47 Arrested During Cockfight in Baldy Mesa Barn

Beatriz E. Valenzuela, Victorville Daily Press, January 9, 2012

Nearly 50 people were arrested Sunday when San Bernardino County Sheriff’s officials broke up a cockfight at a Baldy Mesa home, officials said Monday.

“This appeared to have been an established location with an arena and benches set up for spectators,” said Jodi Miller, spokeswoman for the sheriff’s department.

The owner of the property—Fernando Hernandez, 62—fled the home in the 9000 block of Hollister Road when deputies arrived and is outstanding, officials said in a release.


The cockfighting ring was set up in a barn on the property. When deputies from the Rural Crimes Task Force and from the Victorville, Hesperia and Apple Valley stations arrived, Miller said they estimated 300 people were attending the event.

Most of the spectators were able to flee when deputies showed up, but officials were able to detain and arrest 47 people. The majority were booked for being spectators, with six arrested for animal cruelty.

Deputies also seized 92 birds and about $21,000 in cash.


Authorities found 15 to 20 dead birds Sunday, suggesting there had already been more than a dozen bouts before deputies showed up at 11:30 a.m. that day, Miller stated.

Along with the cruelty inflicted on the birds, Miller said that many of them are brought in from Mexico and have historically tested positive for the bird flu, making them a health hazard for anyone who comes in contact with them.

The 47 people arrested were from various locations from all over Southern California including Oak Hills, Phelan, Hesperia, Little Rock, Palmdale, Lancaster, Los Angeles, Pacoima, Temecula, Riverside, Porter Ranch and Van Nuys.



The makeshift arena

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  • Anonymous

    this is common to mexicans and blacks as well as muslims cowards who torture animals. low iq all of them

  • Anonymous

    This is another instance of the savagery and inhumanity of the Hispanic culture. Whether it’s the drug cartels beheading people in Mexico, or this type of cruelty  toward animals brought here, we don’t need these people. They need to go back to countries where this is just another normal happening.  They will never assimilate and that’s good.

  • Anonymous

    And where is PETA? Oh I forgot, they are only concerned about animal rights when it comes to whites, not minorities.

    • Anonymous

      their stock reply for non whites is that its CULTURAL

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      I am surprised this even made the news because it’s become so common in California.  Soon, local law enforcement will be mostly made up of  co-ethnics of those organizing these sick events and “la mordida”, a portion of the $21,000 take, will buy them off.  Import the Third World and Third World behaviors follow, including bribery, corruption, cruelty and selective enforcement of the law.  This is spreading across the land, as Mexicans colonize the Midwest, the Carolinas, New England, even up into Canada.

      They’re in the same place as the Sierra Club when it comes to illegal immigrants!!  Sold out!  Bought off and told to look the other way when it comes to non-White illegal immigration.

      The Sierra Club accepted a $100 million donation from a billionaire made conditional on its keeping immigration out of their policy book.

      The Sierra Club now accepts that it’s OK for illegals to trample the fragile desert area near the Mexican border and use it as an open air toilet and trash dump.

      Photos here: http://www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/a/Arizona-Desert-Trash.htm

      This wash contains 5,000 discarded backpacks and countless water containers, food wrappers, clothing, feces, including thousands of soiled baby diapers. And as you can see in this picture, fresh footprints leading right into it.

      If you are a donor to the Sierra Club, stop now!!  Otherwise you are aiding and abetting an organization that promotes and advocates White race replacement.


  • Another example of the cultural diveristy we’re being blessed with from south of the border. California is being destryed by this mexican culture that has been forced upon us without our consent!

    If I want to live in tijuana I would move there!

    • Just wait till the woman and male donkey shows come to town

      • Anonymous

        Shame, shame Steve. While that was funny it was NOT was not PC. : )

  • I was expecting to see a picture of Barney Frank

  • aj

    I can’t see any logical reason cockfighting should be illegal as long as chicken nuggets are legal.  Gambling  is a victimless crime and outlawing it only encourages organized crime.  That being said betting on animals killing each other IS deplorable, and people that engage in such serial killer like behavior should be deported to whatever third world cesspool they crawled out of.

  • Anonymous

    Cockfighting is part of the culture of Appalachia, probably one of the whitest places the US. 

  • Anonymous

    It is interesting that the article says the birds are a health risk as many carry the bird flu which is dangerous for humans. They are worried about the BIRDS being a health risk but not all of the illegal disease carrying Hep A positive Mexicans that are flooding the country and spreading disease?

  • Anonymous

    Illegal cockfighting has been going on in California, even Northern California, for a long time.  I knew about it in 1995 in Sonoma County (north of SF).

  • Anonymous

    You are right, of course.  Did you hear that Spain is outlawing Bullfighting? 

    Why do you call yourself a creole just because you are of mixed European ancestry?  That would make probably 90% of Europeans and 98% of white Americans creoles – a term usually reserved for mixes of black, white, and Amerind historically in the Delta region of LA.

    • Aizhairto

      I heard that Catalonia outlawed bullfighting. Catalan nationalists don’t want anything to do with Spain outside the “Països Catalans”.

      I call myself a creole because I was born to parents whose mothers are from colonial Spanish/French ancestry in the Caribbean. There, we’re called criollos. In English – creoles. I also know plenty of people of French descent in the south who aren’t Cajun and refer to themselves as creoles. As I understand it, the term was originally used to describe these people.