Posted on November 9, 2011

Russell Pearce, Architect of Illegal Immigration Law in Arizona, Loses Election

David Schwartz, Christian Science Monitor, November 9, 2011

A powerful Republican state Senate leader who championed Arizona’s controversial crackdown on illegal immigrants lost his office on Tuesday in a historic recall election, returns showed. Russell Pearce’s defeat is a message to the GOP, say some analysts, that jobs and the economy should be a higher priority than illegal immigrants.

With all precincts reporting, state Senate President Russell Pearce was trailing his chief challenger, Republican newcomer and charter school administrator Jerry Lewis, by 7 percentage points, 45.4 percent to 52.4 percent.


Still, Pearce conceded his ouster in remarks to supporters late on Tuesday, saying, “It doesn’t look like the numbers are going my direction in this, and I’m OK with that.”

“I intend to spend a little time with my God, my wife and my family and reassess where we need to go,” he added. Later, a Pearce campaign spokesman confirmed that this was his concession speech.


The race in the conservative Phoenix suburb of Mesa is believed to be the first recall election ever mounted against a state legislator in Arizona.


Pearce waged an all-out battle to retain his seat in a heavily Republican district of about 70,000 registered voters.

The 64-year-old politician, first elected to the state legislature in 2000, vehemently defended his get-tough stance on illegal immigrants flowing across the U.S.-Mexico border, a phenomenon he called “a national crisis.”


He branded his political opponents as “far left liberals” and labor union activists, and chastised the recall election coming when he has just one year left in his current term.

Lewis, 55, has maintained that residents could not afford to wait until the next election to replace a man who he said has tarnished Arizona’s image.


25 responses to “Russell Pearce, Architect of Illegal Immigration Law in Arizona, Loses Election”

  1. patthemick says:

    I’m amazed that they could recall this guy. How many Latinos voted? The economy is always affected by illegal immigration competing for jobs. One goes with the other to me.

  2. Question Diversity says:

    From what I understand, the opposition to Pearce was two faced: They successfully ended his political career based on local concerns, but now are gloating because of immigration. Make no mistake about it, this was the Empire Strikes Back.

    If I were this Jerry Lewis, I would be prepared for two things: One, don’t expect to have a very successful career in the State Senate, and don’t expect any desirable committee assignments; after all, he took down the man whom his partisan Senate colleagues chose to be Majority Leader. Two, the Arizona AG, Tom Horne, is for SB 1070, and Lewis better be purer than Caesar’s wife and the wind drive snow combined, because I’m sure Horne will be ready to go to the Grand Jury with Lewis’s first misstep.

  3. Uniculturalist says:

    What a sad comment on our society. I wonder how much of this was due to illegal aliens voting in this race, as well as betrayal from the RINO segment of the electorate.

    Thanks, Russell, for your brave, principled and unyielding opposition to the illegal alien tsunami. I hope you will continue to fight this battle on other fronts.

  4. margaret says:

    The pro immigration anti Whites must have poured millions into his opponent’ campaign chest. Ford Foundation created the hispanic race, LARAZA, MALDEF and several other hispanic organizations. They must have sent a few million

    ADL SPLC are also probably involved. I’m sure ACORN was there to ensure plenty of illegals and dead people voted.

  5. Tim in Indiana says:

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of issues that people are concerned about, and illegal immigration is only one of them. Although immigration is one of the most important issues to the long-term viability of any community, it’s all to easy to take the short-term view and vote mainly on issues that have a more immediate affect on one’s life, such as jobs. I wouldn’t see this election as a repudiation of Arizonans’ concerns about immigration control, just that other issues were seen as having more a immediate priority.

  6. Anonymous says:

    At least the liberals had a recall election instead of just assassinating him as they have done in so many revolutions.

    It is a revolution, make no mistake. A revolution against all White Americans. If his district is 70 percent Republican there must have been massive fraud involved.

    “Jobs and economy” Ridiculous!!!! If we got rid of the immigrants both legal and illegal we would have full employment surpassing even 1940 to 1970 standards.

    What losers the republicans are. They cannot even defend one of their own in a 70 percent republican district.

  7. Jim says:

    A massive effort by business was launched against Mr Pearce .

    The leader of this assault was the US Chamber of Congress who will stop at nothing to keep the ultra cheap labor flow into the US.

    The Brown supremacists organizations like La Raza are fully funded by the US Chamber of Commerce. Through La Raza a campaign machine is created. The media is also in harmony with the US Chamber of Congress Of course farmers love the ultra cheap illegal labor. These pro illegal forces profit greatly by collecting the income and shifting the expenses to the public.

    With the massive financial forces against him no wonder Pearce

    lost and the Arizona people lost even more.

    The children of the illegals born in the US because, they have rights, are no longer needed by business. They become unemployed to the extent that the unemployment rate amongst Hispanics is higher than among Blacks.

    These legals are then passed on to the Democrats.

    Fight the financial enemies of the American people become an occupier.

  8. Tom S. says:

    Is anyone surprised? After all, this is the same state that keeps voting to keep McCain in office! How the very conservative Governor Brewer is able to hang on is a mystery to me.

  9. ATBOTL says:

    The main force behind this is capitalism — wealthy businessmen, the Chamber of Commerce and those types. Liberal activist groups like MALDEF and La Raza don’t have a lot of influence in the GOP (although they are funded by corporate America as has been already noted).

    Conservatives are not going to be able stop immigration without defeating “business interests.”

  10. Scott Wilson says:

    I am completely confounded. This will haunt the Republicans through 2012. Every talking head on TV, every pundit, every columnist will drive home message that immigration is a losing issue and that any candidate who mentions illegal immigration will lose. This makes absolutely no sense. Do conservatives in Arizona really think that immigration has no bearing on any other important issue? Are Arizonans really that afraid of being called racists? I simply cannot see an upside to this. How could voters in this very conservative district shoot themselves in the foot like this? It seems Pearce is at peace with it all as if he has no concern about fraud. I am stunned. Utterly stunned.

  11. Anonymous says:

    “The children of the illegals born in the US because, they have rights, are no longer needed by business.”

    Certainly true in S. California. Almost all the low level Hispanic workers in S. California speak only a little or no English. It is obvious they were not born here. After 40 years of unchecked Hispanic invasion, there are plenty of 20 to 40 year old anchor babies who would have those jobs were it not for the preference for illegals. The fast food and other chains like Denny’s, Applebees, IHOP all have 800 lines in Mexico and S & C America.

    All the fast food jobs are taken by Hispanic adults, many middle aged instead of Hispanic teen age anchor babies.

    With the teenage jobs gone to illegals, can American teens earn any money? Or do the parents have to buy all their clothing and give them all their spending money?

    That is another great American tradition destroyed by hispanics.

    Both my brothers bought their own cars at age 17 with money they earned.

    Other anti immigration legislators will learn a lesson from this.

    Oppose immigration and the Chamber of Commerce and its front groups like MALDEF and LARAZA will get you.

    This has been done before by so many interest groups.They will target legislators who don’t go along with their agenda and pick them off one at a time.

  12. Anonymous says:

    “jobs and the economy should be a higher priority than illegal immigrants.”

    Pouring immigrants onto the economy is supposed to be like gasoline on a bonfire. Cheap workers plus borrowed capital equals economic momentum – at least in theory.

    The element that’s forgotten is that the migrants depend on massive social spending, which is now unaffordable because debt is maxed out and the productive sector suffers from tax fatigue.

    Those who rejected Pearce should prepare to be disappointed. Relaxing resistance to mass immigration isn’t going to result in the promised “jobs” and a sustained economic recovery.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Both Pearce and Lewis are Mormons, are Pearce didn’t tow the LDS line on immigration.

  14. rockman says:

    Recall the new guy folks give it back to them in spades. Its legal

  15. Anonymous says:

    3 — Uniculturalist wrote at 6:22 PM on November 9:

    What a sad comment on our society. I wonder how much of this was due to illegal aliens voting in this race, as well as betrayal from the RINO segment of the electorate. (Emphasis added.)

    Thanks, Russell, for your brave, principled and unyielding opposition to the illegal alien tsunami. I hope you will continue to fight this battle on other fronts.


    Herea a question for our studio audience: What part did Mexican drug money play in this?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Anon #6: That is why Pearce, and the Republican Party should demand a recount of the ballots.

    Let’s see if those that voted to get rid of Pearce actually have a right to vote here, or have a pulse.

  17. Garrett says:

    So we’re not allowed to defend ourselves against illegal aliens, unassimilated immigrants, sharia law or the influence of Marxism and left-wing labor unions.

    Are we also expected to allow hordes of people to take our property, assets and Constitutional protections by force?

    I’m starting to think that a growing number of White Americans would say yes, because it’s only natural that we compensate the victims of our evil Western Civilization. The White race has lost it’s mind.

  18. Paleface 6 says:

    Out here in the People’s Democratic California Republic, we recalled Gray Davis and put Ah-nold Schwarzenegger in office. We all know how that worked out.

    Be careful what you wish for, and all that…

  19. Anonymous says:

    The US fought many wars to make the world safe for its own destruction. Lets attack someone we don’t like. After we destroy them, we bring what is left here and give them more rights than we do our own people.

    This country (the USA) seems to have a history of its inhabitants losing to invaders. The Indians lost, the British lost, the Spanish lost, the French sold out then took the money and lost a war with Russia, the Mexicans lost, the Hawaiians lost, and the Alaskan Eskimos and Aleuts lost. What makes the stupid whites in this country think they won’t lose. Reality will hit harder than a 2×4.

  20. Miss Whitey says:

    I am so angry and shocked that Russell Pearce lost this election. I really can’t understand it. He received the majority of votes in 2010. The people who voted for him knew his stance on issues. He hasn’t flip-flopped. Now all of a sudden it is turned around and he is no longer a senator in the Arizona legislature.

    He had a strong stance against illegal immigration but Jerry Lewis is against the SB1070 authored by Russell Pearce.

    It looks like the illegal alien invaders always get their way.

  21. Question Diversity says:

    21 Miss Whitey:

    Read the story that Bebe posted. The guilty party is the Mor(m)on Church. If that doesn’t convince one to end the tax exemptions of religious institutions, then nothing will.

  22. Fr. John+ says:

    According to some Southernors, and those in AZ, the fight’s not over yet.

    I would say as well, “Remember the Alamo!”

    The same enemy then, is the same enemy now.

  23. Anonymous says:

    “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

    -Joseph Stalin

  24. Anonymous says:

    Now that Pearce is no longer a Senator, he is free to entertain the idea of being a GOP Candidate for President.

    Not that he would get the nomination, but he could force the discussion in the Debates.

    Pearce could also run as a Candidate for several Third Parties, such as the Independent Party, the Constitution Party, and the America First Party.