Posted on November 9, 2011

Meet the Growing Number of Americans Who Want to Move Abroad

Abby Rogers and Gus Lubin, Business Insider, November 8, 2011

A growing number of Americans is thinking about turning expat, according to a survey by America Wave and Zogby International.

The share of Americans planning to relocate increased to 2.5 percent from 0.8 percent in 2009. If this number describes the entire population, that means around 6 million Americans are planning on leaving the country.

America Wave’s Bob Adams (a Business Insider contributor) found that single people, political conservatives and men were more likely to be in this group.

A shocking 40% of young people said they were thinking about relocating, though few in this group had concrete plans to do so.


71 responses to “Meet the Growing Number of Americans Who Want to Move Abroad”

  1. Ian J. MacAllister says:

    But where to go? Whitelandia, where art thou?

  2. Boone says:

    I will advise my kids to move or at least take dual citizenship. America is anti-white now so how will it be in 20-30 years?

    My family is the only thing keeping me here. I have nothing but contempt for the modern U.S.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “The share of Americans planning to relocate increased to 2.5 percent from 0.8 percent in 2009.”

    Most of these are probably from somewhere else originally (India, China) and are here merely to earn money before traveling back to marry and live.

    Add to that some white single young guys who are following the work abroad, where it’s been sent.

  4. highduke says:

    Before Russia inevitably reverses Modernity by taking women out of the workforce to raise the birthrate, they will exhaust all options including letting in skilled conservative white people from English-speaking countries and when you are ready, they will take you us to Orthodoxy.

  5. Russ in the South says:

    Good for them! I have been encouraging my sons, in their early 20s, to consider a move abroad. Racially, Argentina looks promising, as it doesn’t seem to be infected with the political correctness of the US or the EU.

  6. Robert says:

    I am one such American. I was born into a traditional inner city American family. My father is of the old Anglo-Saxon American stock. (Of which a ancestor fought the British in the war for American independence). My mother comes from a family of Italian immigrants who migrated here from Sicily at the turn of the century. That being said, I saw little to no future for any off spring that I may have in the future. Particularly male off spring. In 2005 Upon my release from the Marines, I set about learning a trade. When my credentials were good and proper I set out for greener pastures. Things were easier for me due to the fact my wife was born in Australia. Her parents migrated from Greece and Serbia respectively. In closing, I will say that life here is far better than anything that I have ever experienced in the USA. I can confidently say that the U.S. is no longer the greatest nation on earth. It pains me to say that seeing as though I come from the same stock that founded the nation. My advice to any single white male currently living in the USA would be to get some credentials behind yourself. Whether a trade, or a Uni degree. And look to leave the nation. The boat has sunk there for our kind.

  7. Erik says:

    I’ve thought alot about relocating, but as far as race goes, not many places are better than the northern US.

    Europe may be a little whiter, but the leftist mind-sickness is epidemic there.

    Canada’s okay, but I like my second ammendment right a little too much to move there permanently.

    The huge majority of the people who were the subjects of this article aren’t actually going to move anyway; I’ve decided that it’s best to stay and fight for my homeland.

  8. Enough says:

    One of my good friends moved his wife and infant child to Kracow, Poland. He loves it there and says he will never come back to the US. He wants to get back in touch with his European roots. He does a number of things to make a living over there as he has kind of an eclectic mix of skills: web site design, English language teaching and bee keeping.

  9. Snowhitey says:



    Not so fast. Argentina has a fascist government. The five countries in Latin America that you would feel comfortable in are:

    Mexico (the center states), Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and Chile. All the others have highly socialist/communist governments.

    I, myself, am looking at Costa Rica and Chile.

    Listen to Bob Chapman on this. He speaks about it in some of his podcasts. You’ll learn a lot from him:

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is nothing more than liberal propaganda to convince the conservative strongholds here to abandon this country. Expats by their very nature are not conservatives. They tend to be urban, unpatriotic liberal “we are the world” types that like to live in socialist nations like those in Europe. It’s a funny coincidence but I have a female student in one of my college classes that is leaving the country to take a job as a nanny. I’m not exactly sure where she’s moving to though.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Both the UK and Holland have middle class white flight as well – this actually is not a ‘problem’ to globalists – it accelerates their agenda.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Teaching English abroad is a good way to start. The college papers have all sorts of teach English abroad ads. Most offer a decent salary, housing and medical. They are generally the government high schools or private language schools.

    There all sorts of companies that offer compulsory English classes to their employees. Those jobs provide entree into the business community. You will make useful contacts that might lead to another job.

    Once you get the language school job and settle in, you can look around and find a part time job with a business.

  13. Anonymous says:

    “Good for them! I have been encouraging my sons, in their early 20s, to consider a move abroad. Racially, Argentina looks promising, as it doesn’t seem to be infected with the political correctness of the US or the EU.”

    Russ, I encourage you to visit Argentina or whatever other country you are thinking of before focusing on that. I’ve lived and worked in Buenos Aires. It has an alarmingly high crime rate, extremely reckless drivers, corruption, organized crime, unastable currency, etc. It isn’t safe to carry your wallet, walk the streets, or even take a taxi. If you open a business, you can almost be guaranteed to be harrassed by local organized crime for kickbacks…or they may just kill you. The official taxes are much higher than the U.S, especially import tax. They call it “impuesto para idiotas”, (tax for idiots). The racial makeup is similar to that of Southern Europe. I would say that Los Angeles is much safer than Buenos Aires, and that isn’t saying much. I did enjoy the people, scenery,culture, food and wine, however i was relieved to be back in the much safer Los Angeles (imagine????)

    Australia is much safer and liveable than Argentina, however they are plagued with a left wing government that supports massive third world immigration. Furthermore, they have illegalized gun ownership and have some of the highest taxes in the world. The big cities in Australia are becoming third world as well. When I lived in Sydney some years ago, I witnessed a race riot where two people were killed. Australia is still a beautiful place that hasn’t reached the depths of hell that we have in the U.S.

    Europe has some promising nationalist movements, but they still have made little progress in changing immigration patterns. Austria has strong right wing support, but they still haven’t stopped Muslim immigration. There are some nice white enclaves in various countries…Iceland, Croatia, Eastern Germany, etc. However these enclaves are constantly under threat by EU diversity programs. I don’t think there exists anywhere in the world where we can just go and simply be peaceful and prosperous. We will always be threatened by our enemies in any country or area. Our only hope is to raise awareness, organize, and fight back.

    By the way, I used to be a liberal. My life experiences have changed me.

  14. Anonymous says:

    6 — Robert wrote at 7:07 PM on November 9:

    In 2005 Upon my release from the Marines, I set about learning a trade. When my credentials were good and proper I set out for greener pastures.

    When I was in college in the late 1950’s the Australians were begging for immigrants. They were always looking for teachers.

    They offered guaranteed teaching jobs, transportation and settlement expenses. It was called something like assisted immigration.

    I never thought of moving to Australia. Some of my friends looked into it. America was booming, there were jobs for everyone. There was no discrimination against Whites.

    How things changed. It took only 15 years, 1965 to 1980.

  15. William says:

    I was in Poland and Germany last month. I was shocked at the number of American men who had moved to Europe, married European women and are raising families over there.

    This article is on to something.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had these discussions with many before now.

    It dosen’t matter where you run to, there really is no place safe or white enough to run to these days. All traditional white western nations have succumbed to the globalist/leftist orientated governments that encourage mass third world immigration. Only Eastern Europe and Russia remain where there is still a strong nationalist presence but sooner or later the globalists will infiltrate these countries, especially those in the EU. Australia is no better off either and also is on the course for a white minority as is Canada.

    My only solution is to stand and fight. Americans have it better then Europeans in this regard. Whilst they probably won’t get nationalist parties elected, Americans will be able to separate and forge a new homeland for themselves at some point. There is still the second amendment and a lot of land in the U.S.

    The Afrikaners that have remained in South Africa are having to do just the same. Carve out a new homeland and eventually aim for separation. Some of them have learned that fleeing is only delaying the inevitable.

  17. Cid Martel says:

    America is my home, I’ll never run away. I’d rather stand and die fighting.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t mind…but where to go? There’s no place left.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Dumb move. The best place to be is somewhere in the U.S. where you can legally own as many guns as you want including Class 3 weapons (try that in Europe or South America, especially if you don’t speak the language). Keep a good portion of your assets abroad–out of reach of the U.S. taxman. But physically, you need to be in a place with strong 2nd Amendment rights.

  20. CDE says:

    I’m not going to leave without a fight. We should give secession another try. We might even be able to convince the liberals to split the country as I’m sure they would like to have their own turf to create whatever socialist utopia they want. If we do have to fight, so be it. After the first War for Southern Independence, many southerners move to Brazil or Argentina as they refused to live under Lincoln’s totalitarianism. If we lost, then I would leave for sure.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I would bet there are a lot of single Japanese women who would like to marry a conservative American male and move to the USA…far away from local radioactive decay.

  22. Anonymous says:

    If we could somehow convince another country to create a special economic zone for fleeing american whites

  23. Anonymous says:

    I would be very cautious about moving anywhere in S. America.

    There are plenty of very White enclaves. Most are close knit tribes descended from immigrants who thrive by taking care of themselves.

    They know how to navigate those corrupt countries.

    I doubt they would let you in without a huge dowry.

  24. Ralph says:

    Someone help me out on this. Didn’t the famous American clairvoyant, Edgar Cayce once predict that Russia would become the last refuge of the white race?

  25. Lost in Paradise says:

    I followed the traditional path of earning my money mostly in the USA and then retiring to SE Asia. The main obstacle for most people contemplating the ex-pat life is getting a Resident Visa. No country just gives them away. I am married to a local, so I have a spousal visa which is good enough for me. A number of men simply extend Holiday visas and then take an annual trip to get a new entry stamp in their passport, but I don’t recommend it. Thailand is cracking down on this practice and the rest of the region will probably eventually follow.

  26. b says:

    Him…they must be looking into my future.

    I’m sure there are many young people who are going to move are already have.

  27. Follow The Light says:

    I understand the sentiment(Chile seems interesting) However, I think I am going to stay and fight for what I/We have left. When the fecal matter hits the revolving blades I hope I can be brave enough to fight for what is left. Maybe there will be a White nation carved out of our ethnic polyglot of a mess. I’m 54 and never fired a gun. But I have plans to get many and learn properly. Hope to see you in the trenches, Brothers and Sisters.

  28. Jim says:

    I have spend 35 years living abroad because of business, Europe, Asia and the middle east, anyone thinking you can find a better life overeas is an idiot.

  29. John Engelman says:

    In 2011 2.5 percent of Americans plan to relocate. In 2009 that was 0.8 percent. In 2007 it was 1.4 percent. A desire for better weather and a better job market seem as important as political conservatism. This does not represent a social or a political movement. These differences fall within the range of sampling error.

    A country with a higher white population than the United States will probably have a lower crime rate. It is also likely to have higher taxes, and stricter gun control laws.

    American liberals will feel at home in Western Europe or the British Commonwealth. American conservatives will have a harder time finding a country that is congenial to them.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Move “abroad”, move “away”, where in “HELL” are you going? There is no place to go on this planet! How can you escape from this disgusting politically correct society? My God – “It’s full of CRAP!”

  31. Freyr says:

    Many men are going abroad to escape from the insanity of American Women – and the Goverment that enables them. Check out

  32. Commonest Party says:

    Mexico is too close to the US and failing fast. Costa Rica is wonderful but crime is rising in the Central Valley. Argentina is great but the economy is hopeless (And Cristina was just reelected? They must steal elections there too!). Uruguay is socialist, has highish but tolerable inflation, and is second-worldish but the last white wonderland this side of Europe — am basically planning to move there. Belize is black but offers great opportunities. Chile is not cheap! And the most rapidly Americanizing country in South America. Australia is slated as another South Africa, just like the US. Panama is too close to the US in more ways than one, but much less bureaucratic, cheaper than some others and home to quite a number of virtual and actual ex-American rightists. Natives there have no illusions about race. Thailand and Malaysia would do for those of us who can take the extreme heat and humidity (goes for Panama too).

  33. Sylvie says:

    Australia’s good, but not as good as it used to be. I don’t think a lot of us realised how good it was here just a few short decades ago. Housing prices have completely blown out, as have rental prices. In about 4 years my rent has doubled and a lot of people here are finding it harder to get by than ever before.

    It’s bloody hot down here too, but if you like the heat, you’ll love it here!

  34. Luther says:

    Anonymous (8:20 PM. Nov 9)

    How can Iceland or Croatia be “constantly under threat by EU diversity programs” when neither is a member of the EU?

  35. HH says:

    I’ve been thinking about Estonia or some such for years now! America is openly hostile to its White population, and this is only the BEGINNING! Those holding out for a White American…dare I say, renaissance, are delusional! Everything modern America stands for is anti-White – who wants to live and/or raise a family in a place like that?

  36. anonymous says:

    I’ve traveled Eastern Europe extensively over the past three years and this article is on target.

    Many friends have made the jump to permanent expat status by purchasing flats and marrying local women.

    One sentiment I’ve heard all of them express is they will never come back.

  37. Jeddermann. says:

    “A shocking 40% of young people said they were thinking about relocating”

    Let us suppose that NOT ONE of those folks ever leave. NONETHELESS, the fact is that they ARE thinking about leaving. That is the problem even if none go. Something is so wrong that the thought IS in their minds.

    Primarily the stress from the racial situation and the lack of progress across all fronts of societal improvement. And the domineering and all intrusive government that for the most part is a detriment. But the racial situation most of all.

  38. Jack Krak says:

    #8 – strange that Krakow gets mentioned twice here, but that’s where I moved 14 years ago & I’m still here (hence my screen name). I didn’t move here for any reasons mentioned in the article, but it’s one of the reasons I stay here now. I go home to Florida regularly but each time reminds me of how I wouldn’t be able to live there now if I had to. My trip there last year was a perfect illustration. It started with a connection in Detroit, where the first people I saw after stepping off the plane were comically overweight black women and corn-rowed, gold-toothed black guys talking loudly and playing with cell-phones as they waited with wheelchairs for some elderly passengers. When I got into the terminal, a group of Hispanic janitors were shouting at each other in Spanish. I always shudder when I think that is the first impression for so many first-time visitors to America (as if the shocking Detroit airport itself weren’t enough). Then on to Florida, where I can see a billion Puerto Rican. Mexican and Cuban flags hanging from car rear-view mirrors placed there by people who love those places so much that they left them. Where I can press 1 for English and 2 for Spanish. Where I can get stuck behind a school bus taking kids home and count how many stops before a white kid gets off (my Polish wife actually pointed that one out to me). Where I can go to the mall for a couple of hours and not see a single black kid who’s not dressed in a sports jersey and brand new $200 shoes but it is certainly getting free lunches at school. Where I can go to the supermarket and have a 50/50 chance of standing in line behind someone using food stamps but who nonetheless has a decent car with those idiot tire rims waiting for them in the parking lot. Where I can experience the soul-destroying odyssey that is shopping at my local WalMart (and be the only person wearing a shirt with a collar….). And on and on and on. My friends and family notice it a bit but not as much because they’ve adjusted day by day, step by step down into the mess. I see it for a couple of weeks every twelve months or so, so I guess the changes stand out more to me. And let me tell you – this is NOT the country I grew up in anymore and I must admit that #6 is right when he says the US is no longer the greatest country on earth. It hurts me to say that because I’m a very patriotic person despite what I’ve written here but now that I have a frame of reference I can see that the quality of life in America in 2011 is equalled or surpassed by lots of other places. BTW – #8, message me if you see this.

  39. Anonymous says:

    That’s the way to do it, White men: have no children and flee. That’ll show them.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Is it just me, or does anyone else identify more with their European roots than their American ones?? I’m first generation American from a Catalan family. I was already losing heart during the Bush Era and finally gave up any hope for this country with the election of Obama. When people ask me where I’m from, I just tell them that I’m a Spaniard. Things may be really bad, but now I thank my mother for teaching me when I was younger that blood defines your nationality.

  41. Bob Turner says:

    I guess they’re not planning to take any guns with them. The 2nd Amendment is not to be disregarded in my opinion.

  42. kingfish says:

    Thats me exactly, single, white and conservative. And I have found the perfect place for me outside the US. I live 3 months a year in Medellin Colombia. All that americans know about Colombia is drugs and violence and its a pity. 20 years ago it was a no go. Now its slowly becoming a tourist mecca. Why? 1 medellin has perfect weather year round, in the 80s or 90s every day with no seasons like we have. 2 conservative right wing government 3 a real middle class and 4, for single man they have drop dead gorgeous women everywhere. I have a girlfreind there 22 years younger and completely white genetically. If you saw her here on the streets you would never suspect she was anything other than an american girl. The upper and middle classes are pretty much of european ancestry,, they look like spainiards or Italians. My gf is a college grad, good management job, never married, no kids, still lives with parents. She treats me better and differently than any american woman I have been with. I am not retired or financially able to move there but that is what I am working toward. Someday someday….. KF

  43. Elitist says:

    It’s nice to see some attention paid to this topic.

    I’ve lived in Germany for 16 years, and while I spend a lot of time in the states, I will probably continue to be based here.

    Do not give up on Western Europe:

    despite the demonic, nightmarish cataclysm of Islamization, there are signs of a huge political realignment and immigrant restrictions, of less tolerance for the bizarre formula of Europeans pay for their own dispossession.

    There are signs to of Europeans reasserting their culture and values, having more children, and openly discussing repressed topics like racial and ethnic difference.

    Even in the worst-case scenario, Western Europe will remain very livable in the foreseeable future – as long as one avoids the worst sections of the largest cities.

    All across Western Europe, there are thousands of smaller cities and large towns was terrific cultural offerings, safe, clean streets, easy access to parks and nature, and good all-white schools.

    A lot of Europeans are turning the clock back 35 years by simply shifting their lives from larger to smaller cities – with no loss of quality of life.

  44. Bob Turner says:

    To suggest moving to Europe and participating in one of their cultural “turnarounds” begs the question why one can’t just do that in the US. Why leave?

  45. Anonymous says:

    if you want to live in socially conservative Mexico try Fred’s website. With the drug crime I don’t think he’s quite as enthusiactic.

  46. Jack in Chicago says:

    I’ve found that White American guys get much better treatment from women when they move abroad or just out of their region here in the USA. The American mass media brain washes White American women to resent, compete with local White men.

    When you go some place new, make an effort to learn some of the positive White culture and be honest that you think the local White gals are beautiful, charming, much better than the White American women you knew, I am sure you will do fine/well.

    Make love not war – let’s increase the White birth rate all over the world!

    (P.S. White European, South American women are encouraged to come to the United States and look me up)

  47. Anonymous says:

    Bob, because in the US there is too much welfare, too much AA, and the problems are too ingrained. As we well know, if someone is responsible and self disciplined, it takes them longer to get ahead than someone who ticks off all the politically correct boxes in life. The US is on the verge of hitting the wall and maybe after it hits the wall can it get back on its feet. Most people are heading to places where you can get ahead by having a good skill without having to wait a near decade or two just to save enough to have a kid, one kid.

    Smart people could stay and fight, but the smart and hard working and patriotic want kids and families of their own as well. What is the point of fighting, if you end up dying while the irresponsible have yet another litter of children to undo the little you are able to accomplish?

  48. icr says:

    No sign of a “turnaround” in the US:

    Meanwhile, in Europe you have major nationalist, anti-immigration parties in Finland, Netherlands, Austria and other countries. If the Bolshevik EU breaks up (a likely prospect) things will look even better. If the Bolshevik American empire breaks up who knows if it will bring anarchy/civil war or open tyranny?

  49. Peter says:

    I am a 39 year old White American who moved to Costa Rica 3 years ago. In the US I was a mortgage broker and when things went badly in the economy I decided to take a long vacation. What I learned is the US is NOT the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave”. It used to be so a couple generations ago, but now it is the Land of the Freeloaders and Home of Liberal Traitors”.

    Here in Costa Rica you would be surprised how many ethnic Whites there are here. I read the gentleman’s comment on Columbia and he is right. You would be totally surprised how many white people there are in Latin America.

    I will always be proud of America, but America is no longer proud of me. I prefer to be in a country where being a white straight male is to your benefit. In the US you are hated for being white. In Central America, you are loved for it.

  50. Anonymous says:

    reply to Luther 34: Iceland applied to join the European Union on 16 July 2009. Negotiations formally began 27 July 2010. They have been absorbing migrant workers and third world refugees for some time now, following EU legislation and immigration policy.

    Croatia applied for European Union membership in 2003. Croatia finished accession negotiations on 30 June 2011. Signing of the Accession treaty and Croatian referendum are both expected to take place in the second half of 2011.

  51. Snow Walker says:

    Forget about going expat!

    I was born in Germany and have lived in many countries – most of them in Western Europe. You will not find anything remotely comparable to the freedom you have in the US. I know it’s getting bad here and the Constitution has become a mere memory for many but it is MUCH worse elsewhere. Any country outside Europe or North America is lawless. All countries in Europe are multiculturalist to the extreme and all minorities have special rights that trump yours. On top of that the muslim invasion of the Old Continent has changed the place forever.

    I made the US my home ten years ago because of those reasons. It might seem bad here as compared to what it used to be but it is still the BEST PLACE ON EARTH for a freedom loving man.

    Stay and fight!

  52. BannerRWB says:

    40-Anon: “Is it just me, or does anyone else identify more with their European roots than their American ones??”. As at least an 8th generation American, I had always thought of myself as just American. No longer. Now it is either White American or European American. Sadly, whoever masterminded the destruction of America has done an excellent job.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Since big changes are incipient and inevitable in Cuba, this little island may yet become a useful place of temporary social/political refuge for law-abiding American realists?

  54. Anonymous says:

    In the US you are hated for being white. In Central America, you are loved for it.

    I have spent years in Costa Rica. It is beautiful and has a nice climate. That said a lot of what your feeling in Costa Rica is not pro-White, pro-dollars. Just below the surface you are a Gringo. Costa Ricans like to claim they are pure White. That is true, for about 10% of them.

  55. Nicholai Hel says:

    — icr wrote at 2:46 PM on November 10:

    Meanwhile, in Europe you have major nationalist, anti-immigration parties in Finland

    Finland won’t take you unless you are a medical doctor or a scientist, or are married to a Finn. Speaking the language before you go is an advantage. Finnish women are very much like American women when it comes to marriage/kids. Don’t expect to get a residence permit while you reside in Finland, unless your parents/spouse is Finnish. It must be procured whilst abroad.

    Of course if you are a Somali ‘refugee’ you are in like Finn-Flynn, no worries.

    Anywhere in Eastern Europe Americans are treated like the first class citizens they are. Try Bulgaria or Romania.

  56. Anonymous says:

    I have been traveling in and out of eastern Europe since 1989. In recent years I spend 3-4 months per year over there. There is no way to make any money over there. The mafia is everywhere. The local men hate your/my guts because you/I am American. No one, absolutely no one will spend any money with you, read this as purchase your/my wares buy your/my real estate or give you/me an honest deal on a real property transaction. There is basically no such thing as rent property where you or I get to collect any money.

    Their secret police are ready willing and able to break your/my bones the instant the profiler watching your/my internet traffic instructs them to. There are no fire arms available to you or me. No one cares about you or me. Political activity is absolutely banned. At least here in America we can pretend to such.

    If we really lose America… the entire White World is going down soon after. Russia is a sitting duck for China who plans to take it in less than twenty years.

    I do recommend European women… but the traveling will catch up with you.

  57. Dom says:

    Stay on your land and fight for it! when time comes your cousins from Europe will help you…and vice versa…stick together and fight…

    “Never give in, never give in, never; never; never; never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

    Winston Churchill

  58. Anonymous says:

    I was in Kiev, Ukraine for six weeks this summer. Yes, it definitely has its flaws. However, it is safe, crime is low, and people are very friendly or at least treat you well if you don’t make any “ugly American” faux pas’es.

    As for Anonymous 8:57 PM Nov. 10, what he says is more or less true, but that’s looking at the glass half empty. People tend to be ruder if they don’t understand what you’re saying. And of course, they tend to think a young single man in Ukraine is just there to get a wife. (The fact I don’t personally have problems with American women may have greased things in my case.) The Russian language is tough; in fact, one reason I was there was to learn it. But, people will treat you better if you at least show in interest in their language and culture, and treat them as if you’d treat Americans. I made a couple of dozen friends, about half locals and half other Western Europeans, and would have a much easier time if I came back.

  59. Patrick Henry says:

    Moving abroad may help one’s existence in the short run, but it automatically kills the legacy of your ancestors without even trying. What patriotic White men need to do is to keep our race alive HERE by building strong and close families with White women from Europe. Either you find one who already lives here, or you go abroad to bring her back. Most American women have been completely brainwashed by feminism and the multicult, but it hasn’t worked as well in Europe, even in the West. Most women there are still more interested in raising a family than having a career when the man is able to provide. Don’t be fooled by some of the low fertility rates in Europe, as most are simply due to lower salaries and higher taxes.

    Like other posters have pointed out, don’t move abroad permanently. In most cases, you will have even LESS rights and opportunities overseas, AND you will be the FOREIGNER this time. It was European pioneers and immigrants who built this great country, and it’s up to us to make sure their stock keeps coming HERE !

  60. anonymous says:

    Re: #56

    There is no way to make any money over there.

    I can agree with this. Make your money elsewhere and use E. Europe as a home base. It’s what I and my associates do.

    The mafia is everywhere.

    Keep a low profile. Stay away from narcotics, gambling, prostitution, questionable business ventures and there’s no problem.

    The local men hate your/my guts because you/I am American.

    Not my experience but one must use common sense. A foreigner flaunting their comparative wealth or publically chatting up local women is a recipe for trouble in any country.

    No one, absolutely no one will spend any money with you, read this as purchase your/my wares buy your/my real estate or give you/me an honest deal on a real property transaction.

    It’s a risk one takes in countries where the rule of law doesn’t match that of the States. Get a good lawyer if you want to purchase property. No guarantees.

    Their secret police are ready willing and able to break your/my bones the instant the profiler watching your/my internet traffic instructs them to.

    For Russia and Belarus I wouldn’t doubt it. Ukraine maybe. One has to wonder what circles you run in to worry about that kind of attention.

    There are no fire arms available to you or me.

    With this I concur. Basically unavailable to expats in Eastern Europe. Ukraine for example does not allow civilian ownership of weapons with rifled barrels. Keep your arsenal in storage in the States. One note though, there aren’t hordes of Africans and mestizos roaming the avenues looking for targets. The locals don’t put up with that kind of rubbish.

    No one cares about you or me.

    I disagree but then it would be no different in the U.S.A. for a white male.

    Political activity is absolutely banned.

    For the locals it varies by country. You are a foreigner and therefore have no right to demand anything. If you don’t like it, leave. Novel concept, eh?

    I do recommend European women.

    As do I. Sure they have plenty who are only interested in money but the contrast in their demeanor, knowledge after a lifetime of dealing with Western women is a revelation.

  61. kingfish says:

    to Peter and the other guy living in Costa Rica. I also tried CR before Colombia . Lived in San Jose and spent a lot of time in Jaco but did not live there. You need to consider Medellin. Its nicer, way way cleaner, way safer (San J is dangerous), prettier, about the same costwise, and the girls are way prettier with a higher percentage imho of whites. Especially Poblado, the upper class barrio where I live is mas o menas similar to Escazu in SJ. I walk home late every night alone in safety. No way you can do that anywhere in CR, even Escazu. A lot more things to do as MDE has a higher population than the whole country of CR. And way fewer drunken gringo mongers. Just saying this because you may want to consider checking it out. kf

  62. Anonymous says:

    20 — CDE wrote

    After the first War for Southern Independence, many southerners move to Brazil or Argentina as they refused to live under Lincoln’s totalitarianism.

    They were very, very rich people who could afford to charter an entire ship for the family and slaves. Those who went to Brazil’s slaves were emancipated 20 years later.

    The ones who went to Argentina had money to buy large ranches and equipment.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Bob Turner #44: Thank you, Bob. Why not turn around our country, too?

    Can any of us imagine what our lives would have been like if George Washington and his Colonial Soldiers had abandoned their country and cause, which was liberty, and fled elsewhere?

    Why can’t AmReners take their fight to the enemy, by engaging them in the field of Politics, while exposing all the lies these Communists have been heaping on us for decades?

    Why can’t you take your message to those in the American Legion and VFWs around the country, because time after time I have met World War II and Korean War Vets that are sick and tired of putting up with all the stuff that is being shoveled today?

    “What did we fight for” is a common theme among them. It’s time to get them and their families on board, and get a few groomed Candidates for Political Office, around the country, to take things back.

    There are many Vietnam Vets, Persia Gulf War Vets, and those coming back today, that could be great Political Candidate material.

    I also notice the lack of Legal Action against the Cities, and their Police Departments, that allow blacks and other “minorities” free reign to terrorize the taxpaying White population.

    This is an outrage, and it must be dealt with in the Courts, and by taking as much of their precious money away from them in legal Judgments.

    We need to hold everyone in Political Office accountable for allowing this flood of brutal behavior upon our people. VOTE THEM OUT! Have a Recall Election, if necessary.

    Take time to educate your friends and Neighbors, perhaps by introducing a website like AmRen to them.

    Right now, the Liberals paint anything that is based in reality as “Racist”, when they are the biggest Racists, and accomplices in murder, rape, and rioting that ever existed. We need to call them on it, in Public.

  64. white is right, black is whack says:


    Mexico? Are you serious? They think Americans stole the Southwest from them, they take your money while hating you, they have drug cartels there, kidnappings, etc. Hell no! I ain’t moving to Mexico.

  65. Joe says:

    In Mexico white men are gods.

    This indigenous pride stuff is only taught by cultural Marxists in Western Nations.

    In Mexico, if you’re indigenous, you’re just another dumb “indio.”

    You’re worthless. Which is why so many of them flood the US.

  66. Anonymous says:

    To Kingfish #61

    You are right about Medellin being more White and having a better climate than Costa Rica. The girls there are very beautiful. However you are incorrect about crime. I personally know people who have been robbed in Poblado some more than once. But even saying Poblado is safe, Medellin is ringed with very dangerous Barrios. Unfortunately this is a trait of almost every big S.A city.

    That said I would rather live in Medellin than San Jose, CR. However a lot of Gringos go to Costa Rica for the tropical beaches etc..

    By the way in Colombia there is a place called Salento absolutely beautiful in every way. In twenty years it will cost a fortune to live there. I believe Colombia is very undervalued in Real Estate costs.

    That all said I love to travel the world. However I plan to stay in the USA. I am moving to Southern Oregon. I like it there and it is very White.

  67. JS says:


    You can own guns in Canada, just more restrictions doing so. But even the regular “non restricted” license aka “hunters license” you can still own many rifles including some semi-automatic ones.

  68. Laager says:

    30 years ago I did a road trip across the USA – 5 months, 21,000 miles, coast to coast both ways, went through [I won’t say saw] 41 of the contiguous states. I still maintain that it was the best $10,000 I have ever spent.

    Being on the move most of the time we got to talk to many Americans but we never really got into a daily routine of what living in one place must be like. I came away with the impression that as a country/continent it offers everyone absolutely everything they need to live a fulfilled, contented and prosperous life. The location choices are amazing.

    I returned to Cape Town South Africa as I figured this was one place that takes a lot to be beaten. 10 years later I re-located to the UK for a whole lot of reasons.

    Since living in the UK I have visited family in Detroit and was stunned at the ruin I saw in the inner city there. My hosts politely described the mayor as being corrupt.

    What we are experiencing in the UK now is open gates 3rd world immigration which ex PM Blair actually defends. It is just a matter of time before 3rd world numbers and associated behaviour change the landscape forever. Listening to the Brits around me it is clear they are not happy with what is happening – particularly as they were never asked to vote for such a policy.

    Without the structure of apartheid laws I see identical trends emerging here. Bottom end blue collar jobs are done by immigrant blacks. Top end white collar jobs are done by local whites. Low house prices are turning certain towns and suburbs into black enclaves. You have to buy your segregation here and pay the higher prices to live in all white areas. In the RSA the apartheid laws did it for you.

    Violent crime is on the increase. A recent TV documentary looked at the armed rapid response unit of the London Metropolitan Police. 80% of their calls were for incidents in “South London” – euphemism for black suburbs. The degree of violence, shootings and killings is getting worse.

    It seems to me that whites who cherish traditional conservative values wherever they are in the world have the same challenges as they become minorities. The solutions are (1) consolidate in your own neighbourhoods by maintaining high property values

    (2) do not relinquish political power at city, state or national level. (3) keep the liberals out of power in all levels of Govt. (4) be polite and civil with all people we interact with with but resist (especially forced) integration as it will only dilute your white caucasian values and culture.

    Learn from Jewish communities who manage this whilst surrounded by gentiles.

    Easier said than done I know but what other options are there?

  69. Anonymous says:

    I found this very interesting:

    “According to Stefánsson, Iceland is one of the world’s most genetically homogenous nations. To put it bluntly, Icelanders — because there are so few of them — are more likely to have children with somebody that they are related to.

    Contrary to popular belief, this is good news for fertility rates, says Stefánsson.

    It turns out that fertility works best when couples are sufficiently related to …each other because their genes are more compatible. A study published three years ago by Decode in Science Magazine reported “significant positive association between kinship and fertility, with the greatest reproductive success observed for couples related at the level of third or fourth cousins.”

    Luckily, it’s never been easier to find third and fourth cousins in Iceland.”

    “According to Stefánsson, Iceland is one of the world’s most genetically homogenous nations. To put it bluntly, Icelanders — because there are so few of them — are more likely to have children with somebody that they are related to.

    Contrary to popular belief, this is good news for fertility rates, says Stefánsson.

    It turns out that fertility works best when couples are sufficiently related to …each other because their genes are more compatible. A study published three years ago by Decode in Science Magazine reported “significant positive association between kinship and fertility, with the greatest reproductive success observed for couples related at the level of third or fourth cousins.”

    Luckily, it’s never been easier to find third and fourth cousins in Iceland.”

  70. southofthere says:

    this topic is of interest to many people, judging by the quantity of comments alone.

    i have read the article and skimmed the comments and have a few observations.

    about myself: 51 year old entrepreneurial american who has lived in south america for the last 10 years (chile, argentina, now brasil).

    robert who moved to australia gave excellent advice: get a trade/learn how to do something and consider australia.

    i would like to add a few things:

    – consider becoming less materialistic in general. i make less money but eat healthier, fresher food, live with cleaner air (by the ocean) and generally live with less stress.

    lots of americans are hooked on instant gratification, materialism, etc. if you need less, you don´t have to stress and make as much. most people outside the usa are not as motivated by money, but value relationships and time spent with friends/family.

    – be careful of the big cities here in s. america, it is still the 3rd world, ie bad air, dangerous, etc. things are extreme, and i would personally not live in santiago de chile, sao paulo, mexico city, etc, because of the bad air, crime, etc.

    – make sure you know how to do something before you move and blow your savings. you will make less money outside of the usa.

    – consider evangelical work (if religious), or a corporation. being on your own can be tough.

    – i like the freedom i feel outside the usa. people still cut americans a break here in the south of brasil, and the quality of life outside the large cities is still pretty good.

    observations from 10 years in smaller cities:

    chile is turning into a little america, and i personally did not like the typical chilean character. but they like business and americans.

    argentina is very unique, and a bit anti-american, but they know how to live well, even when they are broke. the country is on strike a good bit of the time, and is sadly getting broker.

    brazil is like the wild wild west. the usa of s america and violent, fast economic growth etc. i´m on the ocean and not complaining, although the inflation and traffic is not getting any better.

    another poster mentioned columbia which also is also seing good times.

    as a white southern american, i have enjoyed living in majority-majority areas here. every time i go back to atlanta i am shocked at the black behavior, and how whites have been conditioned to simply accept it. whites here are still valued as the civilizing influence and economic engine that they are. the collective anti-white attitude is creeping in, but nothing like in the states.

    learn how to do something and make a move. think about evangelical work or a corporation. look hard at australia as they speak english and will be in the first world longer then the usa (unfortunately).

  71. Anonymous says:

    I would not recommend Colombia. I lived in Cali, Colombia for ten months, teaching English to mostly sub standard students. I got stabbed in the back while I was alone in a park one night. Most of my teacher friends had been robbed while there. The country is only about 5 percent white as far as I could tell. Mestizos often resent whites. There is no welfare there so there are a lot of people desperate to rob “rich” white foreigners. The women often lure foreign men into making a baby so that they can take advantage of them financially. You have to pretend you love the country and want to assimilate. You will be expected to learn fluent Spanish in about three months. There are still a lot of kidnappings there. No one hardly reads there, which shows their intellectual level. It is culture known for its theft, ripoffs and scams. One student got mad at me for not taking the side of her relative who had moved to Florida and was being picked on in school. Another got mad because she thought I did not like Salsa music. People learn English there mostly in hope that they can live in the US, Canada, or Australia. That’s why I got out of the TEFL racket. The only things that are nice there is low cost of living, sexy girls (traps), the weather, and cheap fruits and fruit drinks. If you want a taste of Latin culture, just go live on the Latin side of town in the US. That’ll cure you. Also, food sanitation is not good in Colombia, so I was often getting sick from eating the food.