Posted on January 31, 2012

Racial Tension Rising in Dallas Against Korean Community

The Chosunilbo, January 31, 2012

Korea’s consul-general in Houston is now in Dallas, Texas, to try and quell rising anti-Korean sentiment there after a dispute between different ethnic groups began spiraling out of control.

This comes as leaders of the African-American community in southern Dallas called for a boycott of Asian-owned businesses as a protest against what they call “racist business-owners.”

Tensions have been mounting since early this month, when a Korean owner of a gas station and an African-American customer got into a verbal altercation, in which racial slurs were reportedly made.

The Korean government has been advising the Korean community there to remain calm and not stoke the fire.

Dallas has the largest Korean-American community in the state of Texas with about 1,000 businesses there owned by Koreans.