Black Women Enlisting at Higher Rates in U.S. Military

James Dao, New York Times, December 22, 2011

Black women are enlisting in the military at far higher rates than are white or Hispanic women, and they now represent nearly a third of all the women in the armed forces, a new study by the Pew Research Center has found.

The study found that of the 167,000 enlisted women in the military, 31 percent are black, twice their percentage in the civilian female population. Black men represent about 16 percent of the male enlisted population, roughly equal to their proportion in the civilian population.

White women, by comparison, represent 53 percent of women in the military, while accounting for 78 percent of the civilian female population.

The study, which is based on demographic data collected by the Defense Department, confirmed what military experts have known for years: that black women are a crucial source of new recruits for the armed forces, especially for the Army and the Air Force.


The study, which also drew on surveys conducted by the Pew Center this year with 1,873 veterans, showed that women in the military differ from their male counterparts in several ways.


It also found that even though women were less likely than men to have served in a combat zone, they were almost as likely to report having had traumatic experiences or difficulties readjusting to civilian life.



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  • Anonymous

    Another mystery of “disparate impact”. How is it there can be so large a difference? Disparate impact would say the military discriminates against black men favoring black women.

  • Anonymous

    The American military is becoming the DMV.

  • Question Diversity

    It also found that even though women were less likely than men to have served in a combat zone, they were almost as likely to report having had traumatic experiences or difficulties readjusting to civilian life.


    How does “serving” in the diversity enforcement division of the Air Force lead to PTSD and trauma? This study relies on the self-reporting of the study subjects; always problematic.

  • Anonymous

    If you are married or have a child and are a member of the military you receive higher pay and get to live in off-post housing and not in the barracks. And those who are pregnant are less likely to be deployed overseas and perhaps to stateside outdoor training as well. Would be interesting to see what percentage among the different races have children or become pregnant while serving. Also what percentage of male GIs vs female GIs have children.

  • Tom Iron

    The point is to have this stupid “diversity”, but it’s all an illusion. Our armed forces don’t need this many people. It’s been going high tech for many years now. We’re at the point that no nation could ever dare to fight us. At the same time, we’re keeping up this charade that blacks (men or women) have a real role in our defense establishment, just like the charade going on that they have a realistic place in the society at large.

    I have no idea how many attack nuclear subs we have, but I’d say the amount of blacks on those boats is no more than twenty in our entire nuclear sub fleet. The whole thing is a giant charade.

  • Overseas

    I currently serve, and this is no surprise to me. The Military has become a welfare haven for blacks, specifically females, as it is extremely difficult to get rid of them and they are guaranteed a paycheck on the 1st and 15th plus full medical, dental, housing and rations. Even if they don’t have a family care plan, most serve under black command sergeant majors who are “sympathetic” (read: take payoffs in the form of sexual favors or drugs) to their plight.

    The Army specifically has fallen to third-world disarray and while it is still combat effective, it is not professional or organized whatsoever in the realm of support or sustainment, which is where most blacks end up due to their dismal GT and ASVAB scores. Ever seen a white fueler? me either.

  • Question Diversity

    A tad OT:

    A frog, and a tiny one at that.

    Compare today’s big brave military above with the fictional but probably true to life depiction of the Marines in 1957, from “The D.I.” starring Jack Webb. This is the famous “sand flea” scene:

  • Anonymous

    Whites aren’t 78% of the population. I wish we were, but were not. I doubt its 65%.

  • Anonymous

    And increasingly, white men in the military are marrying them….

  • Anonymous

    7 — Question Diversity wrote at 8:25 PM on December 29:

    Viewed both clips. I remember “The DI” from my youth.

    The first clip; Seems like black guys are gay and afraid of a frog?

    Second clip; Pretty macho and pointless. But I know that DIs were like this, they made issues out of nothing, picked on certain boots, etc. I think the scene in “Full Metal Jacket” says it all.

    While I do agree that we have ruined our discipline in the forces, mostly due to Feminism and “Diversity” codes, those former DI types were sadists. I sincerely believe that sadists had careers in the forces, especially the Marines. My father had his hearing permanently damaged when a brig guard boxed him in the ears when he was in the Navy during WW2.

  • HH

    Let’s just be frank about this. The US military is a bloated, bureaucratic leviathan – just like everything related to the Federal government. The military has been a bastion of egalitarian social-engineering for decades, and if I may speak plainly, the results show. This is all particularly evident in the non-combat/support areas of the service, not surprisingly.

  • Shot Doctor

    As Ricky said….Lucy we in trouble…

    just go to motor vehicle dept. or bra city gov,t…post office…

    critical mass at it’s best.

  • Bandmo

    Send 50,000 of “We are all do the same training and are exactly the same as men” to another Normandy on a “D-Day” with their war face on and hear then roar. “But get this over by 5, I gots to be picks up my babies at Laquishes.”

  • Anonymous

    “The American military is becoming the DMV.”

    With some exception the government is becoming the DMV.

  • Agree with Overseas

    I can verify everything poster #6 said. I served in the Army for 10 years and can sadly tell everyone that the Army has become just another “make work” program for blacks, especially black females. Most have at least one baby by the time they enlist. They show up to formation, do the minimal work, have black NCO’s lining up to “get wit dat.” As soon as a deloyment comes along, its time to find another baby daddy to get knocked up by. I know three black females in the same unit who did this (all three of them E-6’s, in charge of privates and specialists who had actual combat experience) and made no secret that were getting pregnant on purpose just to avoid deployment and get more money from the military.

    I really wish the public at large knew how the military really was. I could fill pages with stories like this.

  • weisser wolf

    Being in the military since 1995, I can attest to the fact that the service life is nothing more than working welfare for blacks and the other minorities; everything is provided for them, promotions are assumed/defaulted, unless there is some egregious conduct, whites do most of the work, and if things don’t go their way they can always go the myriad of alphabet agencies set up to tend to their every need, such as the IG,EEO,EO,NAACP, etc…

    Whites are overwhelmingly represented in the combat arms MOS’s and blacks are heavy in the medical units, admin, supply, and other service-support areas; this way there is little-no danger of actually getting hurt and/or having to do any work….

    “Overseas” is correct on every point and it only gets worse every year…

  • stonelifter

    I will confirm the report that the military is basically welfare; lest wise the jobs open to women are.

  • Luke

    “5 — Tom Iron wrote at 7:56 PM on December 29: We’re at the point that no nation could ever dare to fight us.”

    Maybe that’s why we have to attack ourselves and then pin it on whoever our criminal ruling elites decide they want to go to war against?

    When you’re operating a military that does that kind of evil, you do not want it to be filled with smart, high IQ people – or else they might figure out the scam. And, refuse to go along with it.

    Oh, and for those of us who’ve picked up a copy of the old Turner Diaries novel at a gun show and spent time to read it, we all will remember that the military opposition in that work of fiction was heavily dominated by blacks, and especially black females. Are those predictions coming true?


  • Anonymous

    On a related note, have you been to the post office lately? Does a green card from Cambodia, China, and Vietnam include a government job at the post office? I suppose not all “immigrants” are the entrepreneurial type, interested in receiving a government small business “loan” to run a donut shop, nail salon, or dry cleaner.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that some DI are/were sadists, especially the black ones. My cousin was at boot camp in the mid-70’s, and his (black) DI decided that sunscreen was for “p*****s” and wouldn’t let the recruits use it. My cousin is like me, red-haired, blue eyed and extremely fair skinned. He ended up in the hospital with 3rd degree burns and sunstroke.

    The military is no place for a white woman. I’m sure many of the black women find it right up their alley.

  • Anonymous

    I know it is off-topic, but why does the USA account for over half of all the ‘defense’ spending in the world, and keep over 700 bases overseas while ignoring its very own borders? The USA just built “Camp Bondsteel” in Kosovo, the province it detached from Serbia after bombing it for 78 days. Serbia never did anything to America.

  • Anonymous

    REf. 4, 6, 15

    My brother worked in schools serving a major military base in the U.S. He confirms what these comments get at. In short, to a

    significant extent, the military has become a prop to the “stud farm” illegitimacy rate of Blacks and to supporting a large number of children by way of free medical care, etc. A friend of mine–

    a NCO in ‘Nam and retired highway patrolman–was doing contract

    building work on a major Army base. He simply remarked to me that if it were not for our technology, the military would be really at a loss, given the nature of so many of the humans in uniform. Most of these people are about 180 degrees from being warriors.

  • EMD

    I had to laugh at what #6 posted regarding fuelers. Yep, they’re black!

    The pregnancy rates among black women (and yes, they have baby daddies–plural–just like their civilian counterparts) are astronomical.

    The rates of STDs are astronomical among blacks (just like their civilian counterparts)…

    …they are absolutely UNPATRIOTIC (just like their civilian counterparts). They have no love for this country; it’s just a paycheck and a party for them.

  • Rhialto

    Consider the benefits of tapping this “crucial source of new recruits”.

    1-It gets these women off the street, and into situations where they don’t commit crimes against civilians.

    2-They may not love America, but they support the FedGov. They will be of great use in suppressing groups that the FedGov needs to suppress. For example, black women would be effective as rehabilitators in mass detention centers, should such facilities ever be required.