Posted on December 16, 2011

Austrian Teens Exposed as Xenophobic by Study

Austrian Independent, December 15, 2011

Young Austrians’ views are strongly influenced by hostility to strangers and concerns caused by the economic crisis, according to researchers.

The Institute for Youth Culture Research spoke with 400 residents of Vienna aged between 16 and 19 to find that 43.6 per cent of them agreed with the claim that “there are way too many Turks in Austria.”

Around 96,000 of the 248,000 members of the domestic Turkish community are born in Austria. Turks have been in the focus of anti-immigration political movements like the right-wing Freedom Party (FPÖ) over the years. FPÖ boss Heinz-Christian Strache has claimed he is not against successful integration but warns of the increasing dominance of Islam at the same time.

Research shows that unemployment among Turks is around twice as high as among Austrians. Statistics also reveal that Turkish women have 2.41 children on average, significantly more than Austrian women (1.27). Austria has one of the lowest birth rates in Europe.

Turks are not the biggest ethnic minority in Austria. Former residents of the countries which once formed Yugoslavia take the lion’s share. OGM found in November 2010 that 51 per cent of Austrians were of the opinion that Turks should show more engagement to create a better coexistence. Only seven per cent said Austrians had to show more effort while 39 per cent of interviewed Austrians told the agency that both nationalities must intensify their attempts to avoid the creation of so-called parallel societies.

The latest youth study–which was presented yesterday (Weds)–also shows that, with 11.2 per cent, more than one in 10 young Austrians are of the opinion that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler “also did many good things for the people.”

A majority of 65.5 per cent of interviewed teens said they were of the opinion that a safe job was of greater importance than an ambitious career. Bernhard Heinzlmaier, who heads the Austrian Institute for Youth Culture Research, said this result did not mean young Austrians were afraid of taking on new challenges. He linked the research’s revelations with an increasing uncertainty about the future development of the Austrian economy and the stability of the European Union (EU).

Almost four in 10 (38.2 per cent) of Austrian teenagers said they considered themselves part of the fitness movement while 25.2 per cent explained they identified themselves the most with football. More than one in five (21.3 per cent) said they did not see themselves as part of a certain social group while only eight per cent expressed affiliation with eco-friendly attitudes and alternative lifestyles.

The teenagers were also asked to name the major reason for why many Austrians were going through tough times. Around 37 per cent claimed laziness and a lack of determination was the key aspect of their failure to make ends meet. Only 21 per cent said inequalities of today’s society caused hardship. Four per cent described impoverished residents of Austria as “unlucky”.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I wonder what the turks would say if that many Austrians moved to Turkey? Well, that would never happen because their leaders are not traitors who would force immigrants on them against their will. No shotgun weddings!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Two comments:

    1) “Austrian Teens Show Common Sense” might have been the title of this article.

    2) The author and researchers go against their own preaching, by referring to “Austrian teens”, as though Turkish-born teens living in Austria do not count as Austrian.

  3. Fr. John+ says:

    “The Institute for Youth Culture Research spoke with 400 residents of Vienna aged between 16 and 19 to find that 43.6 per cent of them agreed with the claim that “there are way too many Turks in Austria.”

    They’re correct. Anyone here know of Chesterton’s poem, Lepanto?

    Anyone ever hear of the “Gates of Vienna”?

    Turks do NOT belong in Europe. End of story.

  4. Whirlwinder says:

    The youngsters know that something is not right in their country with so many Muslims there. Their elite government and their parents are not sharing the truth about Islam with them. Islam is in their country and the rest of Europe to colonize and dominate. Assimilation is not in their lexicon. When their numbers are large enough, they will topple Western civilization, institute Sharia law and take over what is left of the institutions. The indigent peoples will become second class citizens-those that are not slaughtered and or taken as slaves in the civil strife. Those left will pay taxes to maintain the Muslims until the economy is so drained that it collapses over time due to the lack of enough of the native citizenry with the knowledge and expertize to keep things running.

  5. Ben N Indiana says:

    Then, again, maybe there are too many Turks.

    Consider the term ‘xenophilia.’

  6. Hirsch says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I knew nothing of Turks until I was stationed in Germany some years back. I was dating a Turkish girl who worked in a sheesha shop. She said she had fled from her family because she had converted to Christianity and her father and brothers now wanted to kill her.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Why SHOULDN’T people be xenophonic? What is wrong with a healthy level of suspicion and mistrust of foreigners and strangers? People you don’t know. People who don’t look, act or sound like you, your family, your friends and neighbours and come from a completely alien background with a totally different value system. To me it seems like a perfectly natural, intelligent and prudent response. It was probably an evolutionary process in our caveman past. You had to be careful. You should still be today. The unsuspicious caveman probably have no descendents today…

  8. sbuffalonative says:

    Clearly, more brainwashing is needed.

    I noticed how they linked the opinions of teens in regards to Turks to the economic crisis.

    It’s the old belief that xenophobia is linked to foreigners taking jobs. They’re just trying to keep the theory alive.

  9. Cape to Cairo says:

    3 — Fr. John+ wrote at 7:19 PM on December 16:

    “Turks do NOT belong in Europe. End of story.”

    Actually they don’t even belong in Turkey. Even the word Turkey doesn’t belong in Turkey. The Turks came from Mongolia/Central Siberia centuries ago and displaced all of the Greeks and other Caucasian tribes, like the Galicians, that inhabited that area before.

  10. Xanthippe says:

    Only 43.6%? Sounds like the usual suspects have done a dang good job of brainwashing the young.

  11. Reformed says:

    Austria has 8 million people and a quarter million of them are Turkish! About 1 out of every 30 people in a White European nation is a Middle Eastern Muslim!

    Are you serious? Germany is just as bad, no worse! 80 million with 5 million Turks! 1 out of 16! Wake up, Europe!

    We have our foreigners, the Hispanics, and Europe has the Muslim bums who refuse to work.

  12. Istvan says:

    The funny thing about Austria is that they still go bonkers over the Habsburg threat! They harass members of the former ruling family over the use of titles and loyalty oaths to the republic. Have confiscated most of their property. Threaten to either deport them (or arrest them if they enter the country) if they make any statements that can be considered remotely anti-republican. They have anti-Hapsburg laws in their constitution. Yet the Muslims, who have no place in Austria, whose entire history in Austria has been nothing but grief, and are a real threat to Austria and Austrians, is ignored. Better to argue over WWI and your deposed Imperial family so as to distract the peasants from the real danger.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Reformed wrote at 8:33 AM on December 17:

    “80 million with 5 million Turks! 1 out of 16! Wake up, Europe!”

    80 million White Germans and 5 million Turks – with statistically no Blacks, M13 Latinos and few idiot Swedes or Neo Conservatives….. sounds like heaven to this Chicagoan. Most Turks are a bit rough, but most have some White/Western genes. Another plus with NW Muslim minorities, most Whites know the score and are on guard. It’s pretty difficult to make NW Muslim men look like the victims as they desire to force women to give up all their rights, want to push the world back to some 9th century Islamic golden age where Muslims got to enslave White Greeks, Serbs, Spainards. Yeah, the Western European, Central Europeans have good folk memories of “THE TURKS” – look for a lot more Romanian style folk heroes like Count Dracula or Arkan to come on the scene.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I lived 10 km from the southern Austrian border for a few years in the late 90s. One thing I can say about Austrians is that they are very introverted, and that is a good thing. However, Austrian youth has been getting pounded by American rap style music for some time. This percentile will climb I predict, as the teens come of job age and see their options narrowed by Turks and the PC that supports them.

    It’s also amazing to see this article mention that 1 in 10 said that “Hitler also did some good things for the people,” in such an out of context fashion. One wonders how the question was asked? Even I would have to agree that up until 1939, Hitler was a positive force for Germany. If he had been content with there Sudetenland and Austria, the world would likely be a far better place than it is today, even if he pressured against Jews and most did move and establish the state of Israel.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I’ll bet the girls disproportionatily think there are too many turks in Austria. That’s what comes of the incessant sexual harassement, obscenities, groping and grabbing of Austrian women by Turks. As small children when out and about with their Mothers they see their Mothers grabbed and harassed.

    At age 10 or 11 the girls are harassed. It doensn’t stop until your hair turns gray.

    I had no opinion about Turks at all until I was about 30. Then we moved to Germany and everywhere I and any other White woman went we were grabbed, pawed and molested by the Turks.

    German media explained that we should not be upset with the Turks because they were far from home and their wives. Actually, the wifes were right there with them in the goverment housing and on benefit.

    My daughter was 13 when we left. By that time she had been harassed and annoyed for 2 years. In some countries a woman who is with a man or small children is left alone. Not so with the Turks.

    Entirely because of their sexual harassing behavior of every woman they came across, I believe Turks have no place in a civilized society.

    They wander around in gangs. The worst thing is they love to grab hips and breasts as hard as they can and twist. It hurts a lot and leaves big bruises.

    That may be why Austrian teen age girls do not like Turks.

    And as everywhere in N. Europe, the native woman are supposed to adjust to a culture of raps and other sexual assaults. No one tells the Turks how to behave around women in a civilized society.

    All these years and I am still outraged.

  16. Worried says:

    In Germany similar to Austria Turks have come in record numbers. Problem is that unlike many of the other migrants to Germany the Turks are not prepared to learn the language, blend or integrate into society as a whole instead preferring to build ghettos and live in parallel communities. High crime and high unemployment caused partly by often by lack of concern in schooling or learning a trade has caused great friction to arise between Turks and the native population. With over 4 million and rising the Turkish population and the problems they bring are making life more complicated and less safe for all involved. Diversity, something that is not working almost everywhere is also not a success in Germany. The flood of Turks in to Germany reminds one of what happened to California where the results are about the same. This insane idea of blending the peoples of diverse cultures must be stopped it is a fiasco only about to get worse.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Only 43%? I doubt that. More than half of Vienna is of foreign descent. Many of those surveyed were probably Turks and Africans. Most foreigners will not feel threatened by other foreigners. If you surveyed real Austrians of any age, more than 43% would most likely be “xenophobic”. I am sure there are a high percentage of Austrians surveyed who simply lied. People are too afraid to tell the truth. In Europe, no one wants to lose their job and future, contradicting their gestapo-like, liberal Thought Police.

  18. Great White Observer says:

    Poster #13 is right on the money. Having been to Turkey and knowing of many Turks living in New York I would happily make this proposal, a one for one swap of every non European migrant in this country for a Turk and I would even throw in some non White American born dregs of society. That would be a deal made in heaven and America would again be a great place to live.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I could never understand the mentality of the Turks. I perceive them as being ethnically Caucasian/White but yet their behavior is rather primitive and that leads me to believe that it’s all about the religion.

    Islam is noted for it’s grotesque treatment of females. I use that word not as would a Mau Mau thug/”youth” but rather to convey that little girls are not exempt from their practices.

    Murdering over one million Armenian Christians at the beginning of the last century is proof of what an out of control belief system be it religious or political can do. The Holocaust was an even worse validation of the previous statement.

  20. GM (Australia) says:

    1, I have consulted anumber of dictionaries, yes the word xenophobic means having a fear or hatred of foriegners or foreign things.

    Obviously a sizeable portion of Austrian youth do have fears, like, fear of Muslim sexual assult gangs, Muslim drug gangs, no-go neighbourhoods,fear of terror attacks and so on. Some Austrian youth will then see that scarce jobs and university places will be given to Turks, often by way of AA programs, they will also see their taxes being squadered on welfare by non-appreciative foriegners.

    Justifiable concerns, yes. But the word Xenophobia, sounds like a smear campaign by the diversity do-gooders.

    2,Now come to this country. Every ethnic group that I know of seems to have a “Lock up your Daughters” mentality, this mindset is especially noticeable among the Middle Eastern, Greek and Asian Communities.Their reasoning is that their daugters may get involved with an Australian. It does not matter if the young man is well educated, well connected or has a good career, socialising with Australians for these ethnic groups is a total NO NO. This really does border on Xenophobia.

    So far I have yet to see any headlines or research findings screaming out about this. ( xenophobia.)

  21. Zenta1697 says:

    There were too many Muslims in Austria a couple of times before–primarily 1529 and 1683. Our European ancestors handled it better and more heroically in those days. Had they not, the hordes may have swept on to Italy, France, Germany, Spain, etc. even in the face of tough Christian resistance. Our civilization could have been extinguished long ago. Today, what they won and preserved for us is being squandered by hate-ridden, insatiable, miserable, sadistic Marxist traitors who, for all their phony-idealistic blather, frame every human interaction in material terms, and always manage to identify with every possible alien cultural heritage above their own. They aren’t fit to shine the boots of a Polish Winged Hussar, a Venetian knight, a Spanish arquebusier, or a Swiss pikeman.

  22. Anonymous says:

    18 — Great White Observer wrote at 10:31 AM on December 18:

    “Poster #13 is right on the money. Having been to Turkey and knowing of many Turks living in New York I would happily make this proposal, a one for one swap of every non European migrant in this country for a Turk and I would even throw in some non White American born dregs of society. That would be a deal made in heaven and America would again be a great place to live. ”

    All this is silly. You are making proposals to no one with any power to enact them. “Uh, yeah, we’ll trade our blacks and Hispanics for Turks, okay?” Besides, why should whites make such deals with themselves or anyone? Read posts #15 and #16!

    If we are demanding anything, it has to be a separate life for whites, in nations and zones where there are none or few non-whites. I think the proportions that Japan has are likely acceptable. We can trade with Asia and positive non-white races and cultures, but we don’t have to have the world crashing onto us – they don’t.

    But the harsh fact is that we are far, far away from making any such plans, let alone have enough organization to demand even all white reservations in Europe!

    When we finally do get separation into our own zones, they will likely have barbed wire borders and watch towers with machine guns on them.

  23. Deniz says:

    The ignorance of Americans of Turks is pathetic and ludicrous.

    I have unfortunately no time to refute every comment but in a nutshell, the overwhelming majority of these so-called “Turks” in Austria are not Turks but Arabs and Kurds from the easternmost Turkey who are intensely disliked by ethnic Turks.

    Most Austrians have no idea who these people are but people like me know actually well who these “sexual” molesters and thugs are, so maybe Austria should stop taking “refugees and asylum seekers” from Turkey who are in fact either economical immigrants or pkk members which was recognized as a terrorist organization by Europe. If not, they are free to leave Turkey, I won’t regret it.


    As last, but not the least, to the commenter Cape to Cairo:

    Sir, you’ve got it all wrong. Shall we start again? Whites do not belong to Australia, USA, Canada, East of Urals, South America and yet South Africa and any other continent except Europe, according to your logic? Europeans came some centuries ago, displaced and annihilated Native Americans. Even the name America doesn’t belong to the continent, it must be renamed “Aztlan”, will you agree?

    Greeks are not indigenous to Anatolia, neither were Galatians. Both were Indo-European tribes who came between Black and Caspian Sea and toppled all old European, non-Indo-European civilizations (e.g. Hittite in Turkey, Etruscan in Italy, etc.) from Iberia to Anatolia. Galatians were Celtic barbarians who in fact had absolutely no business, neither historically nor culturally, whatsoever in Asia Minor. They themselves were displaced by Romans, another Indo-European speaking tribe and so on…

    In fact, Etruscans may have been of Proto-Turkish origin, the very name “Etrusc” and some anthropological/genetic studies (but not all) indicate some similarity, but we can never know exactly. But if it’s true, your ancestors displaced mine in Italy, thousand years (-4000/5000) ago. Should I demand reparations from modern Italians? Just joking…

    Anyway, you are free to “liberate” Anatolia, as you “liberate” Iraq and Afghanistan. Your Texan kinsmen say: “Come and take it”, I couldn’t agree more…

  24. Hans Schneider says:

    The Austrians healthy instinct is still very much alive despite the massive ongoing brain washing about third world immigration.

  25. sam says:

    Yu cannot sell the turks to me–I am half-Greek and my grandmother remembered the turks’ barbarity well. We even knew a woman who hade actually seen her brother beheaded by turks during one of their invasions of Greece. The turks also murdered 1 million Greeks in the 1920’s. It’s call the Greek Gemocide. NO, you cannot sell the turks to me.

  26. Anonymous says:

    What exactly do the Feminists have to say about all this?

  27. Anonymous says:

    @ 23

    Sir, I beg to disagree.

    All your examples while true utilize flawed thinking. I’ll demonstrate it.

    Many nations are big that encompass entire continents; however, not all do so. So while the Native American Indians did inhabit the Americas prior to European settlers during the 1700s (as there is evidence of vikings landing in Canada but that is besides the point), they weren’t the first Americans (as nation citizens), nor did they inhabit the Americas in it entirety as a continent (the most absurd part). In fact “Colonialism” means colonies that set up in uninhabited areas to acquire goods and resources for the host nation. This is not the same as the term “Imperialism.” Unfortunately, these terms have been used interchangeably. They didn’t have an official nation(s) or borders. Like other groups they were what we call “nomads,” meaning they roamed with no fixed location/boarders following a live food source for survival.

    Even with knowing this, when two groups/culture/etc have a disagreement about idea/land/etc there is a phenomena called “war.” “War” basically determines what one can and can’t do. Not petty “wit.” Wars ultimately determine history.

    For STARTERS please look up the difference between a continent and a nation, tribes and civilizations, finally between colonialism and imperialism.


  28. Deniz says:


    Sir, first of all, I’m not a starter and am quite aware of what you’rs saying. Actually, we’re saying the same.

    My point was deliberately aimed at the commenter who blames the Turks for displacing some “Caucasian” tribes in Anatolia, although Turks to large extent themselves were Caucasians, too.

    War determines history as you say, and Anatolia belongs to Turks by the right of conquest. Saying the name Turkey doesn’t belong to Asia Minor is utterly ridiculous and pathetic.

    But it’s even more ludicrous and hypocritical if you yourself displaced some other people -for whatever reason, imperialism or colonialism- and still blames other people for doing exactly the same.

    But let’s go not too far from the topic.

    Whether too many people from Turkey are in Austria or not, it’s their own problem. Nobody forced Austrians to take them in, nobody forces them to keep them in Austria. They wanted cheap, slave labor and they had. Let’s admit, guest worker is a misnomer, it’s actually modern slavery.

    On the contrary, nobody forces people from Turkey to stay in Austria, they can leave whenever they want.

    I would actually dump all people from East of Turkey in Austria, if they wish more slave labor. They would thereby have “growing workforce”, “vibrant culture” and high birthrates”, sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

  29. Anonymous says:

    @ 28

    Sir, modern day slavery in the form of guest labor? I really don’t know if you even know what your saying or if you just are trying to rile the populace. Modern day slavery is in Africa.

    You missed the point. In that period a war fought then may have determined the issues of that historical period but that doesn’t mean things are set in stone based upon that. If that was true no wars would perpetually exist as all issues would’ve been resolved.

    Many societies had similar or boarders that included what we now call “Turkey.” That doesn’t mean one group has right to Turkey as Turkey never existed before 1923. You could argue that groups have lived in that area and formed previous empires in what we now know as “Turkey,” but that is about it. That doesn’t mean Turkey has no actual value as people who share a common bond and culture make Turkey which is based on history.

    You entirely missed the point. Colonialism doesn’t displace a population (at least not at first). There is no point settling a colony right in the territory of another person for various reason I won’t go over. After giving time the colony may expand and this expansion could cause some friction. Either way, the point is almost (that I’m aware of) no indigenous peoples had any concept of “owning land” or “state sovereignty.” Such concepts were uniquely European and so your argument of displacement becomes void. In fact many of these people depended upon moving to find food which then they must “displace themselves” from a fixed location according to your logic (this has do with your Australia comment, etc)

    These Turks came to Austria come due to the higher standard of living like what happens to most people who immigrate. Their own country isn’t equal and can’t boost the same level of living, etc. It isn’t done in the nations interest especially when strife/cost comes front it. You could easily have cheap labor without immigrating vast populations that don’t share a common culture or bond. In fact nations do that all the time. Don’t give me that.

    Why do the Turks come then even in spite of being “modern day slaves?” Funny because if I feel I’m being used I usually don’t put up unless I don’t have a choice because the alternative isn’t better. No one is forcing them to stay. I guess you must believe Turks are so incredibly stupid then.

    Turks shouldn’t be there because it isn’t the land (different then the nation) where they are from. However history, as an entity, doesn’t care about “should” or “shouldn’ts.” Actions is what count (i.e. war/voting/etc).