Posted on November 28, 2011

Zimbabwe Women Accused of Raping Men ‘For Rituals’

Steve Vickers, BBC News, November 27, 2011

Zimbabwean police believe there is a nationwide syndicate of women raping men, possibly to use their semen for use in rituals that claim to make people wealthy.

It has taken more than a year for any arrests to be made, and on Monday three women are to go on trial in the capital, Harare, over the allegations which have shocked the country.

One alleged victim, who wished to remain anonymous, gave an account on national television in July of his experience which happened after he was offered a lift by a group of three women in Harare.

“One of the women threw water in my face and they injected me with something that gave me a strong sexual desire,” he said.

“They stopped the car and made me have sex with each of them several times, using condoms.

“When they had finished they left me in the bush totally naked.

“Some people gathering grass helped me by calling the police, who took me to hospital to deal with the effects of this drug that I had been given, as the urge to have sex was still there.”

The women due in court have been charged on 17 counts of aggravated indecent assault–as Zimbabwean law does not recognise the act of a woman raping a man.

They were detained earlier this month in the central town of Gweru, 275km (170 miles) south-west of Harare, after officers found 31 used condoms in the car that they were travelling in.

Threatening crowds

The women deny the charges, saying they are prostitutes and were too busy at the time to dispose of the condoms.

After being released on bail last month, they were confronted and threatened by a crowd.They say they have been forced to remain at home since then, to avoid unwanted attention.

Police spokesperson Superintendent Andrew Phiri told the BBC that they believe that there is a syndicate operating nationwide.

“We have received reports from around the country from different towns and provinces, it’s been happening on the highways,” he said.

“We are yet to find out the real reason why this is happening. We have heard speculation that it’s linked to rituals.”

He appealed for witnesses to come forward.

“We need to hear from people who are prepared to tell,” the superintendent said.

The semen is believed to be used in rituals to bring success in business, and there are suggestions that the semen is being taken outside the country for sale.

But cultural expert and sociology lecturer Claude Mararikei told the BBC that it was not clear how the semen would be used.

“It’s in the area of rituals and magic, which border on secret societies,” he said.

“Even researchers don’t want to go into that area because you may not come out alive to publish whatever you find out.”

‘Wife left me’

While the first accounts of men alleging that they had been raped by women were generally met with incredulity, men who spoke to the BBC say that they are now taking the issue very seriously.

“When I travel I only use buses where people are travelling in numbers now, I won’t get a lift in private cars, especially if there are women inside,” said a man called Witness.

“You must exercise caution, women are raping men, it’s happening.”

Some women in Harare, like Sibongile, worry it is giving their gender a bad image.

“I wish that people could be encouraged to work for their money in a good way. It’s evil that’s gone into women’s heads to cause them to be that greedy, that they want easy money,” she told the BBC in the city centre.

The police have not given a figure for the number of cases reported.

Nakai Nengomasha, a counsellor who is working with three men who say that they are victims of female rapists, believes that there could be more cases who have not come forward.

“I think there has been a lot of under-reporting because the victims will feel not man enough to talk about such issues and that will hinder them from speaking out,” he said.

“They need to deal with denial which comes from a deeply rooted mistaken belief that men are immune to being victimised and that they should be able to fight back if they are truly a real man.

“Some have to deal with the issue of seeing the assault as a loss of manhood and feel disgusted with themselves.”

That is how the man who spoke about his alleged ordeal on television feels, saying he even contemplated suicide.

“I feel violated and disappointed, because when I told my wife what happened, she left me, together with one of our three children. I’m hoping that she will come back.”

23 responses to “Zimbabwe Women Accused of Raping Men ‘For Rituals’”

  1. Anonymous says:

    great group of people living there, no?

  2. highduke says:

    Big deal. I doubt any White man would feel violated for more than a few days if he was turned on enough to climax, let alone a Bantu man. At least when Black women rape their men, they practice safe sex. Black men should return the favor to their women.

  3. Bob says:

    No way, I’m not buying this.

  4. Cogitator says:

    Only in Africa, only in Africa.

  5. neanderthalDNA says:

    Once again, Neanderthal’s Constant:

    It can always get more absurdly horrid in subsaharan Africa.

    Jeez. How stupid and ignorant can…

    Oh yeah, right…no limits. Neanderthal’s Constant!

    A subcontinent of 70 average IQ types? LORD OF THE FLIES!

    Wake up whitey.

  6. James Webb says:

    This type of “sex magic” goes on at “new age” or “spiritualist’ churches even here in the USA, especially in the New York, California, and Washington/Maryland/Virginia areas.

    They (new age ministers, most of whom are gay or black or both) teach that “sex magic” can be used to manifest wealth, love, abundance, spiritual power, or protection. Many even teach classes (for $$$) on how to use special prayers to God (or “goddess” or other false spiritual beings like the so called ‘ascended masters”) who are promised to bring prosperity, love, or power to those who perform these kooky rituals.

    Typically these rituals involve focusing ones attention on self-created drawings, collages, or photos/images of desired things, while at the same time masturbating to the desired intent of attaining those things.

    I’ve observed this first hand while a guest in churches in the Maryland/DC/VA area, such as the Takoma Park Chapel in Silver Spring, and the United Metaphysical Churches in Arlington and Roanoke, VA.

    Many of these ministers preach bizarre anti-reality gospels, such as a belief that “sin” and “guilt” do not exist, so that anything a member “desires” is legitimate. They preach there is no shame or guilt or sin or error in homosexuality, polyamory, or in the rejection of the Judeo-Christian code of ethics, such as the 10 Commandments.

    If you really want to be horrified, look in any new age section of any bookstore and you’ll find anti-white male/anti Christian/anti God texts like “The Course in Miracles” (written by a mentally ill woman, but passed off as a “revealed sacred text” of Jesus Christ, the one “He” intends to replace the Judeo-Christian Bible), or in any of numerous books on “love magic”. T

    These books, just like the “manifesting prosperity” classes taught at new age churches, are rife with references to the use of images, words, collages, chants, idols and totems, and sex magic rituals invovling the use of human body fluids to harness “spiritual” energies and bring into one’s life love, power, and success.

    Some ministers will even teach voodoo and black magic “protection” and “attack/defense” rites to church members, usually by conning them into selling their souls to the minister’s designated “master” (any time you see a new age minister who claims to channel an “ascended being”, realize they have sold their soul to some sort of anti-Christian entity, be it an exu or a demon or some such dark entity, in exchange for perceived power to rule over the lives of their church members)

    I believe these rites/practices are left over from slave religions brought to the USA and Haiti by Africans, such as those we now know as voodoo or santeria.

    Gives new meaning to the term “black magic”.

  7. Robert Binion says:

    In Zimbabwe, this practice is known as “quantitative easing.” For the production of latex, surely white men must be blameworthy.

  8. James Webb says:

    Here’s an example..Iyanla Van Zant, best selling author and “Christian” minister, is actually a Yoruba priestess (Youruba as in the black magic spiritual system found in West Afria, which later evolved/mutated into voodoo/santeria).

    She preaches and teaches in Silver Spring Md at the “Inner Visions” institute and at the Takoma Park Chapel.

    Seems she has no qualms about selling her biography twice, perhaps one of the Yoruba demons told her her readers would be too unitelligent to realize they were readind the same thing twice.,,274866,00.html

  9. Anonymous says:

    “The women deny the charges, saying they are prostitutes and were too busy at the time to dispose of the condoms.”

    Priceless. The everyday surrealism of life in the Dark Continent. For ONLY in Africa would a woman accused of raping a man think that telling the police “I couldn’t have raped him, I’m a prostitute!” would be a strong defense of her moral character.

    Come to think, only in Africa have I heard of women raping men, period.

  10. Anonymous says:

    9 — Anonymous wrote at 8:18 PM on November 28:

    Come to think, only in Africa have I heard of women raping men, period. IT’s the legacy of “rapery” that makes them do it. Now if only they’d cap dem.

  11. Mr.White says:

    “Some women in Harare, like Sibongile, worry it is giving their gender a bad image.”


    I do not think it’s gender giving you a “bad image!”

  12. Simonetta says:

    There is no way that this could be true. If and that is a mighty big IF, a drug existed that caused men to have uncontrollable sex desires and, one must assume, abilities (not the same thing, guys) then many many people would know about it by now. Guys being guys, there’s no way that a real working “love potion #9” like this could be kept secret. Least of all by a bunch of African prostitutes.

    Let’s have a realistic explanation of what possibly happened based on the facts. The facts are: A naked guy is found in a field with an arrousal that doesn’t stop, and a car is stopped with several women and a dozen or so soiled condoms. What happened was: some fool got drunk and wanted sex. He contracted to have sex with four prostitutes. Being drunk, he had difficulty getting arroused, so he took a handful of Viagra pills and then ate a golf-ball sized chunk of hashish. The more sex he had with his hired partners, the more he forgot that he was supposed to pay his hired partners for the sex. When he was totally blotto, and the hired help realized that he spent all his money on dope and not them, they took all his clothes and dumped him in a field. They had soiled condoms because before meeting this chump, they had sex with a dozen men. And being pros, they insist that their customers use condoms.

    In order to avoid becoming the laughingstock of his village, the man made up this story about being raped by semen stealers. Too bad he was so high that he forgot to add some UFOs to the mix!

  13. Anonymous says:

    9 — Anonymous wrote at 8:18 PM on November 28:

    “Come to think, only in Africa have I heard of women raping men, period.”

    Well, you just haven’t heard, it seems. There was a famous case in the 1980s or maybe a little earlier, of a Mormon Missionary who was working in the U.S., and was “raped” by a woman. It is statutory rape when a female seduces a male under 18 in the U.S. That has happened a great deal lately, even though everyone is laughing about it. But being seduced too young can leave long term, harmful effects on a male. I’ve known a number of cases.

  14. Anonymous says:

    It won’t raise their IQs, the poor wretches. Or is it witches?

  15. James Hetfield says:

    in the Mid 2000’s, while a student at Catholic University I wished to learn more about the religious practices of local poor ghetto people, so began attending services at an assortment of Unity, New Faith, Spiritualist, Baptist and Non-Denominational Churches.

    What I found:

    -Most non-denominational black churches were little more than dating services/swingers clubs for gay men.

    -most people of any sort of authority in these churches were gay men, lesbian women, and self-hating ultra liberal whites.

    The spiritualist churches were little more than support groups for the flagranty emotionally/mentally ill. Imagine you are thrust into a 21st century One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, except the inmates are all gay black men or other ghetto types, and each competes to proclaim more dysfunction.

    From what I can tell from listening to a dozen or more sermons by ghetto ministers, the main requirements to become a ghetto church minister are:

    1. abandonment by one’s father

    2. multiple suicide attempts

    3. history of mental illness

    4. HIV positive

    5. ability to give oneself unearned and undeserved titles, degrees, and certifications

    Obviously the failure to attend any sort of legitimate divinity school, theology program or even to have certification as a doctor of psychology or counseling never stopped anyone in the ghetto. Each minister had a band of flunkies always willing to stand up and proclaim how their minister was a great healer, couselor, advisor, friend, and brother.

    Don’t look for legitimate science at these churches, I heard or saw the following proclaimed repeatedly:

    1. A 400 lb minister who claims that he can channel the spirit of an 18th century Scottish physician, in order to answer questions for church members.

    2. A different man, who claims he can diagnose illnesses using a pendulum, i.e. a cork on the end of a piece of string.

    3. Minister number three, who claims to be able to teach a method to become invisible from police, and how to dematerialize from one place and reappear in another.

    In one church, I sat in the pew while a very obviously gay minister preached. In the congregation were children as young as five. The minister kept talking about the “Divine Threesome”, which involved inviting God into ones sexual relationships. This minister repeatedly mentioned….masturbation, spanking, vibrators, transsexuals, dominatrixes, queens, and the orgasmic bliss of union with the divine. He did not seem to know or care that five year old parishoners should not be subject to listening to odes proclaming the joy of gay sex.

    Another church had a class after the service, called “Mystical Love Secrets”, for around $25.00. In this class, comprised of mostly black women, the minister made a point of putting each attendee on the spot to talk about their sexual desires, history and hang ups. If there were 12 black women present, 11 of them confessed to a history of sexual abuse by fathers, uncles, neighbors, ministers, doctors, their sisters’ boyfriend, etc. One woman, who was wearing a fur coat, loudly proclaimed “I s*cked 100 dicks to get this coat, and now I’m gonna get me a house”.

    Class #2 related to spiritual healing; a black woman in that class claimed that a friend of hers was “cursing” her and appearing in her dreams and influencing her life for the negative. The minister listened closely, then told her (and everyone else there) how she could be rid of her friend’s influence…the solution involved obtaining a lock of hair, or a piece of paper with the friend’s signature. She was told to draw a stick figure of her friend, and along with the hair or signature, wrap this inside two small hand mirrors which were facing inward. The minister told her that if the mirrors were facing inward on the drawing and hair, this would lock in the negative actions and make them affect the friend, not her any longer. And for added effect, she could purchase a black rose and bury the mirrors and rose underground, with the promise that within 3 days her friend would no longer bother her.

    Another church featured a seminar by a gay latino man, who had changed his name to sound Anglo Saxon. He was selling his book out of the trunk of his car. In the book he described a life of self hate, causal sexual encounters, abuse by lovers, and an eventual diagnosis as HIV positive. He also talked of time spent in a mental institution and of how how is now on anti psychotic medications. Nonetheless, he claimed God had told him he is a healer and minister, and he was offering spiritual messages to any who asked. (As long as you bought his book that is).

    White people at these churches tended to be attention seeking middle aged women or gay men; I was repeatedly propositioned by several white women 10 or 20 years older than me. They would try to get me to agree to tarot card readings or hands on healings, or even massage therapy sessions. As none of these women’s husbands ever seemed to be in attendance I had to think any non-gay man who walked in the doors of the church had a very active sex life – and probably more than a few courses of antibiotics to follow.

  16. Anonymous says:

    This is certainly “man bites dog”.

  17. Blaak Obongo says:

    “… being seduced too young can leave long term, harmful effects on a male.”

    That’s funny, it didn’t do me any harm at all.

  18. Sonya says:

    If the women wanted semen would it be a WHOLE lot easier to just buy used condoms from all the working prostitutes?

    Course that is too practical.

  19. Anonymous says:

    On one hand, if female-on-male rape were actually a phenomena somewhere, it’d most certainly be in Africa.

    On the other, just read that part about the man being injected with something that increased sexual desire. Just the thought of a black needing something to “increase desire” makes this whole story laughable!

  20. jebstuartlives says:

    Comment #15

    Not smart enough for medical school? Claim that a long dead doctor speaks through you.

    Too dumb for a theology program? Steal someone else’s work (whoops, that is MLK).

    What the &*(( is the method to become invisible to police? Wear whiteface makeup?

  21. jeff mason says:

    I know the United Metaphysical Churches and met many of the ministers over the years.

    F. Reed Brown – total fraud.

    Sandy Tedora – fraud

    Met both (and several others) on a Physical Manifestation Weekend. Yes I witnessed the so called trumpet mediumship, the card writing, services in the chapel with Gladys Strohm reading out (reciting) peoples birthdates, several lectures by Sandy, Mike, Fraud Reed Brown, et al.

    How any person with an ounce of sanity or self respect can take these clowns seriously is quite the issue. Messages that are so vague as to be open to any interpretation, preaching of false science (the ectoplasm explanation alone is worth a lifetime course of Thorazine), laughable attempts at justifying past fraudulent mediums like the Fox sisters, Fraud’s ridiculous Scottish accent, etc.

    I thought it could not be as cringeworthy as this at other churches in the United Metaphysical Churches family, but in fact its worse.

    Arlington Metaphysical Chapel – while there an obviously delusional woman wanted to give me an improptu reading, whereby she claimed to see a guide around me. If the woman did not reek so much of alcohol and urine, and if the dirt and leaves on her clothing did not clue me in to how she shares a bed with Rover in the local dog house, I may have found her rantings touchingly naive. However in light of her condition it was frightening that the power$ that be allowed her in public without a leash.

    Takoma Park Chapel – oh my, where do I start. At a psychic fair I had the misfortune of being lied to to my face by a Jim Webb, a Bob Farley, a Karen Franek, and a Daniel Neusom, all in one afternoon!

    Jim Webb – should have been a porn star, as he is interested mostly in sex and money. If his life story ever makes it to film, look for him to be played by that fashion designer dude on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Jimmi prayed, laughed, flirted, and told me nothing I didn’t see that morning in the astrology section of the Washington Post.

    Bob Farley – spent much of the time talking to me (with a deck of cards between us – his readings use an ordinary deck of playing cards!) alluding to his own alcoholism and his quasi-racist views on blacks and gays. I say quasi racist cause he seems to make most of his money off of them, so he must not dislike the lower class paying customers as long as they fork over the money.

    Karen Franek – tried to slip me her phone number so I could get more readings, gee, this “wana be MILF” needs to stop trying so hard to pick up men while doing tarot readings.

    Daniel Neusom – tried to sell me his books and cd’s, after I cringed through a message by his imaginary friend, “Hayzoos”.

    Verdict- guilty of fraud, guilty of false prophecy, guilty of self delusion.

  22. Dontrelle Lewis says:

    I visited Takoma Park Chapel in Silver Spring with a friend a few times, the vibe was so creepy and weird I had to decline future visits.

    Wednesday Night Meditation – presided over by either the delusional “Reverend” Jane Batt, or the “Reverend” Tony Farmer. Imagine sitting in a circle as an assortment of Dr Drew rejects spouts off their delusions and hallucinations and projects them onto others, who coo in admiration of their shared dysfunction.

    A typical message is “you are coming into your light, the spirit world rejoices in your transformation; your guides are with you, your angels are creating openings in destiny to allow you to flourish”.

    Ummm….yeah right.

    Sunday services – featuring Elmer Gantry types standing and proclaiming we are all “One”, such as the “Reverend’ Jay Speights, “Reverend” Jim Marion, and other “I got my degree on Ebay” types like Elliot Fiedler and Iyanla Van Zant.

    I was wondering why Bishop Eddie Long was not around, until I realized even he could not stomach the openly proclaimed psychosis that went for norm here.

    Most comical of all were the desperate pleas for money from the different speakers, who must have been hard up to continue their own private therapy. I sat next to a few women who were so poor they could not even put a penny in the basket, while others stood up and willingly handed over checks for $100 to $1000, each time proclaiming how their healing and transformative work with one of the ministers changed them for the better.

    I made the mistake of taking a class with the senior minister, who seems to have stolen his best material from various other new age writers – gee I got better information for 99 cents in a used book store than by paying over $100 to listen to the non-reverend Webb.

    I came to the conclusion that this was an imaginary church. There were imaginary ministers, imaginary sacred texts, imaginary readings and messages, and imaginary healings. Everyone there drank the cool aid and went along with the imaginary scenario, except – tragically – they did not seem to realize it was all role playing. For these people the imaginary is real and the real is nonexistent.

  23. once part of the problem says:

    My observations:

    I came into the United Metaphysical Churches family earnestly believing in spirit guides, angels, the Course in Miracles, Ernest Holmes, etc.

    I was identified by various ministers as someone with strong clairsentient capabilities and encouraged to join the ministry and give readings and messages for others.

    I felt uncomfortable with this as often I HAD no message to give. I took a few classes at the Arlington and Takoma Park Chapel(s), where I realized message giving is NOT about what is good for the other person, but in formulating and spouting off generic feel good aphorisms.

    In classes we were browbeaten into giving messages to people we did not know, and no matter how ridiculous and false our impressions were, we were rewarded like Pavlov’s Dogs.

    One example – I’m in a class with Rev. Farley. He has postcards inside envelopes, and we are to place our hands over the envelopes and read the postcard. I put my hands on and all I can think about is the traffic outside, the voices coming from another room, the bad smell of the woman next to me, etc. I say “I see a red door and an open road”.

    Farley opens the envelope and there is a postcard of a historical location, no red door, no open road, etc. He manipulates what I said into being close enough to the message on the postcard…

    And so on. A person will have an impression — maybe a feeling, emotion, or a remembrance of a scene from a movie – and the teacher will coach the message giver into ignoring any doubt and simply confidently announcing to the recipient that this is the message, from spirit, so you’d better accept.

    I stopped giving messages after a few months, when I realized the horrific power a message bearer has for good or evil. NO messages I ever received came anywhere near being true – all were vague and nonsensical. So I did not want to burden anyone else with my own false statements.

    Webb and Farley and a few others mentioned here (Brown, Tedora, Carl Polesky, et al) had a tendency to say things that were flattering and sounded promising, so the average person was emotionally seduced into believing them. After all who wants to say NO to a person giving flowery compliments from God or Jesus or Mary?

    Yet, the percentage of messages that ever came true were preposterously low. I was regularly told in readings that I’d be selling my house (never mind that I rented), I’d be meeting my true love/soulmate (never did), that my spirit chose me to be a minister (never became one), etc. I began to realize, message givers said what people wanted to hear, or what they themselves wanted to believe, and that there IS no guidance from spirit.

    There is delusion picked up from movies, tv, songs, books, personal traumas, superstitions, etc… it is not hard to look at or observe someone for a while and be able to say something flattering or deceptive to them, it is just that in the cult like atmosphere of the UMC this form of seductive manipulation is casually expected – so no one thinks to realize how blatantly they are being scammed.

    I had a friend show me precipitated card writing results – she had NO idea what it meant, and it looked like a sodden mess of a kid’s kindergarten art project left out in the rain. However she became so enthralled at the vagueness of the images she hypnotized herself into believing it significant. And kept going back for MORE readings.

    My advice – run away before you become part of the problem.