Chicago Hospital Opens Doors to Undocumented Immigrants

Fox News Latino, December 29, 2011

Pro-immigrant activists in Chicago are celebrating a “Christmas miracle” after an area hospital said it will provide free treatment for undocumented immigrants lacking health insurance, including several who need urgent organ transplants.


[Rev. José Landaverde, pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe Anglican Mission], members of his congregation and other religious groups, as well as activists fighting to unite families separated by deportations, held a Christmas “posada” ceremony on Sunday at Rush University Medical Center.

After walking for two hours, participants prayed the rosary at the hospital entrance to recall Mary and Joseph’s search for lodging before the birth of Jesus.


Landaverde said that at least five undocumented families could benefit immediately, although a formal agreement has not yet been signed.

Rush’s promise to help, he said, “will put pressure on other hospitals, who cannot now deny (medical) attention to undocumented people with serious illnesses.”

Among the cases mentioned is that of Marcela Ortiz, 37, who suffers from leukemia and needs a $100,000 bone marrow transplant.

Also, brothers Elfego and Lorenzo Arroyo, both in their mid-30s, suffer from a rare hereditary illness known as amyloidosis and need liver transplants.



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  • Vito Danelli

    Here’s an item that you won’t even read or hear about in our spineless Mainstream Media:

    “Hospitals shoulder a disproportionate burden in providing EMTALA-mandated emergency services to undocumented immigrants,” Umbdenstock said in his letter. “And, in those communities where the number of undocumented immigrants is greatest, the strain has reached the breaking point. In response, many hospitals have had to curtail services, delay implementing services, or close beds,” he continued. “The most recent statistics shows that America’s hospitals provided nearly $40 billion in uncompensated care in 2009.”

    Here’s a link for more info (note: PDF file)

    AHA letter to President Obama regarding Section 1011 of Medicare Modernization Act

  • Anonymous

    If this is the precedent, then no one need carry health insurance any more – hospitals will treat anyone for free if it’s an emergency situation, and the rest can be handled out of pocket.

    Oops – reality check – but if no one is paying into the system, then no one will be treated at all.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    From the article:

    an area hospital said it will provide free treatment for undocumented immigrants lacking health insurance, including several who need urgent organ transplants.

    Any bets as to how long before Rush University Medical Center is forced to close its doors ? I give it six months.

    If California be any lesson:

    Under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act of 1985, hospitals are mandated to treat the uninsured without reimbursement.

    Eighty-four California hospitals have closed their doors as a direct result of being swamped by non-paying illegal aliens. Another twenty-four California hospitals are on the verge of closure. In Los Angeles, there are only two hospitals which are not facing impending bankruptcy.

    California now ranks last in the country for emergency care access.

    The waiting time is often hours. There have been countless instances of people dying will waiting for treatment. In Los Angeles, California, ambulances are often turned away from overburdened hospitals, often having to drive their patients to other hospitals, which can be up to two hours away.

    Mind your health Chicagoans! Lest you find yourself in a LONG line snaking out the door of the nearest hospital emergency room behind hoards of illegal aliens demanding free medical service (paid for by YOU).


  • Anonymous

    How many Whites who paid into the system and followed the rules will be shut out and left to die to satisfy some Leftists’ need to worship a non-White?

    And does it not bother these Mexican ministers that Mary and Joseph were in their home country, not strangers breaking into a land to get benefits?

  • Mr.White

    Of course, White Americans are on the losing end when illegal invaders bankrupt hospitals in their district. They are forced to go longer distances for emergency care when hospital doors close because of invading illegals. It is impossible to predict how many White Americans will suffer catastrophic resulting from this malfeasance on the part of our government.

    Illegal invaders are like an invasive species, which become dominant locally and invade natural communities. Wherever they go, they compete with native population for limited resources, often overwhelming the native habitat for those limited resources by out breeding the native population and destroying support networks in the process.

    In the plant world, there are three major phases of plant invasion: introduction, colonization and naturalization.

    Sound familiar?

  • Blaak Obongo

    The fact that this weepy drivel is coming from “Fox News Latino” should tell us everything we need to know.

  • Question Diversity

    Rush’s promise to help, he said, “will put pressure on other hospitals, who cannot now deny (medical) attention to undocumented people with serious illnesses.”

    How? To me, this takes away any pressure the competing hospitals might have felt to do this, because they know that Rush University Medical Center (never heard of it) is there.

    Where are they going to get the money? They’ll probably stick its hands out to the already emaciated Illinois state government and then the Federal government. I don’t imagine Pat Quinn and the Madigans saying no, and while Barack Obama wouldn’t say no, our only ray of hope from getting stuck with this bill is named John Boehner. He’d probably fold under pressure, though, crying all the while.

  • Chicagoan

    It’s not really free; the money is going to come from somewhere. They’ll probably shift the cost by inflating the bills for the insured, driving up their premiums. So what is the point in working, paying taxes and trying to have health insurance if one can get the benefits for nothing?

  • Ferd

    These expenses will surely find their way to the Federal government which will just issue more bonds until the bond market takes the T-Bird away. That day can’t come soon enough.

  • Tom in Illinois

    Rejoice everyone!

    When they ask your name, just don’t say it. or come up with a fake name, like Otis Closterman. That name should be guaranteed to not be documented. I’ll tell them as well I immigrated from Iowa.

    If I do all that will they provide free Health Care for me?

    And wow…if I pay all my hard earned- non taxed money for years of college to become a doctor or surgeon, how much will I be paid if all the treatment i give will be free to the undocumented!?