‘We Were Sacked for Being White and Christian’, Claim Principal and his Wife Dismissed from Dubai-backed ‘Multicultural’ College

Daily Mail (London), December 30, 2011

A principal and his wife have been sacked from a college whose stated aim is to promote multiculturalism because they are white Christians, they claim.

Professor Malory Nye, 47, says he was dismissed from the Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education in Dundee, Scotland, because his race and religion were seen by his superiors as a threat to its core Muslim values.

He says the college’s claims to pursuing multicultural values were a charade and that he was dismissed so he could be replaced by a Muslim.

His wife Isabel Campbell-Nye, 42, alleges she was forced from her position as head of the English language centre because she attracted too many students who were not Muslims or Arabs.

Dismissed: Malory Nye and his wife Isabel say Al-Maktoum College’s claim to promote multiculturalism was a charade

The independent college, whose patron is Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, the Deputy Ruler of Dubai, advertises itself as a research-led institution ‘that promotes a greater understanding of different religions and cultures in a multicultural context, for the benefit of the wider community’.

The couple are taking the college to an employment tribunal claiming racial and religious discrimination, and unfair dismissal.

Mrs Campbell-Nye is also claiming sex discrimination after she was suspended and later dismissed apparently because she is married to Prof Nye.

The couple, from Perth, were marched off the college grounds in June and have not been allowed to return since.

They claim they were given no reason for their suspensions and were dismissed in November despite no evidence of any wrongdoing.

The couple have also lodged grievances against the chancellor of the College Lord Elder–a Labour peer and close friend of former Prime Minister Gordon Brown–for his handling of what they describe as a ‘sham’ disciplinary process.

Prof Nye and his wife began working at the college eight and four years ago respectively, choosing to marry on the campus last year.

However, they believe their attempts at pushing it in a more cosmopolitan direction angered their superiors. Prof Nye said his suspension came just days after he changed the college’s name from the ‘Al-Maktoum Institute for Arabic and Islamic studies’.

The couple allege that Abubaker Abubaker, the director of operations, and Mirza al-Sayegh, chairman of its board of directors and private secretary to the Sheikh, decided to force them out because they were British, white and Christian.

Prof Nye told the Telegraph: ‘It is clear to me that there is collusion between these two individuals that I should be removed from my position on the basis that I am not an Arab and not a Muslim and that the person who has the role of principal should be Arab and/or Muslim.

‘Multiculturalism and respect for cultural and religious differences are, I had thought, core values of the college.

‘However, I believe that such inclusive multiculturalism no longer fits the particular type of multicultural vision of certain managers and the chairman, that is accepting of different cultures, so long as the majority of students are Muslims and/or Arabs and the ethos is distinctly Islamic.

‘My face and lack of Muslim faith no longer fit.’

Mrs Campbell-Nye says Mr Abubaker also wanted her removed from her position because she had attracted too many European and Asian students, who weren’t Muslim, to her English course at the college, which receives no public funding.

She said: ‘Some are from Arab and other Muslim backgrounds. However, a substantial number are from other parts of the world and other cultures.

‘I believe Mr Abubaker does not feel happy with us recruiting students from these backgrounds as it does not fit the particular multicultural vision he has for English language.

‘The only times Mr Abubaker has encouraged me to bring in students to English language are when they are Arabs or Muslims.

‘I believe that Mr Abubaker’s discrimination against me, because I am not Muslim, I am not Arab, and I am also a woman–and because I have brought a number of non Muslim/non-Arab students to the college–is a significant reason for my suspension.’

Despite a waiting list for places on its English language courses, the college closed the department last month, leaving its two remaining tutors redundant at Christmas.

The college, which operates as a charity in partnership with the University of Aberdeen, advertises in its prospectus that ‘multiculturalism is at the centre of our vision and structure’.

‘Our multicultural ethos is visibly translated and implemented in our day-to-day operation. Our staff and students come from diverse national, cultural and religious backgrounds including Muslims and non-Muslims,’ it says.

A spokesman for the college said: ‘We can confirm that we have been notified that Employment Tribunal proceedings have been raised in the name of Professor Malory Nye and his wife, Isabel Campbell-Nye.

‘The College, an independent, not-for-profit charity, places diversity, religious pluralism and multiculturalism firmly at the core of its Higher Education programmes–and its day-to-day activities,’ the spokesman said.

‘The Al-Maktoum College will vigorously defend its reputation as a centre of excellence within the higher dducation sector and the good name it has won over the last ten years here in Dundee, nationally and internationally.

‘Professor Nye was dismissed from his post as Principal at the College following a period of suspension on full pay and an inquiry conducted by the College Chancellor.

‘Contingency plans were put in place to ensure the continued smooth running of the College.

‘We are in consultation with our team of legal advisers and, as a result, we are not in a position to discuss the matter further at this stage.’


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  • Matt

    No surprise here. Whites will pander to non-whites and support a variety of different cultural regimes, but once in the majority and/or in power, non-whites will never return the ‘favor’. Once non-whites are the majority, do not expect them to treat the white minority with any consideration, and that includes white issues such as western culture, women’s rights, and of course, multiculturalism!

  • Blaak Obongo

    “… the Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education in Dundee, Scotland…”

    Am I the only one who sees the irony here? Exactly what is this Mohammedan institution doing in the land of Robert Burns in the first place?

    As for the Nyes, just what did they expect from an institution such as this one? Are they really so out of touch as to believe that “multicultural diversity” is intended to be practiced by anyone but Whites?

    The naivete of academics is truly breathtaking. These two will be lucky to escape being charged with Speechcrime themselves.

  • Anonymous

    The greater question is: why does such an organization even have permission to exist in our countries?

  • Conrad

    “The greater question is: why does such an organization even have permission to exist in our countries?”

    The answer is simple, because white people are weak & stupid enough to give their counties away to these anti-whites.

  • Tom S.

    *The independent college, advertises itself as a research-led institution ‘that promotes a greater understanding of different religions and cultures in a multicultural context, for the benefit of the wider community’.

    Sorry, I don’t feel sorry for them at all! Who here on this site would ever teach at a college whose main purpose was to promote “multiculturalism”? These two clueless Whites actually thought that “multiculturalism” included them, and so IMO they got what they deserved. And don’t you know that these two clowns would’ve shouted “us” down as being racist for being against multiculturalism. It makes me smile when I hear about liberal Whites getting slapped by the non-Whites they’ve kissed up to all their lives! Our White politicians will also be in for a rude awakening once their “constituents” go from White to non-White.

  • Mr.White

    White are ALWAYS on the losing end when it comes to multiculturalism and diversity! Professor Malory Nye was all too willing to conspire with the multicults to displace fellow Whites; but now would like us to feel sorry for him because he was sacked in furtherance of diversity!

    It seems Whites in academia will have to learn the hard way that once diversity is achieved, your services will no longer be required.

  • cpascal

    The college is probably part of the effort to make Islam the dominant culture in the West. That’s the only reason why a Muslim college would be in Scotland, considering that there are so many Muslim countries where it could have been located.

  • John

    What do you want? The title says it all: Al-Maktoum College in Scotland. It’s like having St. James college in Saudi Arabia! except they are smarter and they will never let that happen. On the other hand U.S and Europe will sell anything just to make a few bucks.

  • Franklin Ryckaert

    “Multiculturalism” (in reality more often than not: multi-racialism) is nothing but a TROJAN HORSE intended to dispossess Whites in their own countries, first by cultural means, then by mass-immigration, then by the promotion of miscegenation until the genocide of Whites has been achieved,the ultimate purpose of it all.

    We can do two things with this phenomenon: 1)reject it, 2) accept it. If we accept it, then only on a reciprocal basis. Let’s for example start a “multicultural college” in Saudi Arabia and call it the “Enoch Powell College of Higher Education”. Appoint only White Christians as its teachers and ban all expressions of Islam (because that would be “offensive” to the Christians). If this has become a success, spread more of such colleges all over the country. Then start mass immigration of Europeans. To add more “diversity” to it all admit immigrants from all European countries: Britons, French, Spaniards, Italians, Germans, Swedes, Poles etc.Then abolish Arabic as official language and transform the “offensive” mosque of Mecca into a church for the now majority Christian population. Similar projects could be started all over the Third World, not necessarily with only European immigrants, hundreds of millions of Chinese for example could also be used for “diversifying” those countries. Multiculturalism should either be global and reciprocal or it should not be at all. If the world doesn’t accept this generous offer then we are very sorry,we won’t accept it either. In concrete terms that would mean that the “al-Maktoum College of Higher Education” in Dundee, Scotland would have to go, and let them take all their “cultural enrichers” with them.