Posted on December 7, 2011

‘Racist Rant’ Accused Remanded

Yahoo! News, December 6, 2011

A woman has been remanded in custody after appearing in court over an alleged racist rant on a tram that was captured on video.

Emma West appeared at Croydon Magistrates’ Court in south London charged with a racially aggravated public order offence.

A video allegedly showing the 34-year-old, of New Addington, racially abusing fellow passengers on board the busy tram has been viewed more than 11 million times since appearing online on Sunday November 27.

She was arrested last Monday after the footage was posted on YouTube.

A bail application was made by West’s solicitor David Ewings, but it was denied by the magistrate Ian McNeal to protect her safety.

She was remanded in custody to appear by videolink for a committal hearing at Croydon Magistrates’ Court on January 3.


36 responses to “‘Racist Rant’ Accused Remanded”

  1. Anonymous says:

    If she had said the ‘F’ word, the ‘D’ word or the ‘S’ word or even the ‘N’ word (were she a passenger of color) and truly offended people, no one would have said a thing.

  2. Duran Dahl says:

    I reckon that Emma West is going to feel the full-force blow of the “steel fist,” with spare little velvet glove. The latter is being reserved for drunken Somali invaders and basically, any non-white who attacks a Brit. Whites are now now officially fair-game. Blighty has evolved a traitor class par excellence. I hope that Englishmen grow a pair, so I can sit back with a bowl of popcorn and watch the trials.

    Camus said in The Plague: “But again and again there comes a time in history when the man who dares to say that two and two make four is punished with death.”

  3. Anonymous says:

    Write to the British ambassador; Tell him you’re boycotting the Olympic Games because you don’t want to spend yr money in a country that doesn’t respect free speech. Don’t come to London. It’s Brazil without the sun.

  4. Ben N Indiana (AWG) says:

    But Britons still have the freedom to express their frustration at the polls.


  5. anthony says:

    Remanded “to protect her safety.” As candid an admission that leftists and their pet immigrants are prone to commit violence as you could hope for. Nice to know that victims and potential victims are locked up, while their tormentors roam the streets with impunity.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Cowardly Brits! Tragic that all those Brits gave their lives in a War to save their beloved country from Nazi tyranny only to have it fall victim to diversity tyranny aided and abetted by cowardly self hating leftist White ideologues. What a useless wast of young lives!

    Emma West had simply reached the end of her rope. Maybe she should have chosen a different platform but at least she was honest.

    They won’t protect her in prison and if anything evil befalls her, her blood is on their hands. I’d like to see all REAL Brits show a little courage and come to her defense even if they didn’t approve of her methods. I’d wager that the majority of Brits agree with her. She merely SAID what most of the WHITE population is thinking. There should be civilized demonstrations in the streets.

    Is the BNP doing anything on her behalf? They need to show their WHITE countrymen that someone is “looking out for them”.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Bail was denied “for her safety”.

    I’m sure the EDL or the BNP, or just her family and friends could ensure she had a safe retreat.

    Likely the courts want to keep her under wraps, because they don’t want her to generate positive publicity for British nationalism.

  8. ice says:

    It keeps getting worse and worse, and the white lackeys are acting as willing enablers.

    Arresting this woman for being at her wit’s end, witnessing her land stolen right before her eyes and voicing her anguish to everyone within earshot is grounds for arrest, but assaulting an elderly 96 year old veteran by a black thug is not?

    I’m prepared and have been prepared for several years now. I’m ready to dance when the music starts playing, and I have to admit I can hardly wait until the band strikes up its first tune.

  9. neanderthalDNA says:

    Gee, apologies for beating a dead horse, but for those of you who have seen this link before (as I have posted it proudly twice)…

    Look how the thought police have jumped on it and removed one.

    “This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy on depiction of harmful activities.”

    Which…is kind of sinister AND kind of hilarious. “Harmful activities”? Well, “dangerous” perhaps…

    At least the dark haired Boudica is still up. Real British spitfire there. “Born and bred!” “BNP – that’s me!”

    There is hope.

  10. NBJ says:

    If ever there was a time for all you British Nationalist and race realist to join together, it is NOW. Start a Facebook page, blog, whatever, but do something to protest this womans treatment by your own government. No matter how you feel about her delivery, there should be thousands of you in front of that jail in support of her right to object to your own replacement and displacement in your country. Don’t let her stand alone!

  11. Barry Taylor says:

    This young woman has been seperated from her two young sons and is spending Christmas in prison(We do not celebrate thanksgiving in the UK) This is most the imporant family holiday.

    I have heard that her rant was provoked when another passenger spat on the floor of the tram, and have no reason to diselieve this.

    If you have timeplease write to support her, or send her a Thanksgiving/Christmas card:

    Emma West

    HMP Bronzefield

    Woodthorpe Road,


    TW15 3JZ

    United Kingdom

    She was brave to speak up against our governments criminality.

  12. GonnaBugly says:

    @ #8-

    You and me both ice, you and me both. I’m well prepared for that day when it comes, and like my friends like to call it, “the cleansing” it ain’t gonna be pretty for those UN-prepared nor those who start it. I WILL see to that…

    Powder is dry.

  13. paul rim says:

    People don’t get banged up for their satety, they get taken to safe houses. What’s going on? To deprive her of her liberty & children at Xmas due to a non violent rant that led to no complaints! This is deeply sinister, it smacks of the stasi. She has become a martyr to freespeech & british patriotism. A symbol of white resistance across the globe, 12,OOO,OOO hits & rising prove that!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Lets be honest no matter wherever you stand politically. This is a really mega over the top response for a rant on a tram. Its really sad to be honest, that she doesnt get to spend Christmas with her kids.

    A modern day witch hunt is all this can really be described as.

    I believe Emma West can be contacted at the following address, if anyone is interested and would like to send her a Christmas card.

    Emma West

    C/O HMP Bronzfield

    Woodthorpe Road



    TW15 3JZ

  15. Anonymous says:

    Cowardly Brits! Tragic that all those Brits gave their lives in a War to save their beloved country from Nazi tyranny only to have it fall victim to diversity tyranny aided and abetted by cowardly self hating leftist White ideologues. What a useless wast of young lives!

    If Hitler would have won that war the white race would not be in the trouble that it’s in now.

  16. guy_from_germany says:

    i am not english, but i feel like that the situation ist quite the same in all countries which used to be populated by european people up to 50 years ago. I think we have a reached a turning point. The racism against white people, the denial of the identity of european people, the forced pc und antiracism ideology and the the pure violence against white people is worse than ever. let us sum up what happened in the UK in the last two weeks:

    1) Nick Clegg talks abaoiut meeting racism with a steel fist. He means: no one should dare to say that Britaein used to be a white country, and that immigration of non white doesn´t make the country stronger but weaker and life of whites worse. Also he means people of coulour should have more benefits.

    2) Miss West has her bad experience in the tram. The worst thing she says is “why don´t you go back” and “your are not british” and “my britaein is f***”. People react aggressive a black women indirectly threatens her (someone should throw you out of the tram). Miss West is set into jail.

    3) Numerous video responses to the Emma West video are published, a lot of them by black persons who have phantasies about killig Miss West in very brutal ways. No juridical consequences. Politicans of all political orientations (except the BNP) condemn Emma West. So does the entire world of pc media.

    4) a young black man beats a 94-old Englishmen. No jail, the jugde says therapy would be better than jail.

    5) some months ago some somalian women beat up a white english women, probably because she is white (they call her white bitch). Now the trial end, no jail, necause as muslime the somalians would not have been used to drink alcohol.

    6) a young englishmen has his throatr cutted by a gang of blacks, he dies.

    7) a poll is published: more than 70 percent of white british are against more immigration

    this means

    a) white people have to take care a lot in the UK. the state and the police cannot or doesnt want to protect whites

    b) you can go to jail for sentences like “you are not british”. The power of the Pc/antiracist ideology os total.

    c) the blacks react very violent when told that they are not british. i think the reason is that deep inside they feel that without white cilization they have no civilization. they dont trust themselves to be “humans” anymore after being expelled from their false white identity. they anger gets fueled by whites who tell them that there is discrimation against thema and that it is their right to fight whites.

  17. Englishman says:

    Duran Dahl can keep his popcorn.

    There are Englishmen working out a practicable resistance, without making the mistakes of the AWB.

  18. olewhitelady says:

    #4 Ben N Indiana is correct. The British can put an end to such laws by electing legislators who will repeal them.

    There’s no constitutional freedom of speech in Britain, as there is in the U.S. These anti-freedom laws were passed as statutes, probably without people realizing the danger. Now, other laws must be passed to enable people to speak their opinions.

    I thank God every night that I live in the U.S. No other nation has the freedoms that we do.

  19. Sardonicus says:

    “A bail application was made by West’s solicitor David Ewings, but it was denied by the magistrate Ian McNeal to protect her safety.”

    So now Emma West is in “protective custody” to prevent outraged British citizens from venting their anger against the despicable racist. I wonder the ways things are going in formerly Great Britain; could she be “shot while attempting to escape”? Vicious Black muggers walk free to public acclaim, while the ninth circle of hell seems reserved for “racists”

  20. Sheila says:

    Send Christmas cards, letters of support, flowers, candy, whatever you can to Emma West. Stop merely preaching to the choir on the internet and DO something. She’s undergoing brainwashing (psychological and political indoctrination), she’s getting death threats from other White English, and the government has absconded with her children. Don’t let her be forgotten!!!

    Emma West C/O HMP Bronzefield, Woodthorpe Road, Ashford, Middlesex, TW15 3JZ

  21. rjp says:

    A bail application was made by West’s solicitor David Ewings, but it was denied by the magistrate Ian McNeal to protect her safety.

    So the official government position is that blacks have issues with self-control and have a tend to commit acts of violence against whites who do not like them?

    That’s nice that they protect her.

  22. white is right, black is whack says:

    People want the same thing to happen in America as well as every other white country or where whites live. They want others to openly talk about killing us or insulting us, but the slightest thing we say that offends nonwhites is punishable by prison or death. When will whites wake up and stand up to this?

  23. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    Just sent her an invitation to the Christmas party. Thanks to whoever found the address…

  24. rjp says:

    Just sent her a card. Postage to England from the USA (1 ounce) is 98 cents.

  25. Anonymous Black Woman says:

    I disagree with Emma’s comments. I’m black but I consider myself American because I was born here and this is all I know. I don’t have children, I’m not violent, I’m definitely not aggressive, I’m Ivy League educated, and my IQ is above 100. I don’t call myself African American, just American. I think it’s selfish to say that because you happen to have been born to another race, you can’t claim the country you were born in. White nationalists are being selfish and elitist, just as black nationalists like the late (good riddance) Malcom eXcrement are being delusional.

    With that said, I fully support Emma’s right to freedom of speech and expression. This should have sparked a healthy dialogue and even a debate/roundtable discussion. Instead, British authorities are blatantly violating people’s civil rights to protect the weak and irascible from feeling “offended”. If you don’t like it, ignore it!

    I plan on sending Emma a Christmas card to express my support.

  26. NBJ says:

    Thank you rjp… I was headed to the PO tomorrow to see about the cost of sending a letter to England since I’ve never sent anything overseas before. She has another letter of encouragement on the way.

  27. Jason Robertson says:

    Re 25: Dear Black lady, if black youngsters in Britain were all like you, there would not be such a problem. I have known and still know some charming black people, but we have a special problem with Jamaican immigrants, dope importers and gangsta types.

    Actually, the first problem is the “white leftist” who has used the “black, ethnic, LBGT, disabled, immigrant” minorities as a revolutionary weapon against western civilization, because the white workers would not become communists; the second problem is the “white capitalist” who wants immigrants as a source of cheap or rival labour.

    I think that good upstanding productive black people have less to fear from white nationalists than from the riff-raff among their own race who see them as traitorous Uncle Toms.

    England is choking under polyethnic mass immigration, which includes criminals and parasites of all kinds. Forgive us if we sometimes lose our rag, but as Sir Oswald Mosley always said: “Don’t hurt the immigrants; sack the politicians.”

    Easier said that done, of course, when “racist” policies are now illegal in the UK and most EU states; and the police are used to hamper anti-immigrant organisations and activities.

    But we won’t give up.

  28. NBJ says:

    @ 25

    The problem with your argument is that most of thoes black people were NOT born there. They are immigrants that are allowed into England by the thousands every year against the will of the English people, to the point that native born WHITE Englishmen are on the verge of becoming a minority in their own country, and you call them selfish? While I appreciate your support for her right to free speech, the fact is, her complaint is 100% legitamate.

  29. Mr.White says:

    “A bail application was made by West’s solicitor David Ewings, but it was denied by the magistrate Ian McNeal to protect her safety.”

    So she’s being denied bail, for her “own protection,” because the court believes the very thugs she was objecting to intend to do her harm?

    On the other hand, I wonder what would happen if three drunken black Somalis assaulted a native White Briton girl, pelting her with racial remarks while savagely beating her to a pulp all because she’s White. Certainly, in a case like that, the racist perpetrators would also be denied bail and held for their own safety.


  30. So Long Britain says:

    You can kiss Britain (and most of Europe for that matter) goodbye. All the protests and elections and whatever remedy you recommend will not work for lack of one thing…an armed populace to counter a tyrannical government bureaucracy. Thank God for America’s Second Amendment and the people here willing to exercise those rights when our government finally goes one step too far.

  31. Coloniser says:

    “England is choking under polyethnic mass immigration, which includes criminals and parasites of all kinds”

    To Jason Robertson No27

    How do you reconcile your statement to the fact that Britain conquered/ annexed/forcibly took control of what today is the USA, Canada, Australia {“exporting their criminals and parasites of all kinds”}, New Zealand and South Africa?

    In the process they occupied / stole / took control of the land and imposed their will on the local people – the first recorded cases of a white minority ruling ethnic majorities. In other words apartheid.

    So now the wheel is in the process of turning full circle and all the majorities – once minorities in the UK – are becoming the majority.

    And the white caucasian celtic Britons don’t seem to like what is happening.

    If we take the apartheid example: the Dutch / Boers / Afrikaners recognised in about 1780 that black and white could not co-exist peacefully in the same society and opted for a system of residential and social segregation although they were content to mix in the work place.

    When the British took their settlement from them they codified this system into law in their colonies of Cape (post 1806) and Natal (post 1843) and coyly referred to it as “the colour bar”. This was effectively an extension of their class system but now manifested through colour and race.

    After they created the Union of South Africa in 1910 they continued presiding over segregationist legislation until 1961 when they granted the white electorate – without any consultation with the black majority – through a referendum their desire to become a Republic.

    From 1961 to 1990 Britain was in the frontline condemning white South Africans for “their” [i.e. the policies that Britain had created, condoned and agreed to] system of apartheid. This culminated in 1994 with the black majority [9 distinctly different tribes – just like the white tribes of Europe] gaining political control.

    This has effectively condemned the minority white population to a life of hell on earth – 40,000 killed since 1994. All this was aided and abetted by the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

    And now that the same conditions are starting to emerge in the UK the British do not like it, whilst at the same time saying absolutely nothing about the plight of their white “cousins” [as in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand] in South Africa.

    “Forgive us if we sometimes lose our rag. But we won’t give up.”

    Are you not being hypocritical?

  32. Sardonicus says:

    Most black people were brought to American against their will–as slaves. This was not the case in Great Britain: blacks came to England on their own volition as 20th century immigrants. The “legacy of slavery” and “Jim Crow” clearly doesn’t apply because they didn’t exist in Great Britain. Shouldn’t these recent immigrants be held accountable, rather than excused, for their sociopathic behavior?

  33. Anonymous says:

    Indigenes had an absolute right to defend themselves from colonisation, poster 28? So why can’t indigenes like Emma West defend themselves & their country? Oh, of course Coloniser, they can’t defend their country because they’re native Brits, eh? What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

  34. Dan says:


    Yes, SA was screwed, but regarding past colonies, the people were not reduced to minorities. Despite the negatives of colonization, there were also positives, including education, healthcare, infrastructure, etc. This modern reversal offers no benefits and results at the least in ethnic cleansing. I may be wrong, but I’m picking up on some English-Boer animosity. Ek is gatvol !

  35. Gill says:

    #32: more free blacks have settled in the U.S.A. than were ever taken there in chains. They landed on Plymouth Rock; Plymouth Rock didn’t land on them. Hence, affirmative action is a crock, because most of the blacks in America made the choice, or are a product of the free choice of their parents: e.g. Barack Obama. If America isn’t to their liking they should leave & not expect racial preferences.

  36. Gill says:

    #31 Pace Rian Malin, many Afrikaaner were in the Cape before coloured people. They were certainly there before the mass of Black migrants that have recently crossed the weakly-enforced border; perhaps the A.N.C. leadership imported a new population from abroad because most of them were foreign- educated or their children were educated abroad: e.g. the Mandela brats. Embarrassing, if they were held to account by the populace who were told to boycott school in 1976. Unknown, or uncommented upon by immigrants.