Australian PM Dragged to Safety Through a Crowd of Aboriginal Protesters After Being Ambushed in Restaurant

Jill Reilly, Daily Mail (London), January 26, 2012

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard clung to her bodyguard as she was dragged to safety through a crowd of angry protesters in Canberra today.

Riot police formed a shield around the prime minister as they helped her force a path through the protesters who surrounded a restaurant where she was attending an awards ceremony to mark Australia Day.

Miss Gillard stumbled after losing a shoe in the scuffle, but was caught by her personal security guard and managed to get into a waiting car.

The protests appear to have been aimed primarily at opposition leader Tony Abbott, who was also in the building when some 200 demonstrators began banging on its windows, shouting ‘shame’ and ‘racist’.

Mr Abbott had angered activists earlier in the day by saying it was time the nearby Aboriginal Tent Embassy ’moved on’.

The embassy, a ramshackle collection of tents and shelters on the lawn of Parliament House, is at the centre of the campaign for Aboriginal sovereignty and land rights.

Demonstrators had gathered to celebrate its 40th anniversary when they heard that Mr Abbott was nearby.

Miss Gillard and Mr Abbott had been handing out inaugural National Emergency Medals, presented as the country marked Australia Day.

Dozens of extra police were called to the scene and escorted them from the building after 20 minutes.

Australia Day marks the arrival of the first fleet of British colonists in Sydney on January 26, 1788.

Many Aborigines call it Invasion Day because the land was settled without a treaty with traditional owners.

Miss Gillard was unharmed and hosted another Australia Day function at her official residence in Canberra after the incident.

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  • Anonymous

    America’s future. I imagine one day the Latinos will initiate a memorial day commemorating indiginous genocide, and crudely try to steal American Indians’ tragedy for themselves. Any protests of the day will be met by such demonstrators.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, institute Apartheid now.

  • Anonymous

    recently austrialia instituted a gun ban

    • I think you’re talking about the increased prohibitions after the 1996 Port Arthur Massacre.

      Actually, from what I am told, those new “gun control” laws really didn’t make much or many more weapons illegal than were already illegal.  Australia has never had much of a 2nd Amendment culture, because it started out as a penal colony.  The people who managed Australia for London no sooner wanted the typical Australian to own firearms than a prison warden would want his charges to own firearms, for much the same reason.  Now, I’m being rather hyperbolic, Australians, but I’m doing it to make a point.

      I also understand that most farmers and ranchers (whom the laws after Port Arthur mostly applies) buried their guns rather than turn them in.

      • Anonymous

        yes i just mentioned it as a heads up to people in the us dont think it cant happen here. whites are in for a big wake up call when the mob activity of blacks and hispanics ramps up. a big wake up call. look up the rwandan massacre because thats whats going to be going on here. and all i see whites doing anywhere is apologizing for everything. ha ha ha. PITIFUL

      • Replying to myself.  Tacky, I know.  But, there is some related news:

        For this to happen in New South Wales, the most Australia-y state of Australia, tells you a lot.

  • Anonymous

    I suspect that the number of aboriginals has increased because of a generous welfare system?  If they had to scratch out a living with stone axes as they did in the past, their numbers would be far lower?  Correct me if I am worng, just guessing here. 

    Has anyone ever noticed that when they show all those starving women and children in the PSAs, there are never any men standing in line for the free food. 

    The men are not shown because they are well fed and busy making more babies.   I think the white camera crews tell the men to hide during the filming. 

  • The protests appear to have been aimed primarily at opposition leader
    Tony Abbott, who was also in the building when some 200
    demonstrators began banging on its windows, shouting ‘shame’ and

    Irony:  Tony Abbott railroaded Pauline Hanson into jail (thankfully, only temporarily), as John Howard’s “Attorney General” (or whatever it is called in Australia).  He did that at the same time Howard was temporarily not allowing boat loads of “asylum seekers” enter Australian waters.  IOW, Howard had to pander to Hanson’s potential voters then have his AG tie a rock around Hanson’s heels in order to win re-election for the LibNats. 

    AFAIC, Abbott can take a long walk off a short escarpment.  The only way I would ever recommend a vote for him is if the ALP spits out a non-white party leader.

  • weer

    Isn’t this prime minister from the left of center Labor Party? If she is, I can’t have much sympathy for her. When you lie down with the lions, this is what happens…

  • Anonymous

    Actually in my opinion, this is a good thing. This definitely will help to increase white racial consciousness and decrease white guilt… I have seen some people say things like ” I used to have sympathy for the Aboriginal cause, but not any longer”. Also reading the comments on the original article,  the predictable left-wing indignation of “whitey stole their land” comes out.

  • Anonymous

    That is true.

  • Anonymous

    As other have said, it’s time for mutually, agreed  separation. Aboriginal sovereignty and land rights should be negotiated now while whites are still the majority. Let them propose their solution and negotiate from there. Let them map out their ancestral land. Let them make it a ‘no white Australian’ zone. Let them live as they want, unmolested by whites, free to build the aboriginal utopia of their dreams.

    They aren’t happy being forced to live by white standards. Integration has failed them. It’s time for everyone to admit integration hasn’t worked for anyone. Negotiate a peace and separation accord for the benefit of whites and aboriginals.

    • Anonymous


      My post above says EDITED BY A MODERATOR. This message doesn’t appear on every post, just a few. How are these posted edited and why. For content, spelling errors?

  • LHathaway

    “We can even strip the clueless white social justice activists of Aussie citizenship and force them to live in the Aboriginal lands so they can serve their new masters and build a social justice paradise of caring and sharing and equality for all”.
    Not That is a good idea. 

  • Anonymous

    Yes I will agree with that. The Aussie males I have met were not at all in touch with their “feminine side”, from the stories I have heard the women are pretty darn tough too.

  • .

    Forget the pc garbage you’ve seen in Crocodile Dundee, Quigley Down Under and Rabbit Proof Fence. The truth is that aborigine behavior is so bad it would make even a ghetto dweller cringe. And I should know because I’m an American whose seen plenty of ghettos. Having said that, when you think of Miss Gillard you should picture a leftist Democrat. I object to how she was treated as a matter of principle. But I still derived some personal satisfaction at watching it.

    • Bantu Education

      100% agree with you on that – the only good thing about it was when right at the end a white cop smacked the war-painted savage.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a bit harsh – Australia has a lefty white-guilt population just like the US does and they are disproportionately heard through their media megaphones but I think your typical Australian is definitely someone you want on your side when the sh*t hits the fan.

  • Bantu Education

    I have to take issue with one of the posters who said that, in the early days, whites did some bad things to the Abos.   Sadly, most white Aussies harbour this guilt – likewise white Safricans – but this guilt stems from historical revisionism and leftist anti-white propaganda – its almost totally unjustified.

    In the book “Australia, the first 12 years” – the author did his level best to try to pin “atrocities” on whites, but it is pretty clear that at least 90% of violent incidents were instigated by abos.   When whites took revenge they were judged very harshly and many were hanged for very trivial incidents.  Not just convicts but lower rank soldiers – 7 were hanged on the same day for some incident involving abos.   Short of murder it seems that very few abos were hanged.    Just as they are today, blacks were considered to have the minds of children and were thus judged by much more lenient standards than whites.    

  • Anonymous

    May I apologise on behalf of my ancestor’s for all of the convicts that we sent over there in the 18th Century – at least all the nasty ones, like murderers, were executed back here. Would offering, in mitigation, the fact that said convicts were white (and worked bloody hard) help to allay at least some of the justifiable aussie anger at us poms?. 

  • Marcy Fleming

    Great points but I need to add that there were never more than 4,000 Mexicans living here in California before it became a Republic and later joined the US.
    This was NEVER their land so how could it be stolen from them ?
    Nor were there “millions” of Native Indians living here despite the leftist bull of Noam Chomsky and wannabe Injun’ Ward Churchill. They were a few thousand at most.
    Maybe Hawaii is an unjust example of US imperialism and since it’s an extremely
    PC, leftist state I don’t care if they leave, ergo double that for Puerto Rico.
    All Hawaii’s statehood achieved was two more guaranteed anti-white leftists.
    Reagan even wanted Puerto Rico to be a state ! Independence for them and please take your NYC brethren with you. Let Fidel take care of them.
    But come to think of it that won’t happen as Raul Castro plans to fire one million Cuban government workers and said you can’t consume what you don’t produce !
    A born again Ayn Randian, I love it !

  • Better still let the white Anglo illegal interlopers LEAVE Australia ( they can destroy their cities  and other works of their civilization) and let the Aborginals have Australia back. Australia belongs to the Aborginals NOT White Anglos!

  • Anonymous

    Gillard is a socialist.  I enjoyed watching the video!