‘Fewer and better’ Immigrants Plan

Google News, January 29, 2012

Britain will give priority to the “brightest and the best” immigrants under new plans to cut the number of foreigners settling in the UK, the Immigration Minister has said.

Damian Green is this week expected to outline the principles behind the Government’s new “selective” immigration policy that will give preferential treatment to investors, entrepreneurs and world-class artists, dancers, musicians and academics.

Under the planned reforms “fewer but better” immigrants will be allowed to settle in the UK, with those who lack the skills to “help drive economic growth” or contribute to UK culture facing greater scrutiny.


The Conservative MP said those wishing to live in Britain will have to show “genuine serious usefulness to British society” and prove they are not totally dependent on benefits.

He added: “We want permanently to make Britain the most attractive country in the world for the brightest and the best. The era of mass immigration is over.”


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  • Anonymous

    1) I do not believe it.

    2) Why not end all immigration?

  • Anonymous

    Yea…. I only wish this were so.

    What about the blacks, Muslims, etc. already there?

    This will only slow the disaster, if Mr. Cameron actually means what he says.  I don’t think he does.

  • I guess this means the Muslims will take over by 2050 instead of 2040.

  • Anonymous
  • Somewhere Enoch Powell smiles and says, “Told you!”

  • Anonymous

    I guess what he means by the era of “mass immigration being over” is that he plans for the era of utterly uncontrolled, we’ll-pay-you-to-move-here immigration is about to begin.

    Who would have believed that Gibraltar would turn out to be more English than London?

    • Anonymous

      It is, I’ve been there. And ,unless Spain takes it from us (or at least tries to), long may it continue.

  • John Maddox

    There is no such thing as a ‘better’ immigrant especially when you are talking about people from the third world.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, it’s already waaay too late. They are in place and out reproducing native Britains. It’s true for all of Europe and yes the United States as well. The White man is going away…

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes people need to make mistakes in order to learn from them. 

  • Anonymous

    We’ve heard all this before in the UK – ad nauseum. Nothing ever happens. Damian green’s proposal also intimated that foreign workers on existing visas would be told to go home if it was no longer felt that they are useful to the country. FAT CHANCE!. Labour let in literally hundreds of thousands non-EU workers over 13 years of power – even if just a fraction of these is asked to leave it would still be logistically difficult to do. But that is not going to happen either. Also, any talk of immigration reform is pointless without renegotiating our position with the EU, because anybody from the EU can come to live and work here – that’s about 350+ million people. The government knows this perfectly well.

    What Damian Green astually means is this – “We will tinker about the edges a little bit for non-EU workers, perhaps make one or two conditions of entry slightly more stringent. This will reduce the amount of non-EU workers entering the UK by, let’s see, TWO PER-CENT!. Of course, EU nationals can continue arriving here in the current massive numbers; and neither will we curtail non-white third world asylum seekers who are arriving by the boat load nearly every day, to do so would be so inhuman!. If you want us to do more, we wont, because even if we wanted to (we dont) the liberal media and the European Union would hammer us. Please vote conservative in 2015.”

  • Anonymous

    The then British Home Secretary, Reginald Maudling, proudly proclaimed way back in 1971 that “There will be no further widescale immigration into Britain” immediately after the passing of the Immigration Act of 1971.The act had been passed after widespread public disquiet over immigration culminating in the Powell speeches of 1971.

    Needless to say massive immigration continued after that date, and the numbr of immigrant descended people increased by an order of magnitude.The icing on the cake was the New Labour Party administration of 1997-2010 which abolished immigration controls entirely – so much for Reggie Maudling.