branching out all over the country.  Motels everywhere.  Do you know if the Patel pill scammer in Ohio is part of the clan?  Or the Patel medical testing scammer in NJ?

          • The simple scam is that they get bigger and bigger SBA loans to buy motels and quicky-marts from each other; one of them will be left standing without a chair when the music stops, but it’s okay if he has to declare bankruptcy because a slew of his Patel relatives just made big profit margins from flipping the same establishment around to each other.

            There is another more complicated scam involving loans from private banks, the nature of it I cannot remember.

      • Yeah become partners with a lazy, thieving, broke ghetto dweller who will end up stealing or killing you.  Real smart.

        Maybe the blacks shouldn’t shop at the rip off stores or simply open their own stores.

      • Anonymous

        Business is business.
        People shop where they know they get good value for money and good quality.That is the only consideration they usually make.It’s a pure cash transaction, just like any other cash transaction.If the store owner runs agood shop he is not ‘resented’ despite what ethnicity he happens to be.In that way a store owner is just like any other tradesman or professional you happen to engage.It’s the quality of his work that you pay for.

  • Anonymous

    blacks open nails , barber shop, africa themed clothing and food stores and funeral homes

    • Anonymous

      And their only customers are other blacks. If I have ever shopped at a black owned business I honestly cannot recall.

    • crystal evans

      Also beauty shops. Black women spend more money on hair care than any other race. They will spend thousands of dollars on hair weaves using hair that has been imported from India that they have purchased from the Koreans. Is there anything wrong with this picture?

      • Yes….despite spending all that money and time, they still look like hell!

      • No, Koreans are tapping into a perfectly legal, legitimate market. It’s one of the healthy aspects of capitalism.  Even if capitalism isn’t always perfectly balanced

        Blacks can deal with their own self-image. Nobody is stopping them.

  • crystal evans

    This reminds me of the Latarsha  Hollins murder and its aftermath. Latarsha Hollins was a young African American girl who was killed by a Korean store owner who thought that she stole a bottle of orange juice. She did not. The store owner claimed self defense and got off. The Black community in LA rioted. The store was firebombed and the store owner eventually returned to Korea. This incident was a contributing factor to the riots that occurred as a result of the Rodney King beating.

    • Anonymous

      You neglected to mention that Harlins struck the store owner 3 times with her fist knocking the owner to the floor. Was the shooting  and sentence justified? Perhaps not, but you should present ALL the facts and let readers decide.

      • Anonymous

        Hahaha…..the shooting was justified…..that is why the Korean Woman did no jail/prison time.

        And the poor, poor, angelic, Urban American Yute……she got what she had coming.

        • Anonymous

          Unfortunately, the shop owner would probably be convicted today.

      • crystal evans

        The shooting was not justified because the amount of force used by the Korean woman was far more than what Harlins did. I know the store owner accused her of stealing a bottle of orange juice which she was going to pay for.

        • Anonymous

          Well, I suppose your opinion is debatable but the fact is, Harlins could have easily diffused the situation but instead she chose to escalate the confrontation by punching the owner several times. There are consequences when you assualt someone, especially in a situation like this.

        • After being bullied and harassed by these people for an extended period of time I can understand why the Korean woman was on a literal hair-trigger.  I’m sure similar things like that had occurred before. 

          It was about fear and provocation; the Korean woman didn’t deserve to be charged. Blacks often use a form of terrorism on vulnerable people like this woman. So if they try to strong arm someone they can reap the consequences.

    • Anonymous

      I believe Latasha stuffed the bottle of orange juice in her backpack, when the Korean store owner saw that she grabbed the backpack.  At that point sweet innocent Latasha punched the Korean store owner in the face 3 times. 

      After more words Latasha threw the bottle of orange juice at the store owner as the owner grabbed a firearm (that had been stolen previously by blacks and returned by the police department, unknown to the owner the gun had been altered to have a hair trigger). When the owner grabbed the firearm to warn off the threatening violent black teen the gun discharged, killing said teen.

      • Impertinent

        Thankfully…”Latasha” can’t breed any more future criminals that she ( given the history of single black females ) would certainly “raise” by unknown black male reprobates. 

      • Anonymous

        Thank you Sonya. You provided more information than I was able to find. I had never heard of this story, but I KNEW there was more to it than Ms. Evans was presenting. What was the store owner to think when Harlins stuck the OJ in her backpack BEFORE paying for it?  After behaving and reacting the way she did, the harsh reality is that Harlins contributed to her own death.

        • Anonymous

          Yep, I have seen the video of the incident……the Korean Woman was brutally assaulted.

    • Anonymous

      Nice try in peddling water for the Urban American Yute.

      I saw the video of the incident…..the Urban American Yute BRUTALLY assaulted the tiny Korean woman……..she fired a handgun in self defense.

      That is why the Korean woman “got off” as you laughingly put it.

    • Let me guess – you’re a negro. No white woman would be named Crystal unless she works in a strip club or in the porn industry

      • crystal evans

        No I am Japanese American. Crystal is my name from birth. I have never worked in the porn industry.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t the Blacks and Koreans in Dallas just get along?

    Well seeing as Black lower class people can’t get along with anybody 
    Not with us or the Jews or the Koreans 
    Or anybody else who risk their lives 
    To sell diapers and TV Guides in their infernos 
    Seeing as lower class Black people can’t even get along with each other 
    Can’t look at each other without shooting 
    That they can’t stand each other 
    I would say that the answer is….


  • Impertinent

    Cause the stupid, uneducated, lazy, welfare assisted Negro fears competition or hard work? Because the Korean immigrant really knows the value of American citizenship? Because the Korean knows that hard work, enterprise and capital investment usually pays off if you’re willing to get off your welfare assisted ass and become a success? Because the American Negro is only willing to take? Rather than to contribute as the Koreans are to the America dream?

    MLK didn’t say…” I have a dream….to live on handouts, welfare, cheating and section 8 for the rest of my life along with  my illegitimate offspring because the white man owes me”.

    • Errr, yes, he did


      The most ridiculous accounts are found not on the left but in the neoconservative-induced propaganda about King the conservative Christian. The mythical figure who emerges from this propaganda opposed Affirmative Action quota programs, although from interviews—and most palpably in comments printed in Playboy in 1965—it seems clear that King favored the remedies that he is supposed to have resisted. In the Playboy interview King went beyond affirmative action remedies to call for a government compensatory program of $50 billion to be paid mostly to blacks but also to other groups that had been subject to past discrimination. [Martin Luther King Jr.: An Interview with Playboy Playboy Magazine, January, 1965]

  • Impertinent

    “This comes as leaders of the African-American community in southern Dallas called for a boycott of Asian-owned businesses as a protest against what they call “racist business-owners.”

    Cool…I say. Let them eat dung. Drink gasoline and starve themselves. Dallas and the Koreans will  be better off without the silly, immature, juvenile  hassles from ghetto dwellers or…”Negro customers”.

    I  always thought the LA riots were a total success…..the idiots burned down everything in their own backyards….then were stupid enough to complain?

    • Anonymous

      that did it! i am going to boycot ALL  black businesses from NOW ON!!!
      wait….there are none………….

  • Anonymous

    In California, between 1960 and 2000, an entire succession of ethnic groups managed corner stores in Black neighborhoods.  Each was driven out, in turn b/c of theft, robbery, violence, and murder — all the while, being called racist by the African communities.  First there were Whites, then Jews, then a variety of Middle Easterners, including Lebanese & Palestinians, then Chinese, Indians, and Koreans.  Today, there are some Iraqis, Kurds, and an occasionaly Armenian.   Each ethic group has been unable to live with Africans.  Same with the massive influx of Hispanics. 

    However, the one that is really funny is the anamosity between immigrant Africans and African =-Americans.   I had a Nigerian tell me that he hated African-Americans because they were lazy, violent criminals.  

    African-Americans cannot get along with anyone, but they claim that it is never their fault!   Ha, ha.

    Now, compare how all the above ethnic groups gel along with Whites — does that tell you something?  

    • Tom

      Now, compare how all the above ethnic groups gel along with Whites — does that tell you something?
      Yes, it says it all.  It is natural for people to want to congregate with their own race, but I have noticed that most whites usually do not have any problems with other races except for blacks.  Likewise, these other groups generally don’t have major conflicts with any of the other races except blacks.

      This is not just in the U.S., but in the U.K. (Brixton, and  the riots last year), France (ongoing problems with black Muslims), and the list goes on.

      Blacks can not seem to get along with anyone.

    • Anonymous

      A number of years ago an Ugandan taxi driver was driving me to a location in the Washington, DC area. With no prompting from me he told me which neighborhoods he liked working in and which neighborhoods he did not feel safe in. 
      Guess which neighborhoods he thought were dangerous.  

      • Marcy Fleming

        Great point. I was in DC in the early 70s taking a bus from the District to Bethesda
        and a group of African women asked some directions questions of the Black DC Transit bus driver. He didn’t know the answers and the African women started loudly talking about stupid “American Negroes” are and how they all lived “in slums,” etc. I think these women were probably with an African Embassy or Embassies.

        • Marcy Fleming

          Responding to Engelman’s query on when Krugman was exposed as a standard Keynesian hack crank, the answer is almost every day by real economists on LewRockwell.com
          Go to the site and punch in Krugman and you will see stuff galore refuting him.
          Go to George Reisman’s Blog and you will see the same.
          I’m profoundly unimpressed with Scandinavian  Socialists and
          their bogus awards to their fellow leftist hacks.
          Even less so with Hire Education and even much less so with
          The New York Slimes. Get it ?
          Hacks do not have to be paid but Krugman is and he’s very low
          quality so he fits your cited definition of a hack.
          Who’s Lew Rockwell ? Go to his site and find out.

      • Marcy Fleming

        Engelman, for some absurd reason I’m not able to post on the JFK thread in response to your last words a day ago, so I’ll do it here.
        You have made no arguments and given very few refs and instead only cite polls which themselves are always driven by an agenda. Presumably a few hundred or a few thousand people speak for all Americans ! Yeah, and if you believe that I have five bridges here on SF Bay to sell you.
        Read How Social Security Picks Your Pocket:A Story of Waste, Fraud And Inequities by Joseph Fried. Published in 2003 by Algora and ever more timely today.
        I get to talk to lots of young-middle age people here in a bastion of leftism and to a person they want Social Security either radically reformed or abolished and they feel the same about all the other so-called safety net programs.
        I have spent enough time on this and you appear to expect me to pretend that I never wrote the massive total responses to you because you refuse to deal with them. Well, why should I help you to blank out that reality ?
        Your views on this thread are interesting because they are totally contradicted by the policies that you espoused on the JFK threat and which have brought down this country to third world levels.
        The crisis we are in has been brought on by the Left and everyone knows it.
        That the Right is timid and lame is sadly true but there are glorious exceptions
        and you can find them here opposing folks like you.

        • Don’t try arguing economics with Engleman.  I don’t, because I know my name isn’t Paul Krugman.

          • Marcy Fleming

            Krugman is a totally discredited Left Keynesian Hack. He is regularly debunked on the LewRockwell.com site.
            Arguing economics with Engelman is the easiest thing in the world because he doesn’t know basic enomics.

          • Anonymous

            When was Paul Krugman discredited? Krugman is a Nobel Laureate, an economics professor at Princeton, and a New York Times columnist. Who is Lew Rockwell?  

          • Anonymous

            Krugman is a totally discredited Left Keynesian Hack.                                                    
            – Marcy Fleming
            Hack writer is a colloquial and usually pejorative term used to refer to a writer who is paid to write low-quality, rushed articles or books “to order”, often with a short deadline… In journalism, the term is used to describe a writer who is deemed to operate as a “mercenary” or “pen for hire”, expressing their client’s political opinions in pamphlets or newspaper articles.
            By definition, Paul Krugman is not a hack.

        • Anonymous

          Here again you say, “Read this; read that.” I only ask you to read what I post here. I use links to document facts used in arguments that I compose yourself. 

          I present my arguments clearly, succinctly, and without derogatory comments directed against those I disagree with.

          • Marcy Fleming

            Obviously I have read what you have posted otherwise why would  I be responding ?
            Your arguments are invariably assertions based on your favorite polls.
            I give many more refs than you do and they called BOOKS.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to read a report by someone who knows the situation well, in order to find out just exactly what might be wrong in that multicultural paradise.
    I’m betting that the blacks are jealous of the Koreans for having the ability to come in and provide successful businesses in the black community because blacks themselves don’t have the ability to set up and run retail outlets in their own neighborhoods.
    If I’ve learned one thing important from all these problems caused by multiracialism,  it is that unbiased news reporting can never be allowed, because there would be far too many reports that would cause severe reactions among the restless natives involved.
    It has to be handled as George Orwell’s society would handle the situation, and that is with edited reports that give such sparse details they’re almost worthless and a smiling face showing the strength diversity gives us must be presented at all costs.

    Does anybody get the impression that we’re living in a flimsy house of cards that is bound to collapse?

  • Notice the contradiction:

    Korea’s consul-general in Houston is now in Dallas, Texas, to try and
    quell rising anti-Korean sentiment there after a dispute between
    different ethnic groups began spiraling out of control.


    Dallas has the largest Korean-American community in the state of Texas with about 1,000 businesses there owned by Koreans.

    If they’re Korean-“Americans” then the Korean consulate has no business getting involved. 

    Black radicals in St. Louis love to complain about the Arab and South Asian owners of corner convenience stores in the ghetto.  Among their complaints is that the store owners often make rude and suggestive comments toward black women patrons.  (Seriously, I have my doubts about that, just based on aesthetics alone).  Even if it were true, then that does nothing to address one of the favorite hobbies of black men in St. Louis’s ghetto — Dropping their pants and showing their stuff to the unlucky white woman passerby in a car, yelling “hey baby want summa dis.”

  • Bah, it’s all the white man’s fault.

  • Funny I thought Sonny Carson was dead ?

  • Anonymous

    Well then apparently both parties were ignorant. Merchants cannot set a minimum on debit card purchases (only credit cards).  Instead of telling the Korean to go back to China he should have threatened to call the debit card issuer and report the merchant.

    I suspect the Koreans are probably better prepared since the LA riots and if the blacks in Dallas attempted such a thing it could turn into a (black) bloodbath. From what I understand a lot of those c-stores in high risk areas can’t get full insurance so if a store gets looted the owner can lose everything, the Koreans could easily decide to defend their stores with deadly force.

  • Anonymous

    Blacks and whites do have a child/adult relationship.

    Whites are the parents and blacks are the children.

    Parents pay the bills and expect a certain level of behavior and respect in return.  The kids don’t want to give ANY respect, won’t clean their room or get even a part-time job, beg for spending money and blame the parents for everything wrong in their life…..BUT WON’T MOVE OUT!  lol

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The controversial Latash Harlins case , still discussed and debated to this day, is a part of California’s checkered history as it struggles with upheaval and demographic change and, AFAIC, is a sterling example of the failures of the multi-cultural state.

    There were no riots after the Latasha Harlins incident; the riots were almost a year later, in 1992, after the Rodney King verdict in Simi Valley, although Korean grocers WERE targeted during the riots, as an aftereffect of the Harlins case.

    The video shows that Harlins put (or threw) the juice on the counter and turned away to leave.  Du picked up a handgun that had been altered so that it had a hair trigger, raised the gun and fired, striking Harlins in the back of the head.

    Du was well aware of the dangers of operating a small grocery store in a black ghetto, her son had been beaten and forced to pay extortion at the store and nearby Korean merchants had been killed during robberies.  This store had been burglarized many times, robbed at gunpoint and shoplifting was an every day problem.Judge Karlin granted Du probation, fined her $500 and ordered her to perform 400 hours of community service.  The state Supreme Court  let stand Judge Karlin’s ruling.

    Judge Karlin withstood a recall effort and in 1992, she was elected to California’s Superior Court with 51% of the vote, defeating four other candidates. After a multi-million dollar lawsuit, Harlins family was paid $300,000 by Du’s insurance company.And yes, during the Rodney King riots, Koreans KNEW the LAPD were not going to protect them and took to the roofs to protect themselves and their businesses.


    See image:

  • Anonymous

    In the black neighborhood where I live two Arab immigrants who operated small stores were recently murdered by blacks. Do blacks really think they would be better off if these immigrant run stores closed? 

    • Marcy Fleming

      Good point but the trouble is that they don’t THINK at all.

  • Anonymous

    On American Renaissance I am sometimes criticized for expressing admiration for Orientals. The criticisms, while unjust, are accurate. 

    • We just figure you’re getting some fortune cookie on the side.  BTW, I hear Crystal’s available.  😉

  • Marcy Fleming

    Not at all. Blacks in Africa sold their fellow Blacks to Arab Slave Traders from the 9th to the 14th centuries and then to European Slave Traders for
    3 or 4 centuries after that.
    Since 1999 Blacks in the Congo alone have killed 5 million of each other.
    You might lose count if you tracked the whole African continent.

  • Why not? The Mexican government dictates our immigration policy.

    • Zorro

       The Muslims tell us who the real enemies of this country are. Of course, it’s not them, because they say so. See how they managed to get the Training film, “The Third Jihad” banned from the New York City Police Department, at http://www.grassfirenation.com .

  • Go eat your rainbow stew. Racism is a defense mechanism.

  • My family owned a couple of small businesses years ago and there were a few black men who would try that very thing you’re describing. We never let it work for them.

  • Asians are our “natural allies” in many political fights.  Michelle Malkin has been long speaking on racial issues from a conservative perspective. 

    The purpose behind the whole “People of Color” (POC), business is to form a large, anti-white voting block. We must keep Asians from being twisted into thinking that they’ve got more in common w/blacks and Latino than w/whites. We have got to consistently state to Asians that our common values and interests unite us more than differences in melanin divide us. Even AmReners who are against Asian-Caucasian marriage must agree that Asians are, in general, also pro-family, pro-education, pro-work, and anti-crime, esp violent crime. I’d bet because they work hard they will be sympathetic to rolling back all forms of forced wealth redistribution (welfare, WIC, Section 8 housing, foreign “aid” (foreign welfare)). Because they run businesses, they’d also be against trade deficits, fiscal deficits and debt. 

  • Anonymous

    The unfortunate fact is that these smaller grocery stores in black communities cater, at a significant mark up, to the destructive lifestyles of blacks, and they, the store owners and the black community, both know it.  What do the Korean diplomats expect will happen?  The only variable is the time and place of the spark that sets the whole thing off.

    BTW, did you know that the South Korean government audits the tax returns of anyone who buys an American car?  Think of that next time you see a KIA commercial.

  • Anonymous

    The Koreans knew what to do in Los Angeles. Here the Rodney King Riots start… watch the Koreans begin to respond at 1:40.

    “Some people did get hurt, as we were pulling away there were some ambulences.”


    Then they got organized. Notice the guy with the radio.


    By the peak of the riots 0:00-1:14 the Korean’s areas were quiet as a mouse 1:15-end.


    The warehouse areas where the Koreans supplies are stored were very well protected with the news showing pictures of teams of Koreans on top of their warehouses in Los Angeles wearing body armor and carrying AR-15s firing them at roving streetgangs successfully repelling them and yes the Koreans sucessfully dealt with snipers as well.

    Finally the National Guard arrived (they were marching in formation right outside my window) and one of the streetgang members tried to drive a couple of them on a corner down with a car and was shot to death in the process and that seemed to bring things to an end. I guess word got around.

    It should be stated though that after the riots about half the Koreans moved out of Koreatown and there is a much smaller population of them there today.

    Anyways… I wouldn’t worry about the Koreans. They know what to do if it all goes wrong.

  • Asians don’t like blacks. Everyone knows that.

  • Marcy Fleming

    The holocaust is a pure Soviet invention while race is an objective reality.
    Blacks are 5% here in SF but 60% of the crime, 28% in Oakland but 80% of
    the crime and the same is true in every US urban area and in the UK too.
    Recognizing a fact doesn’t mean you want to kill people.
    It means learning the facts to protect yourself and change public policy.

  • Aside from almost all of my supervisees being whites, most of them were real adults working quickie mart jobs because there was nothing else available.  In a better economy, such employees would be younger people, and harder to supervise, even if they are white.

    Most of my job was paperwork, spreadsheets, documents.  There was a lot of that kind of work, but on the bright side, I could do most of it on my own schedule.  It’s probably the only job I’ll ever have that I can do while naked at midnight and the job still be legal.  On top of that, I got to pay myself whatever I wanted.

    Unfortunately, as I later discovered, the only reason I had the job at all was that the owners didn’t want to do the job, (the husband of the house used to do all this work), because they wanted the time to be able to find some SBA loan financed Patels to buy the joints.

    Yes, it was a dream, but it was more of a mirage.

  • Pquick6165

    Wow I guess koreans are “racist” too