Police, Trimet Seek Attackers Seen in MAX Assault Video

Bill Roberson, KATU, January 11, 2012

Police and TriMet are looking into an incident on a MAX train from last December after video of a girl being repeatedly hit was posted to the Internet.

The incident took place on a MAX train in Clackamas County on December 26. The victim says she boarded the train after shopping at Clackamas Town Center.

TriMet says the assault was reported and police went to check out the incident, but when they arrived nothing was happening. No arrests were made and the victim of the assault, a 14-year-old girl, said she did not want to press charges.

But a cell phone video of the teen being hit, screamed at and slapped by a group on the train has been making the rounds at local schools after being posted on YouTube. {snip}

In the video, no one steps in to defend the victim from her attackers and others can be heard clapping and cheering as the girl is repeatedly slapped and punched. At one point, the victim is seen cowering and holding her head in pain after several female attackers ganged up on her.

The victim has requested she not be identified and told KATU News that she did not know her attackers. She did not say what the motive for the attack might have been.



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  • From watching the video I almost expect to hear a Sir David Attenborough like narrative to kick in……………….”here we see a young Caucasoid female has unwittingly wandered into  the territory of a pack of wilding Bantus, who are at first are excited and scared by the presence of this new outsider, which they communicate with loud chattering and shrieking while displaying their teeth, accompanied with a lot of exuberant  jumping around and flaying of limbs.  This young Caucasoid female needs to vacate this area immediately, as she has now been completely encircled by this rival group who are about to aggressively defend their territory. 

    As we now see a large, fully grown alpha she-Bantu has started the aggression backed up by her same sex subordinates, this display will cement the alpha she-Bantu’s place at the top of the groups mating order among the males, who depending on their social ranking will have priority access to this high spirited female, fighting among the males to gain access outside of their hierarchical order to the alpha female is not unusual.

    Later the Alpha she-Bantu’s subordinates may help groom her, help care for her young or supply her with food”.

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking the exact same thing.  I swear you can hear the screams of an excited chimp at 0:34. White people should wear a pith helmet and bring a tent with mosquito netting when they get on public transportation. 

    • Anonymous

      quote:  “who are at first are excited and scared by the presence of this new outsider, which they communicate with loud chattering and shrieking while displaying their teeth, accompanied with a lot of exuberant jumping around and flaying of limbs.”

      By George, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head.  LOL

    • Anonymous

      OMG  hilarious! Jeez I haven’t laughed like that for a while!

  • Anonymous

    Geez, the screeching and jibbering sounds just like a pack of wild animals. Weren’t there any other white people on the train? Weren’t there any adults OF ANY COLOR on the train? The girl says she has no idea why these she-thugs attacked her. This is because the poor child has, by the age of 14, sat through at least eight, probably nine school years of indoctrination in public institutions of brainwashing. She doesn’t know or have the words for explaining it happened because her skin is WHITE.

  • Her parents, the cowards, deserve to be shot for refusing to file charges against those bipedal bonobos.

  • Jay1

    About 2/3 of the way through the video, a white girl emerges from the crowd and seems to be yelling at the white girl in the seat too.  There are a LOT of ‘white’ people who have gone thug and ghetto.  I see it all the time where I’m at. 

    Concerning the behavior of the black ‘youffs’, I see this kind of behavior all the time.  I work near a black high school and when they get out it is a controlled riot that could erupt any second.  For real, there’s about 20 cops out there yelling and corralling them away from the school.  They’re all jiving and jumping, just like you see in the video.  It is not safe for white people to be alone with young black males OR females.  That is the reason why even liberals, despite all their rhetoric, rarely ever live around blacks themselves or send their kids to majority black schools.

    • Anonymous

      they were spitting on her

  • Anonymous

    I think the white girl may have been the one yelling. They don’t like that. Nor talking either, really. Liberal whites often don’t seem to like to hear talking or chatting either? Perhaps they understand it angers the ones they worship? So much not talking, this could be like the film planet of the apes where the humans can’t talk. No doubt there will be plenty of advice on this message board saying the same thing, don’t talk to people of color and try and avoid them completely when possible. Where’s Charlton Heston when you need him?

  • Beloved Comrade

    This is known as the MURDER TRAIN in Clackamas.

  • Anonymous

    its a train

  • Anonymous
  • I just cannot, for the life of me, understand why no White People will defend their fellow Whites from these beasts.

    I would NEVER sit or stand by while you are being beat.  I may be beat or murdered too but I know this, I could not just do nothing.

    • CCW with ya 100%

      • Thank You!  It is refreshing to ‘hear’ another American say they’re willing to defend their fellow Brethren.

        You know that if we’re not willing to fight back, we will forever be attacked right up to the very moment we cease to exist.

  • Anonymous

    blacks love violence, even when they are beating each other a bunch of them are always around screaming approval while filming it. The days of single white females traveling alone is long gone in alot of cities. 

  • Everyone needs to know and live by Cooper’s Color Code:

    Everyone needs to learn and live by The 4-S Rule:
    Avoid: (1) being around Stupid people (hanging around with troublemakers, drug users, drunks, ; (2) going to Stupid places (high crime areas; some bars; drinking/drug parties; some public transit); (3) doing Stupid things (getting drunk, using prostitutes, ; and (4) being out at Stupid TIMES (after 11pm until dawn). 

    Teach these to your kids and live them. 

    Prudence isn’t fun, but it may save your body and/or brain from injury or death.

    • Anonymous

      Too true! I wish I could remember where I’d read it, but I once read that “where you spend the time between 10:00pm and 3:00 am will determine how your life turns out.”

    • Anonymous

      I have a rule to add.  

      Avoid FREE events since the bottom dwellers frequent these.   Free events are full of 1 to 3 in your list above. 

      My wife took me to a high end concent venue in the burbs to see a Spanish band called “They Gypsie Kings”   The tickets were expensive as were the food and drinks.  The crowd was largly Spanish but very well dressed and behaved.  We had a great time. 

      On the other hand, we AVOID the free fireworks displays in Detroit and other locations each summer.

      • Excellent! 

        In other words, by going to events you have to pay to attend, you are paying to reduce your risk of something bad happening. You are paying to NOT be around people with low “socio-economic status”, the low class. Think of this as another “tax” or “cost of private safety”, like paying more to live in a low crime area, paying for a burglar alarm or video monitors, and paying taxes for law enforcement (although that is actually a “cost of public safety”). 

        Even among whites, the physically thuggish are primarily among the poor and lower class. 

        • Anonymous

          Mall shootings would never happen again if they charged admission to malls.

          • 46wrhsegz

            Which is dumb because I wouldn’t go even though I have the money.

            Pay to go to the mall?! You can’t be serious.

            It bothers me that I have to pay on average $15 for a movie which is worth the cost of admission.

          • Anonymous

            The mall could refund your admission if you purchase something in a store.  The point is to take away the free loitering spot. 

            Mull it over before you fire “dumb” from the hip pal, that’s uncalled for.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          Amusement parks in Southern California are very expensive.

          Disneyland now costs $80/day.
          Universal Studios, $77/day.

          That is per person admission for adults.  At Universal, adult price is paid for anyone over 3 years of age, Disneyland 10 and up pays the adult rate.  Imagine the cost for a family of 4, and that is just for admission, not food or souvenirs or photos or transportation to and from the parks.

          I’ve always felt this was done to keep out the local hoards of Third World sludge.


      • 46wrhsegz

        Well you can’t avoid people based on race.
        Not all black people are bad. The rate is higher amoungst such groups but one can’t isolate themselves.

        It is simply impossible. You just have to trust your judgement about where you go and what you do.

  • Anonymous

    The sights, the sounds and particularly the chicken-like cooing sound that accompanied that video reminded me most of an unruly section of a zoo.

    • Anonymous

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Welcome to Thunderdome America. Stay sober and stay strong. Put your kids in Karate school ASAP. Stock up on deer rifles and goose guns. Red Dawn and the Road Warrior films have finally come true.  

  • Anonymous

    I have been thinking about the problem of people being physically attacked with no warning by strangers for a long time.

     here is a video that I think may help. It is not a complete answer, and the idea needs more work, but it may help others go in the right direction.

    Home made DIY $1 Body Armor idea for Physical assault protection


     Not everyone can afford a gun or legally use one, not evryone is a martial artist, there is a real need for a perfectly legal passive weapon thay would be defensive and only be used when attacked, such body armor would only hurt those doing the attacking and give the victim time to get away, call for help or access a weapon that would change the power equation.

  • ‘Clackamas, you mean OREGON? Why is this happening there?’

    I was born in Portland and believe it or not there actually is a small population of Blacks there. 

    With the emergence of the Obama Presidency it seems that Black crime in Portland has gone through the roof.   Maybe they think Obama will pardon them.

    One of the malls there, the Lloyd Center, recently had a Black gang shooting occur in broad daylight!  This was a nice safe mall and I have been there several times, but it seems that the Blacks have taken it over.

  • B

    Black psychopaths are common and there is no cure.

  • D’oh! Good point. 

    I’ve edited it to say “Prudence isn’t always fun.”

  • Anonymous

    I’m a Trimet bus operator in Portland OR, and these type of assaults are very common.  This is one of the whitest cities in the country yet white people are still not safe from racist attacks from blacks.  Even more common is the intimidation.  The looks, the comments, the bumps.  “What you lookin’ at mutha fucka?”   Whites just downcast their eyes and keep their mouths shut.  The rare white that stands up and wins the battle is charged with a hate crime.

    White people have been relegated to second class citizen with amazing speed.  Don’t believe me? Jews had so much media and financial influence in 1930 Germany, yet in a few years look what happened to them. 

    • Anonymous

      Appreciate the comments, I can identify with them. I was a bus driver in Seattle for about 11 years.

      From my personal experience, I would say that 90% of the violence on the Metro buses in Seattle were started by Urban Americans. The aggressiveness, drug dealing, insane yutes, threats……yup, mostly Urban Americans.

      • Anonymous

        I will not EVER ride Metro without my .45.  I try as a rule to avoid places that I feel my CCW is non-negotiable; in this instance it’s not possible so I live in condition yellow on the days I have to ride the bus.  I get on the bus not far from the Tukwila Light Rail Station.  Having driven Metro for 11 years that should give you some perspective on the folks with whom I share my commute.

        Only saving grace is the hoodlums aren’t usually up for the morning commute.  Return trip, though, that’s another story.

        • Anonymous

          Oh yes, I know the inner city of Seattle and the King County Transit System quite well. I drove mainly inner city buses…..lots and lots of savage Urban Americans on the buses I drove.

          Sadly I do not see this country TRULY turning things around. You are doing the right thing, packin heat whenever possible.

          Seattle and other Liberal areas are probably the worst. Libs will peddle water for Urban Americans….no matter how violent they get.

  • 46wrhsegz

    Well there are six likes.

    I do wish people here see there is a spectrum. And even for the right wing there is an extreme.

    All things, even political need to be taken into context.

  • Anonymous

    Meh, the Portland area, the white libs should have a good laugh about this.

  • Anonymous

    A lot like Seattle, insanely liberal.

    Urban Americans can act extremely violent in either city………and the white liberals will still coo over them.

  • Laura White

    Why do blacks always jump up and down (like the creature in blue) like excited simians when a pack attack is occurring? 

    Answer: to provide us with evidence that they are a different sub-species of humanity. 

    The sub-species known as “cockroachus-africanus.” 


  • Laura White

    Mister Tayler : 

    Please improve the resolution of the big “American Renaissance” at the top of the page, as well as the Jefferson quote. 

    How hard could it be?! 


    – crimesofthetimes.com 

  • Another race hate crime by multiple blacks on a single white person that will never be called a hate crime in a million years by anyone in power.   

  • Anonymous

    Another fine example of the feral negro at home in his natural habitat. No matter if it is the ghetto, middle class or an affluent neighborhood blacks have relegated all forms of public transit to be an extension of their home turf and God forbid you ever need to utilize it even out of necessity.
    Notice the yoot in the blue jacket begin to bounce even before the first punch is thrown and not long after another yoot  feels the need to jump up on the seats, his heart racing from excitement no doubt from the pummeling this young lady endured, her only real crime being she was White and stepped into a slice of the ghetto.
    I know the economy is tough but before I ever ride public transit I will opt for a taxi instead and ask the driver to take the long way around if he needs to.

  • Breaking news on this case… breaking ….

    Just when one thought that Blacks couldn’t get any lower:

    ‘Selena Estelle Harris,
    38, the mother of Burns and the 16-year-old, was arrested on charges of
    hindering prosecution. She is accused of lying to police about her
    daughters’ whereabouts and of hiding them from officers, Simpson said.’


    • j j

      Thanks for the update link… reading the description of the yutes, I couldn’t help but notice the use of “half” sister multiple times. How many baby-daddys does this mother sheboon have? :-

    • Anonymous

      quote from article…..TriMet said an officer requested the security tape from the train the
      night of the attack but it was corrupted and couldn’t be viewed. wow the tape was corrupted or were the people who own the tape corrupted.

  • Sir/Ma’am,

    Thank You for a wonderful response first and second, you have written everything I’ve been “complain'” about since what feels like, forever but to no avail.  Just try talking to your Congress, I mean, their worthless Aides and see what you get.

    Now and then, I have to stop calling ’cause it’s just fruitless.  I’ve been hung up on many a time, cut-off, listened to and even had a number, though small, completely agree but they can’t, or won’t help.  Now, I’m focusing strictly on Local and giving up on Congress.  I probably won’t though if I know me.

    P.s.  I especially loved the Manson part.  Now that’s an interview I wish I’d seen!  Not to sound like I like Manson but his response was Golden!…and Very True.

    p.s.s.  I like how you write.  I also love the “half a soul” part!  You made me laugh in these here most difficult of damn near all times.  Thank You Sir.

    recoil – Yes, I do understand this but for me, it’s just Nature to want to shield one of my own from harm and myself is not a thought for me.  I don’t know where from or why I’m like this but I’ve always been like this.  I cain’t help it.