Posted on December 12, 2011

Germany Seeks to Ban Far Right Party

Associated Press, December 9, 2011

Germany’s top security officials say they are formally launching an investigation to determine whether a far right party should be banned over its antidemocratic convictions.

Germany’s Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich said Friday he reached agreement with his counterparts from the country’s 16 states to gather material for a trial seeking to ban the NPD party. They say the National Democratic Party is “inhuman, hostile to democracy and anti-Semitic.”


The hurdles for banning a party are high in Germany and only the country’s Constitutional Court can do so–and it rejected a first attempt to block the NPD in 2003.

34 responses to “Germany Seeks to Ban Far Right Party”

  1. madison grant says:

    War is Peace!

    Diversity Is A Strength!

    We have always been at war with Eastasia!

    The NPD must not be allowed to run for office because they’re “Antidemocratic”!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is what we have to look forward to if campaign funding is taken over by the government.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a bunch of ” colloquial sexually intercoursing idiots” have we become!

    To ban this party is EXACTLY anti-democratic!!!!!!!!!

  4. Matt says:

    We’re not going to take back our nations by voting.

  5. Anonymous says:

    So no one will be allowed to vote for this party, so that “democracy” will be preserved. That’s some twisted logic. And by what authority?

  6. idareya says:

    Banned them for being anti-democratic. What a very democratic thing to do!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Germany is just asking for a violent revolution. They always eventually happen to countries that deny free speech rights.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The commie left and their allies have been squawking at the NPD for decades. After all it is the victors who get to (re)write history.

  9. Rob says:

    Yeah, let’s prove how “open” and “democratic” we are by banning things we don’t like or agree with. Sounds like muslims claiming Islam is a “religion of peace” and if anyone disagrees they should have their heads cut off.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Talk about nerve! They ban a political party and then call IT undemocratic! The German liberal leaders are a bunch of hypocrites!

    This from a bunch who imprison people for their speech! The German nation has gone from being Nazis to being Stanlinists! Wow, what an improvement!

  11. Question Diversity says:

    And as one can read in the original article, the “grounds” will be “violence” that the NPD had nothing to do with, and neither provoked, endorsed or countenanced.

  12. Jason says:

    I didn’t know the nazis were still in power.

  13. paul rim says:

    Surely democracy is about the liberty to hold different views. Islamist proclaim their hostility to freedom, but that’s their right. The NPD proclaim their respect for democracy & play their part in debates & elections, but they are being persecuted. What happened to the wonders of diversity? This is horrific, it smacks of Big Brother, thought control & criminalizing opposition. Welcome to the EUSSR german branch. Shame on you!

  14. Xenophon says:

    When was the last time Germany banned a far left party?

  15. AO says:

    There is nothing more democratic than banning a party!

    The left makes me sick. It’s not like the party commissioned terrorist attacks.

  16. dd says:

    I knew the moment “hate” speech was outlawed in this country (USA) by the left, that all free speech was on the table. When the Dem congresswoman from Texas was wounded there was a chorous from the left to condem and limit conservatives. They didn’t get any traction in part because the shooter was a leftie. It’s coming people, it’s coming.

  17. Xanthippe says:

    There was an attempt to ban the NPD a few years ago, again because of “NPD violence”. During the process several infiltrators and agents provocateur were revealed. Turned out that the government agents who had infiltrated the party were the ones encouraging and engaging in illegal activity. THAT ban was not successful.

    No doubt the government became better at concealing agents after that. Or have they adopted the U.S. method in which interested private parties are given the wink and nod by the government, but not officially employed?

  18. Germany says:

    The NPD is not far right.

    They are nazis pure and simple. They want to destroy democracy the moment they get on power and still hate jews more than any other group.

    Defending them is pretty much like defending Hitler. You won’t see any normal conservative people at their party.

    Btw the reason the get banned is because they helped a few people to kill a dozen immigrants and a police officer. They are getting about 2% of the votes.

    This is the problem with Germany:

    Netherlands has Wilders, France has Le Pen, Swiss has Blocher (SVP), Austria has FPÖ but Germany has no voteable right wing party. Most of the new parties get pretty much destroyed by questions about Israel, Jews, if a black men should ever be in Germany an so on.

  19. patthemick says:

    Well the thought occurs to me that the right is making gains as the government would not ban an ineffective movement. I suspect that the party will simply change its name and have everyone join the new party with essentially the same goals and keep doing so until they win. After they win the quislings will have hell to pay.

  20. HH says:

    “Germany” You sound like the typical hysterical Neoconservative in America. I’ll stand with the NPD over most of these half-baked, tepid “anti-immigrant” Euro parties any day!

  21. Anonymous says:

    8 Anonymous wrote: “The commie left and their allies have been squawking at the NPD for decades….”

    I live in Germany and in fact is the right-wing CSU (Christian Social Union) party that is hellbent pushing for banning the NPD.

  22. highduke says:

    They might get more than 10% of the vote in C. Germany if they gave up on overt anti-semitism, covert territorial claims to Poland and vague pro-Nazi sentiment. Good numbers. They have a Nationalist base already. Now its time to tactically moderate short term to draw in conservatives who as a rule, don’t like overt anti-semitism or Nazism. Otherwise the NPD ends up worse off than the BNP.

  23. Question Diversity says:

    21 Anonymous:

    Lamestream conservatives are usually the loudest mouths about “evil” is the “far right.” As if they’re trying to impress some liberals? It never works, BTW.

  24. Blaak Obongo says:

    Thank God we fought a hugely destructive war against the Germans, so they could enjoy the democratic benefits of Freedom of Speech.

  25. Luke says:

    “4 — Matt wrote at 6:34 PM on December 12:

    We’re not going to take back our nations by voting.”

    A true and realistic assessment. Perhaps one to consider when shopping for Christmas presents that will be most useful to you and your loved ones for the dark days that lie ahead?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Banning a Political Party because you don’t like what they say is anti-Democratic, but when did that ever stop the Liberals?

    Let the Germans start by banning the Communist Party, the Socialists, and the nutbag Greens. They are all anti-German, and Globalist in political thought, anyway.

  27. Banastre Tarleton says:

    This is obviously a shining example of left-wing hypocrisy, make no mistake, however, I’m not so certain we want to consider a party like the NPD our friends, anyway. Although they are on our side of the fence in regards to issues like immigration and identity, the NPD are indeed very anti-democratic. I’ve spent time in Germany and Udo Voigt is one creepy dude. Their martyr is Rudolph Hess (at least be subtle, jeez) and they have no shame in plastering his face on many of their banners. They also are EXTREMELY anti-smoking, anti-drug, etc. As an American and Anglo-exceptionalist, I believe in freedom of choice; NPD does NOT. Mark my words, supporting this party could be akin to toying with a bottle and unleashing a genie that will have no chance of being put back in!

  28. Anonymous says:

    “Germany” #18 sounds very Leftist to me. So the NPD are “Nazis”? I doubt it. What they are are Nationalist Patriots, but that has to be beaten out of the Germans, and the rest of the Europeans, and their American cousins.

    Even for the sake of argument maybe some have engaged in criminal activity, does that mean every member is a criminal? There’s that broad brush, again. Then Germany should ban all Muslims with that logic.

    We have Neo-Nazis here in the US, and they don’t do a damned thing except have a rally, which is normally lightly attended, in which they say their views, and then go home. They have their Freedom of Speech, and the Right to Peacefully Assemble to air their views, just like everyone else does. To deny them their rights is Unconstitutional, and anti-Democratic.

    Now if Germany should succeed in banning the NPD, it will sucessfully drive their members underground. You will see a re-emergence of the Friekorp, or the Brownshirt type groups.

  29. Anonymous says:

    German government and media is run by radical left-wing tyrants. They have a vile hatred for even mild conservatives. For an example of this, check out this article in the Spiegel, it is about the te U.S. Republican candidates:,1518,800850,00.html

    It is titled:

    “The Republicans’ Farcical Candidates

    A Club of Liars, Demagogues and Ignoramuses”

    Even though most of our Republican candidates are pro-amnesty and pro-Isreal, they are still considered racist, ignorant nazis by the Spiegel. I have never seen such hateful, bigoted screed written about Republicans.

    On the other hand, Germany is in love with Obama. He has an 81% approval rating in Germany at this time. Some comment that he could even win an election in Germany. This has always blown my mind. What is wrong with Germany? Why do they hate their own people, and vehemently support their own destruction?

    Germany’s desire to ban the NPD makes perfect sense. Their “conservatives” consist of the CSU and CDU. They can be compared to our democrats. Their “liberals” are the SPD, Greens, and PDS. They can be compared to communists and third world marxists. Anyone who even mildy criticizes immigration is Hitler to them. The NPD will never make it as a legal, mainstream movement in Germany.

  30. Allan says:

    When willl the German Government realize that the German people were the first victims of the Nazis and there is no reason for them to continue to go hat-in-hand every time they face the world.

  31. Question Diversity says:

    26: I think the German Constitutional Court once did ban a party with “Communist” in its name, but I think they did it because it sponsored actual violence.

    27 Banastre Tarleton: If the NPD is opposed to smoking, then maybe they should hook up with the American Democrat Party.

    29: My theory about the German “love” for Obama is that it’s nothing more than a function of their disdain for the United States. Wouldn’t you love it if your worst enemy tied a lead anchor around his ankle and jumped in the ocean? We did just that by voting Obama (not you and me, of course), ergo Germany cheers.

  32. Duran Dahl says:

    Bless their Teutonic souls, the Germans are “rule followers” by nature. Unfortunately, they have been subjected to several generations of the worst sort of self-hatred-inducing brainwashing. It is truly sick. Nevertheless, they have adapted to a “public lies/private truths” paradigm which, although psychologically unhealthy is still better than buying into the “awful German” meme. The hard-right Germans of my acquaintance are as tight-lipped as any dissident in Stalin’s Russia…for similar reasons. Incidentally, these days, the Ossies are the better Germans. Allow me to relate a story. Years ago a group of us were discussing German history and the subject of the Third Reich era came up, as often it does. One of our number spoke of 1933 and intended to say “when the Nazi’s assumed power.” Instead, he said: “When the GERMANS assumed power.” Many a truth is said in jest and raucous hilarity ensued. If the occupation government bans the NPD (and similar) they will be creating a nationalist underground that will make the ’60’s bourgeois leftist dilettantes pale in comparison. Please note, all of the Western countries elites are guided by the same play-book. Be prepared!

    “It does not take a majority to prevail … but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” –Samuel Adams

  33. Anonymous says:

    Our ancestors understood the need for a tempered democracy and set up what can variously be characterized as a representative

    democracy ( republican government ) / a stratified democracy/

    with the electoral college election of the President, U.S. Senators elected by state legislators, etc. .

    Thus, the novice Germans might study the fact that about

    any conceivable government has (whether formally acknowledged or not ) elements of democracy and of anti-democracy in attaining the balance needed for practical functioning.

  34. Mike H. says:


    I agree with you, but at the same time I wouldn’t see this as a reason to vote against them if I was a German.

    On one hand you have parties determined to turn Germany into a 3rd world country, on the other… you have the NPD. Who, while they might be borderline Nazis and not terribly interested in the continuation of Democracy, at least want to keep the native population firmly in the majority.

    Gee, what a hard choice.