National Campaign Aims to Encourage Condom Use Amongst African American Teens

Black News, January 26, 2012

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is estimated that more than 1 million adults and adolescents were living with HIV infection in the United States at the end of 2006, the most recent year for which national prevalence estimates are available. {snip}

Blacks/African Americans are the racial/ethnic group most affected by HIV. In 2009, Blacks/African Americans comprised 14% of the US population, but account for 44% of all new HIV infections. Hispanics/Latinos represent 13% of the population, but account for an estimated 17% of new infections. African American and Hispanics/Latinos communities continue to experience higher rates of other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) compared to other racial/ethnic communities in the US. {snip}

The CDC states for every HIV infection that is prevented, an estimated $355,000 is saved in the cost of providing lifetime HIV treatment—significant cost-savings for the U.S. federal government that spent an estimated $12.3 billion on HIV care and treatment in 2009, and for the U.S. health care system as a whole.

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are one of the most critical health challenges facing the nation today. CDC estimates there are 19 million new infections every year in the United States at a cost of $17 billion to the U.S health care system each year. {snip}

Kenny Condom’s HIV/AIDS/STDs grass-roots, safer-sex prevention and awareness campaign has been centered around Kenny’s unique “cool” image, i.e. hands on hips and wearing sun glasses, primarily in the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD market. The national campaign launch of the “urban” version of Kenny Condom is being announced today in an effort to get the attention of the adolescent population in the US concerning the alarming facts from the CDC.

The website ( includes a video using humor to illustrate sex without Kenny could lead to a dead end. The video is the work of students at Bowie State University. In addition a mobile app has been released that has a very noble mission in mind—it is designed to help educate and inform it’s users on preventive and awareness information including resources for getting tested, proper condom usage, and statistical data. {snip}


The Kenny Condom character and national campaign is the brainchild of Terence Greene, the 2010 award-winning producer of “Adjust Your Color, The Truth of Petey Greene”. {snip}

The “urban” illustration of Kenney Condom (pictured below) was created by graffiti writer and international muralist Daniel “Pose 2” Hopkins. {snip}

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  • Anonymous

    Considering that female to male sexual transmission of HIV is extremely difficult (it is common in Africa because of untreated Gonorrhea and Syphilis) how do all these blacks get HIV? Injectible drugs and male-to-male transmission? And then those males have sex with females? We in white society think in terms of heterosexual/homosexual. It appears blacks are just sexual, don’t really care as long as they get some. Unbelievable.

      • Anonymous

        Most of the guys in that vid don’t look like they are on the “down low”, they are obviously flaming. The outfits and gay accents….some might be bi but most aren’t.

    • Anonymous

      You forgot about the “dry sex” practice that is common in Africa. That also increases the transmission rate as it increases abrasions for both partners which allows for blood transfer.

      In the US, yes, it is from bi black males with plenty of venereal disease thrown into the mix. Just plain nasty. That is why black/white relationships need to be strongly and publically discouraged, it isn’t just about the mulatto babies, or the offensive images of such mixing, it is a real health risk to much of the white single population as a whole.

      • Anonymous

        uʍop ǝpısdn ʎɹʇunoɔ ʎɯ pǝuɹnʇ ǝʌɐɥ sɹǝplɹoʍ pɹıɥʇ

        • Anonymous

           How did you write like that?

          • Anonymous

            ¡ɹǝɯɯɐɹƃoɹd LW⊥H ɹǝʇsɐɯ ɐ ǝq ʇsnɯ ǝH

  • Mind you, many black teenagers and young adults are able to procure free condoms.  Yet, they still won’t use them.

    From India:

  • Anonymous

    There is a phenomenon in the black community, very taboo, but it must be broached if one wants to understand what is at work here: It is known as being “on the down-low” in the black community. African-American men who are in and out of prison have sexual intercourse with one another in jail, where HIV is rampant, and then pass it on to unsuspecting partners. I once had a black coworker tell me that the white man invented AIDS; fair enough, but I think he may have also invented condoms.

    • Anonymous

      I once had a black coworker tell me that the white man invented AIDS

      You should have pointed out that there is strong evidence that AIDS actually orginated from…. yep…. AFRICA.

      • Impertinent

        “AIDS actually orginated from…. yep…. AFRICA.”

        Yep…along with Ebola, swine flu and hurricanes…ain’t Africa’s gifts to mankind grand? Oops..I forgot…starvation, genocide and racial, religious conflicts.

  • crystal evans

    If these kids use condoms, they should be able to prevent any new HIV infections and also unwed pregnancies.

  • Being cognizant of the kind of people that are the subject matter of this article, I’m probably blowing smoke from where the sun doesn’t shine when I write what I’m about to write.

    Maybe these black teenagers aren’t using the free condoms because they’re free.

    What we attain too cheaply, we esteem too lightly.

    Maybe if they had to pay the getting close to seven bucks for a box of condoms like the rest of us must, maybe they would realize that these things cost what they do for a reason and therefore they should be used.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it racial profiling to specifically target black teens for birth control methods. ” I know about contra-conception mama, but it ain’t romantical!”

  • Impertinent

    They ought to take the condoms and string them together to make a rubber rope….which they should use to tie black girls legs together. That’ll work better than hoping those slick brothers will ever use them.