Posted on December 8, 2011

Feds Sue San Diego Hospital over Immigrant Workers

Mercury News, December 6, 2011

The U.S. Justice Department said Tuesday that it has sued a major San Diego hospital, saying it discriminated against immigrant employees and job applicants.

The department said UCSD Medical Center demanded excessive documentation from non-citizen job applicants and employees to prove they were eligible to work. The lawsuit says the hospital made no such demands of U.S. citizens.

The Justice Department, in a lawsuit filed with its Executive Office for Immigration Review, seeks unspecified monetary damages for affected workers.

“All workers who are authorized to work in the United States have the right to work without encountering discrimination because of their immigration status or national origin,” said Thomas E. Perez, assistant attorney general for the Justice Department’s civil rights division.


13 responses to “Feds Sue San Diego Hospital over Immigrant Workers”

  1. Anonymous says:

    What is wrong with treating non-citizens differently during the hiring process, to verify legal status? No “damage” occurred – either the legal non-citizens were cleared to work, or they were discovered to be illegal. In a sane world, that’s exactly what the federal government should want to see happen.

    But in our world, sanity takes a back seat to racial dispossession, which must not be questioned. And I see a Mr. Perez is involved – no surprise there.

  2. generalquagmyer says:

    “All workers who are authorized to work in the United States have the right to work without encountering discrimination because of their immigration status…”

    Is el Señor Perez saying here–it sure sounds like it–that those in this country illegally are authorized to work and shouldn’t be discriminated against?

  3. Mr.white says:

    Why shouldn’t non-citizens have to produce green cards in addition to other documents required to establish eligibility to work in this country? Could it be because the majority of these “non-citizens” we are talking about are hispanic and in fact illegal invaders, with no valid green card to produce.

    Of course, they will have no problems producing a fraudulent/stolen social security number along with a drivers license to establish their “eligibility” to work. With E-Verify not being mandated at the federal level,the obstacles to emplyment are few. La Raza Perez knows this as well as anyone does!

    Is there any benefit to being an American citizen??

  4. Anonymous says:

    “All workers who are authorized to work in the United States have the right to work without encountering discrimination because of their immigration status (or national origin).”

    They are either authorized to work in the U.S. or they aren’t. This sentence contradicts itself. He’s saying that workers are both authorized and potentially illegal immigrants. If they were illegals, they would not have been authorized to work in the U.S.

    This is the common sort of double talk Hispanics engage in when attempting to justify their many breeches of law, and criminal behaviors.

  5. Jeddermann. says:

    We just had a thing at work where the higher corporate management insisted that each and every employee had one month to provide ID and verification of birth status and residency of each dependent. Bring in papers. I had thought that this was a way to get rid of certain employees but it seems everyone complied. So this is just not so unusual.

  6. angry mike says:

    This all boils down to votes.the libs think if they let illegals stay they will vote democrat. After 2012 the dems will have no use for these ppl and won’t care what happens to them.

  7. sbuffalonative says:

    THE major provision of Reagan’s’ “one-time-only” amnesty was that companies would check documentation!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’ve lived in other countries and also travelled extensively for my job. I always had my passport with me. I was rarely stopped on the street by the police and asked for ID, but the few times it happened I had no problem with it. It WAS their country, after all.

  9. WR the elder says:

    The federal government is the enemy.

    It’s a far greater threat to America than Iran is ever likely to be.

  10. Bob Turner says:

    The “dogma of political correctness” in action. We could have daily stories as a category.

  11. jdavis says:

    Our government will do all within its power to weaken and diminish our national sovereignty through diversity and political correctness (mental aids).

    The “diversity is our strength” mantra is a lie, a bold faced lie breaking and destroying the USA. The current president wants to socially and economically destroy our country and rebuild it under a left-wind agenda, and sadly he is winning. His goals are within reach.

    Vote with your dollars, be ready for home defense, and man up, be ready to die for freedom.

  12. voiceofstl says:

    I do not understand this story. Why didn’t the Hospital just use E-verify?

  13. Anonymous says:

    By all means, let’s not identify if those people are here legally. We don’t want to hurt their feelings.