In Ad for Newsletter, Ron Paul Forecast “Race War”

Mark Hosenball and Samuel P. Jacobs, Reuters, December 23, 2011

A direct-mail solicitation for Ron Paul’s political and investment newsletters two decades ago warned of a “coming race war in our big cities” and of a “federal-homosexual cover-up” to play down the impact of AIDS.


The letter urges readers to subscribe to Paul’s newsletters so that he could “tell you how you can save yourself and your family” from an overbearing government.

The letter’s details emerge at a time when Paul, now a contender for the Republican nomination for president, is under fire over reports that his newsletters contained racist, anti-homosexual and anti-Israel rants.

Reports of the newsletters’ contents have Paul’s campaign scrambling to deny that he wrote the inflammatory articles.

Among other things, the articles called the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. a “world-class philanderer,” criticized the U.S. holiday bearing King’s name as “Hate Whitey Day,” and said that AIDS sufferers “enjoy the attention and pity that comes with being sick.”


Paul has said that he is not sure who wrote the articles that were published under his name. He has said the articles do not reflect his views, and noted that his public stances–supporting gays in the military for example–have run counter to the incendiary statements in the newsletters.


The letter promoting Paul’s newsletters was written about 1993. It was during a period in which Paul–who left Congress in 1985 after serving about eight years–returned to Washington after a decade’s absence.



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  • Question Diversity

    Best theory on the author is Lew Rockwell, whose libertarianism used to be racial enough such that his column was in the CofCC newspaper. Now you can’t even get him to acknowledge that his old pre-1997 “racially tinged” writings.

    I know the long knives are out for Ron Paul, and once he became the or a co-front runner in Iowa, everyone knew that the people who would directly and financially benefit from a war with Iran, or benefit from other sorts of government spending Paul wants to cut, would haul out the long knives.

    But they’re playing with fire if they think they can torpedo RP with this newsletter business. In reality, they’re giving him a really easy road to victory. Or to put it inb baseball terms, they’re risking the heat over the top of the plate — Usually the batter strikes out, but sometimes, he whacks it over the straightaway fences. All RP would have to do is either acknowledge that he wrote these words, or endorse their content if he didn’t, and he would have the nomination instantly locked up. White people don’t like black crime and riots and Martin Luther King. You really run a risk when you throw your hundred mile an hour fastball right over the heart of the plate.

    Ron Paul will never do this, unfortunately.

  • Anonymous

    Reports of the newsletters’ contents have Paul’s campaign scrambling to deny that he wrote the inflammatory articles.

    Among other things, the articles called the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. a “world-class philanderer,” criticized the U.S. holiday bearing King’s name as “Hate Whitey Day,” and said that AIDS sufferers “enjoy the attention and pity that comes with being sick.”


    Too bad that Ron Paul did not say these things. As for MLK, Paul supported the holiday in his “honor”. He actually thought MLK was a good and decent man and the Civil Rights bill was a good thing.

    I am fed up with Whites running the other way when it comes to truths about race and the INTENTIONAL harm it is actually doing to Whites worldwide. Why are they all such cowards when it comes to honesty about the racial problems facing us? We will have to face the truth one of these days and it is better to do it now before our numbers dwindle to about 5% on this planet.

  • Anonymous

    Oh boy, the knives are coming out now. I like Ron Paul, but I do not trust in his philosophy of objectivism/libertarianism. It’s open borders insanity with the notion that all those illegals are avid readers of Hayek, Friedman, and Von Mises. Libertarians deny the reality of race and culture. As such, they ignore that a multicultural country does NOT nourish people who prize real individualism.

    I’m not against the idea of man working for himself to create his own life an family. I’m not against a man making a buck. Making an HONEST buck is deeply vital and virtuous. But there are more important things than profit. Once you trade the honest man for the quick buck, you will have neither. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR HONEST MEN.

  • Woody Woodpecker

    Martin L. King was a pervert and a rapist. His records were sealed by the FBI for 50 years. There is nothing in those “racist writings” that are untrue. Dr. Paul probably did not have anything to do with that particular article, but if he did, I would support him even more fervently than I already do!

    By the way, I have read very credible articles stating that Malcolm X was a homosexual prostitute. Some even written by other blacks. The authors of these articles have a lot of evidence to back this up. Amazing how the MSM avoids these stories like the plague.

  • sbuffalonative

    A newsletter from 1993. Someone is going through this man’s life with a fine tooth comb.

    Search and destroy.

  • Anonymous

    It does not change my plans to continue voting for him! Hugo L. Black started off as a Ku Klux Klansman. Then he was voted in as U.S. Senator. Then he was appointed as Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. He did his job just fine!! As a matter of fact, one of his dissenting opinions dated around 1938 is used in my You Tube video posted yesterday entitled “Con of corporate personhood”. Justice Black wrote that he did not believe a corporation is a “person” within the 14th Amendment because they never mentioned it during the constitutional amendment debates.

  • Richard Zuckerman

    Even if Ron Paul had authored the newsletter, it would not change my plans to vote for him again. Hugo L. Black had begun as a Ku Klux Klansman, was then voted in as U.S. Senator, was then appointed as Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, without a glitch.

  • Robert

    Interesting to note, the articles attacking Paul were taken down by many news websites once the story of the country wide, Air Jordan, sneaker rioting appeared.

  • Bernie

    “Best theory on the author is Lew Rockwell, whose libertarianism used to be racial enough such that his column was in the CofCC newspaper. Now you can’t even get him to acknowledge that his old pre-1997 “racially tinged” writings.”

    Yes, Rockwell wrote the same type of things in the old Rothbard-Rockwell Report. It was definitely him.

    But if you look at now it is hard left on race. An article today by Tom DiLorenzo criticizes National Review for once supporting apartheid South Africa and for saying a (somewhat) respectful word about David Duke in 1991.

    An article yesterday was subtitled “the real immigration problem.” You guessed it – the real illegal immigration problem is that there are supposedly a few thousand illegal Americans living in Mexico.

    Murray Rothbard was a much better writer than Rockwell. Rothbard did not hide his support for Jared Taylor and Sam Francis and would not have run away from his words.

  • HH

    The shameless Neocon attack machine has been desperately trying to make hay of this for weeks now. Between the lefties and the Neocon-men, they are obviously terrified by Paul’s popularity. Seems the left and “right” of mainstream politics are far more similar than not, doesn’t it? Gee, what a surprise…

  • Madison Grant

    To (#3):

    Ron Paul is a libertarian but NOT an objectivist and is opposed to open borders.

    However, you were right about the neocons bringing out the long knives. They’ll spend the coming months wailing about the newsletters and repeating the myth that Dr. Paul blamed the US for 9/11.

  • Anonymous

    It’s sink or swim time for Ron Paul. He could show some real courage and take the bull by the horns and admit out loud that he did indeed say these things. And meant it. If he backs off and apologizes he’s through (as far as my vote counts).

  • La Santa Hermandad

    Check out this page. Arm yourselves and fasten your seat belts.

    TIme to stop talking.

    Aux armes citoyens!

  • Reg

    #1 Ron Paul will not admit writing or even supporting these. He won’t because his campaign staff are clever.

    Let me explain….

    Paul looses all black, bleeding heart liberal whites and hispanic votes if he admits.

    While he may gain or solidify many white votes he has no need to try appealing to these white people. These white people have nowhere else to go. They will never vote democrat so he has their votes regardless.

    I for one (although I don’t have a vote as I’m not American) hope Paul denies it and says absolutely nothing more about it. That is the best play.

  • Question Diversity

    9 Bernie:

    Ron Unz, open borders, of all people, has archived all the old 3R newsletters. This part from the July 1994 issue is where I first heard of Sam Francis. The salient point here is that Lew Rockwell can run, but he can’t hide. No un-ringing a bell on the internet.

    Now, Rockwell is against Joe Arpaio, and steadfastly opposes any “extra” law enforcement tactics and attention to blacks and Hispanics. Back in those days, though, while he was still the doctrinaire libertarian, he muted the puritanical aspects of his own ideology. He even supported PJB’s Presidential campaigns, (“in spite of PJB’s non-libertarian imperfections”), because he was practical and realistic and knew that PJB was the most credible chance for the most change toward anything appearing to be libertarian on the Federal level, in a utilitarian verve.

  • Anonymous

    What’s interesting is that these pronouncements likely appeared in the news letter in the first place in order to ‘bash’ folks, those the Paul organization doesn’t agree with. Even this is used instead to bash a bit on Ron Paul. If you’re on the right, belittling or demeaning others isn’t really an option. It seems to Only work the other way around. When folks on the other side of the political spectrum are corrected it is usually done by those also on the left. Joseph McCarthy may have been the last one on the political right able to ‘frighten’ or take to task those who didn’t agree with him. The left does this as business as usual, almost as SOP.

  • Anonymous

    Warnings of a race war in 2012? I thought that it had been going on for 40 years. It became outwardly violent since Obama’s election in 2008. Will it escalate? Most probably yes.

    Also, remember the FBI Gang Assessment Report. Gangs in the military have been shipping weapons and even small ordinance to Mexican drug cartels. Latino Children in Southwestern states have been taught that the land was stolen from them and the need for a new “San Diego Plan.” Latino spokesman said last summer that there will probably be a race war/civil war in America within 5 years. All anyone need do is reiterate these facts in a newsletter. It isn’t racism, it’s reporting recorded facts.

  • sbuffalonative

    What’s troubling about this is that this was likely leaked by a Republican operative.

    Equally troubling is how Gingrich is using this against Paul.

    If any Republican uses this, it will only make it worse for them in the future leading to greater scrutiny, declarations of “I am not a racist”, and insufferable pandering.

  • Question Diversity

    Now, Newt Gingrich is making hay out of these newsletters. Before he does any of that, he ought to be concerned about actually getting on the ballot in important primary states — He won’t be on the Missouri or Virgina ballots, and a few other states. The Rickroller missed VA, also.

    Meanwhile, Ron Paul, too “wacky” and “foil headed” to win, hasn’t yet missed a filing deadline, IIRC. Romney hasn’t, either.

    Which makes me wonder: Does Newt Gingrich (et al) really want to win? Are they really in it to win it? You would think that ballot access would be the first thing they tend to. Somehow I get the feeling that other than Romney and Ron Paul, most of the rest are in it for nothing more than resume enhancement slash publicity stunt slash tripling their future speaking fees slash getting a show on the Fox Noise Channel if they don’t have one already.

  • Indrid Cold

    A race war in the traditional sense is never going to happen as many have prognosticated for decades. The race war is already being fought daily and has been since the 60’s. Its an insidious war for resources, economic deference, political control and societal realignments. In this war the whites are and have been losing badly since it began. Now if there ever was a race war in the traditional sense the whites would easily win out and that’s another reason why that will never happen.

  • Anonymous

    You know the guy is clean when he is married to the same women for 54 years and the only dirt the media has on him is a newsletter that had his name on it from 1994.

  • steve

    Ron Paul has always opposed the 1964 Civil Wrongs Bill, the public accomodations and EEOC sections. In 2004 he was the only Member of the House to vote against a resolution hailing the 1964 law on its 40th anniversary.

    Paul knows that MLK was an avowed Marxist Socialist with Communist Party USA advisers.

    The sit-ins were NOT peaceful, they an initiation of force against private property.

    Lew Rockwell did write those newsletters. Lew even hailed the LAPD beating of Rodney King in an LA Times op-ed at the time.

    So did Murray Rothbard and Randian Leonard Peikoff.

    Those newsletters are great, Ron is stupid to disvow them.

  • The Bobster

    It does not change my plans to continue voting for him! Hugo L. Black started off as a Ku Klux Klansman. Then he was voted in as U.S. Senator. Then he was appointed as Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. He did his job just fine!!


    I beg to differ:

    Jefferson’s wall separated church and the federal government only. By incorporating the First Amendment non-establishment provision into the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, Black’s wall separates religion and civil government at all levels–federal, state, and local.

    By extending its prohibitions to state and local jurisdictions, Black turned the First Amendment, as ratified in 1791, on its head. A barrier originally designed, as a matter of federalism, to separate the national and state governments, and thereby to preserve state jurisdiction in matters pertaining to religion, was transformed into an instrument of the federal judiciary to invalidate policies and programs of state and local authorities. As the normative constitutional rule applicable to all relationships between religion and the civil state, the wall that Black built has become the defining structure of a putatively secular polity.

  • John Engelman

    17 — Anonymous wrote at 4:33 PM on December 24:

    Warnings of a race war in 2012? I thought that it had been going on for 40 years. It became outwardly violent since Obama’s election in 2008. Will it escalate? Most probably yes.


    Since the election of President Obama the rate of violent crime has continued a decline it began in 1991. There has not been a black ghetto riot of any significance since the Rodney King riots of 1992.

    Blacks still have a rate of violent crime that is about eight times the white rate, but things are getting better not worse. We are not headed in the direction of a race war.

    The main problem facing the white middle class is the decline in middle class incomes while the rich get richer.

    Ron Paul’s economic policies will exacerbate that.

  • Jefferson CreepA

    The Republicrats have done themselves a great disservice by bringing up the newsletters in an attempt to slander Paul. While being a racial realist is publicly unacceptable, voting is a private affair, and in the end most of the content in the newsletters voters agree with! All these claims of racism do is slightly slow the spreading popularity for Ron Paul by making it risky to speak openly about him. I promise you that this will not stop paulbots, who are multiplying everyday. He will win the primaries. If you don’t believe me, I suggest you head to Iowa or NH and witness the army of young adults fighting for him like their lives depend on it. These include whites, blacks (who benefit from his stance on the drug war) Asians, and Latinos (who will be receiving the murdering end of Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious for decades to come).

    Lets be honest here. In their heart of hearts, every Republican knows that if Romney wins the nomination Ron Paul will run third party and split the Republican vote giving Obama the nomination.

  • BAW

    Several thoughts here:

    1. The same people who are smearing Ron Paul over this newsletter thing are the same people who extol the virtues of diversity, yet live in quite non-diverse neighborhoods and send their kids to quite non-diverse schools, like the Clintons and Obamas who, for all their support of diverse public schools, sent their kids to private schools. (Maybe they wanted to send their kids to the public schools, but the Secret Service didn’t think it was a good idea because the students were better armed than they were!)

    2. Libertarianism and the kind of limited government that our Founding Fathers created and Ron Paul supports does not mix with diversity. It works best when its constituents have a strong sense of personal morality and responsibility, as well as a strong sense of community and stick-togetherness. History shows that diversity ultimately leads to conflict, which necessitates a bigger, more repressive government to keep things peaceful: Witness what happened in Yugoslavia when the communist dictatorship fell.

    3. Uncontrolled immigration is perhaps the biggest threat to our national security. All of the 9-11 terrorists were in the country illegally. People come from Iran, North Korea, and China to study nuclear physics in our universities and steal our technical know-how. Our southern border is a war zone, and terrorists tried to sneak in from Canada on New Year’s Eve 2000. Our troops will better protect us from terrorism by being on our borders than in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    4. I would support ANY candidate who would pledge to close the borders, station troops on the borders, put a 10-year moratorium on LEGAL immigration, and free our economy from burdensome taxes and regulations to make it bloom and thus require fewer people to depend on Uncle Sam to make ends meet. Trouble is, I have yet to find that candidate.

  • Woody Woodpecker

    @ 24

    Mr. Engelman,

    While there may have been no black riots to equal the one in 1992, certainly you must agree that black mob attacks on whites (and to a certain extent east Asians) have become quite common these days. The “flash mob” attacks that we have all seen on the news. Furthermore, while I have not checked your stats that the overall crime rate has receded to 1991 levels, you must admit that even if the overall rate is down as you state, this statistic can be greatly skewed if blacks and Hispanics have refocused their violent activity away from each other and towards whites.

    So I would say to you, who cares if the overall rates are down? In fact, I would not count crips killing bloods killing MS-13 to be crimes, but merely people eliminating themselves. But attacks on honest, hardworking, productive citizens by ghetto dwellers…that is real crime, and I believe that type of crime has greatly increased and has even been encouraged (underhandedly, of course) under Obama and Holder.

  • Anonymous

    I thik that this article on Ron Paul, by, is interesting .

    “The Fulford File | Ron Paul Lynching—Will GOP Insiders Attempt To Dissolve Iowa And Elect A New One?”

    And as far as Lew Rockwell.

    “Lew Rockwell And The Strange Death (Or At Least Suspended Animation) Of Paleolibertarianism”

  • sam

    MLK is also a known plagiarist. Even the New York Times admitted it. His dissertation at Boston University comes with a warning to the reader that much of it is plagiarized. A committee on the subject determined that MLK plagiarized most of his speeches as well and that he does this freely and a lot. Check it out.

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul is the only one getting my vote. I’m not interested in anything the other Republicans are offering now, except stopping illegal immigration, but even now they’re not following through because they want the ‘hispanic’ vote and because big businesses hire illegals and will vote for the GOP. I will not vote for any of the GOP unless it’s Ron Paul or Pat Buchannan, or someone of their caliber. I’m not ‘throwing my vote away’ at the two traditional parties who are offering us nothing and have done nothing positive for us.

  • steve

    John Engelman is wrong on all his assertions. Since Obama and Holder Black crime has increased all across the country starting with the ongoing pack gangs looting businesses. In many cities like Oakland only about half the crimes are even reported.

    There have been Black riots at the Wisconsin State Fair this year and many other venues. In fact the increasing Black crime and general sociopathology constitutes an ongoing riot across urban America.

    Engelman cites standard leftist sources like the New York Times which lied on everything from ML King to Joe McCarthy to the AlGorean warming hoax and of course the Times supports the Keynesianism and government interventionism which have brought the economy to the current depression where the actual unemployment is double the official rate.

    While I disagree with Paul on abortion his economic program is the only one that is going to save the nation. The very notion of any sort of equality, social or economic, is Marxian to the core. But minorities will benefit from abolishing the minimum wage, curtailing labor union barriers to jobs, abolishing the drug war en toto and abolishing all the regulations and taxes that prevent economic growth. Four more years of Obama and this country will look like something out of Atlas Shrugged.

  • Anonymous

    In the late eighties and early nineties I worked long rural routes . My AM radio was my only companion , it was where I got my news . I distinctly remember the controversy going on over the Feds changing how crime stats would be tabulated in such a way that it would show a decrease in crime when there had not really been one .

    Now every time I turn on the news another woman or child has gone missing or another mass murder has occurred and violent crime is down ? .You’d better take anthing the FBI or any of the other Feds tell you with a grain a salt . They definitely seem to have a conflict of interest with the truth .

  • Mark

    Ron Paul supporters have become so enraged by the Main Stream Medias relentless unwarranted attacks on our candidate, that we have finally declared war on their enablers, we are now watching their sponsors and boycotting the products that we see advertised on any show, program, newscast, that shows Dr. Paul or his supporters in a negative light.

  • John Engelman

    25 — Jefferson CreepA wrote at 11:18 PM on December 24:

    if Romney wins the nomination Ron Paul will run third party and split the Republican vote giving Obama the nomination.


    There is a good chance Donald Trump will do that anyway.

    Because the Republican Party continues to become more extreme I doubt President Obama will have to contend with a third party on the left.