Posted on December 7, 2011

Dean College Students Expelled After Beating Video Surfaces Online

CBS Boston, December 6, 2011

Nine students at Dean College have been expelled after a student was beaten up in an attack that was recorded on video.

It happened on the campus in Franklin Friday.

The disturbing video posted online shows a young man confronting another man. Moments later, the first man punches the other, knocking him to the ground and the beating continues.

While the attack goes on, a group of men yell and laugh at the victim as he is knocked to the ground and pummeled with his own sneakers.


Students say the altercation was over sneakers that the attacker believed the victim had stolen from him. They are limited edition Nike sneakers that sell for $200.

The victim’s roommate tells WBZ that the victim did not steal the sneakers from his attacker and that he brought them from home. He says the victim is not an aggressive person and never fights, and is now recovering from the one sided attack. {snip}


29 responses to “Dean College Students Expelled After Beating Video Surfaces Online”

  1. Hirsch says:

    After roughly 2 minutes of this video, there is no argument that a liberal can mount to counter this kind of reality- no headstart program, no legacy of slavery, no facile speech prepared by Tim Wise or any other anti-racist expert-nothing…

    What has been seen cannot be unseen.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You saw those white girls walking by at the end of the video? I GUARANTEE you that they defend black thugs and believe in “social justice.”

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nowhere in the video does the attacker accuse his victim of stealing his shoes. He simply gets in his face, demands his victim cringe subserviently to him and when he is slow to do so, he attacks. The shoes are stripped from him afterward as an afterthought

  4. Michael C. Scott says:

    Since I’m currently wearing a pair of combat boots that are old enough to vote and have been re-soled twice, I doubt this will happen to me. Since I have cheap steel rims on my Saturn and even nastier plastic covers over them, I will likewise never be assaulted over wheel rims.

    This “bling” stuff has gotten out of hand. Two hundred dollars for a pair of sneakers? The victim of this attack should have got himself a pair of New Balance shoes at Payless and a cheap Makarov pistol with the money he’d have saved.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is about this video. For Africans, having shiny things, like gold, silver, sports jackets, or fancy shoes is extremely important. They will kill each other over a pair of shoes. This is exactly how we have come to expect Africans to act, and they do so on a daily basis. Did you expect something else? — a calm and logical discussion for example?

  6. Question Diversity says:

    Besides the fact that they’re made in America, and besides the fact that they don’t have endorsement deals with any “afawete,” that’s why I wear New Balance. No “World Star Hip Hopper” will ever mistake my shoes as having been stolen from them.

  7. Tom S. says:

    This is a COLLEGE CAMPUS? These are COLLEGE STUDENTS? Theres no way any of those thugs belong anywhere near a college campus. Good God, why have we allowed this country to come to this.

  8. Detroit WASP says:

    Maybe if the victim didn’t have his pants around his knees he would have been able to fight back!

    Thank goodness these idiots have cell phone with video cameras. They are their own worst enemies!

    The black kid howling with laughter reminds me of how many black kids acted when I attended Detroit Public Schools in the 1970s. The cruelty and lack of conscience is astounding to me even today. At a tender age we learned how vicious many blacks could be. The more blacks that came into our school, the more vicious they seemed to become.

    In the video, the attacker blamed the victim for stealing HIS shoes. This is typical black criminal behavior. The did the same thing in the Seattle bus attack against the pregnant white girl.

    Notice how the one black girl starts talking about her I phone being stolen as soon as she gets on the bus, that is a signal to the other black girl that she has spotted something worth stealing, which she does, and to muddy the water if the cops ever show up. They work as a pack to wear down the target. Watching these videos is certainly a lesson in behavior.

  9. Rob says:

    What kind of “college” is this? Some kind of diploma mill no doubt. I would be curious as to what everyones majors are who were involved in this.

  10. JohnAZ says:

    Some amusing comments on the Youtube version of this video. There are a lot more race realists in this country than people realize, and proximity to the blessings of diversity (as our changing demographics ensure is happening) make new realists by the day. Plus, with the internet, the MSM can no longer effectively cover up all the crime and dysfunction of cultural enrichers.

    Anyway, the youtube version of this:

  11. ice says:

    “Perp wrongly thought the victim had stolen his shoes.”

    I’ve been waiting for someone to point out that there was no theft of shoes, except for the black thug taking them from the kid’s feet. Nor did the black think this kid stole his shoes.

    When a black wants to attack a white kid he knows he can trounce he accuses him of something in order to justify the attack no matter how ridiculous it is.

    Or, when a black wants to steal something from a white kid he pretends the kid stole the item from him then proceeds to take what he wants.

    Believe me, my friends, this black DOES NOT believe this boy stole his shoes.

    This is a beating and a theft.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I am so glad colleges practice affirmative action. Without it, that student may not have learned this valuable lesson. Diversity really does make for a better learning environment! (/sarcasm off)

    Glad the BGs got expelled. Now where is the article re. the police making arrest for assault, battery, and strong arm robbery?

    People ridicule the Bible’s “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth,” but if I were that victim, I’d MUCH rather have a cop meet out that sentence than to have to pay for his room and board and health care for the next 4 years via the tax system.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Looks like LE may actually do something:

    It would be interesting to find out what, if any, sentence they, esp the attacker, serves.

  14. Anonymous says:

    In the late 70s and early 80s era the wrestling team and the football team at a big 8 school had what was supposed to be a rivalry competition in the ice rink. As you can imnagine, the wrestlers went from the lighter on up to the heavyweight. The smallest football players are usually over 200. Well, surprise surprise, the football players started a fight. The wrestlers finished it. The wrestlers were mostly white although one of them was Korean and one was 3/4 American Indian and 1/4 white. The wrestlers beat the tar out of the football team!

    Now they no longer have a wrestling team and the football players go around bullying all the white kids on the campus.

  15. Wide Awake & Fooled No More says:

    Earlier today I read the entire 300+ commentary.

    There is indeed an awakening occurring amongst Whites.

    It’s been long in coming, but the White-hating PTB that launched the charlatan Obama into power and the scary, undeniable escalation of violence against Whites under his watch is slowly seeping into long, long slumbering consciences.

    I highly encourage the enlightened posters here to weigh in as well.

    Orwellian-style EU police state already here in America. Note WHO the prosecutor is:


  16. jimbo says:

    The key to white civilization is white males. Unfortunately we are being attacked and brought down and demoralized by our un-virtuous women, educated and uneducated idiots of our own race and sex, brown skinned barbarians, and at the other end of the spectrum, certain high achieving competition not suffering from white man’s burden and without the baggage white women now constitute. It looks bleak. And not just to those of us at this web site. Millions of people are very aware. It is a key reason so many white people no longer want to have children.

  17. Anonymous says:

    First impression: Always beware the BLACK SUCKER PUNCH. Blacks have developed this into an art form, even a science. Always be prepared for violence on the part of blacks. It is innate to them.

  18. elitist says:

    Judging blacks on their actions is not racism – even if the verdict is:

    “you really are garbage!!!”

    The fact that they were enrolled at a private college in Boston simply means:

    Currently, this is the crème de la crème of the black community.

    If this is the “black elite,” I’d hate to see the losers.

    What Americans have enabled blacks long enough.

    Despite the mainstream media throwing up smoke screens, average people I know where of the current condition of America’s black community:

    The blacks have deteriorated into a mob of criminals who need to be controlled by physical force.

    Of course, the tiny number of blacks who are not thugs and morons should not be held responsible.

    They are victims too, maybe we should just make them honorary whites on the basis of good behavior?

    The goal of the white movement is to make it politically correct to say:

    “I hate black people, because they keep attacking us, the whites. When they start behaving like human beings, I will regard them as human. Until then, blacks are just mobs, to be avoided at all costs. We have to re-segregate America, fence off the blacks in their own communities where they can’t harm us.”

    This is not racism, just a pragmatic response to the behavior of blacks.

    It is a very humdrum, matter-of-fact, public health measure to keep blacks segregated.

    By all means, let us judge blacks by the “content of their characters,” not the colors of their skins.

  19. Enough says:

    What you need to understand about the “modern” college campus is that in America’s constant egalitarian questing we have somehow gotten the stupid idea that it is advantageous for both the nation and young people to have everyone go to college. In fact for minorities the government treats it like some kind of civil right which means that huge mountains of government cash are being poured into colleges and universities to support an army of “students” who can’t write a simple paragraph and who have neither the ability or the real interest to succeed at higher education. No sane society would attempt to do this and if we hadn’t let the globalist ship all our decent jobs to China these “students” and society would be much better off with them working. Remember this huge education “bubble” is kept inflated by a three part conspiracy of the “student”, the government and the school itself. The student pretends to go to school and down south in case of the blacks it allows him to loaf, draw a paycheck and have the same continued access to young white women that he had in high school. (Note whites are also playing this scam.) The schools of course put great pressure on their teaching staff not to flunk these fake students so they can continue to pull in the gravy train of government money. Finally the government has another way to waste tax payers money and deliver back door reparations to blacks in particular and non-whites in general. Remember how many of the 9/11 terrorists were here on student visas? Of course some of this money also makes it into the pockets of white students who really aren’t prepared or suited for college. The resulting bubble means that all types of jobs that any sane person knows don’t require a college education now require at least an associates degree if not an undergraduate degree. So at great societal expense we have created a system that is extremely expensive, wasteful of real human resources and basically delivers in the average undergraduate a product that is inferior to a student with just a High School degree in the 1950s. Way to go America!

  20. rjp says:

    Michael C. Scott & Question Diversity are correct, don’t wear garbage of which they would be envious. Brook running shoes for me.

    Tom S. is correct in his observation that these individuals belong no where near a college campus.

  21. WHC says:

    To all those self-loathing white liberals who constantly preach there is no difference between peoples and cultures…that we are all the same; we offer up this video, among hundreds of other similar videos, of black feral pack behavior, as evidence to the contrary. Years of dishonest liberal rhetoric on race can be turned back by watching videos such as this. This is not an isolated incident and everyone knows it. Incidents like this happen everyday in every city in America where feral blacks hunt. Comparisons have been made of these blacks, to packs of lions roaming the Serengeti plains in Africa. But a better and more accurate analogy is to compare these predators to a pack of hyenas.

  22. Rebelcelt says:

    Expelled?!!! so what, what about being arrested and prosecuted for assault ,battery, theft , mugging,hate crime?

    Will this kid demand their arrest? Will the students demand it how about civil lawsuit against the college for allowing a bunch of thugs to enlist. How many of these thugs already have a record. Cost the school some money and this would stop when the liberal administration and staff pay is affected.

  23. Playing Roots Backwards says:

    Pretending that the victim has something that was stolen from perpetrator is a time-honored Black bully premise.

    Back when they were robbing each other for starter jackets most of the robberies stated with something like: “Hey! What are you doing with my coat?”

    When I was a kid growing up in Detroit in the 50’s and 60’s the Black kids used to rob kids for their hats or gloves and they would justify their actions the same way that guy in the video justified stealing the victims shoes.

    They also used to use the old tried and true: “Where’s that dollar you owe me?” You’d be surprised to learn how often that one worked on White kids who were bused in from the nicer areas.

    It just goes to show that Blacks traits are consistent from on generation to the next.

  24. Anonymous says:

    16 — jimbo wrote

    “The key to white civilization is white males. Unfortunately we are being attacked and brought down and demoralized by our un-virtuous women, educated and uneducated idiots of our own race and sex, brown skinned barbarians, and at the other end of the spectrum, certain high achieving competition not suffering from white man’s burden and without the baggage white women now constitute.”


    It’s this kind of blatant and misguided misogynistic drivel that only serves to drive what Amren stands for further into the fringe.

  25. thorismund says:

    One thing missing in this whole affair is a candlelight vigil from the progressive community.

  26. MSNPC says:

    A shame that the camera didn’t swing back around to the building. It would have captured all the white guilt liberals looking out of the windows at the entire Caucasian assault. Then they could have all been identified prosecuted. Or at least give the kid a chance to sue the living hell out of them.

  27. Wide Awake & Fooled No More says:

    Currently, this is the crème de la crème of the black community. – elitist

    Memorable (and chilling) footage of African-Americans’ Finest “keepin’ it real” (or… Africa in our Midst)

    Howard University 2011 Caribbean Festival Riot

    [The video in that link is not available. However, YouTube still has it, at: (Part 1) and (Part 2). — Moderator]

  28. Anonymous says:

    ISn’t the victim also a light skinned Black?

  29. Anonymous says:

    “The blacks have deteriorated into a mob of criminals who need to be controlled by physical force.

    They haven’t “deteriorated” they’ve always been like that. They deteriorate things wherever they are. They don’t belong with us or with any other race but their own. They were kept under control through force before.

    OUr college campuses are a disgrace. Let’s get the word out about Dean College.