Sheriff: Another Woman Stalked

John Monk, The State, December 29, 2011

The man whom Kershaw and Chesterfield County authorities are charging with murder, kidnapping and rape in the brutal beating death of a 30-year-old woman likely followed another woman earlier that day, officials said Wednesday.

Chesterfield County Sheriff Sam Parker confirmed the incident and said his deputies are gathering more information. He said he didn’t have enough details yet to elaborate.

Also Wednesday, Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews said he has talked with an assistant prosecutor in the 5th Circuit Solicitor’s Office about possibly seeking the death penalty against the 23-year-old suspect, Nickolas Jermaine Miller of Jefferson. {snip}

Miller is charged in Monday’s slaying of Beverly Hope Melton of Kershaw. The victim was abducted from her car in broad daylight, sexually assaulted and beaten to death with a baseball bat.

The suspect later confessed after leading authorities to her body later that night in a remote field in Kershaw County, officials said. It appears the two did not know each other.


Around noon, Melton stopped at Jack’s convenience store in Jefferson to get gas.

Shortly afterward–an exact time wasn’t available–Miller called her grandmother, saying she was being followed by a man in a car and was afraid. The phone conversation ended abruptly.


A deputy who went to Jack’s and checked surveillance tapes recognized Miller.

“He was not a suspect at that time,” Parker said. “We thought he might have some information about Melton.”


After 5 p.m.–hours after the victim was abducted–Miller told the sheriff what happened, Parker said. He then led authorities to the body.


The apparent random killing has residents on edge.

Matthews posted on the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Facebook page Tuesday–the day the killing was announced–information about a free concealed-weapons permit class to be offered by two detectives.

“The class filled in about seven minutes,” Matthews said.


Beverly Melton


Nickolas Miller


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  • Anonymous

    It wouldn’t have been described as a random killing if a white man had killed a victim! The profiler’s would already be on the case in an the paper as a beginning.

  • Tim Mc Hugh

    The most common denominator of women killed by stalkers is that they spent all their energies trying to change the stalkers behavior instead of their own. Meaning that they got restraining order after order instead of silently moving to a new town and new life one night. Fair? No! Practical? Hardly! Lifesaving? Yes!! Now therapists and activists pose the situation this way… “If you were told by your Doctor that you had less than four weeks to live, but also advised that by moving across the country now!, overnight to begin a new treatment you had a more than 97% survival chance, would you do it?” Of course they answer yes… What rational person wouldn`t? Who doesn`t want to live? When they do answer yes the therapists continue, “Well, If you don`t leave town and your old life behind tonight, your ex is going to kill you! And sooner rather than later”…

  • Question Diversity

    Matthews posted on the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Facebook page Tuesday—the day the killing was announced—information about a free concealed-weapons permit class to be offered by two detectives.

    Fine, but what about free classes for men? Do the bullets fired from the firearms of criminals somehow not penetrate male victims?

  • Tim Mc Hugh

    My above comments of course, only pertain to those women or men who knew or had a relationship with their stalker. As to concealed carry, it was a VERY interesting class. One particular issue I remember being addressed was hostile dogs. My own personal perspective was this. Even though I grew up with an Irish Setter on each end of the fireplace, other peoples dogs, or more accurately their owners indifference, frightens me. By that I mean, nowadays, when a dog lunges at me with teeth bared, I consider it ALMOST an assault in itself. Especially if it comes out of the yard and into the street at me with no provocation on my part. Think of YOUR response if I was to lunge across the street at you while holding a knife and spouting profanities! Invariably, the owner declares, “He won`t attack!!” And my response is, “Hell, He just did!!” They then respond, ” He won`t bite!” And I reply, “Can I hear the dog tell me that, cause right now he`s giving me a different message!” Which all leads me to the instructors advice, “If you EVER have to kill a dog in front of its owner, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY!! And then call the police from the safety of your home. Almost any doglover will consider your shooting of his pet as an attack on a member of his family. Count on being aimed at from the porch in seconds by an enraged owner…. I would like to hear what others, gun owners and animal lovers both like me would do in a similar situation. Plese keep in mind the hypotheticals of the scenario and refrain from attacking me verbally Thanks Tim…

  • WHC

    Get a gun. Get your Concealed Carry Permit. Get training. Convince your wives, mothers, girlfriends, sisters, and anyone else you may know that there is an undeclared war going on. My wife used to go shopping at the mall by herself on a regular basis. We don’t do that anymore. I am always with her now on such trips and I am armed and prepared.

  • NBJ

    It’s a sad day indeed when we women are no longer safe in rural,

    small town America. It’s not enough to just own a gun for home protection anymore, therefore I will not put off taking a firearms safety class any longer so I can carry concealed. What choice do we have? None. Not with monsters like this running around.

  • Anonymous

    You see how his eyes ride high and his irises are higher than the bottom and you can see the whites of his eyes under the irises. The Secret Service used to use that as a sign, an indicator, of a sociopathic or psychopathic personality. Be careful of people with that characteristic.

  • Anonymous

    Did she have a cell phone? She should have dialed 911 and contacted the police instead of her grandmother. If you ever suspect someone is following you, make four consecutive right (or left) hand turns. You will end up right back where you started. If you are still being tailed, drive to the nearest police station. Try to remain calm and take as many mental notes of the car and driver as possible.

  • Anonymous

    Tim: Over the decades I’ve been in the situation where a dog comes out growling, barking, baring teeth, and the owner, half smiling at me being upset and subject to/vulnerable to his dog, will say, “Ah, don’t be afraid, he won’t bite”, and barely put any effort into even calling his dog to back off. Now I carry pepper spray…. Go onto YouTube to watch some videos re. how dogs react to being pepper sprayed. (thumbs up!)

    Same thing happened a few months ago. I told the owner to call his black Lab back or he’ll get a face full of pepper spray. This time, *he* gets all upset, and protective, and *rushes to get* his dog back. No more having to wait for the owner to decide when to get serious about stopping the threatening behavior of his dog.

    BTW “assault” is being put in the fear of the unlawful contact. “Battery” is the actual unlawful contact. Dogs are assault weapons!

    WHC: it is not an “undeclared war” against whites in America — that implies organization, planning, strategy, goals, etc. The way I prefer to phrase it is that it is “open season” against whites in America: If you come across your “prey” and you think you can “bag it” without too much resistance and without getting caught, go for it!

    Unfortunately, for HI, CA, IL, and a handful of north eastern states, we won’t be getting Shall Issue for CCWs until July 2013 earliest (assuming SCOTUS takes a civil carry case next year and Obama doesn’t appoint any more antis to the Court).

  • Tim Mc Hugh

    Thank you greatly No. 9 for describing the EXACT situation that irritates me so. The part about them being almost amused and not putting any effort into calling their dog back!! It makes me feel a lot better having my feelings and observations validated by your perceptions. I don`t want to feel as if I am either overreacting or a bad person at heart. Your concurrent descriptions have made my day. I appreciate it more than you might know. And the advice about pepper spray was good too!! Thanks again, Tim Mc Hugh

  • Periapsis

    I have pepper sprayed and once kicked a dog on the nose while riding my bike. Why did I do this? It was because they were trying to bite me, or otherwise giving me good reason to feel threatened. I also do the four right turns if I think someone could be following me, and I trust my gut insticts when they say someone is acting suspiciously. I do think there is a war against whites, given how many blacks and Hispanics both are publically calling for the murder of whites. It might not be the sort of genocide the Bolsheviks and Muslims committed against the Slavs, but it is escalating towards a guerilla war against us. I feel that will become a full scale civil war in a decade or two at the most. Tom Chittum’s prediction is likely to come true unless whites stand up now for themselves, we owe our children and their children that.

  • Intelliboy

    “Matthews posted on the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Facebook page Tuesday—the day the killing was announced—information about a free concealed-weapons permit class to be offered by two detectives.”

    Carry a gun? Hardly a solution in itself, unless your gun can make you invisible to the attacker, impossible, or just the sight of your gun is going to scare off and put in flight the hardened criminal, very unlikely.

    Just for a moment reverse the positions of the victim and the killer. ” A white woman has shot and killed an innocant, talented, hardworking, young african-amrican man. ” Another rasict killing! How is that going to help? Obviously you do not have the right of proper self-defence unless you are already completely dead. No one is going to say “the victime has killed the murderer.”

    In theory you are given the right of self defence, but in practice it is extremely difficult for civilians to get away from killing criminals, do not ask me why. Whoever has killed will be the murderer and whoever is killed will be the victime!

  • Anonymous

    This will never end and our children will be felled like bowling pins unless the White race responds with total ferocity.

    I wish I had the resources to keep a tally of how many innocent White men, women and children have perished horribly or have suffered atrocious attacks at the hands of these beasts. If we add that total to the 30,000 B/W rapes every year, I imagine that such a tally would be trigger for the above mentioned “response”.

    These monsters are every bit as evil as were the Nazis. The difference is that they are doing their business randomly so the victims are unaware of the magnitude of this genocide and its motivation ( “Oh there’s no indication of a Hate Crime”) and how much worse it’s going to get unless we put an end to it. The blood of this woman and that of the thousands and tens of thousands of innocent victims over the last 60 years cries out for the justice that hasn’t been delivered by the so called justice system from the lowest common pleas court to the Supreme Court and not from the DOJ that has no intention of pursuing cases of Black on White violence.

  • Anonymous

    I think all women should be trained in the proper use of a personal protection firearm. I suspect the classes were filled with women who had up till then been irrationally afraid of guns.

    Also people should train their dog to behave no matter what size it is. I had a sizable hunk taken out of my ankle by a chihuahua once. (I don’t condone animal cruelty either, but I kicked it several yards when it came flying in for a second bite!) Yes, the dog’s owner was enraged, but as she was my mother-in-law, I proceeded to explain to her that the next time her damn mutt came at me, SHE would be the one to get drop-kicked across the lawn. My husband (her son) agreed with me. I love animals. and yes, I consider my dog a family member. As such he has been trained to act in a proper, civilized manner. I would no more let my dog intimidate and terrorize visitors and passersby than I would let my children do so. Dogs are a lot easier to train than children, too.

  • Anonymous

    Ladies, get a firearm and learn how to use it, Get a CCW and carry that thing in a holster where you can get at it instantly. If you have to paw through your purse to find it, it’s worse than useless for self defense. For vicious dogs, or ones who act like they might be, carry a can of pepper spray. The dog owner will be pi$$ed, but might prefer a pepper sprayed dog to dead dog. But just in case, it is a good idea to hightail it out of the vicinity and call the cops.

  • cajunrebel87

    I am a 24 yr old White woman, and her death is another in a long list that makes me very sad. I have an old Ford car, and i am planning and saving to mount police-style cameras in it. I also have a 9mm pistol. I have to pay $120 to attend the concealed-carry class, expensive for me. fortunately, as a Louisiana Acadianian, I can open carry and have my gun in my car, and in Louisiana, we are allowed to kill carjackers.

    i am a small woman and I am followed every now and then, but it’s like the mafia down here, if you mess with one bee, you get the swarm.

  • Anonymous

    #8: That’s good advice, but I would include locking the car doors, and keeping the windows up, too.

    Also, I never leave the house without a small note book and a few pens and pencils, for writing down information, or license plates in certain circumstances. A good Cross pen can also come in handy as an impromtu self defense weapon.

    Keep your tire iron under your front car seat, or that of the passenger seat, where you can get it fast. A Maglite flashlight is a good back up, and can clean the idiot’s clock for him. Make sure you get one that takes at least three D cell batteries.

    An ABC Fire Extinguisher would make one hell of a pepper spray in the face. Don’t overlook the use of it.

  • Anonymous

    But on the same day of that article in one of Jared Taylors fac city and the 2012 city of the DNC and where the only black pro sport owner who taught Tiger Woods all he knew there was happier news not to mention the Doug Wilder pal ex Richmond police chief still is in charge even after lying about his VCU degree.

  • Anonymous

    In the 1950s you could go almost anywhere in the United States without the fear of being attacked.

    Now, thanks to decades of liberal control, the country has been turned into a war zone.

    Blacks are being used as a weapon of war against whites. It’s time for whites to wake up to this fact and start fighting back.

  • WHC

    Anonymous #9: You state it is not a war because it is not organized,and you have a valid point there; but consider that black gangs are very organized. And also consider that in a very organized manner, inside our public schools, whites are blamed for every malady on the face of the earth. Hatred against whites is taught and funded by our own tax dollars. The actual violence itself may take the form of opportunity crimes, but when a group of black thugs go out looking to play “knock out kings” they operate as efficiently as a pack of hyenas.

  • Anonymous

    Tim: Glad I could be of help and confirmed your suspicions: some dog owners seem to enjoy the terror their dogs inflict on law-abiding people just trying to go about their own business.

    There’s a lot more good self-defense tips at:

    Or simply search “Crime Avoidance and Self-Defense Advice” to find it.

    #12: When I think of a “race war” or “a war against whites,” I’m thinking of attacks breaking out all around the nation, pretty much all at the same time, and pretty much w/killing (vs “knock out king”), as the goal. We’re not there (yet). But I don’t want to split hairs. I’d just like us to reserve the phrases “race war” and “war against whites/Caucasians” for when it REALLY is a war.

    Your 2nd sentence and after really illustrates “institutional racism” in the US, and since about, oh, the mid-1960s, it has been against whites/Caucasians. Here I’m thinking of how, in US at least, federal, state, and local gov’ts’ and/or agencies discriminate against whites and MSM bias against whites. Not all oppression is “war.”

    Different topic: when you don’t have to pay for your own health insurance/health care, you are more willing to engage in physically risky behavior (take drugs, smoke, engage in fist fights, shooting outs “Call the amber lamps” ( This is called the “moral hazard.” Gov’t paid HC will any restraint the low IQ types have, and thus destroy our budget, and then, instead of returning to us the responsibility of paying for as much HC we want (too “inequitable”), the gov’t will ration the HC we can get (“From each acc to their ability, to each acc to their need” Karl Marx). Since EVERY thing can affect your “health” (broadly defined as physical, mental, emotional/psychological, even social), totalitarianism via regulation and the administrative state is the result. Say goodbye to freedom and free choice.

  • Deirdre

    You have to be on high alert all the time. For example don’t stand on the platform leaning over to see if the train is coming when you are in the subway and there are black guys around. If they stare at your face don’t look away, stare right back till they look away. And DO NOT get into an elevator that has only one black guy in it, get out if nobody else gets in. Don’t ride it. I always travel with my car doors locked, and have no qualms about running anyone over who approaches the car. Because it’s them or you. I have a gun in the house but I live in NY and we can’t get CCW. My husband has it because he’s an ex-cop but what good does that do me? Yesterday I was going to Marshall’s and was parking when I saw 3 BM’s who would have just passed my car when I was getting out. I waited till they were gone because I truly believe they are unable to control their primal urges and impulses for violence and sex. I absolutely believe that not just women but even men have to be very careful around them but be prepared to fight them because mostly that prospect in my experience has enough effect to confuse them and they won’t attack you as they most definitely will, if you show fear. They are so disgusting, so uncivilized, I can’t believe it has come to this. And as far as the laws now where a criminal is innocent and the retaliating victim (eg. Bernhard Goetz) goes to prison — it’s because our legal system has become completely perverted in the hands of dirty lawyers who are part of this whole anti-white worldwide movement. It’s come to the point where you have to fight them, even if you get shot and die. No one wants to, but the alternative is to shiver in fear as they get bolder and bolder and become far more numerous, and even more abusive. I’d much rather be dead from a gunshot or stab wounds, fighting them off and keeping my self-respect, than groveling and STILL receiving a reward of being slow-roasted over a fire or necklaced like they do on their home continent. If they gain any more power those kind of attacks will become more commonplace as they see themselves escaping punishment. And what they do in the Congo? Age is no protector. Old ladies are fair game, and so are infants and toddlers. These are a different brand of sub-species we are talking about.

  • Sonya

    I wonder how this went down. She was in her CAR and he managed to abduct her after she knew he was following her? Did he shoot out her tires? I don’t quite get it.

    And for those talking about DOGS in relation to gun permits. I am an animal lover, most dogs may charge but most will NOT bite. I certainly could not imagine shooting a dog just because I could and it “might” bite me. I will always give the dogs the benefit of the doubt because I couldn’t bear to hurt one unless it was absolutely necessary (no I do not feel the same with regard to threatening humans).

    Yes, there are many many stupid owners that think it is “cute” when their dogs charge after someone, the fact they think it is cute is good reason to believe the dog has never actually attacked someone, else the owner would have been SUED and had a change of attitude. I have run into that situation more than a few times when I was walking my own leashed dogs, while the owners may “know” that their dog is friendly they have no idea what mine might do, and screaming “get your dog” seems to give them a dazed “whats the problem…I don’t understand” look.

  • Bardon

    The only permanent solution- except sci fi ones- is complete segregation. Let all blacks be allowed to have an independent country, possibly a buffer zone with Mexico.

  • NBJ

    @ #12

    So what would your solution be? Just give up and be defenseless victims? No thank you. I’ll take my chance on self defense, and hope I have the time and the wits about me to call 911 so they can hear what’s going on. But I will not be afraid to defend myself for fear of persecution, and it’s time White folk wake up and realize we don’t have a choice anymore.

  • NBJ

    @ Sonya

    I wonder how this went down. She was in her CAR and he managed to abduct her after she knew he was following her? Did he shoot out her tires? I don’t quite get it.

    I read he forced her off the road in a rural area, then took her. Had she been carrying, she would have had plenty of time to pull her weapon and defend herself because his actions were CLEARLY aggressive and threatening.

  • zone

    The man’s smooth manicured hands have never done a days work.

    Not a wrinkle on the forehead, face, or even neck.

    A perfect canvas to write upon those lessons he would not forget.

  • Anonymous

    Reply to Intelliboy at #12:

    I read your post several times carefully. It makes no sense to me at all. Having a firearm and using it in a genuine self-defense situation to save your life is a lot better then being killed. How can any alternative outcome be any WORSE then what actually did happen to this woman? As for possible legal ramifications, like the old saying goes, “I’d rather be judged by twelve, then carried by six”.

  • whirlwinder

    The statistics of black on white rapes is shocking enough that we would do something to stop it if the lame stream media would report it and ask that something be done about the problem. That would be racism or something which the liberal elite media would dare not report. So, white women will continue to be preyed upon by black men until the community decides it has had enough and takes action.