Bill Maher on Internet Piracy: ‘I Call It Caucasian Looting’

Tommy Christopher, Mediaite, January 21, 2012

During an ill-informed rant about the Stop Online Piracy Act SOPA on Friday night’s Real Time, host Bill Maher dropped in one of the more appallingly casual racist remarks I’ve heard in a long time. Speaking about the “moral dimension” to the online piracy debate, Maher said, “I call it ‘Caucasian looting,’ to laughs from panelist Buddy Roemer, and shocked silence from former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm. It’s just the latest example of Maher’s affection for racial stereotypes.

The right loves to hold up the frequently over-the-line things that Bill Maher says as examples of “lefty hate,” but just because he spends most of his time attacking Republicans doesn’t mean he’s one of us. Politically, he’s a left-leaning libertarian (“libertarian” is a word for conservatives who reserve the right to smoke pot and screw), but philosophically, he’s a privileged contrarian dick. His SOPA rant is perfect evidence of this, as he begins by stipulating that he knows nothing about the proposed legislation, then gives his uninformed opinion, anyway.

That opinion appears to be that online piracy costs him money, so even if the proposed law might chill free speech (again, without bothering to read it), let’s not be too hasty. {snip}

Of a piece with that sense of entitlement (to a completely uninformed opinion, to even more money than he’s already got, possibly at the expense of free speech) is Maher’s remark about “Caucasian looting,” which not only posits IRL [in real life] looting as the exclusive province of black people, but conversely evinces a belief that black people generally lack the capability or opportunity to engage in online piracy. From Maher’s perch, he’s not insulting black people, he’s simply slamming white people using an observation that, let’s face it, “we” all know is true, wink, wink. It’s the flip-side of the so-called “race realism” that Newt Gingrich is driving ‘em wild with down in South Carolina.



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  • Anonymous

    Start the argument where it begins. Comedy is subjective, but the general consensus from most comedians and comedy fans is that Maher just isn’t very funny.

    SOPA-like statutes have already been used to shut down sites deemed to offend. A good example would be (now defunct). The site’s byline was “Detroit News For Whitey.” Its content may have been deemed shocking in some corners, yes, or tasteless, but the 1st amendment defends such behaviour. Nevertheless “trademark infringement” was invoked by Detroit News in order to silence contrarian viewpoints.

    The handwriting is on the wall when even ultra-leftist MIT professor Noam Chomsky declares Obama to be worse than Bush, especially on issues of Free Speech:

  • That opinion appears to be that online piracy costs him money, so even
    if the proposed law might chill free speech (again, without bothering to
    read it), let’s not be too hasty.

    Bill Maher need not worry.  His stuff isn’t worth stealing.

  • Anonymous

    Asia, particularly China, has been reported as the largest producer of pirated software, cds, and dvds.

    I don’t have the breakdown by race in the US. I’m sure whites are downloading illegally. However, I can tell you that in the summer, blacks set up ‘shop’ in downtown selling cds and dvds out of knapsacks. Where I work, when a new movie hits the theaters, blacks are openly passing out dvds in the break room. They’ve never been offered them to me but I’m sure I could get copies  if I asked the right people. 

    Mr. Maher enjoys his self-preceived status as the  as the voice of politically incorrect views. He’s quick to accuse and condemn others of racism towards blacks but he seems to believe that whites are a fair target.

  • Anonymous

    Bill Maher
     Compulsive public masturbator disguised as comedian

  • Considering that under SOPA you could get 5 years in jail for downloading one of micheal jacksons songs when the black Dr that killed him only got sentanced to 4 years does not seem right

    • Bardon Kaldian

      My heart is with a good doctor. He got rid the world of a puffed noisy pedophile bore. I know, de gustibus non est disputandum, but compared to Deep Purple, ELP, Pink Floyd, ZZ top,..Bruce Springsteen, even Nirvana… Mr. Jackson was just an excruciatingly annoying noise.
      Pity the good doctor cannot be assigned as the official physician to Ms. Madonna Ciccione Ritchie.

  • Has Bill Maher ever been on ebay and seen where most of this pirated stuff is posted from?

  • Anonymous

    Maher is nothing more then a pompous, smug buffoon who always thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room.

  • Kamikazzyozzy

    probably Maher is saying piracy is being done By whites and not done To whites. Something thats not really true. Piracy is affecting America, which means it’s more of a crime done by people of color against whites. Even liberal America-hating entertainment executives need protected from overseas (and inner city) piracy. 

    The odd thing about the show ‘politically incorrect’ with Bill Maher is that Bill Maher is always so very politically correct 98% of the time. 

  • Anonymous

    I was going to say the last part of this article is so bad it almost made me sympathize with Bill Maher.

    Which is REALLY saying something.

  • Anonymous

    So even remarks that denigrate Whites are really aimed at Blacks.  Everything is about them.  If I were working on a PhD in psychology I’d write my dissertation on the extreme widespread paranoia that pervades the entire race of American Blacks.  Everything is designed to get the Blacks, from AIDS, to Code Red Mountain Dew, and now even Bill Maher is really just a tool of The Man.

    By the way, Bill Maher is no libertarian.

    • Anonymous

      Maher is ALSO not ‘Irish’………….

  • Once Maher made one of the closing editorials he makes at the end of real time, in he talked about White flight, he stated that in essence these people are all racists who moved out and away, he took joy in however the bastardizing of  White kids ( I would say an entire generation has been affected so far, with seemly no end in site ) by the Black/Hispanic ghetto culture, and believed it was poetic justice for bad rasicists parents actions, like hey you thought you where getting away, well gezz wat ! your daughters are now Bitches and hoes and your boys are all gangtas !  he also was like how dare these people move out because blacks and hispanics are move in ! I never ever watch that show again, Hey only watched it because it could get interesting when he had those right wingers and conservitives on towards the middle of the show, you know when they all sit around a table with the more pinko progressive guests who ever they my be, but after this hell no, He and his fellow traveler Graofalo, who also rails about “White Flight”, just move to Watts or Compton then, HA! fat chance right guys. 

  • Anonymous

    Billl Maher rocks!

    • Anonymous

      I’m struggling to see how someone can think Billl (sic) Maher “rocks” and also be an AmRen supporter. Just because 99% of AmRen posters find him odious doesn’t mean you can’t go against the grain – you are the 1%! – but I just can’t reconcile one with the other. Are you a fan of Obama too? Does he “rock”?

    • Anonymous

      You MUST be kidding…..

    • Zorro

      Bill Maher has rocks in his head. And so do those who find that annoying looking troll funny.

  • Careful now mr. bill.  One day, White People might just find their way to see you living amongst those you love best.

  • Anyone else ever notice what all these anti-White comedians have in common? 

    Lenny Bruce, Sarah Silverman, Bill Maher…

  • Jeff

    Here we have an untalented, very unattractive man with a big rude mouth for those who support him, yet they go on supporting him.
    They get what they deserve eith this little pimple of a real man.
    I think he feels he is really black trapped in a white body?

  • Ah but they do deny it, you know that, while they may deny it publically, whether in print, or on the airwaves, whether TV or radio, they admit it secretly, in private by there actions, in example, not moving to an all black/Hispanic area, when I say all black/hispanic area, I mean one thats not on the uptick, with large amounts of rich Whites moving in.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    I have a lot of trouble understanding why ANYONE would want to listen to this smug idiot blather on about nothing.  He is neither funny nor insightful.

    Politically, he’s a left-leaning libertarian (“libertarian” is a word for conservatives who reserve the right to smoke pot and screw), but philosophically, he’s a privileged contrarian dick. 

    He is NOT a libertarian!!  (although the last part of of the statement is certainly 100% correct!!).

    Maher believes in high progressive taxation, income redistribution, racial preferences, government funding of abortion, gun control and believes that home schooling be outlawed.  He DOES, however, support privatizing SS and ending the war on drugs.

    Maher has appeared at Democratic fundraisers and in 2004, he and Michael Moore, got down on their knees to beg Ralph Nader not to run for president (even though he and Moore had both supported Nader in 2000).

    Switch channels if Maher is on, or better yet, turn off the TV.  You might also consider dropping HBO and tell ’em why.  It’s worked before.  Have I ever done this?  Yes.

    Amid the controversy that grew out of Maher’s remarks, Federal Express and Sears Roebuck withdrew their advertising from Politically Incorrect, and ABC cancelled Maher’s show on June 16, 2002. 


  • Bill Maher specializes in comedy.  It might be the non-funny variety of comedy, but it passes for comedy nevertheless.

    His calling “internet piracy” “caucasian looting” is probably just him being glib.  But just to be serious, piracy and looting/stealing are two different things.  Piracy is spreading copies of existing digital media around in ways that violate the copyright of the material, and stealing is taking something that’s already there to the point where it’s not there for the original owner to utilize.

    If you have a Ford Taurus with license plates ABC-123, and I steal it overnight, it  means that it’s no longer in your garage when you wake up.  If I pirate your car, I make an exact carbon copy of it and drive around town.  Your ABC-123 tagged Taurus is still in the driveway the next morning, but I’m driving around in an exact copy, right down to the proof of insurance indicative of the policy which you purchased and I didn’t, and implicitly not being repossessed because you’re paying the note and I’m not.

    • Zorro

      Hasn’t anyone noticed all the Koreans and Chinese selling pirated copies of movies, music, and everything else out there?

      What, no smart remarks about the pirated materials by the Asiatics?

      • A lot of politicians have noticed.  In fact, they tried to pull SOPA and PIPA over on us by whining about Chinese and Korean piracy.  SOPA and PIPA would have no jurisdiction in China and Korea, and because a lot of our debt is Beijing-financed, we have no leverage to make Beijing do anything.  Even if we did, there’s no way in hell that the Chinese government is going to make a Chinese civilian poorer just so that a rich white American can be richer.  That government is brutal and despotic, but it’s also given to nationalism.

  • Bardon Kaldian

    Although not directly linked to Mr. Maher, here is a piece of junk science coming from similar ideological circles: