Malema Envisions White Domestic Workers

Hlengiwe Nhlabathi, Times Live, January 6, 2012

Suspended ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema wants to see white domestic workers in South Africa in the next 10 years.

Currently, whites controlled everything from the means of production and mines to banks and labour, he told a crowd in Thaba Nchu, in the Free State, on Friday.

“That must change. We want to find in the next 10 years white domestic workers,” he said to deafening applause from locals who packed the hall of Moroka High School.

He said the youth league’s call for “economic freedom” should not be viewed as a way of excluding whites.

“We never said they must be sent to sea. We just want to share the cake.”

He said he was in politics because of the poor, particularly domestic workers.

Malema spoke of black people’s struggles, some of whom converted their kitchens into bedrooms at night, shack dwellers who never celebrated when it rained because the structures leaked and those who barely had anything to eat at home.

Malema, who bought a house in Sandton, Johannesburg, for R3- million and was rebuilding it for R8.5-million, said he did not have to stay in a squatter camp to know the struggles people there faced.

“I am a child of a domestic worker.”

He said the history of the ANC was to fight for “economic freedom” and that President Jacob Zuma should, in his January 8 address, speak about providing houses, water and sanitation.

“I am not in the struggle for a position. That is why we don’t care whether we are suspended or not,” he said.

Malema and five other top ANCYL officials were suspended from the party in November last year for bringing the ANC into disrepute and sowing division in its ranks.

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  • Anonymous

    The only way blacks can acquire a first world society is to inundate it until they represent an overwhelming majority, then vote in all black candidates, which is what happened in South Africa.  And, the same thing is happening in the US right now.

    Then, after stealing the country, they pretend as if was theirs all along and it was they who are responsible for building it.

    All black run societies eventually implode, however, and it will be no different in S.A.. 

    When blacks finally bring it down to unsustainable levels and it evolves into rioting and mayhem, the whites should be able to take it back through civil war.  They are rumored to have huge caches of arms and ammo in many locations.

    This time I hope they have the presence of mind to expell all the blacks and do their own work instead of hiring peon labor from the pool of black morons.

    • .

      I have no idea if those rumors are true. But if they have any sense they are. Blacks in South Africa don’t want equality or freedom. They want to steal what the whites have and exterminate them.

  • Bill

    “We never said they must be sent to sea. We just want to share the cake”

    And even if they go to the sea you will fallow them. It is not like Africa is small. It is a big continent with one billion people. Still people talk about Sweden, with less than 10 Million inhabitants. Because they are smarter, better looking and more productive.

    It is like in the movie Matrix:
    The human destroyed the productive machines and send them into the desert. But the machines even under those conditions were able to build a better society.

  • Anonymous

    South Africa is just going to end up as another Zimbabwe with the continued oppression of the whites there. Blacks in Zimbabwe realize they were better off when whites were in government. They had jobs, education, access to health care etc. 

  • “We never said they must be sent to sea. We just want to share the cake”

    In other words, we will reduce them to poverty stricken domestic workers because that’s what they did to us and now it’s pay back time! Isnt that what Malema is really saying? I have no doubt he means it…

  • Anonymous

    The thing I find most amazing about this is how such a major figure can utter such a blatant anti-white statement, yet western mainstream media completely ignores it.

  • “We just want to share the cake.”

    Like Hell Malema does. There wouldn’t be any cake if the Boers hadn’t baked it and served it to the violent, ingrate imbecile Blacks.

    If the Boers are so bad, we’ll trade 4 million Blacks from Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland and Detroit for all of them. What a great deal that would be for South Africa! They could all share chocolate cake with one another!

  • Anonymous

    One point that is always forgotten when discussing the extent of black poverty in South Africa, is that during the period of White rule, the black population absolutely exploded.
     Under the the ‘wicked White racists’ the number of blacks in South Africa increased by a ridiculous multiple, something like 10 or 20 fold.
     The poor conditions of blacks in South Africa (which as been run by blacks for 16 years now), is not due to ‘exploitation by Whites’, but simply because blacks outbred the opportunities and means to support themselves.
    Whitey could not ‘magic’ jobs, land and houses where there wasn’t enough wealth or productivity to create them.

  • Anonymous

    All I see is a dangerous race hustler who knows how to make a buck off of his poor brethren.  If his people truly got what he is selling then his gravy train is done, there is more money and fame in squacking then doing.  He knows where the money is and will make sure the money stays his.

  • Makes sense. White domestics would do a better job than Blacks Domestics.

  • Skraps

    There are already many white domestic workers in South Africa.  However, they work exclusively for white families as a result of the widespread knowledge that blacks exploit, abuse, and underpay their domestic workers.

  • If you really think these black ‘leaders’ are doing good jobs, just search around on Google for the conditions of some of these post-apartheid cities and governments. Its all a shambles, crumbling without White oversight. And the genocide continues against White farmers and families, its government sanctioned!

  • Anonymous

    South Africa has seen the future and it is Zimbabwe. Unless they plan on re-taking control of the governmnet (highly unlikely) White South Africans need to accept that the show is over and it’s time to leave. There is no future for them there. They are hated, vilified and increasingly oppressed. They are blamed for all of the country’s ills past, present and future. Boer farmers are quietly being slaughtered without a peep from the world media. The country that they built has been given up to tribal savages that are slowly destroying it and turning into one big ghetto. 

  • jeffaral

    Time for Whites to stop blaming  Blacks in SA.   Whites voted in 1992 67 to 33 to hand over power to Blacks.  During the Apartheid Whites became lazy and fat and ever more dependent on Black workers.  This pattern is repeating throughout  the West.  Self criticism is a must!

    • To Jeffaral:
       Excellent post, granted i don’t agree with your racialist views but your correct in this. Also, if whites wouldn’t of oppressed along with isolated the black majority, then this problems wouldn’t have taken place. You know in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, there was actually a bi-racial democratic parliment elected in 1975. For three years, Zimbabwe was on the verge of a stable possible paridisal society. However, the late Ian Smith interferred and that led to the terroristic gov. of Mugabe. The solution for
      S.A. is for all races to work together as  a team to solve problems. If the current sit. continues S.A. will be doomed, not only the whites but the rest of the non-white majorities. Thanks!!

  • Anonymous

    If we believe the bell curve theory (which some whites on this site seem to worship) whites are smarter than some people of color,  but only on average. So a population that is 90% vibrant and 10%     filled up with typical white persons, even in this country there would be more vital geniuses and intellects than there would be intelligent white people. The trick, in this case, would be to insist on a strict hierarchy. 

    This is something wise people of color will not do, unfortunately. At least they wont do it while whites are still around. It’s impossible for them because they all know they are morally better than white people, and oppressive hierarchies are the food and drink of white people. They know they’re morally  superior to white folks and not evil. I suppose believing this idea at least civilizes them.  Why whites, in white nations,  act as though they believe this even more than do people of color is a mystery. 

  • The whites in SA should get their own territory and just separate.  What they are doing now is not working.  If they have to do their own grunt work, then so be it.