Posted on December 7, 2011

Minneapolis Schools May Withdraw from Desegregation Program

Corey Mitchell, Star Tribune, December 5, 2011

The Minneapolis school district is considering withdrawing from a partnership with west-suburban school districts intended to help desegregate schools.

Minneapolis’ decision to re-evaluate its commitment to the West Metro Education Program (WMEP) is part of a broader examination of the district’s integration policies, including its efforts to desegregate its own schools, school officials said. The issue was discussed Monday at a school board committee meeting.

“There’s some questions about whether [the WMEP effort] is still relevant,” Minneapolis school board vice chair Alberto Monserrate said. “From what we’ve seen . . . the students aren’t doing much better.”

The district will give notice in January of intent to withdraw, allowing administrators time to determine if the program is meeting its goal to produce integrated schools that close the achievement gap between white and non-white students.


Across the metro area and state, school integration efforts are facing renewed scrutiny. This fall, after intense public debate, the East Metro Integration District decided against closing its two voluntarily integrated schools. In Eden Prairie, the superintendent’s decision to shift boundaries to integrate schools led to tension with her school board and an early departure.


Pulling out of WMEP would not end the district’s commitment to The Choice Is Yours, a program under which 2,100 students who live in the city get transportation to schools in other districts.

The state-funded program, which costs about $14 million per year, was part of the settlement of a Minneapolis NAACP lawsuit against the state that alleged state practices concentrated poverty in the city, hampering the district’s ability to offer students an adequate education.

14 responses to “Minneapolis Schools May Withdraw from Desegregation Program”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The NAACP has gone around the nation threatening to sue or at least advising with that reputation in tow. They came to my little city that was 90% white in 2002. Now, we have increasing amounts of non-whites and all the crime that goes with it, even to the point that burglars are knocking on doors pretending to be Christian advocates or JWs and when no one is home, break in. All sorts of nice stuff.

    Remember, Diversity is our *fill in the blank*.

  2. Rob says:

    The only thing desegregation has accomplished is to “dumb down” the white students and provide more targets for blacks to harass. Desegregated public schools are so deathly afraid that it will become apparent that black students on average aren’t as smart as the white students so they have to slow down the learning process of the white students in an attempt to hide this fact.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good news for all of those Scandinavian and Irish kids.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m shocked to learn that desegregation hasn’t closed the intelligence/IQ gap in Minneapolis.

  5. Jim says:

    The attempt to cover up black failure has failed, who knew?

  6. CDE says:

    Desegregation? In Minneapolis? How many years did sanctimonious Yankees lecture the South about “keepin’ the black man down?”

  7. Dewey says:

    I may go to this Minneapolis school board meeting, just to witness the amazingly coded language that will be on display.

    That and the typical dreamy liberal, who has found himself confronted with the menace called reality. In this case, the reality will be the terrible effect poorly behaved blacks have on mostly white schools.

    Debates like this make me realize how there are many, many silent unsung heroes out there, who are race realists, but must use coded language to successfully enact policies that protect the white race.

    You can call these defenders of the white suburbs ‘the silent majority’

    This silent majority, defending european americans and the prevications of the multiculturalist elite, has always been at work. They have been silent out of fear of their jobs, and of violent/legal retaliation from blacks.

    Soon the majority, while it still is one, I hope will remain silent no longer.

  8. Cliff Yablonski says:

    Minneapolis is a dumping ground for Somalian refugees, there are many thousands of them now in the area and they have been a nightmare for the school districts they are in.

  9. olewhitelady says:

    Any urban area with a large percentage of blacks will have schools that are almost all black because almost all whites will send their kids to private schools. Most states (if not all) supply funds to individual public schools according to their enrollments. Also, if whites leave the area, the local tax base suffers. This is what these administrators are concerned with–money to run the schools. If there aren’t enough revenue-producing students to generate money to heat the buildings and buy gas for busses, affected schools will close, and jobs will be lost.

    White people will usually spend their last dime to send their children to decent schools. They will utilize private schools, move to a new neighborhood, or home school. Governmental officials know that any law contravening these choices would cause civil disobedience or riots. And when the bottom line is money, there won’t be any choice left but to close revenue-poor schools, no matter how the NAACP whines.

  10. rjp says:

    Title should be: Suburban Minneapolis Schools Rejoice.

  11. SayIt says:

    Forced integration of schools is an attempt to improve the education & behavior of black students at the expense of white students. Whites have been essentially sacrificing what is best fo their children out of stupid guilt and the constant propaganda that integration will work for all. It doesn’t even work for the black students very much but it does hurt the educational environment of white children – which is enough for blacks to want to keep it in place.

  12. Playing Roots Backwards says:

    I wonder if the Minnesota newspapers still dedicate most of their ink to telling everybody around the world how to treat their down-trodden Blacks.

    I lived in and around Minneapolis from the mid-seventies until the early nineties and I laughed maniacally every time I heard a Minnesotan speak knowledgeably about the plight of the Black Man.

    When I first arrived in The Land Of 10,000 Taxes there were a handful of Blacks who lived in the projects and around Plymouth Avenue on the North Side and there was another handful of them over around Selby and Dale in St.Paul. Despite that fact, every other Minnesotan you met was an expert on our dark little brothers. Most of them had never even had a prolonged conversation with a Black, but they magically knew more about them than I did. I grew up in Detroit and witnessed Blacks’ early efforts to turn it in to the Monrovia it is today, but I was ignorant and those they weren’t. Odd logic.

    I even had dealings with a White woman in Brooklyn Park who wouldn’t rent a house to me because I asked her if there were any Blacks in the neighborhood. They didn’t need any hateful people around there, I guess.

  13. Jim says:

    In other words, “desegregation” was fine when only relatively powerless poor whites were being harmed, but now middle-class whites are feeling the sting. Better late than never, I guess.

  14. Fr. John+ says:

    “In Eden Prairie, the superintendent’s decision to shift boundaries to integrate schools led to tension with her school board and an early departure.”

    Ha. that’s a laugh! Tensions? YOU BET there were tensions. It radicalized the leftist liberals in Minne-stroika, that they could talk all about ‘inclusion’ and ‘tolerance’ UNTIL their little white Scandic “Bear Path” kiddie had to share classroom, lunchroom, and gymnasium/playground space with Somalis, Hispanics, and (worst of all!) ‘inner-city blacks!

    Who are we kidding? Can we all grow up, and admit that racial segregation is the NORM world-wide, and this RELIGION OF MULTICULTURALISM is a direct affront to Christianity, once called (rightly) the ‘White Man’s Religion’???

    Misericordie, Domine.