Facts About the Tuskegee Airmen

Radio at War, January 24, 2012

[Editor’s Note: The recently released film about the “Tuskegee Airmen” makes a number of exaggerated claims about the unit’s accomplishments. This 2008 letter to the Atlanta Journal Constitution is a welcome corrective.]

From: Bob Powell

Date: July 3, 2008

This letter was not written for publication, but to enlighten you and your staff about some of the errors and misleading information you continue to publish, Perhaps it should be published  to set your readers straight.

As a WWII Historian and former 8th AF fighter pilot flying 87 missions over Europe during WWII, I am dedicated to factual reporting about the air war in Europe and aviation in general, and I take issue  with the media (and not with just AJC) continuing to publish untrue and/or misleading statements about the Tuskegee Airmen (T/A). Although I have great respect for the pilots and achievements of this WWII Fighter Group, I do not appreciate the continuing repetition of myths and untruths about their military record, the latest example in the obit on Lt. Col Charles Dryden in today’s paper, repeating the same errors which appeared in his obit story a few days ago.

For more than 60 years the myth that they “never lost a bomber they were escorting to an enemy fighter,” was their primary claim to fame!

Then, several months ago, their historian , William E. Holten, announced that his research proved that this was not true, that they had, indeed, lost some 25 bombers to enemy fighters. This myth still gets published occasionally, but far less frequently since he made this disclosure, thank goodness. Lies told often enough tend to become truths in the minds of many. However, it now seems to have been replaced by another false claim, i.e. that the Tuskegee Airmen flew more than 15,000 combat missions. ALSO NOT TRUE!

Their own official records indicate that the T/A only flew 311 missions. Their so-called 15,000 “missions” were actually 15,000 “sorties.” Apparently, none of your reporters know the difference between a “mission” and a “sortie,” so let me define these for you and them. Combat Mission is an assigned flight to accomplish a military objective. This can be flown by one pilot or a squadron or group of pilots flying together. It is recorded as one mission. Combat Sortie. When, for example, 48 or 64 pilots fly together on a combat mission it is recorded as 48 or 64 combat sorties.

The T/A did not fly 15,000+ combat missions, as stated in your articles about the demise of Col. Charles Dryden. They flew 15,000+ “sorties.” To have flown that many “missions” during the time they were in combat in the MTO, they would have had to fly about 25 missions a day every day they were in combat. Do the math. That’s one mission every hour, every day they were in combat. Impossible! Weather alone would have prevented this, not to mention the problem of keeping all of their aircraft flyable every day over that period of time.

FACT: Their official records indicate they flew only 311 missions, a far cry from 15,000 claimed. Please advise your reporters of the difference between a mission and a sortie so that another T/A myth is not appearing in every mention this Fighter group.

The Dryden story also stated that the 99th Squadron of the T/A was “the most successful squadron in American history.” NOT SO! It would be more correct to say they have been the most publicized squadron in American history, however, thanks to a fully-paid public relations staff in Washington, D.C., the only such office of any military unit other than the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard.

Although I do not have complete combat statistics on all the fighter groups flying out of Africa and Italy (the MTO), I do have the stats on all of the 16 fighter groups flying in the Eighth Air Force over western Europe. And, when these records are compared, the Tuskegee Airmen rank at the bottom of the list despite the fact that they had  four squadrons to only three for the 8th AF groups. FYI, and one of the reasons the T/A exploit their 15,000+ sorties (which they call missions) is that on a normal mission they would put up 64 fighters compared to only 48 for the 8th AF groups . And, since they did mostly ground support missions rather than bomber escort missions, the average length of their missions was about half that of the time in the air flown by the 8th AF fighters. Regarding the above mentioned stats, I would be delighted to provide these for your information if requested.

Another gross error in your first story on Colonel Dryden is that the implication that he was, individually, awarded the Congressional Gold Medal recently. ALSO NOT TRUE. Through the efforts of the New York Senator, this medal was awarded to the Tuskegee Airmen, authorizing all Tuskegee Airman to receive this award. It was not awarded for individual achievements, as implied, but for the role played by the T/A in breaking the color ban for pilots, a civil rights accomplishment, not for their military achievements.

Had this award been given for their military achievements alone, it should also have been awarded to each and every other fighter group in WWII whose records exceeded those of the Tuskegee Airmen. In my opinion, this was a “political award” instead of a military award.

No other bomber or fighter units have been awarded this Medal, only Unit Citations. These are facts. Check them out, and here’s to more factual reporting and a better AJC.

Most sincerely,

Robert H. Powell, Jr.


352nd Fighter Group

1545 Rainier Falls Dr.

Atlanta, GA 30329

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  • Bardon Kaldian

    Oh…this is boring. Actually, in past 200 yrs Blacks have not participated in any really serious battle.
    Just check this list: http://necrometrics.com/battles.htm
    Perhaps they were somewhere around, but no one has noticed …

    • Those stats are amazing.   The US lost less than 5,000 in the last ten years of war.   No wonder the Russians are so crazy.   Their WWII death tolls are staggering.

      • Bardon Kaldian

        No modern society which immediately reports all of their casualties & even dramatizes losses in media interviews with grieving family members, can win a real, bloody war.

      • Germans lost at least 20 million from the fighting and all their cities were destroyed. Yes Russia lost a lot because the Germans kicked ass, but the Russians lost 20 million from the commies killing them for 70 years.

    • Anonymous

      During World War II, most US black troops still served only as truck drivers and as stevedores.[90] In the midst of the Battle of the Bulge, General Eisenhower was severely short of replacement troops for existing military units—all of which were totally white in composition. Consequently, he made the decision to allow African American soldiers to pick up a weapon and join the white military units to fight in combat for the first time.[90] More than 2,000 black soldiers had volunteered to go to the front.[91] This was the first step toward a desegregated United States military.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_Bulge 

    • mikejones91

      Yeah that is the problem. Most, not all, but most blacks think to be tough, you HAVE to be aggressive,hostile,hot headed. I am NOT a bitch. I have been in many fights. Lost some, and won a lot. I will never turn down a fight if I actually feel threatened, but I will also NEVER start a fight. I will not stare down at some guys girl simply because I am bigger than him. Blacks can’t do this. Its all or nothing for them.

      • I’ve known many gentlemen-ly black men who not only don’t start a fight but prefer to use defensive tactics that can non-violently subdue a person, prior to fighting. In fact, most military white men I know are completely opposite and are prone to anger and violence. So I think your prejudice assumption is false.

  • No society in history has been obsessed with failure the way that ours is. Hard to believe just a century ago the Gurkhas — a minority group that served in the British armed forces — were revered for their bravery and (factual) performance in battle. Today we revere the Tuskegee Airmen simply because we feel sorry for blacks.

    • My country hates white people.  It hates whites so much that it takes heroic deeds done in reality by white men and hands all the credit over to some black men who didn’t perform as well.    The most disturbing aspect of this is that my country is over 65% white and it still  hates whites.   There is something fundamentally deranged about that.

    • Should soldiers be honored or shamed for fighting in Jewish wars? Is someone a hero because they believe the stupid bullshit and go to war to kill people and leave their family? Heroes are the ones on our southern border fighting the Mexicans. Heroes expose the lying bastards. Heroes fight the bad guys and the bad guys are our politicians.

  • Bardon Kaldian

    If they want to promote true Black “role models”, they got George Washington Carver.
    Just, he is not interesting. Worked. Worked. Worked. ….

      • Bardon Kaldian

         Are all these guys & gals fake  ?


        Doubt it.

        • Anonymous

          Being brutally honest – a lot of those guys look like they’re mixed with white genes.   Show me inventors out of africa and purely black and let’s not kid ourselves about how we can’t tell if they are purely black or not. genotype dictates phenotype.   If Africans were left to their own devices in Africa, where would they be today technological or societally wise?  Not much further than they were 100 or 200 years ago, if we’re being brutally honest. 

          • Bardon Kaldian

            It’s not the point. They are Blacks according to our perception. Mulattoes are Black, and they, for most part, “feel” Black.
            I know there are no inventors in Africa, but in the US there are pitch- black Blacks who are good in their creative jobs- for instance, the late gay writer James Baldwin was a significant novelist & essayist, and  Andre Braugher (Homicide, Life on the Streets) is a great actor. IMO, Blacks are, generally, not very successful in technical or intellectual fields, but can be great entertainers, and sometimes, artists.

          • Anonymous

            trying to reply to Bardon –  they are still mixed with white genes – yes they look black bc black skin color, black hair, dark eye color are dominant and the most common of the phenotypes in the world and mulattoes are combo of that phenotype. However they still have white genes too and perhaps account for some level of technical/intellectual aptitude for the things that allow for progress in technology and the world (thus these black inventors look mixed most of the time).  I grant you that there have been some great truly black musicians, entertainers, and perhaps writers (that’s for debate – I mean Langston Hughes is a true mulatto)- but at the end of the day – you can play music, and entertain all you want, I don’t want to be living in mud huts without running water.  Keep the music, art, writings – i’ll take technological progress any day over the fruits of a subjective medium. 

          • Bardon Kaldian

            OK, I get it, and this is where we agree & disagree.

            1. IMO, there is enough evidence that there are- and were- some Black inventors in the US. Your opinion is that, even if they are, this is from the “White” gene pool they’ve been mixed with. Shortly, you’re a genetic determinist (nature, not nurture). On the other hand, my opinion is- I don’t know. I can’t say for sure it’s a “White” part of these inventors- not fakes, but genuine ones- responsible for their achievements. I don’t say “nurture, not nature”, but- “nature & nurture, but I frankly don’t know mixed in which proportion”.

            2. I think that we both agree that Blacks, in the US, are a segment of population not conductive to organized, dignified & fulfilled life that has been the staple of Western world since Solon and Aristotle.

            3. I guess we agree that dominant media portray Blacks unrealistically, and at the same time visibly promote miscegenation, especially at the expense of White males who are depicted simultaneously as evil, stupid, physically inferior, ugly, morally bankrupt, … . Anyway, I left a link about this: http://goo.gl/E9PuK

            4. and, at the end: regarding IQ – a frequently discussed topic- I’d say: I don’t care. Frankly, if we Whites were dumber than Blacks & much less efficient in virtually everything- I would still insist we MUST remain lords of our lands. Because every species’ primal drive is to BE, and to refuse to be dethroned- from their natural position- by any other living creature.

          • Anonymous


            If they want credit for inventing peanut butter, then so be it. My point is that there was nothing of note coming out of Africa before outside intervention. Not even the wheel – i mean every group has their talents – unfortunately i don’t think Africans were ever good at inventing anything of use in the large scheme of things.

            2. White man’s burden – huge costs to this country, and unfortunately for the true posterity of this country and its future. Wish Lincoln and co went with a full force repatriation back to Africa with all of the slaves/freedmen.  Would have been worth the cost to do such a thing.  

            3.  Couldn’t agree more, it’s truly orwellian to experience – 1 in 9 people in this country is black, yet we see so much more blacks on commercials, tv shows (Grey’s anatomy for example), lead actors in movies – it’s ridiculous.  We should see what their proportion is in the population.  Propaganda at its finest

            4. Well survival of the fittest, even the dumbest will lose out eventually that’s a law of nature.  Blacks sat on a continent full of resources – they couldn’t utilize it efficiently so the stronger races came to dominate – look at China, and what it’s doing with Africa today.  It’s natural law. Survival of the fittest. if whites were dumb, they wouldn’t be in positions of power globally. That’s a fact. 

          • Bardon Kaldian

            ** 4. Well survival of the fittest, even the dumbest will lose out
            eventually that’s a law of nature.  Blacks sat on a continent full of
            resources – they couldn’t utilize it efficiently so the stronger races
            came to dominate – look at China, and what it’s doing with Africa today.**

            This is a good parting point- here, social Darwinism fails. What is “survival of the fittest” in the arena of human society ? With this simplistic notion actually nothing is explained. How do we know who was “the fittest” ? Simply, the one that has survived. This is circular reasoning, nothing more. Human beings possess capacities animals simply don’t have- conscience, self- destructive impetus, the widest possible  altruism & capacity for total annihilation of perceived enemies. More, even in animal kingdom survival is nothing special- complex organisms like tigers are virtually extinct, while mosquitoes are ineradicable. Mosquitoes, ants and other bugs- not to speak of viruses– are *the* fittest.

            To sum it: the problems discussed at AmRen cannot be “solved”, nor attacked adequately within purely biologist-naturalist paradigm. One should incorporate cultural analyses, sociology (not only sociobiology and evolutionary psychology) and other fields. “German Ideology”, collaborative work of Marx and Engels, about false consciousness & oppression of human mind by ideas that have, as it were, acquired a life of their own & mold a life of a society, is a more relevant work than “The Origin of Species”.

            The chief impediment to the race realism wider acceptance is not some conspiracy of Illuminati, nor this or that selfish interest, but a cast of mind that has become self-destructive for the White race, whilst, ironically, being brought forth during European Enlightenment by the very same race. It’s a slavery to the ideas, Baconian idols, similar to the  divine right of kings during the Middle Ages. This mental mold must be broken. Since it runs contrary to universally accepted ideas of complete equality which has mutated into forced equality- it will be fight against the tide.

          • That’s too honest. The truth is when we took the slaves in Africa we took all their patents and inventions. The blacks would carry their paperwork in their loin cloth and we stole them. The blacks really invented everything.

        • Did you happen to read the section on Carver? I think not;  therefore, you’re deflecting. 

          Your heroes are not black heroes at all, so quit spreading your myths.

          Yes, I know you’re like retarded children who need undeserved praise for using a fork without putting their eyes out, but it’s time to “get real”.

          • Bardon Kaldian

            This “reply” doesn’t merit a serious answer.

          • Bardon Kaldian

            I’m White, you ignoramus.

    • Duh , George Washington Carver was not totally black. If not  for him being half white he would not of had the mentality or superiority of intelligence to do what he has done. Yes , he was a mulatto!

    • I like Muhammad ALi better. He said screw going to war in Vietnam when sorry bastards like Williams let h is baseball career go and went to war. Ali had more sense than any of them.

  • Amazing, every one of those lies was taught to me in school by the black teacher teaching “black history”.   We really are having our history, culture, and honor stolen from us and just given away to the favored groups of the left wing cabal. 

    • Wow you are dumb. Good job! Oh, and accurate name, btw.

  • Anonymous

    The well known and oft-repeated quote “truth is the first casualty of war” or words to that effect, has been attributed to various sources, by regardless of who said it first, it is true to the core and never moreso than with regard to World War Two!  As a hardcore WW2 history “buff” who has read a veritable library of perpetually contradictory, nakedly self-aggrandizing, propaganda-ridden, shamelessly exaggerated, deceitful, deceptive, and altogether fraudulent material, regarding ALL sides of and particpants in the conflict, I can say without hesitation that more absolute nonsense has been written about that war than arguably any other topic in history!

    And MUCH of it is politically and ideologically motivated! This Tuskegee Airmen business is indeed a sterling example. Add Hollywood’s usual mutiliation of history to this and I can only imagine what a fantasy film this really is.   

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind black pride, per say. Every race should be proud of who they are. What I object to is the endless exaggerations of black accomplishments; as if blacks are superior.

    The truth is there were black airmen who flew support missions mainly near the end of WW2. They were clearly competent pilots otherwise they wouldn’t have been trusted by commanders and white peers. They are a part of WW2 history and  should be acknowledge. Just stop with the outrageous claims. To read about these men or to watch such movies, one would believe black servicemen won the war singlehandedly or the war would have ended sooner if ‘racism’ hadn’t held them back.

    The truth doesn’t bother me. Exaggeration of history does.

    • They laugh at us whenever we try  to say white men can play basketball. Boy those Eastern European boxers are kicking butt big time. I think black dominance in boxing is over. There are four or five of them coming up. How about the 100 yard dash a white man has no chance to ever win, because of the blacks.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing more then Hollywood hokum mixed in with a fair mount of revisionist PC propaganda.

  • Anonymous

    “In an age of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

    This will be known as the “age of liars.”

    Lies must be told and myths must be created, because blacks have nothing of their own that rises to the level of anything besides mediocrity at best and abysmal non-achievement at worst.

  • Anonymous

    huh. michael jackson just had his handprints placed in cement somewhere. i guess since being a murderer, drug dealer or torturer of animals  are badges of honor in the black “COMMUNITY”  being a child molester is not really a big deal to them.

  • John Maddox

    As Mr. Powell points out above there was already an official propaganda machine at work.
    One could always argue that it was military brass and other Gov. bureaucrats who had their butts on the line. We tend to look at the unrealistic promotion of black virtue as a new phenomenon, but it is not.  

    There is currently an effort to promote the fact that there were black Confederates, i.e. Soldiers, when in fact there was no such animal. But so far they haven’t come up with any bona fied  black heroes who actually showed up on muster roles as enlisted soldiers. Thank God.

    • mikejones91

      Ive began to notice they are putting blacks in retro style commercials now. Like I saw one the other day that was a Roman Empire era/ and a Colonial era commercial. There was like 4 blacks in each commercial.

  • Anonymous

    yup – a lot of the black heroes are of mixed background. – I’ll give credit where it’s due but to say that blacks (of mostly pure background i.e. more than 75% (picked arbitrarily)) are inventors is a bit of stretch if not outright delusions. 

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Would you like to know what is being taught in your local high school during Black History Month?

    This month, as every year at this time, I have been inundated with teaching materials for black history month.  All of it goes in the trash.  I am tired of the lies, tired of reading about evil Whites and refuse to teach or pass along these things!!  MLK is NOT a God, demi-God or saint!!  Neither is Rosa Parks, Malcolm X or 0bama.

    As part of  Black History Month, a short story plus lesson, “Red Tails” arrived in the school mail for “immediate use”, based on the new movie.  

    Here are some excerpts from the story:

    The airmen fought in Italy during WW II.  They were on a mission to destroy German tanks.  Junior fired his guns, the German tank blew up.  A train was up ahead, German soldiers on the train shot at the planes, Lightening, (name of black pilot) fired his guns, the train exploded.

    In the US, a top officer tried to shut down the African-American pilot program.

    The men were set to go against German fighters, and provide air cover for a beach landing.

    Dozens of enemy planes came at them, bullets flying everywhere. A German plane explodes.  The Airmen shoot down a lot more German planes.  They find a German airbase, dozens of planes sit on the ground. Easy and Lightening blew them all up.

    Bomber Pilot:  They (Red Tails) are staying with us!  In the past, pilots always left to go after the Germans!

    Ok, that’s bad enough, now GET THIS:

    The Germans had a jet fighter so fast no one could see them. A German jet zoomed in.  The jets fire at Smokey.  He fires and hits the jet!  Another jet is shot down!  

    In fact, the Red Tails end up with one of the best records of any fighter group in WW II.

    In all, 450 Tuskegee-trained pilots fought in the war.  They flew 1,578 missions and received 850 medals.  A total of 78 were killed in action.

    Shot down German jets??  An ME-262 able to fly 100 mph faster than the American P-51?  In one battlefield test, six ME-262s armed with R4M air-to-air rockets shot down fourteen B-17 Flying Fortresses with no losses to themselves.  If the Germans had produced more of those jets, and earlier, the outcome of the war would have been far different.

    As for the Tuskeegee Airmen, read the above letter again and VDare.com’s Red Tails or Red Tails? and tell everyone you know (as is appropriate, of course, no one need be carried out on his shield as Riley DeWiley commented).

    As for me, that short story is going in the trash as soon as I post this.


    Image #1:  a Horton Vc “flying wing”
    aircraft is put through its paces overMannheim, Germany, early 1945. The”Flying Wing” concept was copiedidentically for the USA Air Force’smodern “Stealth” bombers.
    Image #2:  A rare picture of two Me-262
    jet aircraft in flight, late 1944.

  • Anonymous

    here, here – blacks are so overrepresented in media when it comes to surgeons/doctors – nothing could be further from the truth. Indians and Asians (chinese, japanese, etc.) are more prevalent in the medicine profession among US minorities yet you hardly see them as leads especially Indians – Grey’s Anatomy is a clear example of this – how many black doctors did they have on that show, not one single indian, though they had Sandra Oh as an intern when they began the show.  what a joke. 

  • Bardon Kaldian

    Agreed. For instance, ca. 20% of cowboys were Blacks. I guess a few points have to be discussed, since there are overly emotional responses that tend to blur the whole picture.

    1. US Blacks do possess their own distinct culture & they did achieve something in various fields (for instance, music). Their part is the US history has been frequently neglected & diminished.

    2. on the other hand, Blacks’ need to assert their worth as human creative beings has resulted in lunatic “theories” like Afrocentrism (http://www.skepdic.com/afrocent.html ).

    3. no rational & informed person can deny that:

    a) African (and other) Blacks cannot build a sustainable modern society. They are not alone in this- for instance, the same can be said about Eskimos or other hunters- gatherers, the majority of native Americans etc.

    b) in Africa, Americas, and parts of Asia with Black population the traits of Black majority areas are- high crime rate, promiscuity, chaos & self-destruction. More breeding than feeding. Now, in the beginning of the 21st century, this race-  throughout the planet Earth- is, compared to Sumerians of 3,500 yrs B.C., visibly inferior.

    c) Western, mostly liberal, media portray Blacks both as victims of White oppression & physically superior race (along with the claim that race actually doesn’t exist).

    Now- what is, realistically, to be done ?

    • Anonymous

      “1. US Blacks do possess their own distinct culture & they did
      achieve something in various fields (for instance, music). Their part is
      the US history has been frequently neglected & diminished.”

      You must be kidding!  They are 13-14% of the population yet they over-represented everywhere.  We have not just one month as the official national Black History Month, but it now continues year round.  It is a relentless propaganda machine that is used to cover up a huge amount of black on white crime and basic black cultural failure.  And that isn’t because of racism in America.  They fail in Africa just as well or better when they rule themselves.

  • To Everyone here:
     This denial of accomplishments for different groups of people from yourselves is just astonishing/ pitifully amazing. The question to ask and not to be rude nor condescending but
    are you individuals here so in secure that you can’t accept other groups can do just as well as you or better if given a fair chance?  Just curious. Now to the story of the Tuskgee pilots.
    Granted, they weren’t as invicible as history made them; however, they were very effective pilots. They did just as well maybe better than other flight units. Also, they were requested by American and even RAF units as escorts during WWII. Thus, get your history correct, and stop reading/believing  phony sites such as” Brinkster Myths” for you look silly. Thanks
    and have a good weekend.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Because your history, and that of other non-Whites, is systematically and deliberately replacing our history.  We also do not like the lies told by the media, government and schools.

      We object to White history and culture, being disparaged, vilified, denigrated and outright replaced.  In modern American high school textbooks, White history is portrayed as predatory and repressive, marked by homophobia, racism, slavery and imperialism,  while non-Whites are pictured as innocent victims of White oppression.  Our own Founding Fathers are called “irrelevant dead White men and evil slave holders.”

      We are not credited with creating this country (as if it were just “here”, intact as is), or the modern world (such things as cell phones, computers, modern medicine, jet engines — all of those things appeared by “magic” as well).

      I know this because as a high school teacher I work with these textbooks every day.  The affects of indoctrination and vilification of Whites in American schools cannot be underestimated.

      We are tired of having black, and increasingly hispanic and Asian history shoved down our throats every time we turn around — in schools, on TV, at the movies — while we are portrayed as fools, dupes and cretins in need of guidance and scolding by wise, superior non-Whites.

      We do not like history, any history, misrepresented as something it is/was not, are tired of the constant lies and cover ups and this includes the narrative about MLK.What is being taught to American school children about Whites and White America is not only wrong,  it is evil.  We are being systematically de-humanized to non-Whites and set up for destruction.  Why wouldn’t non-Whites wish to wipe us off the face of the earth when they’ve been indoctrinated by American schools that we Whites are responsible for ALL poverty, misery and suffering everywhere and at all times past and present?You wouldn’t stand for it, and neither are we.  We are sick of the abuse. Trying to preserve our race, history, culture and heritage is not racism, as we are told by the media and government,  it is survival, and we have an inherent right to do this.BonHere is a link to “Red Tails” or Red Tales?  Feel free to point out which facts are wrong.http://tinyurl.com/6qyyxg2 

    • Who is denying accomplishments? 

      The gist of the post was to correct history, not deny it. 

      (The movie was PC/BS, designed to infect the  minds of White people with guilt.) 

      All we’re asking for is honest history. What’s wrong with that???

    • Anonymous

      The fact is that the claims of the Tuskegee Airmen are false and lies are always bad.  As per my post above, they actually lost 27 bombers.  They had fewer shoot downs of enemy fighters than any white group during the same period where they were one of eight fighter groups.  They were ranked second to last out of those eight fighter groups.  So “just as good or better” is a lie as well.

      Movies and media like this are propaganda aimed at elevating blacks in a majority white society so that whites will continue to think that they can’t do without blacks and even a black president can ride on such propaganda, did, and does.  Constantly belittling white achievements in the classroom, special months and the only national holiday for an individual who was a communist, hypocritical womanizer, and plagiarist is just the tip of the anti-white iceberg we are concerned with on these Amren posting boards.  We don’t care a whole lot about admiring blacks or alleged black achievements.  We are concerned with things like the ongoing campaigns to deny whites the right to do things like organize their own racial interest group like the NAACP, La Raza, or any other.  The reason for this denial is the fear that if whites were allowed to organize, that we would soon be the dominating factor in America – and we would be. So this campaign of turning another historical event into a black superman myth is offensive to us.

      • mikejones91

        You are right on. Also what you said “they can’t do without blacks” translates to MANY things. I was on the website Sodahead and was debating with some people about European nightlife. Some idiot mud shark came on the thread and said “why do you think countries like Iceland are so boring? Theres no diversity!” haha. I know, its ridiculous. Clearly she has NEVER been to Reykjavik.

  • Bardon Kaldian

     Yeah, but they are spreading, they are here, race mixing only enlarges their quantity, other races/cultures’ inventions have prolonged their life span & expansion through high fertility, they are idealized & fed by other cultures ….

    If I’m confronted with 100 enemies, alone, the fact that they wouldn’t be here without my ancestors’ doings and my cousins’ betrayals- is not a comfort at all.

  • Anonymous

    Truth can be ugly and unpleasant, but never racist.

  • William Hendershot

    In Cleveland there is a high school called general Benjamin Davis aviation high school, or there was. It closed and became a homeless shelter, and now it is boarded up,as with most black operations. Apparently not enough young talented blacks knew about the airmen.

  • Ghetto Saint

    Now aint dat a bi#$h!!!!!!


    And to be fair  with this I will pull qoute from white folks on the great influence of ISLAM on Europe so this way once and for all you whites can revise the centuries old lies that you all have been telling and not mentioning our INFLUENCE upon your people:

    Peep Game!

      “My choice of Muhammad to lead the list of the world’s most influential persons may surprise some readers and may be questioned by others, but he was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both the religious and secular level.”  Michael H. Hart, THE 100: A RANKING OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL PERSONS IN HISTORY, New York: Hart Publishing Company, Inc., 1978, p. 33

    “Medieval Islam was technologically advanced and open to innovation. It achieved far higher literacy rates than in contemporary Europe;it assimilated the legacy of classical Greek civilization to such a degree that many classical books are now known to us only through Arabic copies.  It invented windmills ,trigonometry, lateen sails and made major advances in metallurgy, mechanical and chemical engineering and irrigation methods. In the middle-ages the flow of technology was
    overwhelmingly from Islam to Europe rather from Europe to Islam. Only after the 1500’s did the net direction of flow begin to reverse.” Jared Diamond, UCLA sociologist, and physiologist who won the Pulitzer Prize for his book: “Guns, Germs, and Steel.” Incidentally these well-established facts dispose of the idea so widely
    fostered in Christian writings that the Muslims, wherever they went, forced people to accept Islam at the point of the sword.
    Lawrence E. Browne in ‘The Prospects of Islam,’ 1944: Stanley Lane-Poole in ‘The Moors in Spain’:

    “For nearly eight centuries, under the Mohamedan rule, Spain set all Europe a shining example of a civilized and enlightened state. Her fertile provinces rendered doubly prolific, by the industrious engineering skill of the conquerors bore fruit a hundredfold, cities innumerable sprang up in the rich valleys in the Guadalquivir and the Guadiana whose names, and names only commemorate the vanished glories of their past.

    “…To Cordoba belong all the beauty and ornaments that delight the eye or dazzle the sight. Her long line of Sultans form her crown of glory; her necklace is strung with the pearls which her poets have gathered from the ocean of language; her dress is of the banners of learning, well-knit together by her men of science; and the masters of every art and industry are the hem of her garments.

    “Art, literature and science prospered as they then prospered nowhere else in Europe…

    “Mathematics, astronomy, botany, history, philosophy and jurisprudence were to be mastered in Spain, and Spain alone. Whatever makes a kingdom great and prosperous, whatever tends to refinement and civilization, was found in Muslim Spain…For this guy to “research” and prove that the Black pilots did indeed loose some planes THEN THIS IS WHAT SHOULD BE TOLD!!!!But the same can be said about European history in general!!It’s time for whites to fess up and rewrite your history to include the ISLAMIC INFLUENCE.

  • To Esmitnton91:
    You talk about groups of “blacks horselaughing while they beat on a person”.
    I admit this indeed terrible and has to stop. But, then, what’s the difference from a bunch of drunk good ole’boys/gals laughing their sides out while they’re lynching or dragging a poor person to death behind a pick up truck?
    I would like to know your answer for this. Thanks!!

    • Anonymous

      “You talk about groups of “blacks horselaughing while they beat on a person”. I admit this indeed terrible and has to stop. But, then, what’s the difference from a bunch of drunk good ole’boys/gals laughing their sides out while they’re lynching or dragging a poor person to death behind a pick up truck?”

      Because it almost never happens. ” drunk good ole’boys/gals laughing” is something you see in your liberal, white-hating Hollywood movies. It does not happen like that in reality. 
      There are about 1.3 million racist hate crimes commited every year. 90% of the victims are white. The FBI tries to massage the numbers by counting hispancs as white. If you go by this, about 133,000 white on black hate crimes occur per year. These hate crimes are often hispanic/black gang warfare. If you re-adjust these statistics using facts, almost no blacks are raped or murdered by whites…perhaps a small handful, but it’s rare.Lynching happened about 100 years ago. It happend to both whites and blacks. Many of the “victims” actually were violent criminals.  Some innocent people were murdered during this time as well. No murder should ever be trivialized:total of whites lynched, 1882-1968:1,297Total of blacks lynched, 1882-1968:3,446See: http://law2.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/shipp/lynchingsstate.htmlMore whites are brutally murdered and raped by blacks every few weeks than total of black lynching victims.  John King murdered James Byrd by dragging him behind a pick-up truck. John King, shortly before this incident, was gang raped by blacks in prison. (over 200,000 white men and boys are raped by blacks in prison every year. The reverse almost NEVER happens). John King had a pyshcotic reaction to racist gang-rape by killling an innocent black man. This was no excuse for a committing a horrible crime, but you can understand why he was under psychosis. The mainstream media seems to have left out that annoying, inconvenient detail. There is your answer, you vile, disgusting, liberal racist.

    • mikejones91

      Thats all you idiots have! You bring up the typical racial grievances of lynching, and being dragged by a pick up truck. Watch the news pal. You are a sick person. What you just said is something I have been saying FOR YEARS. Two wrongs NEVER make a right, unless the second wrong is against a WHITE.

  • Zorro

    All of the Politically Correct stuff is a slick Sales job, and they have succeeded at having the Public, at large, by their snake oil.

    We have to engage in Salesmanship, too. We are selling the truth. GOD and Nature’s truth. Eternal Truth. We still can prevail in this sales game, because the truth always outsells the lies.

    As a person with extensive Sales background, let me tell you that you never engage a person who seems like a prospective buyer directly. First, you need to find out about them and what their Business needs are, or in this case, what their Social, Economic, and Political needs are.

    Let them tell you about what they like and don’t like. When you hear an opening, which they initiate, then you have the opportunity to provide the potential Client with all the information they will need, in the form of listed website addresses, and references to certain articles in magazines.

    You Tube videos that show certain people who have been the unnamed victims of crimes, should also be on the printed flyers that you have to provide your Clients.

    Then, before they leave you, ask them a question as to why they have never heard of any of the assault, rape, and murder victims mentioned in your literature. Ask them that question, with a reply such as, “I guess you and your children just don’t matter to anyone, because these people didn’t matter to anyone”.

    Let them think about that on their way home.  

  • Zorro

    General Chuck Yeager is the only Pilot on record, that I know of , who shot down a Messerchmitt 262 Jet Fighter while flying a P-51 Mustang.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble


      Do you have a source for this?

       I’d like to add this info to my arsenal.


      Maintenance problems and a lack of fuel during the deteriorating late-war situation  reduced the effectiveness of the aircraft as a fighting force. In the end, the Me 262 had a negligible impact on the course of the war due to its late introduction and the small numbers that were deployed in operational service.

      Germany was also under heavy bombardment and lacked raw materials, this was 1944 after all.

      What’s amazing to me is the Horten flying wing, especially this part:

      Although they had little, if any, formal training in aeronautics or related fields, the Hortens designed some of the most advanced aircraft of the 1940s, including the world’s first jet-powered flying wing, the Horten Ho 229.

      My dad always said the Germans were the finest engineers. 


  • Zorro

    All those remaining White World War II Veterans are asking themselves why they sacrificed the way they did, and why friends of their’s died in places like Pearl Harbor, Bataan, Midway, Guadelcanal, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, North Africa, Sicily, Anzio, Monte Casino, Rome, Normandy, Bastogne, Malmedy, and Germany?

    Yes, why? Many state that if they knew how all of this would turn out, they never would have fought Germany.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      In Britain too.  Writer Nicholas Pringle sent letters to local newspapers across the country asking those who lived through the war:  ‘Are you happy with how your country turned out?’ and  ‘What do you think your fallen comrades would have made of life in 21st century Britain?’:

      Nearly 400,000 Britons died. Millions more were scarred by the experience, physically and mentally.  But was it worth it? The answer of many now in their 80s and 90s – is a resounding No. 



      Image:  This picture of a teenage hoodie making a disrespectful gesture at Tory leader David Cameron illustrates a wartime WAAF’s comments that Britain has become ‘a land of yobs and drunks’

  • Magnum Force

    The Book of Revelations describes how the head of the serpent is smashed.

  • Zorro

    True. They keep beating the drum about how bad the Germans were, but never mention that the same Germans were welcomed as Liberators by the Ukrainian and Baltic people, who suffered under the Soviet Communist Tyrant, Stalin.

    If the Germans were so terrible, why did they have no trouble at all raising Waffen SS Divisions from those ethnic States of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, along with the Ukraine, Findland and from White Russian anti-Communists, as well?

    Also, if Germany and the Nazis were as “Racist” as they were reported to be, why then were there Asiatic Units in the Waffen SS, and why did Hitler sign an Alliance with Japan? Honestly,  if he hated the Japanese, why then did he send his U Boats to help supply them in their War effort?  

    Nothing is as it seems, nor as it has been reported for 70 plus years.

    • If the Germans were what we have been lied to believe, then why did they have over 150,000 Jews in the Wehrmacht also?  A most inconvenient fact for the ones who started and really won their objectives with that war.

  • Anonymous

    The release of the recent movie by George Lucas, Red Tails, is an ironic name don’t you think? Red – the color of communism and the red five pointed star of the Soviets. The timing of the movie coincides with prepping for the Zionist war to control the Middle East. “To the last bullet, to the last man, we fight, we figh,t we fight.” Whatever….. I guess they need brainwashed black Americans to fight Obama’s Zionist war? Hollywood is ever the sophisticated propaganda wing of Zionism.

    The US is the big dumb guy in this fight doing Zionist Israel’s heavy work. Now if you have been brainwashed by the Zionist lies then you believe Iran is going to destroy the world – we must save the world. Wrong again. Israel is destroying the world. Israel is destroying the US too.  The US has become the evil empire along with the lacky NATO war criminals.

    The remake of Pearl Harbor was released 4 months before 9/11 – again to get everybody prepped for the blood thirsty revenge – which seems to be the main justification for the blood lust of world wars. At the time I wondered why they had to make another movie? 9/11 was coming – thats why. Historians will look back and see 9/11 as the beginning of WWIII. A Zionist false flag attack suckered the US into killing Muslims for them. I suspect Israel is planning a false flag attack on the 5th fleet that they will try to blame on Iran. The USS Liberty II or is it III or IV?

    So Lucas is preempting our engagment in WWIII long planned by the Zionist cabal. Americas are so friggin’ stupid sometimes. Christians actually want it to happen. We will lose this one – and maybe that will be a reality check for a brainwashed Christian nation. Brainwashed by Zionists to do their dirty work of killing. In fact we have already lost it because we sold our honor for lies. Jesus advocates peace not nuking Muslims. Grow up you friggin’ Christian morons.

    • A country with 7.6 million people and a GDP barely bigger than a fifth of a terabuck is controlling the whole world with 6.8 billion people and a GDP of 68 terabucks?  That’s little more than 0.1% of the world’s population and 0.3% of the world’s GDP and 0.8% of the world’s military spending.  Mind you, a good quarter of Israel’s population are Arabs.  So if Israel can rule the world with all those odds against it and all those hurdles in its way, both internally and externally, well, then, maybe it deserves to run the world.

      May I post an alternate and perhaps crazy explanation?

      Israel doesn’t run the world.

      A country with 23% of the world’s GDP, not even 5% of the world’s population, maybe 30% of the world’s white population, and at least 40% of the world’s military spending, is more likely to be “running the world” than Israel.  Wouldn’t logic lead you to that conclusion?

      • Bardon Kaldian

        Actually, no one “runs the world”. The world is too big, that’s it.

      • One Jewish banking family has 100 trillion. YOu can run the world with that. You have to understand how it works. A filthy rich Jew in Hollywood or banking calls a goyim and tells him they don’t like what he is doing. So they say if he doesn’t stop his loan he wants to take out will be rejected. Or he will be blackballed by Hollywood. For instance Japs bought Paramound for 300 million, but all the big actors were contracted to other movie studios. so the Japs sold Paramount back to the Jews for 30 million. YOu don’;t know more can be done with a threat or phone call or one assassination. Poeple cna’t understand it. Thaty talk about control. If you were going to make a movie telling the truth about the holocaust orsomething the Jews didnt like. None of the bigi actors would star in your film. Jews own the big time theaters in the big cities. They would blacklist your movie. Give me 100 trillion and a movie production company and I’ll change the world.

    • Dude!  I just told an old friend GOOD-BYE due to his sick beliefs of this kind of crapola.  Guess we never landed on the moon either?  Wait…it was black guys who landed there first, crack pipes at the ready for the moon-gods?

  • thank you for the truth about the flying air apes

  • In Saudi Arabia, they still “import” Africans as slaves and let their young “free” later.  Ha!  And they’re known as “quayhas”…niggers.

  • Bardon Kaldian

    **”Black folks don’t like to fly. I don’t mean that they don’t like to get
    on a plane and go somewhere it’s that they don’t like to sit in a
    cockpit and fly the plane.” He told me that I would seldom find a black
    person in the cockpit.**

    This is interesting. I’d add that Blacks are rarely visible in auto racing (Formula One etc.) .
    Maybe Blacks, like (White) women, have spatio-temporal orientation abilities weaker than White men.

  • Anonymous

    Very surprised and encouraged to read that Red Tails is receiving universaly bad reviews from the critics. See Rotten Tomatos dot com.  I thought the anti White PC, Stalinesque “powers that be” in America would put the word out that Red Tails must receive 3 to 4 stars.

    The first weekend – school buses filled with school children were bused in and the kids forced to watch this film. After the weekend, no one, especially Black Americans want to sit through this preachy, anti White, lib movie.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, but the worst air pilots are Arab Muslims, who believe they will go to heaven and have sex with 30 virgins if they crash the airplanes in to Western officie buildings. 

    Have any Arab/Muslim armies ever successfully used airplanes?

  • The film is bombing more than the Afrovoodoos “heroes ” did:


  • Anonymous

    Uh, you are apparently one of those selective reader and literal interpreters.  Not long after that line, Jesus supposedly said that “he who lives by the sword, shall die by the sword.”  He also promised that fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, everyone, would fight everyone over his words.   That much as turned out to be true.  There is no case in the NT for white race exclusivity or realism.

    So in one case, the sword = good, but the overwhelming and supposed
    authentic words of Jesus = lies?  Just illustrates the complete absence of rationale in those pretending that a two thousand year of set of half remembered forgeries have any application today .

  • Anonymous

    Modern science and scientific investigation was a result of the Renaissance.  The Renaissance did NOT occur spontaneously, which is one reason it is called THE RENAISSANCE.  (The word means “rebirth”).  It began in Italy and was heavily influence by the Arabic Muslims who actually came to be vessels for previous knowledge (as opposed to its creators).  It doesn’t do any cause justice to lie about history.  The Muslims in Spain made advances in science, including medicine, that influenced later European advancements.  The idea of the scientific physician began in Greece, but it was returned to Europe partially by Muslims in Spain.    Also the journeys of Marco Polo to China were a huge impetus for the Renaissance.  After it began in Italy, it spread north.  Remember that arithmetic arose in the Middle East in Arimathea by Jews or “proto Jews,” at the very least Semitic tribes and not Arabs from Arabia.  When the time of the Arab Expansion came 5-6 century (it was also a Muslim expansion as its cause was Islam’s aim at world domination) – these sciences already existed, they just appropriated them.  The fact that Arabs did not create them is one reason why they receded and civilization faded under Islamic rule as the centuries passed.  The Greek knowledge went east with Alexander and was so preserved in the East and re-entered Europe WHEN IT WAS FINALLY READY.   Also, remember that the Byzantine Roman Empire lasted until the 15th century.  It was a Hellenic, Christian Orthodox empire.  It was also an important conduit for the eventual Renaissance in Italy and Europe.

    We also cannot forget that during the middle ages, the only medical
    school in Europe was in Montpelier with its faculty almost 100% by Jews.  And
    since even Christianity came from the Middle East and features Jewish
    religious mythology with a Jewish “savior,” we similarly must
    acknowledge even further non-European influence in Europe, but rather to
    the restraint of science – at least during its first thousand years, when it began to lessen enough for some progress to be realized.  But scientific progress is still fought by Christianity to this day.

     Being ready was all about the power of the Church being reduced by a couple hundred years of punishing crusades, the corruption that led to The Reformation and that led to people like Galileo not being put under house arrest for scientific investigation, and that put to question Church dogma and hegemony.  Remember, when Copernicus proved the earth was not flat, he was punished. 

    Inspired by the later 17th century in England, Charles the Second was instrumental in picking up on it contrary to Church wishes, but because he was King, he could do it, and so created the Royal Society that led to scientific and geographical discoveries.  He was also a founding member of English Freemasons, who were also together with him the very scientists who established the Royal Society and ran its first simple experiments proving the usefulness of scientific methodology. 

  • Anonymous

    The real statistics show that while they were adequate and competent, they were not anywhere near the claims made in the film or in popular discourse.  They lost 27 bombers during their escort missions.  They had a lower shoot down rate than ALL the other eight all white fighter groups they were based with during the same period.  Out of eight total fighter groups the Tuskegee Airmen ranked second from lowest in achievement stats.  The first 262 jets had already been shot down by white pilots. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think too many people who regularly post on Amren care is they are accused of being racist.  Racist is an attack word.  We are race realists and some of us think that the Black Codes should be brought back.  How’s that for racist? 

    Guess what?  I don’t care how many time you call me a racist.  You’re a racist too. IN fact, everyone is a racist, one way or another. Admitting it would be one step towards honesty.

  • Johnny Reb

    Tuskegee airmen flew combat missions in Tuskegee . . . run into town, rape a white woman or hold up a liquor store then FLY back to the base before the good old boys know what hit them. 

    That the US military would bend to the will of Eleanor Roosevelt and allow blacks to touch an airplane just shows the insanity of white people.

  • Dont let the fact get in the way of a good story. I think, (thats a contradiction in itself) that the whole story of the Tuskegee Airmen is a good story, what they had to deal with in addition to learning to fly and learning combat tactics and there actual missions and record. Why dose the story have to be puffed up and made bigger than life. The Black Airmen can’t just have done a good job (which they did) but we have to make them the best ever. This is an injustus to those who’s record were indeed great or the best. We should be glad we had men and women black and white who gave up there lives in the sky, on the ground, and in the water. I support them all, and my hat is off to them all.

  • Militarily, the TA should have been nothing but a footnote to history. Remember: the fate of the war had allready been determined when the TA entered the battle. The German ACES had been decimated before  the TA entered the conflict. The TA  had the privilege of flying the very best and fastest fighter airplane of WWII against the slower German planes with young expeienced, untried German kids.

    How would the TA have fared in the South Pacific, flying Wildcats, Hellcats, Avengers or Corsairs against notorious, the faster Japanese Zero. Unfortunately, the p-51 Mustangs,which were the best and fastest Amercan plane were not even on the drawing board. We won the air war in the South Pacific because of superior training, NOT superior aicraft.  American pilots were taught to out-maneuver not out run the enemy aircraft.

    To repeat: The TA were given the very best airplane to fight against a second rate German pilots in what few airplanes the Germans cold scrap together. THE OUTCOME OF THE WAR HAD BEEN DECIDED WHEN THE TA ENETERED THE FRAY.

    Admittedly, what the TA did was commendable,but Heroes??????????????. It does make a good political correctness story

  • In none of the stories is it mentioned that the planes they flew,  P-5 Mustangs, were the fastest,best equipped and best gunned planes the US had made AND  the late entry of the T/A was against German students because the aces and experienced pilots had been killed. They might have been mince meat if they bad been flyiong Wildcats against Japanese Zeros and Oscars in the south Pacific.

  • They have hundreds of dialects. Because in one tribe a tree is a gaw and in another it’s a gom and another it’s a gar. Anyone who thinks the blacks are so intelligent just take a trip to Africa. WHat is screwed up is I’ve been to Russia and those Russians live worse than our niggers in the ghetto. Their houses are built out of old tin and scraps. Blacks want to cry but there are people who have to live and no outside help of any kind.

  • I would be scared and demand my money back if I was flying to Zimbabwe and saw the pilot and he was black as the ace of spades. Does anyone know if they have ever seen someone as black as Wesley Snipes flying a plane?

  • Guest

    A few years ago I had a chat with a USA WWII air force veteran about the T/A… He informed me that the red-tails were always the first to run in a fight… It may be true, or not…
    The fact is that there are always “freaks of nature” Out of many millions of people you are bound to get a few very exceptional people. The sad truth is that in some areas of the population/world the norm is very much less spectacular.
    The huge majority of innovation and invention comes from the western-European minds.
    To change, adapt or improve existing technology is not what I would call brilliance.
    To invent something that has never before existed takes inspiration and true brilliance.
    Check out REAL history and see where it was all done!!!

  • Gilbert_heath_randell

    Give the Tuskegee there rightful claim. I agree that they did not have this amazing record. In fact I would point out that the only pilot that engaged and damaged a jet fighter, throughout the entire war was a Jew. He flew a prop Spitfire against 2 ME: 262″ Fighters. Won the flying Cross for doing so. It is an insult to all WWII flyers to say the Tuskegee won that war, or had this amazing record. By the time the Tuskegee showed in the air around Europe, the entire German air threat was void of aircraft. Many men gave their lives for this country. Just tell the truth.

  • Jimbata

    well..much to be said about the Black Hawk Down facts..in the movies they just kept it good with some added non factual things..

  • Kam

    The airmen were brave to do such a thing. War isn’t an easy thing, and we should admire everyone that fights in it. You might not admire the other side, but give them some credit.

  • MOF

    lets cut to the chase. The T/A lost 25 bombers. How does this compare with other fighter groups.

  • E;f

    Elenor the lesbian wanted the blacks to have a part. But the Tuskegee Airman did so little but are now getting fame. BS.