Posted on November 11, 2011

Network TV Show Portraying This as ‘All-American’ . . .

Michael Carl, World Net Daily, November 10, 2011

According to The Learning Channel, its coming new “All-American Muslim” program is a “powerful series” taking viewers “inside the rarely seen world of American Muslims.” And it uncovers a “unique community struggling to balance faith and nationality.”

Critics, however, say it is nothing more or less than a video version of jihad.

The program launches on Sunday on the TLC Cable Channel.

The producers went to Dearborn, Mich., the U.S. city that has the highest concentration of Muslims in the United States, and a producer who declined to be named told WND the stories focus on people.

“Ultimately, our shows are about telling the stories of the families featured in them. So, to some extent, the history of American Muslims settling in Dearborn may be touched upon, but ultimately, this is about the families’ stories and what’s going on in their lives today, not the past, per se,” the producer said.

The producer said he believes the program is a glimpse into a lifestyle with which most Americans are unfamiliar.

“Like many of our programs, it offers viewers a glimpse into a world they may not otherwise experience, introducing them to real-life families who are going through everyday experiences that really resonate with our audience–from getting married, to having a baby to rooting for your favorite football team,” the producer said.

“We’re excited about that because we think this group of families really will give our audience a taste of what life is like in Dearborn, Mich., for a variety of American Muslims–some quite traditional, and some not.”

But Islam analyst Pamela Geller says that perspective on the show is also its danger.

“Clearly this program is designed to counter the fictional threat of ‘Islamophobia’ by showing Muslims who aren’t terrorist monsters, but ordinary people living ordinary lives, balancing tradition and modern life, dealing with their families, their jobs, and a host of other issues,” Geller said.

“It is an attempt to manipulate Americans into ignoring the threat of jihad and to bully them into thinking that being concerned about the jihad threat would somehow victimize these nice people in this show. The problem is not people; it’s ideology. The show doesn’t address that,” Geller said.

The producer of the program says that for the most part, program makers purposefully avoided getting too deeply into some of the deeper issues surrounding Islam.

“This show is not about politics. Viewers will gain insight into Islam, definitely, but more from the perspective of cultural traditions, how modern American Muslims in Dearborn live, family matters and so on,” the producer said.


Dearborn often is called “Dearbornistan” by cultural critics because it has the largest concentration of Arab peoples outside of the Middle East.

Dearborn’s population is 30 percent Arab, with most of the people coming from Lebanon. A 2009 Associated Press report says that the large Lebanese population in Dearborn makes the Michigan city, “The heart of Shiism in the United States.”

Dearborn has also grown progressively more compliant with Shariah law. The city recently was the subject of controversy when members of a Christian group wanted to hand out Christian literature at a public park during a Muslim festival and were arrested and charged with creating a public nuisance.

The Michigan-based Thomas More Law Center represented the Christians in the case, who eventually were acquitted.

26 responses to “Network TV Show Portraying This as ‘All-American’ . . .”

  1. Anonymous says:

    In Canada, pro-Islam propaganda is a TV show called ‘Little Mosque on the Prairie’.

    I kid you not.

    It’s a completely transparent deceit, which trys to make Islamic expansion into the West seem benign and normal.

  2. Question Diversity says:

    Another similar documentary program that I think was propaganda to try and pour cold water on the masses? Homeland Security on ABC. To watch it, you would think that the border is far more under control than it is, and immigration is a far less severe problem than it is. The Razatards actually held a protest at ABC’s headquarters in Southern California, when in reality, they should have been praising the show. Its purpose was to downplay the seriousness of the immigration issue.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t care what their life is like in America. I want them out of America.

    WND only seems concerned with Islam and Muslims. I don’t read much on there about Mexicans and blacks and the detriment they are to our country. Why is that? I very rarely read that site any longer. Are they big Herman Cain fans also?

  4. (AWG) Average White Guy / Indianapolis says:

    Next up is a sitcom portraying Muslims as the family next door and White people as silly, irrational bigots.

  5. Honey says:

    Australia has its own version of the pro-Muslim TV Series. It is East West 101.

    In the second series, first episode the story line revolved around young White Anglo males kidnapping a young muslim boy, beating, tormenting him with dead pigs and and dogs.

    This storyline was just the opposite of reality, where young muslim males where befriending and then orchestrating horrific gang-rapes of mainly Anglo teenage girls.

    This series is vey anti anglo-Australian males as well, and naturally the muslims were all portrayed as ‘salt-of-the-earth’.

    The second and third series were quite good apart from the challenges of actually mirroring reality.

  6. Anonymous says:

    TLC is a Discovery channel right ? I like Discovery but this is unacceptable . I am taking steps now to drop all of my Discovery channels . Not only will I make a statement but I will save some money also .

    What part of 9-11 and the Fort Hood Massacre do they not understand ? I was in basic training in ’71 when I first heard about Dearborn and I had reservations then and low and behold they have proven to have been correct . Without the Immigration Bill of ’65 and the growing more-Muslim than-American population , 9-11 absolutely could have never occurred .

    I’ve sat back and watched real Americans whose roots are in Colonial America , whose ancestors founded America , some whose ancestors came over on the Mayflower or founded Jamestown struggle with unemployment or marginal employment for years just so I can watch some Muslim dame in her burkha shove her face in mine , bragging about going to her business meeting and how she is going to educate me …?! Uh-uh , I don’t think so . I’ll surely miss the Military Channel and some of the other Discovery channels but this ain’t going to go so Discovery is going to have to go from my subscription .

  7. Anonymous says:

    TLC is a Discovery channel right ? I like Discovery but this is unacceptable . I am taking steps now to drop all of my Discovery channels . Not only will I make a statement but I will save some money also .


    TLC is another channel I will not watch. Their “Baby Story” program shows a lot of interracial and lesbian couples having babies. Also on their “wedding” couples program many black/White marriages. I don’t watch the Military, history or discovery channels either. I do not trust we are getting the truths from any of our propagandized programming, only indoctrinations.

  8. Anonymous says:

    A 2009 Associated Press report says that the large Lebanese population in Dearborn makes the Michigan city, “The heart of Shiism in the United States.”

    Hey, that’s terrific. And as soon as some other American city becomes “The heart of Sunni-ism in the United States”, then we can start having intra-Muslim factional warfare and bloodshed just like they have throughout the Middle East.

    That will be in addition, of course, to the Muslim-Infidel warfare that we all know is coming against us anyway.

    Send them ALL home.

  9. Edwin says:

    I’ve lived close to Dearborn my whole life. When I was a kid, East Dearborn was approx. 60% Christian Arab and 40% Muslim. Now those numbers have reversed, and Christian Arabs increasingly settle elsewhere in the Metro Detroit area. I’d be interested in knowing why, and what Christian Arabs think about Muslims.

    I’ve never gotten to know any Detroit Muslims, but I’ve been around Christian Arabs all my life and they are generally very good people and quite assimilated.

  10. Anonymous says:

    When I watched the preview where the woman says she turns around and tells the woman on the plane that she has to educate people like her- I think I saw steam come out from my ears. Maybe the Muslim woman should be educated as to why the woman feels the way she does? Unreal. I am going to drop my cable. It’s like ok I get it all us Americas are bigoted.

  11. #6 says:

    Actually #7 I agree with you , Discovery and A&E are both very liberal and I do not trust them to give me the objective lowdown. But the new movies and actors really leave me flat. The story lines are so unprofessional and the actors and actresses are such hopeless,arrogant jerks.

    I find real history to be so much more interesting. So I lean towards A&E, Discovery and news channels. It’s a shame we can’t have actual conservative news, documentaries and inspiring dramas that would reflect our conservative values .

    I have seriously considered opting for free TV, on a good night I can pick up 26 channels off of a Dishmate dipole (usually it’s more like 10 channels) . What could I pick up with a really nice antenna? Think of the savings, plus 30 to 70 bucks a month for satellite will buy quite a few DVDs .

  12. Mark says:

    Muslim and Christian communities in the Middle East historically co-exist fairly well. A visit my wife and I made to Syria several years ago confirmed this.

    Relations between Jewish and Muslim as well as Jewish and Christian communities in the Middle East historically show the greatest strain.

    It’s possible that once US-born Muslims learn to treat their religious traditions with the same skeptical and blase attitudes that American Christians do now, their ‘Americanization’ will be complete and tensions will diminish. US wars in that region make however this process extremely difficult.

  13. Howard W. Campbell says:

    How soon until TLC shows a stoning, a woman being forced to undergo “female circumcision”, a woman ending up with a round in her skull because she got pregnant out of wedlock, and the burning of a church or synagogue? Let them go to Egypt and show the truth behind how the Coptic Christians are treated.

    To be honest, it was worse to have Mike Mullen as the Joint Chiefs of Staff than John Abizaid as the commander of Centcom. Abizaid is a Marionite Christian and of Lebanese Arab ancestry. He probably has no illusions about how that part of the world operates.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Where in the news do you ever see contributions by muslims that are for the good of the whole of the “melting pot”? or how they make America better by being here? They can’t! When do you ever see articles in which they aren’t solely trying to establish themselves by attacking our societal norms couched as narcissistic, “civil rights” endeavors for their own benefit as an isolated group? There’s a problem with forcing or pressuring non-muslim society as a whole to accept muslims, most of whom apparently, judging from their actions, are completely intolerant of non-muslims and especially of freedom of speech when exercising it involves presenting facts that contradict the liberal fantasy that their presence here is a good thing. I love that this stupid show is so warped they tried to paint the non-muslim man’s conversion to Islam, in order to marry a muslim woman, as a good thing. Is this not evidence of their intolerance for non-muslims? The hypocrisy is so plain and bare. Islam’s complete intolerance of anything that isn’t Islam can’t be whitewashed by even the most adept liberal spin artists. Why can’t the women convert to the man’s religion or leave Islam? But see, they don’t address that. Rather, they try to paint the the woman’s family’s intolerance of the man’s non-muslim status as a good thing. That they are now ‘so warm and friendly with him’. Yeah, AFTER he made the decision to converted to Islam! This is what they’re calling ‘acceptance’ now and it’s nothing more than the same one-way street where Americans have to do things their way and not the other way around.

  15. Ronny Shaloub says:

    “I’ve lived close to Dearborn my whole life. When I was a kid, East Dearborn was approx. 60% Christian Arab and 40% Muslim. Now those numbers have reversed, and Christian Arabs increasingly settle elsewhere in the Metro Detroit area. I’d be interested in knowing why, and what Christian Arabs think about Muslims.”

    Well as a Lebanese Catholic ( Maronite) myself, I’d have to say that in general the Arab Christians are highly educated with very high IQ levels with a good acumen in business, science, medicine and academics. They are also the wealthiest middle eastern ethnicity ( almost in par with our Jewish friends) beating all other Moslem ethnicities combined. The Moslems are envious of this success despite being a tiny percentile minority in the middle east. Some world famous Christian Arabs include:

    Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc. – Syrian American but latter converted to Buddhism after his life long affinity and inspiration from India and the Indian Vedic culture in general.

    Sir Dr. Yusef Magdi – World’s #1 Cardio-Vascular Surgeon, British world renowned heart surgeon of Egyptian Coptic heritage.

    Jay Leno – Lebanese Maronite Catholic

    Carlos Slim Helu – Lebanese Maronite Catholic, World’s Richest Man from Mexico.

    Shakira – Lebanese Maronite Catholic from her father’s side – International Pop Superstar!

    Tony Shaloub – Lead star from the TV series “Monk” etc.

    The fact is Christian Arabs can’t stand their uncivilized Moslem neighbors. Add to this the persecution of Christian Arabs by Moslems all over the middle east.

    Mark wrote at 3:28 AM on November 13:

    “Muslim and Christian communities in the Middle East historically co-exist fairly well. A visit my wife and I made to Syria several years ago confirmed this.

    Relations between Jewish and Muslim as well as Jewish and Christian communities in the Middle East historically show the greatest strain.”

    Absolute balderdash! Are you even a Christian from the middle east? Historically and even today, the Christian and Jews enjoy a very amicable and friendly relationship despite some differences in the past. Christian Arabs are the only Arabs who support Israel and the Jewish people and vice versa.

  16. Anonymous says:

    #11: You can’t trust anything that is on Cable, so why pay for it? Why put money in Ted Turner’s pocket? He doesn’t need any more money, and you need it to pay your bills, and put food on your table.

    Yes, DVDs are the best way to go. You can buy many of the old Classic movies at Dollar Stores, and get some great entertainment, and White values, for a unbelievable price.

    Why on earth would you want to subject your kids, and yourself, to the crap that passes for talent and moviemaking out of Hollywood, today?

  17. Anonymous says:

    hey, poster #6- good luck trying to pick and choose your cable channels…

  18. Tired of It says:

    “Dearborn has also grown progressively more compliant with Shariah law”. What a sickening statement and sad commentary on what’s happening in our country.

    Shariah law? Really? As hard as women in this country fought for the right to vote and work to live their lives as they so choose?

    Shariah law is like taking the rights of woman back two hundred years. I’ve never heard of anything so disgusting.

    Under Shariah law they put women to death who they say have cheated on their mates. But not the men! They bury the women up to their waist with their hands bound and STONE them to death! And I’m only giving one example of the horrendous way they treat their women and children. And under their halel food laws the inhumane way they slaughter their animals.

    I forgot who said this, but I read a society should be judged on the way they treat their most helpless members (children, animals & women). Muslims fail big time. And from what I have read and seen about the Muslim faith they need to stop allowing them into our country. Their Shariah law sets humanity’s progress back hundreds of years. They are Western civilization’s enemies. And I do not want them infecting my country. I want them gone.

  19. Gayle says:

    There is something seriously wrong in this country and one of the greatest problems is political correctness. It is abominal when TV makes a mini-series (AGAIN) about the Kennedys and even though, most of the country knows that Sirhan Sirhan killed Robert Kennedy, they will not mention tht fact in the mini-series. While they went to great pains to show Lee Harvey Oswald (who we all know was never tried for the crime of killing President Kennedy), they never made reference to the person that killed him, which most of know that Sirhan Sirhan was a muslim. They showed Oswald cleaning a rifle, packing it in brown paper, telling his co-worker that it was curtain rods, carrying the supposed rifle into the Scool Book Depository, hiding the rifle on the 6th floor, aiming the gun out the window and shooting it. And I believe this was all done so as not offend the muslim population of this country.

  20. Gayle says:

    Everyone knows that any minority in this country cannot be portrayed as a criminal, bigot, lazy, fat, stupid, dumb, pervert, pedophile, murderer, rapist. Did I get them all? All minorities, according to TV, movies and commercials, are smart, educated, intelligent, loyal, happily married, helpful and peacful.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Little Mosque on the Prairie:

    Unbelievably, this is from 2007. IOW: this sinister, hateful muck has been going on for a long time.

  22. Duran Dahl says:

    It is absolutely imperative that racially conscious white people practice a complete boycott of the sewage spewing out of their TV’s and Hollywood. At the very least they will then have to run their nation-wrecking propaganda machine at a loss.

  23. Anonymous says:

    On Friday I saw a glowing CBS News report about a South Carolina program at Clemson University to promote industrial development by subsidizing engineering education at the school. It profiled a company that had located in South Carolina… and their foreign Indian engineers that had received subsidized educations at Clemson… No dogs or Americans allowed.

    U.S. Leaving First World

    America has turned its back on Americans. Even illegal aliens count higher with the American government than native-born, taxpaying, loyal U.S. citizens, who are regarded by their government as nothing but resources to be exploited.

    American taxpayers now are expected to shoulder the burden of paying for university educations for illegal aliens. When U.S. Representative Tom Tancredo (R, Colo) said recently that illegal aliens should be deported, not given in-state tuition, Karl Rove, the Power Behind the Bush, told Mr. Tancredo never again to darken the steps of the White House.

    The U.S. government is replete with hatred of everyone who sticks up for the rights of citizenship. The government steadfastly refuses to defend our borders. It is more important, says the government, to have cheap household help for elites, and an abundance of fast food workers to keep down the minimum wage, than it is to defend our country’s borders.

    The INS refuses to deport alien criminals and issues visas to terrorists who wish to blow us up. Columnist and author Michele Malkin and the web site have documented the complete failure of government to protect the meaning of citizenship.

    Politicians, including President Bush, pander to illegals even more shamelessly than they pander to monied special interest groups. Campaign Finance Reform is a joke when illegal aliens vote and money from abroad affects election outcomes.

    The government’s lack of loyalty to citizens has been noticed – not only by illegal immigrants who pour over our borders with rising expectations and demands, but also by U.S. employers.

    If it is permissible for illegal aliens to take fast-food jobs away from U.S. teenagers and construction jobs away from U.S. construction workers, it is all right for H-1B visas to be issued to foreigners to take jobs away from American professionals.

    Do you remember the “shortage” of computer software engineers, cooked up by corporations who wanted to replace American engineers by importing Indian and Chinese engineers at a fraction of the salary? This practice has been good for the bonuses of corporate CEOs, but today the young American software engineers who followed Warren Buffett’s advice to “invest in yourselves” are unemployed.

    Now comes the “shortage” of nurses. Hospitals are under financial pressure from the requirement to provide medical care to immigrants and need to cut costs. Bringing in foreign nurses, who will accept low wages in exchange for U.S. residency, is one way to cut costs.

    One can sympathize with the hospitals, which are forced to pay the cost of government’s failure to protect our borders. But let’s make sure we understand what those declaring a nursing “shortage” mean. They mean that there is a shortage of American-trained nurses willing to work at a “world wage,” which is an average of U.S. and Third World wages.

    This is a clever way of creating a shortage. There definitely was a shortage of American software engineers at below American wage levels. That’s why the supply of computer engineers was expanded to include India and China.

    Will your occupation be destroyed next? If software engineers can be imported, so can electrical, chemical, mechanical, and civil engineers. If nurses can be imported, so can doctors.

    The list of occupations that can be destroyed by “internationalizing” the U.S. job market is long. Let’s focus instead on the occupations that will be most difficult for the government to destroy. Only two come readily to mind: school teachers and lawyers.

    School teachers are protected because their union, the NEA, is the backbone of the Democratic Party. The teachers will not stand for their wages to be driven down with the argument that there is a teacher shortage that needs to be filled by importing teachers from abroad.

    Lawyers are protected because of the obstacles of state bar exams. Moreover, the abundance of lawyers is such that no one would believe in a shortage.

    Between the importation of foreign labor and the export of U.S. jobs, the future is not bright for young Americans. U.S. manufacturers, both labor intensive and high tech, are rapidly relocating offshore. The offshore flight takes with it design, engineering, and research and development jobs. Back office and clerical jobs are also being moved offshore.

    If Wal-Mart has its way, nothing will be produced in America. The retailing giant wraps itself in the American flag, but gives its suppliers price targets. Suppliers find that in order to meet the targets, they must move production offshore.

    Wall Street and lenders, such as GE Commercial Finance, pressure U.S. companies to outsource production to China in order to improve their margins.

    Outsourcing to lower wage countries can be a solution for individual companies. But when all U.S. companies outsource, the implication is a population working for Wal-Mart selling foreign made goods.

    Will America be a Third World country in 20 years?

  24. fightme says:

    If more people knew the real islam they would be throwing muslims outta this country in droves.It is a really evil organization (I refuse to call it a religion).But what I really don’t understand is how do women and blacks that live in a free society convert to Islam.The koran says that it takes 4 women to equal 1 man,it also states that the reason blacks are the color black is because it is to show that blacks are a slave race.Woman and blacks who join this cult are some really weak minded sheep.I guess blacks would join this cult because it is the complete opposite of the white mans Christian religion but for a woman to join this group is beyond stupid.If alot of normal people who see nothing wrong with islam would just read that evil manifesto called the koran I believe they would be quiet surprised to see what is in there.My whole family is very liberal and saw nothing wrong with islam because in there view all roads lead to the same god.It took me a while but I was successful in showing them the real islam and now they are disgusted as much as I am by islam.Now only if i could change their views on alot of other things we could be a tight family.

  25. OnGuard says:

    The first show last night; was upsetting! It focused on a slim, handsome Irish Catholic American getting ready to marry a chubby, slovenly divorced barmaid Lebanese woman. The American was expected to convert to Islam to marry her; which he did, by repeating 3 sentenecs, w/o an study of Islam! The brides’s mother said she would be extremely upset if her daughter converted to Catholicism. The mother of the groom cried to hear that he would convert, but accepted it saying, “Things change. I have to accept that”. She even wore a hijab(head scarf)to the ceremony. The doormat mentality! That Muslim pig family came here and have the audacity to insist that the American do things THEIR WAY! See what that’s done to Europe; even the heads of state of Great Britain, France and Germany have stated recently that “Multiculturalism has failed” and are now trying to figure out how to get them out!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Gayle #19: Minorities are smart, educated, intelligent, loyal, loving, and peaceful right up until they open their mouths; then all bets are off.

    If any White person has spent even a miniscule amonut of time around blacks and browns, they know exactly how these noble beats act in public.

    Grizzly Adams had a friend in his pet Grizzly Bear, Ben. Would anyone here want to chance having a pet Grizzly Bear in their home? Not likely.