GOP Presidential Hopefuls Look for Ways to Woo Latino Voters

Carla Marinucci and Joe Garofoli, The Seattle Times, January 23, 2012

With former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s robust South Carolina victory injecting a new uncertainty into the contest for the GOP presidential nomination, the campaign battleground now moves to Florida and Nevada—where Latinos, the nation’s fastest-growing electorate, wield increasing clout.

Even before his win, Gingrich’s campaign already was competing hard for Latino support against GOP front-runner Mitt Romney.

The Gingrich team sent out Spanish-language emails to Cuban pro-democracy activists in Florida over the weekend and aired ads in Spanish attempting to define the former Massachusetts governor as anti-immigrant and too closely tied to Cuba’s leaders, brothers Fidel and Raul Castro. Romney’s campaign countered by pointing to a parade of high-profile Latino endorsers in Florida, which holds its primary Jan. 31. {snip}


The Republican National Committee (RNC), looking ahead to the general election, has begun a new offensive to woo the powerhouse Latino electorate, expected to top 12 million voters in 2012—up more than 25 percent from 2008 when two-thirds of them are estimated to have voted for President Obama.

“Democrats are trying very hard to avoid talking about Barack Obama,” said Bettina Inclan, a California-based GOP strategist hired this month as the RNC’s new director of Hispanic Outreach.

The energetic young strategist with Mexican and Cuban roots heads a GOP effort that recently released the first Spanish-language ads of the 2012 contest, an effort aimed at winning the votes of Latinos in key states including California, Texas and Ohio, where they have voted overwhelmingly for Democrats.

“You have to invite people to join the party” first, said Inclan, former executive director of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly and part of the GOP team that helped elect Florida Gov. Rick Scott. “We have a very aggressive effort, and we at the RNC are trying to make sure people make an informed decision.”


The stakes for capturing the Latino vote are high. A Public Policy Center of California poll last year found that the state’s 14 million Latinos make up 37 percent of the population and 18 percent of its electorate in the nation’s most populous state.

But with a recent Univision News/Latino Decisions poll showing that 65 percent of Latinos nationally will decide their vote based on the issues of jobs and the economy, their “support for the president has dropped significantly,” said Inclan, who also worked for the 2012 gubernatorial campaign of California GOP candidate Steve Poizner.


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  • “Fully funded welfare programs.” — Bill Richardson, former New Mexico Governor, when asked what Hispanic voters wanted from the political process

    • Anonymous

      I remember that.  Thanks for putting it out there.

  • Anonymous

    As a former long-time Florida resident I have to say that the Cuban/Mexican/general Latino distinction that’s always brought up in discussions of voting patterns gets on my nerves. Accurate statements about how Latinos always vote at least two thirds for Democrats are always qualified with a mention of the “strongly Republican” Cuban vote in Florida, specifically Miami. First of all, Miami-Dade county voted 60-40 for Obama in 2008 so let’s calm down on the “Cubans vote Republican” bit. Actually, 60-40 is surprisingly low given that there are about 6 or 7 white people in all of Miami.  Secondly, is anyone really suggesting that Cubans somehow balance out Mexicans? You could be forgiven for thinking there are tens of millions of them in Florida if you live there, but they number a fraction of the Mexican tidal wave. And lastly of course is the fact – that’s “FACT” in huge capital letters – that exactly 60 seconds after the Cuban regime finally falls, everyone left on that island will start making arrangements to join their brothers, cousins and friends in Miami. What party will Miami support then?

    • what party – Their own of course!

      Show me a non-white who has ever sided with anyone but their own and I’ll do your House Work, Yard Work, whatever Work I can manage for a Whole Year Solid if ya can!

  • Anonymous

    if you study the arizona most wanted list as well as crime statistics  all mexicans are being listed now as race WHITE to adjust the demographics of crime. courtesy of your doj

    • They’re doing the same thing with Welfare.  Fox News has been all too more than Glad to repeat that little “fact”.

    • A black Hispanic is listed as “white” in Newark, N.J.’s most wanted list.

  • Anonymous

    Pat Buchanan laid this whole thing out in detail in his latest book. Once again the GOP “establishment” ignores it all, and continues to dance to the tune called by the post-Trotskyite Neocons and their liberal supporters. And all the while, crowing about how “conservative” they all are…and sadly, many believe them.

  • spanish language – And for those of us who do not speak Spanish?  What do “We” get?  Let me guess, “We” get to pay for Pressing One for English and having Everything Printed Twice right?

    Cuban pro-democracy – shouldn’t this Advocacy be in Cuba?

    anti-immigrant – I KNOW I’m not the only who’s noticed and more than once, how Americans are NEVER catered too.  Immigrant Love, Hispanic Love, Asian Love, Indian Love and African Love but Americans?  That Love only comes when the Bills are Due.

    romney – Much like the Traitor that you and all of ya’ll are, instead of turning your Face to Americans, you CHOOSE to compete for Aliens with Alien Allegiances, Alien Customs, Aliens Beliefs, Alien Traditions and Alien Values. 

    powerhouse latino – These words need to be taken LITERALLY.  I say, Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace.  “We” must make mention of all this hispanic stuff and how playing along “racial” lines is UN American.  Throw it right back in their face.

    12 million – This is a VERY DELIBERATE LIE.  hispanics are much larger in Base than anyone is ever going to admit let alone all the Fraud in Voting and other crimes they commit.

    12 million – Okay.  Then why all the Fuss and Muss over a very small Minority when it is Majority Rule here in this Country “We” call America?

    RNC’s NEW hispanic outreach director – hispanics breed like any insect you can think of so it really is “sensible” for gated Community “White” Folk to Pander to the fastest growing race in America.

    RNC hispanic – and one day, you will magically find it in your “heart” to find a way to make a way for Illegal Aliens, of the hispanic persuasion that is, to stay but not just stay, but also to get even more ETHNIC BASED stuff courtesy of The White Man or should I say, the RNC?

    spanish ads – that read:  Fear Not My Good People for I am “in” now and soon, you will be too!

    you have to – first promise them they will NEVER have to compete fairly, be considered for Employment fairly, get into Schools fairly or do ANYTHING fairly.  Prime example:  this hispanics was hired for NOTHING but hispanic reasons.  Where’s the “fair”ness in this?

    aggressive and informed – Coming from a hispanic whose “roots” are well rooted in Corruption, Hate, Violence, Oppression and Perversion, this is Truly Funny!  Just how “aggressive” do you plan to be?  Will this include telling your people not to have ten children by five different Fathers’ AND will this include FORCING them to be Financially Responsible for their own children?

    informed – Are you going to inform them that Spanish is NOT the Language of The Country that not just pays for their ENTIRE Way of Life but also gives them MORE than she does Americans whom just happen to be, the ones who Pay ALL the Bills around here?

    stakes – Yes Ma’am, they are High aren’t they?  You rally yours and I and my Fellow Brethren will Rally Ours.

    37%  – is Not The Majority but California being non-white in Total is.  California is Lost outside of another American-Mexican (non-white) War.

    jobs/economy – All about the hispanic.  NEVER is a Word Spoken nor Thought Given about the White Folk (MEN) who actually PROVIDED such a Place where things called Jobs and Economy Exist.

    • Impertinent

      And it’s likely to get worse. Remember La Raza? The Race? It’s all about the race with those who share those commonalities. If you think voting for these people will help your PC bonafides….I have news for you. They’re out to crush you and reclaim their “rightful” place. And let’s not forget Eric Holders statement about..”my people” either.
      If you continually vote against your own interests in order to “level a playing field” or to “redress” old wrongs…you’ve just ceded your rights over to those who have no qualms about denying yours forever…..for the good of the “Race”, of course. Diversity means death to most if not all American traditions.

      • Anonymous

        It’s already worse. Entire spanish speaking immigrant networks have already co-opted entire industries in the SouthWest and violently bar English speaking non-Hispanics from working in them. I’ve never seen a Hispanic hire a non-Hispanic in one of these networks but I can recount numerous times I’ve seen non-Hispanics try to find work on one of these job sites or industries and be refused and threatened if they persist in trying to find work there. There are so many civil right’s violations occurring in the SouthWest against non-Hispanics by Hispanics in industries that they have co-opted it would boggle our attorney general’s mind but not one is ever pursued. We’re talking millions of jobs now. Millions…

      • laraza, usinpac, mldf, the jap groups, the chinese groups, the asian groups, hispanic grous, black groups, ALL non-white groups get some sort of Favor be it Tax Dollars, Jobs, Set-Asides, name your Flavor or, Favor, they get it and every last bit of it is Funded by White People whether they agree with it or not.

        Makes me Sick.

        ceded rights – Tell me about it!  The Day “We” decide to come Together will be The Day “We” see things like Diversity, Multi-Culti, Anti-White, Anti-American, etc. crap cease to exist.

        diversity – I am Truly Dumbfounded how a person cannot understand that “diversity” means “different” and how “difference” wreaks havoc.  I just don’t understand.

        People speak of “commonality” and I think to myself, well yes, for without it means to have nothing in common and if you have nothing in common, you don’t exist as A People.  And, as you well know, the only People under attack for their Commonality is White People.

        From where, whom and why is what I want to know.  I just want someone to tell me why.  Why the Hate?  If we’re all “Equal”, then why please, why aren’t White Folk or rather, Germans, Irish, English, Swede, Fin, Dutch, Belgium, French, Italian, American, etc. acknowledged the same way non-whites are?

        I mean to say, I know why BUT, why?  What is the Hate for White really about?

  • Anonymous

    When will the GOP learn that the majority of black and hispanics and other politically correct groups aren’t going to vote for them?  Whites don’t like big(ger) government because they are often the ones who have to pay for it.  Blacks and other ‘people of color’ don’t have to, which is why they like big government.  EEOC, Civil Rights laws, Hate Crime laws, Affirmative Action, etc.  All of those were created by big government.  Even James Edwards made this point in Racism Schmacism well.

  • Bardon Kaldian

    This is one issue I strongly disagree with most AmRen readers. You lump all Hispanics together as non-Whites & that’s it.
    IMO, this is a huge mistake. The right policy would be to drive a wedge between White Hispanics & Raza Mestizos, and through various manoeuvres acculturate most of the former. Also, the division of Blacks into “proper” Blacks & coloreds (similar to the former SA & contemporary Brazil) would be desirable.

    But, most AmReners are, IMO, too picky about race. Not few posters here consider Iranians to be non-Whites, also many Jews, then Arabs (Paul Anka was of Arabic extraction, as well as Steve Jobs),..
    I’d say- only Bantus are off limits. The rest could be subjected to carefully designed & nuanced policy.

    • Anonymous

      You have a good point Bardon and I agree with you that those who are for positive change and the solutions we advocate and not anti-American should be afforded exactly the same respect as we afford each other for, in truth, they are one of us… with us not against us.

  • Anonymous

    Translation: We will vote for the candidate that promises us the most jobs and welfare and sides with us on enabling illegal immigration so we can finish reconquesta.

  • Anonymous
  • Bardon Kaldian

    Google him. Lebanese (Arab) ancestry.