Posted on December 7, 2011

Penn Gets $2 Million for Faculty Diversity Improvements

Seth Zweifler, The Daily Pennsylvanian, December 6, 2011

Penn has received a multimillion-dollar donation to further its ongoing goals of increasing faculty diversity.

Penn President Amy Gutmann and Provost Vince Price announced in a statement Tuesday that The Pew Charitable Trusts gave the University $2 million to support its Presidential Term Professorships program.

Presidential Term Professorships are a key part of Penn’s $100-million Action Plan for Faculty Diversity and Excellence, which was released by Gutmann and Price this summer. According to the plan, these professorships will “support up to ten term professorships at the junior and senior level for exceptional scholars who will contribute to faculty excellence and diversity.”


The Action Plan for Faculty Diversity and Excellence will direct funds toward hiring and retaining diverse faculty members over the next five years. It also instructs each individual school to appoint its own diversity officer in order to increase faculty diversity within their school.


12 responses to “Penn Gets $2 Million for Faculty Diversity Improvements”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The solution is simple! If they want diversity in the faculty so much, just fire half the professors and mass hire any black or Latino they can find! Qualifications, of course, don’t matter, because black and brown people bring a ‘unique perspective’ and are automatically ‘wise’ like the ‘wise Latina’ who used affirmative action to get on the Supreme Court.

    At least half of all professors are uber liberals, though, so can you guess which ones will get the boot?

  2. white man says:

    I’m guessing a long needed and long denied white united student group wont be getting any part of this money. Those desperate for diversity aren’t in favor of diversity at all but it’s opposite. You can be sure any social service or public office doing all it can to ‘end discrimination’ is actively discriminating. You can bet anyone pointing any of this out to any degree at all will be silenced, and if necessary labelled part of an act of hate. In this point they would be right. I do hate.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree with #1 – bring in any unqualified black, but make sure it’s a very liberal white who gets the boot!

    I wonder whom this Pew Charity has betrayed, in order to fund this cause.

  4. Question Diversity says:

    Recession? What recession? Nothing is too good and no expense is too dear for our precious diversity. Then again, if diversity were such a strength, the Pew foundations wouldn’t have to bribe an Ivy League school, one with at $6.5 billion endowment and a $6 billion current budget, with an amount of money that represents less than 0.04% of its annual budget, to hire diversity.

  5. White Might...or might not says:

    Each school will appoint its own “diversity officer.”

    Sounds eerily Orwellian.

    But, no doubt, it’s a position perfectly suited for any of their “exceptional” affirmative action hires.

  6. Chicagoan says:

    Lots and lots of our tax money is apparently available for the diversity racket. I guess the seniors on Medicare will be the ones to be squeezed later for all this to be paid for.

  7. Anonymous says:

    $2,000,000.00 to DECREASE the intellectual acumen of the faculty!

  8. John says:

    Penn (not to be confused with PennState) is a still a seriously good Ivy League school.

    My guess is that if they bring in “minority” (read black African) professors, most will be lecturing to empty classrooms.

  9. rjp says:

    Spending a $100 million on hiring black when it has the Jerry Sandusky liability pending?

    There must be an unlimited money tap for higher education ….

    Only seems to be no money for more than highly qualified prospective white students. Ask my sister about it.

  10. Mr.White says:

    Wow…what timing! Perhaps “Professor” Michael Eric Dyson“ is available to teach his “Sociology of Hip Hop: Jay-Z!” “Diversity and excellence” are on the way Penn!

  11. Terese says:

    #9 rjp — This is the University of Pennsylvania, not Penn State, which is where the Jerry Sandusky scandal is happening.

    We’ve got kids in college now, and you can’t get away from the diversity nonsense. Unless, of course, you major in chemistry or engineering or some other hard science. Almost all of those professors are white.

  12. SFLBIB says:

    This is a waste of time and money. I assume they are looking for diversity of viewpoint since diversity of skin color gives you nothing but diversity of skin color because academia is overwhelmingly Left, and it will not hire conservative professors, even if they are black. All they would be doing is hiring more of the same viewpoint. So where is all this “diversity” going to come from?