Woman Slugs 70-Year-Old Walmart Greeter After She Asks to See Receipt: Police

NY Daily News, December 26, 2011

A western New York woman is accused of slugging a 70-year-old Walmart greeter who asked to see a receipt for merchandise the woman was carrying out of the store.

State Trooper Tracy Patterson says 26-year-old Jacquetta Simmons of Batavia was charged with two counts of assault for the attack that knocked 70-year-old Grace Suozzi to the ground. Patterson says Suozzi suffered fractures to the side of her face.

Simmons ran out of the store after the confrontation shortly before 11:30 Saturday morning but was detained by employees and customers until police arrived.




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  • Tim Mc Hugh

    As a professional bouncer I`ve noticed two types of people working at convience stores. One is the guy you don`t want to mess with, 25 yo 265 lb. male or the type you needen`t bother with. an 85 lb grandomother… The first will club you to death for a stolen candy bar, the second holds the door open for you on a beer run to expedite your leaving before calling the police. If you ARE going to hire the grandmother type she should NOT be placed in a postion of confrontation with the public. And I can`t think of a better definition of that than stopping customers and demanding to check their receipts. That should be a function of either security guard types or at least a guy from the loading dock.

  • Ronald

    This is a good example of the predicted outcome of “the great civil rights victory” that most of today’s political ruling class brag they brought about.


  • Uptown

    The first time I got asked to produce a receipt like that, I got annoyed. In future visits to that same store, I just presented the receipt without being asked, and pretended to myself I was doing this voluntarily. What stores which do this should do, but won’t because many people would then chose to shop elsewhere, is post, at all store entrances, a prominent sign in all caps reading substantially as follows:


  • Colonel Taylor

    Does it make me a mean-spirited, evil racist because I knew what I’d see staring back at me even before I clicked the link?

  • Anonymous

    I did not really need to see the picture to guess the race of this young woman, but thank you Amren for putting the picture up anyway.

    Poor old woman, beaten by a black female thug.

  • Anonymous

    It is racist to ask for any blacks to show their receipts. Everyone should know that by now.

  • Tired of It

    At 70 years old Grace Souzzi may not fully recover, though I pray she does. And was Jacquetta trying to shoplift, or was this cowardly skank just in a mood? Of course the original article won’t tell us that. Look at her remorseless, arrogant smirk and souless, dead eyes. Glad to hear the employees and customers cared enough to detain her until police arrived. All Walmart greeters should receive combat pay on top of their regular salaries.

  • Jim

    There must be some way we can begin to hold someone responsible for SETTING THE STAGE for these attacks. Whites increasingly find themselves in dangerous racial situations created by naive, decadent liberals and their ridiculous social policies. We must either fight back or learn to accept this type of treatment.

  • Jacquetta Simmons

    Jacquetta Simmons. that says it all.

  • Mr.White

    All blacks should have been repatriated to Liberia when we had the chance…Was the victim White??

  • Jaloc

    They should hire off-duty police not seniors to check bags.

  • Phillip

    What a savage woman. This is what happens when the non civilized are allowed to live amongst the civilized. Elderly women being punched, boys hitting girls, flash mobs/robs. , concerts and state fairs being ruined, and yet the liberals just don’t want to admit what the problem is.

  • Sarah

    I wonder if she got her job through affirmative action.

  • Anonymous

    Hey my hometown of Buffalo grabs another headline. Buffalo News posts a lot of good stuff culled on this site, actually. I was forced to go to high school with many women like this one, all of similar nobility and high class. Fortunately, the 90s still afforded segregation through honors programs.

    Buffalo knows how to deal with its internal Africa, thankfully. We keep it hermetically sealed in the city (and Niagara Falls — don’t take any phoenetic liberties!), like Escape from New York.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t most states have laws against elderly abuse, an additional criminal count for the state’s attorney to consider? Or is it special to be black in this country where no one should “dis” you or suffer the consequences? For those shocked by this episode you must have been alseep for the past 60 years. Let me fill you in. We have spent as much as 10 trillion dollars in an attempt to fight poverty, i.e. transfer to the black population through taxes what the white population has worked for. Some even claim this money was well spent since in an unwritten agreement, we would trade welfare for blacks not rioting and burning down our cities. Problem is, that agreement seems to have run its course, oh, we still have to keep our end though.

  • Western New York Lawyer

    This not only brings up the long standing question of whether blacks and whites are not meant to live together in the same society, but also whether Walmart should be held civilly liable for crime on its properties. People reading AmRen from outside of Western New York State may not understand that the recent Walmart parking lot stabbing in Albion, New York by an illegal alien from Mexico (occurring just about one month ago) took place in Orleans County, New York, the county just north of Genesee County, New York, where this unprovoked act of violence was just perpetuated against this Walmart greater lady. Why Walmart Supercenters do not appear to possess armed, uniformed security guards is a question every Walmart shopper and employee should ask.

  • Anonymous

    She looks innocent.

  • The Guru

    The defiance in her looks just gauls me. Thank you Roosevelt and all of the other liberals since then for creating these monsters.

  • cpascal

    This isn’t the first case of a Walmart greeter being attacked. About a year ago there was another case on Amren about an elderly man being attacked by black women because he asked to see their receipt. After that happened, it’s surprising that Walmart is still having older employees checking the receipts, as it’s been proven dangerous. A strong young man might be better. These kind of bullies almost never attack anybody who is stronger than them.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad Ms. Suozzi wasn’t armed, I wonder if the Mau Mauess would have punched a Black greeter?

  • rjp

    The arrogance of that old white woman, asking a most assuredly law-abiding EBT card user for a receipt for her purchases. This be ray-siss.

  • Jeddermann.

    The greeter really got a greeting. An attack such as this against a senior citizen by a youthful person is generally also categorized as an egregious offense, most terrible because of the age difference and physical abilities. I would assume too a sucker punch for good measure. THEY are good at that. Some stiff jail time is in order here.

  • Anonymous

    To judge from the picture, that young woman is well fed. At the expense of the old woman, still working in her old age.

    What had she “bought” to prompt the greeter for verification of payment?

  • Just saying

    If the greeter had been an elderly black and the attacker a young white, the charges would have been “hate crimes”. Eric Holder would have taken time out of his busy schedule to file the complaints personally. Elections have consequences.

  • Seek

    Her face says it all — sullen, ugly and vacant, replete with the telltale half-closed eyelids.

  • Question Diversity

    It’s time to apply some voter ID logic here — We can’t ask anyone to show their receipts on their way out of Big Box Mart, because it has a disparate impact on black shoppers.

  • Bandmo

    Yes, again this proves that is just skin color that is the only difference in the “races”.

  • Sonya

    This happened to another elderly Walmart greeter 2 years ago, a black guy slugged him in the face because the elderly man was walking outside the door.

    Funny how the video carefully avoids showing the guys mugshot or describing him.


  • John Engelman

    I am glad they caught her. I am glad they printed her photo. The news media does not like to print the race of criminals, but the camera does not lie.

  • Laager

    To understand this type of behaviour by Jacquetta Simmons look to Africa and in particular South Africa where Bishop Desmond Tutu and ex president Nelson Mandela explain it thus: [Source; Wikipedia]

    Her behaviour is a manifestation of Ubuntu.


    Ubuntu: “I am what I am because of who we all are.” (From a translation offered by Liberian peace activist Leymah Gbowee.)

    Archbishop Desmond Tutu offered a definition in a 1999 book:[3]

    A person with Ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good, based from a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a greater whole and is diminished when others are humiliated or diminished, when others are tortured or oppressed.

    Tutu further explained Ubuntu in 2008:[4]

    One of the sayings in our country is Ubuntu – the essence of being human. Ubuntu speaks particularly about the fact that you can’t exist as a human being in isolation. It speaks about our interconnectedness. You can’t be human all by yourself, and when you have this quality – Ubuntu – you are known for your generosity. We think of ourselves far too frequently as just individuals, separated from one another, whereas you are connected and what you do affects the whole World. When you do well, it spreads out; it is for the whole of humanity.

    Nelson Mandela explained Ubuntu as follows:[5]

    A traveller through a country would stop at a village and he didn’t have to ask for food or for water. Once he stops, the people give him food, entertain him. That is one aspect of Ubuntu, but it will have various aspects. Ubuntu does not mean that people should not enrich themselves. The question therefore is: Are you going to do so in order to enable the community around you to be able to improve?

    Tim Jackson refers to Ubuntu as a philosophy that supports the changes he says are necessary to create a future that is economically and environmentally sustainable.[6]

    Judge Colin Lamont expanded on the definition during his ruling on the hate speech trial of Julius Malema [7]:

    Ubuntu is recognised as being an important source of law within the context of strained or broken relationships amongst individuals or communities and as an aid for providing remedies which contribute towards more mutually acceptable remedies for the parties in such cases. Ubuntu is a concept which:

    1 is to be contrasted with vengeance;

    2 dictates that a high value be placed on the life of a human being;

    3 is inextricably linked to the values of and which places a high premium on dignity, compassion, humaneness and respect for humanity of another;

    4 dictates a shift from confrontation to mediation and conciliation;

    5 dictates good attitudes and shared concern;

    6 favours the re-establishment of harmony in the relationship between parties and that such harmony should restore the dignity of the plaintiff without ruining the defendant;

    7 favours restorative rather than retributive justice;

    8 operates in a direction favouring reconciliation rather than estrangement of disputants;

    9 works towards sensitising a disputant or a defendant in litigation to the hurtful impact of his actions to the other party and towards changing such conduct rather than merely punishing the disputant;

    10 promotes mutual understanding rather than punishment;

    11 favours face-to-face encounters of disputants with a view to facilitating differences being resolved rather than conflict and victory for the most powerful;

    12 favours civility and civilised dialogue premised on mutual tolerance.

    blah, blah, blah, blah …………………………………………

    That is why since obtaining their political and social freedom in 1994 blacks have killed 300,000 of their own [plus 40,000 whites] in this pursuit of brotherly love.


    During the 42 years of apartheid from 1948 to 1990 the Truth And Reconciliation Commission accepted a document attesting to the total number of all races killed by the security forces as 7,000.

    The United Nations passed a resolution condemning this behaviour as “A Crime Against Humanity”

    Liberals will describe Jacquetta Simmons behaviour as a bi-product of multi-cultural diversity and enriching.

  • Anonymous

    #26 QD…I like the way you think! Freerepublic has removed this from the site.

  • Anonymous

    As I know many teachers read this site, I can only say — how many of us agree with those who say big, armed guards should be hired for these “greeter” jobs — and perhaps also for teaching jobs in inner-cities, where teachers have to ask students to stop rapping, yelling, harrassing, etc., so others can learn?

    Any request of a ghetto black is taken as a ‘dis.

  • STP1911

    When money exchanges hands the product is now owned by the buyer. NO ONE has a right to stop you at the door as you are leaving to check for a receipt. These stores have cameras every 20 feet along the ceiling and they want to stop someone to check a receipt?

  • Sonya

    STP1911 wrote: When money exchanges hands the product is now owned by the buyer. NO ONE has a right to stop you at the door as you are leaving to check for a receipt. These stores have cameras every 20 feet along the ceiling and they want to stop someone to check a receipt?

    Yes, you are correct and I have thought the same thing. I would bet one could simply refuse to be checked, if they dared bring security guards out to detain the person without cause wouldn’t it fall under unlawful detainment or kidnapping or some such thing?

    That may be why they use elderly white folk to check the receipts, less change of a customer becoming righteously indignant and filing a lawsuit.

  • Mr.White

    33 — STP1911 wrote at 10:43 PM on December 27:

    When money exchanges hands the product is now owned by the buyer. NO ONE has a right to stop you at the door as you are leaving to check for a receipt. These stores have cameras every 20 feet along the ceiling and they want to stop someone to check a receipt?


    Proceeding under the assumption this is true…is decking a 70 year old woman the appropriate way in which to respond to this situation? Moreover, it’s common knowledge that Wal-mart employees Greeters, as part of their duties, check receipts. If this derelict didn’t like store policy, she shouldn’t have shopped there!

    If she did legitimately pay for the items, what could possibly happen to her that would be any worse than an assault and battery charge she’s now facing, if she simply ignored the request to see her receipt and kept walking? I suppose this sort of rationalization was well beyond this violent black thug.

    Either way, this woman behaved in a manner all too familiar to those who are paying attention to these things. Another angry, out of control, uncivilized black woman!

  • Anonymous

    Reply to # 33;

    What you must realize is that most blacks are time bombs seething with anger. They are very easily offfended and many are just looking for an excuse to attack a white.

  • Junior Samples

    I live in Mississippi and most all of the “door greeters” and “receipt checkers” are black as are many of the customers. I noticed that the black customers hardly ever got stopped and asked for a receipt but all of the white shoppers were being stopped and checked. I began to ignore the request and I still ignore them and I will continue to ignore them. All they do is look frustrated and watch me walk out pushing my buggy. They can’t actually detain you. They are just counting on the sheep mentality of people to go along with the absurd request. To those who think it a reasonable thing, explain to me the purpose of them staring blankly at a receipt when every item is in a bag that I tied the top of when I loaded them in the buggy.