NYPD Grads Hit Apollo for Diversity Training

Joe Kemp, NY Daily News, December 27, 2011

Fresh out of the Police Academy, the city’s newest cops packed into the Apollo Theater in Harlem Tuesday for a lesson on cultural diversity and policing.

For the more than 1,500 officers who graduated from the academy last week, Tuesday’s panel-led discussion was the last bit of required curriculum before they hit the streets for their first assignment: securing Times Square during New Year’s Eve festivities.


For panel members, including the Rev. Al Sharpton and city Housing Authority board member Margarita Lopez, it was an opportunity to talk with the newest Finest about ways to improve the NYPD’s relationship with the community. Sharpton said most people are not “anti-police” but rather “anti-police misconduct, anti-police brutality.”

The panel–which was moderated by radio personality Mark Riley–grazed over a handful of subjects that included stop-and-frisk procedures, respect for civilians and abuse of power.

“There’s always going to be some tension, always going to be some friction,” NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly told reporters before the forum. “But generally speaking, I think our relations are good, but we strive to make them better.”


The Rev. Herbert Daughtry, a member of the panel, said the discussion can help prepare the new cops for the raw aspect of life they will encounter while working the beat.

“It’s a noble profession, protecting the people, caring for the people,” he said. “They will be dealing with the ugliest, meanest and nastiest part of humanity–and it will be difficult to sustain their original aspirations.”

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  • Flaxen-headed Strumpet

    “They will be dealing with the ugliest, meanest and nastiest part of humanity—and it will be difficult to sustain their original aspirations.”

    And what better way to get these rookie cops to quickly disabuse themselves of their “original aspirations” than subjecting them to a mandatory indoctrination session featuring Al Sharpton, the walking, talking epitome of ugly, mean, nasty AND GREASY!!

  • Anonymous

    And 5 minutes into their first day they discover that’s all lies. How many quit within the first few months because they simply do not think risking their lives every day to protect evil people from each other is noble, important or wise.

  • Great White Observer

    Just what we need, two thugs, Sharpton & Daughtry lecturing new cops on sensitivity and respect. Last I looked Sharpton never said sorry for calling The Ancient Greeks Homos who stole ideas from Africa.

  • Jim

    The clean, well-disciplined police officers who work hard for their money are lectured by wise people who are “empowered” with money and social status. Of course, the officers must pretend to appreciate the pc babble. This is completely inverted. They should lecture SHARPTON: “We’re risking our lives to give your “communities” some law and order. Please don’t endanger us further with your propaganda.”

  • Konnie

    Al Sharpton??? AL SHARPTON???!!! Who in their right mind would invite him for anything, show up to hear anything that POS had to say? REally?? Al Sharpton? What a joke. Anyone who cared a fig for anything that came out of his mouth is a fool.

  • sbuffalonative

    “It’s a noble profession, protecting the people, caring for the people,” he said. “They will be dealing with the ugliest, meanest and nastiest part of humanity—and it will be difficult to sustain their original aspirations.”

    Dealing with miscreants on a daily basis can turn people sour fast. The nicest cop can quickly succumb to the realities of the street.

    I suspect most officers are listening politely because they have to but when they get out onto the pavement and they have to deal with real creeps, none of whom had compulsory ‘be kind to policeman’ training, these rookies will treat most suspects with the same respect the officers are given.

  • Anonymous

    If your a cop in a large American city, most of the criminals you are going to encounter are going to be non-white. That is a fact and it will eventually impact on your opinion of colored people.

  • Madison Grant

    So the police hire a con-artist known for tax evasion and financial scams to lecture their rookies?


    Have they forgotten the Tawana Brawley Hoax? That was where Al Pimpton accused a recently deceased cop of taking part in a white-on-black gang rape that never even happened.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm, wonder how they got to this “esteemed” theater, probably took a bus or the subway. For those of you who don’t know Manhattan, once you go above 96th Street, you’re in the ghetto. As a matter of fact I think there was a Woody Allen movie that had a scene where all the Blacks got off the subway at 96th Street and all the Whites got on.

    Anyway, Whites, especially those that become cops, know the score except for the looney liberals. I’ve even heard that when one drug dealer kills another drug dealer the cops refer to it as a “community service crime.”

    This nonsense can’t go on much longer. It’s getting old.

  • Anonymous

    When Tawana Brawley’s fake story was p. 1 headlines for 6 months, didn’t she falsely accuse a policeman of raping her? Didn’t Rev. Sharpton support her in her false charges against police. And now he lectures police recruits on sensitivity! Perhaps next year NYC may import Shabazz of the New Black Panther Party as a panelist.

    This program with Sharpton is a scandal.——-HM

  • gary

    The’Great Hoaxer’ must have been in fine fettle. I hope he touched on the finer points of hoodwinking the compliant and dishonest NY media.

  • June

    Why isn’t the ever-present Sharpton out in the community lecturing people on how to behave? This reminds me of the mob mentality unleashed at malls in the last couple of days when the re-issue of the Air Jordan shoes went on sale. This morning, I heard that the NAACP asked that Nike reduce the cost and make the shoes available to a wider range of people so these rampages would not happen again. Why doesn’t Rev. Al speak to the community about their out of control behavior and animal like stampeding over something as inconsequential as a pair of shoes? Of course, Sharpton will blame the police if they want to stop murders, drug deals, robberies, etc.

  • CidMartel

    Thanks to Commisioner Kelly, officers of European descent are now a minority in the NYPD. Instead of the traditional strapping Irish, Italian and German men just out of the service you now have 5 foot tall, 5 foot wide welfare mothers recruited out of the projects. These new recruits are probably well acquainted with the Apollo….

  • Detroit WASP

    Al Sharpton

    Incites racial riots:


    Owes IRS 2.6:


    Sued for slander:


    Yeah….I want him speaking to my new police officers! Why not have Charles Manson speak as well?

    White and blacks certainly have two different standards for “heros” and outstanding people who should be admired.

  • Anon

    Poster #2 brings up a good point about the attrition rate of the NYPD. Does anyone know how many quit within a year or so?

  • Concerned

    I can relate to this. As a retired PO I recall attending mandatory classes in “sensitivity training” (that’s what they called it in the 70’s and 80’s). Most of us were experienced officers in classes given by young women just out of college with lots of new ideas, most of which bore no relation to actual life. Back then (certainly not today) we were free to express contradictory views and it wasn’t unusual to see some of these young gals leaving the class in tears. Reality is often a hard teacher. Some things never change.

  • Frank

    New York City will do anything to keep the underclass happy.

  • Paleface 6

    What Al Not-So-Sharpton probably took an hour or more to say was this:

    “Don’t be arrestin’ no brothuhs now, hear?”

  • Miss Whitey

    It is truly amazing how White men allow themselves to be demeaned by listening to a Black supremacist racist like Al Sharpton. This man should have no credibility because of his past actions. Yet, Commissioner Kelly says nothing about Al Sharpton’s devious past.

    Well, this is what happens when you allow your country to be given away.

  • Mr.White

    Wasn’t Louis Farrakhan available? How much did this fraud’s lecture on diversity cost the taxpayers of NY?

  • Anonymous

    So, Fat Al Shakedown was giving a speech to the NYPD. I am surprised that he wasn’t asked to give it at the Gun Range.

    The greatest teacher for Race Realism is working as a City Cop, anywhere in the country. The Cops may say what they need to to pass the time of day, but in the end, who knows the score better than them?