14 Wounded in Shootings Across Chicago

Chicago Tribune, January 6, 2012

Fourteen people were wounded in separate shootings across the city Thursday.

Two people were shot at 50 W. 85th Street about 11:45 p.m., just west of the Dan Ryan Expressway, police said.

They were sitting in a vehicle when another dark-colored vehicle drove by and someone inside started shooting, police said.

A 33-year-old man was shot in the foot and suffered a graze wound to the head and a second person was shot in the forearm.


Four people were standing on a corner in West Garfield Park near Maypole Avenue and Kenneth Avenue about 2:50 p.m. when someone wearing all black walked up and opened fire.

Two teens were shot in that incident, police said.


A 25-year-old man was shot in the chest and a 23-year-old woman was shot in the foot. {snip}

At 2:56 p.m., two men were shot in the 3500 block of West Chicago Avenue, with one being taken to Mount Sinai Hospital and the other to St. Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center, said Chief Joe Roccasalva, a Fire Department spokesman.

The 22-year-old man taken to Mount Sinai Hospital suffered eight gunshot wounds to his arms, legs and hip, police said. The other person, a 25-year-old man, was shot in the lower leg and is in good condition, police said.

Someone stepped out of a white Chevy Caprice and opened fire at the two, police said. {snip}

And at 3:29 p.m., two people were shot near 51st and Wood Streets, authorities said.

The two, 17 and 20, are both gang members involved in an ongoing turf dispute, police said.


A 21-year-old man was shot in the chest about 6:30 p.m. after someone fired shots from inside a 1990s black Volvo.


A 20-year-old man was shot in the back on the 5500 block of South Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in the Washington Park neighborhood about 1:15 p.m., police said.


A 33-year-old woman was shot just before 2 p.m. in the 5600 block of South Seeley Avenue in the West Englewood neighborhood, police said.


A 31-year-old man standing in an apartment building vestibule was shot after a “domestic incident” in the 500 block of North Monticello about 10:30 p.m., police said.



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  • Anonymous

    sounds like a typical cay in Chicago or in any other majority Black city for that matter. Nothing to get excited about!

    • Anonymous

      Chicago is not majority black.  One major reason why that’s the case  is that the last mayor (Daley Jr.) tried to export as much of his black  population as possible to Illinois’ suburbs and downstate cities via Sec. 8 housing vouchers. 

  • Anonymous

    Probably caused by the legacy of slavery or the disappearance of well-paid industrial jobs or a lack of role models or poor inner-city schools or “institutional racism” or inadequate social spending or Republicans or Arizona’s late adoption of MLK day or unfair depictions of blacks in the media or “disparate impact” or the secret CIA plan to sell crack in black neighborhoods or lynchings 100 years ago or a lack of self-esteem or black kids being unfairly suspended from school more than whites or standards being set too high for black police and firemen or cutbacks in welfare or the Tuskegee experiment or Bull Connor or the Willie Horton ad or insufficient diversity training or SOMETHING!!!!

    I mean, really – can anyone think of anything else that might explain why we see so many headlines like this?

    • Anonymous

      it is the racist chinese who by their invention of gunpowder FORCED the black  CHILDREN, STUDENTS, YOUTH, ETC to shoot at each other and the racist white man who invented the gun / it is  INSTITUTIONAL RACISM

    • Jesenia

      Yes, I can. In slave times , on the plantation,if a slave tried  to run away and was caught, the Master would give a gun to another slave and order him to shoot the runaway slave. It was called “Busting a Cap”.  The ‘cap’ in this case being the head covering the slave wore to hide his features as he ran to freedom. To “bust a cap” meant to expose the runaway and shoot him.) This so traumatized the self -esteem of the slave that the black male today believes that its all right to shoot another black male, when,in fact, its a tragedy when a black male shoots another black male. 

      • Raymond

        Claiming “busting a cap” refers to blacks being instructed to shoot escaping blacks during the slave era would seem to be a rather obscure factoid for present day blacks, or for anyone else, to be aware of.  And, even if a majority of blacks today are aware of the origin of that phrase, one wonders if this slavery-era permission to shoot fellow blacks is even a minor motivation for black on black shootings in today’s world, nearly 150 years after the end of slavery.

        • Anonymous

          I am fairly certain that in the whole history of slavery as practised in north America, slave owners never had the power of life or death over slaves, the laws regarding murder being applied here as in other cases.
            Anyway a slave would have been a valuable financial asset, so a trublesome slave would most likely be sold on to another, more demanding, owner somewhere.
           Secondly how could a ‘cap’ disguise someone’s features if it only covers the top of the wearer’s head?

          • Anonymous

            I don’t know about murder, but there were some black slave masters in the Antebellum South.  A book was published back in the 90s called “Black Masters.”  Might be able to find a copy.

      • Anonymous

        Are you saying that the desire to shoot another person is genetically passed to from one generation to another?
        Are you saying that young Black males are so bereft of “Muthah wit” that they don’t know that it’s a crime to murder another person?  

      • Anonymous

        An absolutely nonsensical and false etymology – coming from that mill of forgery operating somewhere which tries very had to put false derivations on old sayings.The object of the exercise is as ever to cast blacks as eternel victims and martyrs whose many travails and sufferings are commemoriated in the very language we speak.
         Basically it’s part of a ceaseless grinding drub-drub-drub propaganda campaign with the objective of making Whites into bowing and scraping wimps.It has largely succeeded.
         To ‘bust a cap’ simply means to ‘fire a bullet’ – no tortuous nonesical word and scenario plays please.You see, the bullet is the ‘cap’ (kids still play with ‘cap guns’)and ‘bust’ means to ‘fire’.

      • Anonymous

        Anyway, do you really think any slave-owner would ever trust a slave with a loaded weapon?

        • Anonymous

          I found a news article online from the Civil War where a northern reported related a story regarding the temporary takeover of a Maryland town in 1862.  He reported that there were hundreds of black Confederate troops armed and fighting.  I think you can find it by searching documents related to the website for the 6th New York Heavy Artillery Regiment.  There are some amazing contradictions in real history.

  • Anonymous

    its funny to me that these idiot blacks kill and maim each other. hopefully even  more. i am laughing at them. ha ha ha you stupid blacks

  • Anonymous

    “All in one day. Sounds like Baghdad.”

    Violent crime is that bad….or worse…. in many urban areas around the country.  A New Orleans’ politician, for example, requested the governor to have the National Guard patrol the city.   

    Added to the general mayhem there’s a growing problem with gangs.  Black and Hispanic gangs have increased to about 1.2 million members, up from the 600, ooo Janet Reno reported when she was AG. 

    If certain sections of the country resemble war zones it is because, for all intents and purposes, they ARE war zones, war zones that are getting more volatile with each passing month.

    As the economy continues its decline, economists are forecasting an increase in crime  to levels seen only in Mexico where there have been about 30,000 murders in the last 6 years.

    We’re seeing the last throes of a dying empire.

    • Anonymous

      putting things in Perspective is not being Politically Correct

    • Anonymous

      no there were 50000 in mexico in the past two years alone

  • Anonymous

    Seven died in the Saint Valentine’s Day massacre in 1929. That made national news. Now when twice that many get wounded, Ho Hum.

    • Anonymous

      Al Capone didn’t hire thugs who held their guns sideways; ergo the higher kill ratio.

  • Who paid for all the ER/health care these “victims” received? 

    Maybe, if the gov’t didn’t force ERs to provide care to whoever shows up, and a few of these “members of the community” (presumably) started dying for lack of care, the “community” would get outraged at this behavior and stop tolerating killers in their midst. 

    As long as The Man is around to pick up the bill for patching everyone up, things will not change.

    Care to guess which “communities” disproportionately pay for these gov’t paid ER visits and surgeries? (in addition to their own private insurance policies and health care expenses) The same ones that disproportionately pay for jails and prisons (housing, food, security, health care), and welfare (WIC, public housing/Section 8, etc.) despite their own low utilization of those too — Asians & Caucasians!

    • Anonymous

      you paid their bill and everything else in the “COMMUNITY”

      • Anonymous

        For almost 100 years we’ve been paying tribute to the “comoonity” for injustices some real and some invented, committed by people with whom the majority of White people alive today have no kinship.  The progressives can drag out the lynchings in the South all they want but the truth is that many Whites including lots of Italian-immigrants were lynched during those days.  A relative of mine back in the 20’s was beaten to a pulp by a gang of Irish hooligans and left lying on a South Philadelphia street with a sign pinned to his coat that read ” Dago go home”.  He survived the beating but was never quite the same health wise. I never had the impulse to go around assaulting and raping random  Irish-Americans and if I had done anything like that, no court would have considered my legacy of abuse as a credible defense nor should they have.

        If this situation is allowed to continue, I don’t give us another 50 years as the USA.
        Our own government has turned on the very people who made this country what it is.

  • Anonymous

    no they are AFRICAN AMERICANS

  • Anonymous

    I don”t know if the intention was to injure rather than to kill, but if these shootings were attempted murders, well the assailants all seem like remarkably bad shots.

  • Yes, paisan, These are all COAL-BLACK neighborhoods.

  • John Maddox

    Doesn’t Chicago have one of the toughest gun control laws in the country outside of New York and DC?
    Hmm! Kind of makes you wonder doesn’t it?

    It was the Saint Valentines day massacre and incidents like it (mainly in the north and north east) associated with the organized crime spawned by the Volstead Act (a depressed economy didn’t help much either)  that led to the first ever national gun control laws in US history.

    History only repeats itself. The more things change the more they stay the same.

  • Welcome to Thunderdome America! Now is the time to face up to the real world we live in. Stay sober and stay strong. Stock up on deer rifles and goose guns. Build a war club like Walking Tall. The films {Red Dawn} and the { Road Warrior }films have finally come true. Take your vitamins, say your prayers and train every day.

  • The violent crime rate is going down in Chicago because the Supreme Court struck down a ban on gun ownership among law abiding citizens in 2010, but gang related killings among blacks will never go away. Nature is nature.

  • Anonymous

    If slavery and centuries of persecution and genocide were excuses for savage behavior, then Jews should be the most violent people on this earth.

  • Anonymous

    But St. Louis is worse…… ?

  • Anonymous

    Don’t these black thuggies use guns anyway?

  • The Chicago gun ban was shot down by the SCOTUS McDonald decision. 

    Gun activists are expecting SCOTUS to take a carry civil case next fall and — as long as Obama or another anti-gun president doesn’t get to appoint another anti SCOTUS justice — we expect to win Shall Issue for the entire nation by 2013 July 4! That means Hawai’i, CA, IL, NY, MA, MD, NJ, DE, and RI all will be forced to issue to qualified law-abiding residents. 


    Obama’s two SCOTUS justices said they’d support our 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms (RKBA), but as soon as they got on the Court, they both voted against the 2nd A! 

    • Anonymous

      wow whites sit around wringing their hands over weather its legal to carry their gun or not ha ha meanwhile gun carrying blacks are giving them beatdowns in every corner of the usa this illustrates how disconnected whites are. what if there are riots are you going to phone the police and courts and ask them if its ok to defend yourself? ha ha pathetic

  • Handgun’s are relatively low powered and thus not as effective at stopping bad guys (BGs), as rifles. That’s why militaries primarily use rifles. HGNs are used when you aren’t expecting trouble, carried because they are more convenient to carry when threat level is low. They’re used to respond to unexpected serious physical threats, for defense and rarely the best choice for offense. 

    There are 2 ways a BG stops when shot by a HGN: (1) psychological stop (he faints or he psychologically gives up the fight), and (2) physiological stop (his body suffers sufficient injury that he cannot fight even if he were on meth/insane/whatever0. While we’ll happily accept any cessation of hostilities, we need to focus on how to achieve a physiological stop so that the BG will stop regardless. 

    The two main factors in determining whether a hit by a HGN round achieves a physiological stop are: (1) bullet placement (point of entry and path of bullet through tissue), and (2) penetration depth. 

    The diameter difference between 9mm, 40 sw, and 45 acp are quite minor compared to the first two factors. Plus, you then have to weigh the reduced capacity, size and weight of HGNs (and how that will affect whether you’d actually carry it everyday), and/or increase recoil associated with the latter two calibers.

    A lot of good info re this issue can be found below.

    Article by the FBI: 

    International Wound Ballistics Asso. info:

    AmmoLab’s archived data:

    Bottom line: if the BG doesn’t give up and you don’t hit his brain or spine (CNS), heart, or major blood vessel, there’s really no reason for the BG to stop immediately and/or die. 

    BTW the skull is very hard and angular and many shots at the face/skull will either cause the bullet to skim around the skull under the skin, or take out a chunk of his face, but not stop him. Some BGs have even been shot in the brain and still kept fighting. 

    If you take out the BG’s heart, there is still enough oxygenated blood in his system to keep fighting for ~15 -20 seconds. Use your hand to see how many times you can pretend to stab yourself in 15 seconds. 

    Another bottom line: when you are in a deadly encounter you have got to remember you will be in a fight for your life. Don’t ever assume your gun-bullet combination is a magical death ray. 

    Learn from the lessons of Lance Thomas.


    • Anonymous

      good advice

  • Anonymous

    I think that is what many come to the Amren posts for because we can’t read up on EVERYTHING.  We learn from those who contribute facts and intelligently argued positions.

  • Anonymous

    black neighbor hoods are the worst